Wishful Thinking By TNA Where The President’s Unflappable Stance Needs No Criticism As The TNA Were And Still Probably Are An LTTE Proxy
Posted on July 26th, 2011

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July 27th 2011

The Tamil National Alliance(TNA) may have swept the board in Saturday’s local council elections in the North but have no entitlements to demand equality with the Government if this is what they are seeking.They have said that it would be impossible to reach a political solution and bring about lasting peace, justice and democracy in the North without the devolution of police and land powers and perhaps a modicum of attention might have been in order towards these requests had they not been once supportive of the LTTE as there is always the risk of a resurgence of the deposed Tamil Tigers if they were given the slightest opportunity and to grant powers the TNA is requesting could precipitate just that!. The President has responded wisely that their demands cannot be met as Policing and Land Powers are non negotiable and the entitlement of any Sovereign Nation particularly with aspiring disruptors of the Sovereignity of Sri Lanka.

 Jaffna district parliamentarian and TNA spokesman Suresh Premachandra’s opinion that the TNA which won 18 of the 23 local councils in the Northern and Eastern Provinces was in a stronger position to negotiate with the Government of Sri Lanka at the ongoing talks following the result is neither conclusive towards National Security not is there any obligation on the Part of the Administration to bend to the will of a minute percentage of Tamil Voters if in so doing there is even the slightest chance of compromising Sovereignity and Territorial integrity so the TNA should be thankful they have had the opportunity to enter mainstream politics and work in collaboration with the Government rather than get too cocky about winning seats any Tamil party would have won anyway and settle for what the Government chooses to extend to them without being overly ambitious .

 There is nothing unfortunate about the Government’s selective decision in this respect and contrary to the Tamil protests, has not failed to understand fully and correctly the real problems facing the Tamil community and their aspirations and has chosen to administer to them without special reservations to the Tamils given the reality that Sri Lanka is multi ethnic and multi cultural although the Sinhalese are in an indisputable majority who too then can claim various special privileges which they don’t have and unequivocally choose to go along with the Will and Decree of the National Constitution in agreement that no one is entitled to any privileges that give them control of parts of a Nation that is being administered to as a whole by the Central Government. Indeed the Government is more than aware of the impact of the TNA’s electoral victory where some of its leaders have become overly vocal about it. It is an impact that needs to be overviewed with caution and objectively particularly with the scattered Global Supportives of the LTTE vowing to re-emerge as a power capable of re-establishing Eelam and to give vested powers to the TNA would surely be playing into their hands, a concept which needs no rocket science to comprehend why!

 President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s stance that police and land powers are non-negotiable, appears to be the very ingredients necessary for lasting peace, justice, democracy and northern development needing to be administered fairly and justly given the track record of the unpredictable nature of all LTTE supportives where the Government needs to be clear cut on police and land powers as the President has emphasized. where The TNA probaly needs too be educated emphatically that to accept a dignified solution to the ethnic problem within a united Sri Lanka involving the likes of the TNA what is needed beyond a serious dialogue with the government is an allegiance by the TNA to accept the policies of the Administration as a supportive part of the Nation’s political infrastructure rather than creating hurdles and run the risk of disrupting the progress the Nation has thus far acheived which will be viewed by the world as an attempt to disrupt the smooth functioning of a Nation very nearly torn apart by the ravages of terrorism as there is ample evidence to prove the progress the Rajapaksha administration has made thus far and counting.

 With regard to allegations of war crimes during the last stages of the war, they are mere unprovable allegations which the Government is well within its right to object to on the grounds that they have been emerged as false, doctored and created to discredit the Government, with a strong pro -Tamil Tiger backing and have been attested to by experts who have concluded that they are bogus ! News is surfacing about their true nature with startling evidence of the person/s involved in their creation in a collaboration of conspiracy both within and outside Sri Lanka despite the ongoing requests of the United Nations, Amnesty International, the Human Rights Watch and the International Community which cannot be responded to based on doctored evidence which grows as the intricate details and the culprits behind it are emerging. Calls to set up a credible local mechanism to investigate these allegations consequently become laughable given the track record of the TNA who perhaps should not have been given permission to contest the elections on the grounds that they are a proven LTTE proxy who have not digressed from their pro LTTE mentality and come clean where it appears that it is LTTE sympathy of a disgruntled nature that won them the 18 seats in Tamil populated areas and nothing more where the TNA spokesman Premachandra who has dared insinuate that Sri Lanka could be deemed ” a Pariah State ” if it did not dance to the tunes iof the TNA and sounds more of a ‘pariah’ politician himself who does not need to be tolerated within the confines of democratic Sri Lanka if he cannot respect the protocols surrounding the conduct demanded of state politicians with respect to the Administration in power and the man truly needs to govern himself accordingly and tone down his rhetoric perhaps.

 Mr. Premachandra has said “If this is not done, no one can prevent Sri Lanka being called a “ƒ”¹…”Pariah State’ in the eyes of the international community and organizations,” where he has emphasized the futility of appointing a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) to work out proposals to resolve the national question apart from it being a time-wasting exercise. “Arriving at an acceptable solution will be impossible with Sinhalese extremists like the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) in parliament,” he has said and old grievances which pro LTTE sympathisers once emphasized seem to have surfaced once again.

Wishful Thinking By the TNA Where The President’s Unflappable Stance Needs No Criticism As The TNA Were And Still appear to be an LTTE Proxy perhaps with a hidden agenda.

7 Responses to “Wishful Thinking By TNA Where The President’s Unflappable Stance Needs No Criticism As The TNA Were And Still Probably Are An LTTE Proxy”

  1. ranjit Says:

    No need any opinion from any corner.Our land is one and it will be one for ever.If anyone day dream to have seperate state or special powers have to leave our homeland and live with their ancesstors somewhere else because nowhere in the world 15-17% percent minority get half of a country or police and land powers. Our President eliminated terrorism and gave us all peace and freedom to live as humans. Terrorists massacred brilliant sons and daughters of Mother Lanka in thousands and brought us so many hardships to all of us whether Sinhalese,Tamils,Muslims,Malays or burgers. All of them were our own citizens. Thanks to our heros in the Armed Forces they valiantly and courageously fought a do or die battle to eliminate all the terrorists who terrorize our homeland for years. We Sinhalese are not extremists.We fight for our survival because of all these ungreatful Tamils and their sympathizers who was trying to create another monster or monsters by injecting hate to those innocent Tamils against us Sinhalese.

    Our leaders must ignore all their demands and stop discussing anything with these ungreatful,uncooperative section of our citizens because they dont love our homeland and they doesnt want to live with us unitedly and serve our land but simply trying to create unneccessary tension among our population. We Sinhalese have more rights to demand from any Government as we are the majority but as President have said once that No majority or Minority but all were equal we are willng to go by that and live with anyone as long as there is PEACE and Prosperity in our country. This Government has done and doing more than anyone expected to the North and East in this short period of time and they will continue to serve the whole nation in all fields like schools,Hospitals,Govt.Buildings, ports,Roads, Agriculture,Factoris etc. not only South or North but whole SRI LANKA for every race to live in harmony. So dont try any tricks again to take us backward but help our country to go forward without petty demands. Our President and his Government is very strong and have the courage to lead us for a better future.So dont try any monkey business with him. We Sinhalese are loving and caring and you Tamils saw it at the end of the cruel war waged by your murderers terrorist Velupillai Prabakaran. Do not try the same with your TNA LTTE proxies who was spared their lives by Prabakaran because they were his robots. Join us Sinhalese and try to live as human beings and help us to save our country from inside and outside evil minds.

  2. thurai Says:

    LTTE ,Terrorism and world wide activities of Some diaspora Tamils show us the real face of Seperatist.
    All Tamils who live in Sri Lanka don´t accept Seperatism. But the voice of Seperatism comming
    from powerthirsty politicians and narrow minded Tamils only. How do TNA stay in Sri Lanka as political
    party for Tamils? Is it possible Without defeating LTTE by SLG ?

    It is better to analyse the situation and take necessary steps to find the reason why Tamils are supporting
    TNA. Most of the Tamils live in Jaffna refused to go to vanni behind LTTE. They stayed with soldiers
    in Jaffna. There is no reason to determine all voters to TNA want Seperatism.

  3. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    We Sinhalese who have lived through the 20th and 21st centuries and the Sinhala Tamil conflicts are painfully aware that in the hearts of most Tamils there is that anti Sinhalese feeling even in some small measure and no matter how much they try to conceal it , it somehow eventually surfaces.These types now seem to have found in the TNA the champions replacing the LTTE hence the big election wins in the North and East. The Government needs to re evaluate giving leeway to the TNA and clip their wings further before they somehow find a means to start their ill concealed plan to re activete the cause of Eelam which is becoming painfully obvious at times through their manoeuverings.They are surely a danger to the National Security and territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka where the only representation of the Tamils need to be the Tamil population alone with no links to the LTTE whatsoever.The TNA it needs too be emphasizes are a resurgence of the LTTE or could be if they are permitted leeway to continue their pretty blatant policies which often suggests Tamil secession. They should by rights be outlawed

  4. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    This is the second batch of LG councils for which election were held this year, after the elimination of the LTTE which terrorised the North for nearly 30yrs. Many of the voters at these elections grew up listening to LTTE propoganda and the TNA apparently had continued the same scare campaign at these elections. Even then, The TNA which contested in a coalition with other Tamil parties, won only 34% of the total votes, compared to 14% for the UPFA, leaving a huge 52% not interested ot able to vote. 34% is not a mandate for major changes to the constitution etc, but it is only a mandate for the TNA to develop those areas they won and serve the people equally. The TNA will have to now prove whether they have the skills and the will to work for the people or whether they will continue to be a talk shop, drumming the same old racist policies. I believe Police, Land and Education should always remain under the Central Govt. to maintain a level playing field across the nation.

  5. AnuD Says:

    This is just after winning the local councils. Think about when they win provincial council. Anyway, we know when they became the parliamentary opposition, country had brutal violance for 30 years.

  6. Dayani Perera Says:

    After elections in Jaffna, pro-LTTE Tamil Politicians may still be planning to get AUTONOMY with the help of Tamil Nadu and the rest of unhappy, ungrateful tamils in Sri Lanka and abroad.

    SL Government should be very careful when dealing with TAMIL POLITICIANS, as they still have the dream of having a Tamil State in Sri Lanka. Bearing this in mind, SL Government should not allow them to have their own police, administration, and any other demands they have, as these people are cunning and capable of double-playing. All administrative work should alsways be under the SL Central Government, and they should not play in the hands of TNA, which may be a residue of LTTE TAMIL TERORISTS.!!

    Also these people are wolves under lamb skins, and SL Government should not give-in to TNA TRICKS, as Sri Lanka is SOVEREIGN STATE, and cannot be separated for less than 20% of Tamils. Most Sri Lankan have nothing against Tamils, if they want to live in peace and harmony. Sri Lankans are not interested in wars but much happier/jolly people, whether if they are rich or poor, unlike the ungrateful/unhappy Tamils. This is the difference between Tamils and Sri Lankans. We are willing to forget and forgive those Tamils, who were mislead by LTTE TAMIL TERRORISTS and its leaders, who lived in luxury with the help of foreign governments and got poor Tamils to do the dirty jobs, during the WAR.



  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    It is interesting to note that Mr Premachandra (spokesman, TNA), used the word “Pariah”. He used this word instead of “Failed State”, which is word commonly used by the western press. Here is the definition of the word “Pariah” according to Wikipedia :

    “Paraiyar, Parayar, or Sambavar, are a social group found in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and in Sri Lanka (see Caste in Sri Lanka). In the Indian state of Tamilnadu, though they have been enumerated under three different caste names, they have generally been referred to as Paraiyar. In the Northern Districts of Tamilnadu they are known as Paraiyars only. In the southern districts of Tamilnadu they are known as Sambavar. However, they themselves prefer the name Adi Dravidar to Paraiyar and Sambavar.[2] The Indian census of 2001 reported the Paraiyan population about 9 Million.[1]
    Adi-Dravida (Ancient Dravidian) is a modern name for the Paraiyar coined by the Government of Tamilnadu, it denotes only the Paraiyar Caste. Paraiyar/Adi-Dravida are the majority among the Scheduled Castes in Tamil Nadu. The scheduled castes are generally called ‘Adi-Dravidar’ by the Government of Tamilnadu. Paraiyan and Samban are synonymous with Adi Dravidar.[2] The term ‘Adi-Dravidar’ means pre Dravidians in Tamil Nadu”.

    You can see here how the govt. of Tamil Nadu is soothing its Caste Issues through use of new words.

    Anyway, Mr Premachandra should know that Sri Lanka has experienced untold difficulties due to the Caste problems of Tamil Nadu which still lingers in the psyche of some Tamils. It is curious that some Tamil people are working overtime with some INGOs to bring down the State of Lanka to a ‘Pariah” status and then take it over !
    We can see also how Ch.4 etc. are being used to show the world FALSE, HOAXED FILMS to ‘prove’ the ‘ “Pariah” status’ of Lanka. Also curious why Mr P. is still living in this so-called ‘ “Pariah” state’ utilising its generosity of spirit to become a VIP in the TNA, and not migrating to the developed non-Pariah world.

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