Retribution with Arrears!
Posted on July 24th, 2011

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya Melbourne

Minister for Messing Small Nations!
Erik Solheim

 I am immensely disappointed that you were deprived of joining your bosom Terrorist General Velupulle Prbakaran in Hell! You under the pretext of a Peace moderator sent the best in the business of war strategy as instructors abusing the Diplomatic immunity to train the LTTE cadres to make them the Worlds renowned Terrorists! You and those sadistic butchers of LTTE derived their satisfaction in killing, maiming thousands of innocent Sri Lankans right across this tiny Island!  

 Around 800AD the barbaric Vikings terrorized the Mediterranean, if one were to read that history, the horrific atrocities perpetrated by your ancestors were despicable. Later for some stroke of good fortune the later generations of your barbaric ancestors became civilized. However with the passage of time, that submerged violent tendencies begun to surface gradually. Thus you became a sham moderator to pass on your cruel strategy to a selfish, disgruntled group of robbers & cold blooded murderers how to capture a piece of land that belongs to a Peaceful Nation, just the way your ancestors captured the Mediterranean lands! Well now the time has come to receive the retribution with arrears!

 When the bombs blasted in the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the scene was much worse than that happened in you office building. Now you have the first hand experience of living in a violent time. Your innocent citizens for the first time got the shock of their lives that may be the start of many more days of violence to come, so brace yourself to enjoy the carnage. The innocent Sri Lankans lived thirty years in this Hell! The bombs started to go off in busses, near schools, places of Worship, in the Parliament, open areas where masses accumulate during rush hours.

 You know in your heart, how you helped these marauders, the way to disguise themselves as innocent, beggars, pregnant women, children and also to impersonate as the defenders of the Nation wearing their uniforms, so that they could go unsuspected to cause heavy damage and suffering at the most unexpected time and place.

 Few days back as we were told your own countryman impersonated as a policeman and bombed your office building, executing just the way you taught with the LTTE leader in Sri Lanka. This is exactly what Sri Lankan Government told the World, it’s not the Government soldiers who executed those people in that video, it’s the LTTE soldiers dressed in Government soldiers’ uniforms, would you now believe it? The unknown element for the outside World was the language in that video, what was spoken in the original is Tamil, but CH4 dubbed it into Sinhala the language spoken by the Sinhalese, the language was irrelevant to the non-Sri Lankan crowd, just a uniform clad person shooting some victims is good enough to pass the judgment it’s Sri Lankan forces who carried out the execution!

 You cannot deny he was not your most admired Military Genius, Sri Lanka’s President has photos how you and Prabakaran shake hand wearing an affectionate broad grin by both, I am at a lost to note, how FBI got it so wrong to mark this man and his group as the most brutal Terrorists in the Globe, where as you didn’t!

 Perhaps you knew FBI got it wrong at that time, and thought of a cunning plan to full fledge FBI’s recognition by arming this group to the teeth with the most modern war weaponry and make them qualify for that label!!

 In year 2002 you came up with a unique formulation known only to you, Balasingham, George Bush & Sri Lanka’s timid Prime Minister at the time Ranil! He flew with this document in hand to get the seal of approval from another fool who occupied the Whitehouse at the time!

 That paved the way for you to arm this mob to be the well equipped Terrorists in the World, this where another silly woman quipped there are good terrorists and bad terrorists! Isn’t this an ambiguous politicking? If the mob happens to be followers of Christianity, they do No wrong, then they have to be the Good terrorists, as long as they kill their own kind in their part of the World.

  When you believed, now LTTE are a formidable force, you went to the President of Sri Lanka expecting time is ripe to convince him to part with what this mob is demanding, and tried to put a scare to him by advising not to go to war with this mob divulging to the President, his opponent is not a mouse but a War Genius in the jungle!!! I have no doubts the President being a man with pride having name “Raja”paksa (Raja means King) would have retorted back to make you shudder ( or pee ) in your seat uttering ” I am too a Genius where war is concerned, I am ready to go to war”! Though this is purely my imagination only you could verify my Psyche!  Prabakaran’s LTTE did not hesitate to forcibly recruit LTTE cadres from the “UNTOUCHABLES”, any objection lead to instant execution as shown in CH4 video shooting three civilians and many more as they were treated as vermin that are dispensable! The Tamil Diaspora abroad only gets down the high caste wealthy Tamils, if one takes a census, it will be crystal clear the low caste (untouchables) are those left behind. This being the reality, there’s no reason for Tamils abroad to help those left behind in Sri Lanka for a prosperous life ahead.

 In summary, you helped to grow a terrorist movement to destroy the Peace and Harmony of a Democratic country, the word Democracy & Freedom are very flexible terms that one could twist for one’s selfish advantage, well that’s one’s perception!

 Your countrymen know how you encouraged these terrorists harboring them in Norway, who indulges in various nefarious activities to raise funds for the destruction of a distant country. It took some time for the Norwegians to imitate the migrants and to bring out their dormant barbaric tendencies, now the time has come for the Norwegians to taste a dose of what Sri Lankan’s experienced for three decades. The parents could not travel together to work for the fear of being killed leaving the children orphan! There was no guarantee that the children who went to school will return home safely, there was no entertainment possible in the cities, even the popular games were hindered severely.

 Let’s see how Norwegians enjoy their future under this atmosphere. Serves you right for the bastardly conduct on your part!

 Let this be a lesson for others who harbour these shady characters that migrate as refugees and later abuse the goodness of the unsuspecting hosts to reach their goals manipulating their gullibility. They are no “kittens”

 Have a good Day!

 Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya

4 Responses to “Retribution with Arrears!”

  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    During an interview with the Indian journalist Ram, President Rajapakse, had mentioned that the gunman in the Ch-4 film was wearing a Tiger belt and NOT a SriLankan army belt. That video should tell the world how a cunning terrorist group could commit a crime and then transfer it to the victim of the crime, if you have the money to throw to the right people.

  2. jay-ran Says:

    This Nordic Bxxxxxd should realise now, according to Newton’s Laws, EVERY ACTION HAS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION!
    Our loving INNOCENT CIVILIAN Pecents, Baby children,Pregnant moms, Worshipping Budhist devotees, Muslim devotees, Tamil moderates, Surrendered 600 odd Policemen, over 30 YOUNG BUDDHIST NOCES, Buddhist Priests, Bus loads of innocent civilians, Office buildings with employees etc etc were BRUTALLY KILLED BY LTTE for which Bxxxxxd & the Nordic helped in many ways:Eg, Providing sophisticated Transmission equipment to LTTE and transported from Colombo by Govt vehicles with the orders of the biggest Sri Lankan Traitor Ranil W.,……
    NOW THEY ARE REAPING THE HARVEST! How: (1) Bomb blasts in OSLO, the country who helped LTTE Openly
    (2) UNP lead by Traitor Ranil W., loosing in all ELECTIONS!!!

  3. Rohan8 Says:

    Good Article Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya. Thanks Good article, keep it up!

  4. Nanda Says:

    Finally a good comment from brainiest person of the world. Keep it up !

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