THE DAY THE PEACE CAPITAL BLEWUP! WHAT HAPPENED IN NORWAY: the curse has come back to haunt Norway. The saying what goes around comes around.
Posted on August 1st, 2011

Author: Kithsiri Athulathmudeli, Florida, USA


 The most recent one is bombing Libya, destroying a conference hall and killing Gadhafi’s son and his wife with a little baby grand son. Who were the pilots? They were NATO Norwegian pilots. Oslo is not a crime free peaceful city as the international press states, but a crime ridden city not second to Colombo. Heroin addicts get free heroin and Tamil Terrorists fund raises sell may other banned narcotics. Every peace movement under the sun has an office in Norway, one such organization is the “Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO), which has an advance degree program to Disgrace the Sri Lankan Military, they openly say it and the majority of degree students are TAMILS.  But this so called peace movements are deteriorating slowly, the Nobel Peace Prize is one of them. President Obama snubbed the Nobel Peace committee by not attending the Peace Lunch after the award.  In the Philippines they have another peace prize and Norway might lose out on this, but Norway is extremely rich with North Sea gas and, oil lasting for over 100 years and is not in the EU.  

 WHAT I GATHERED FROM THE E-MAILS THAT WERE FLOUTING IS; the word TAMIL must not be used in any media coverage of this tragic event.

 Since becoming the secretary of State Hillary Clinton has hired many ethnic Tamils born in USA with Masters and PhD degrees to the state department. This is according to e-mails flouting about and some web sites and no one knows how many Tamils work in the US state department. Since they have authority, they issued a directive to the US media not to use the word “TAMIL”.  Media was told to use Muslim terror groups such as Hamas, Hisbulla, Al Qaida, etc.

 THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED: (This is a hypothesis and I cannot find any solid proof)

 Tamil Terrorists fund raisers were actively engaged organizing this summer camp. Tamils living in Norway have their own intelligence unit which is similar to US CIA. This unit suggested to the Labor Party of Norway not to hold the camp in Oslo, because it might attract radical anti-immigration protesters. Up now, no one knows how many Tamils got killed because their names were not published. gave two names of persons who escaped and swam to an island nearby. Why Tamils are holding such camps because some countries like Germany and Holland are investigating the activities of Tamil terrorists who escaped to countries like Germany after their defeat by the Sri Lankan Army. Some of them are in jails in Germany. What the international Tamil movement is doing to stop this type of investigation by providing disinformation to the general public in prospective countries. At the summer camp in Norway they distributed the Channel 4 DVD to each participant and were asked to go and educate the general public in Norway.  Tamil intelligence was all around this Island to rescue if an attack happened. Within minutes of Oslo bomb attack, boats came near the Island but did not enter the Island. When the gunman started shooting and the crowed scattered they rescued the ones who were injured and the ones who jumped in to the water. No one knows who told the Norwegian Prime Minister not attend this summer camp and not stay at his office. Was it the Tamil Intelligence or the Norwegian Intelligence? 


 This subject has been addressed by many Sri Lankan authors very well, especially by Charles Perera, but to focus on why Tamils all over the world is organizing such events. Getting elected to a parliament or a city council is their priority. Examples are the Canadian Tamil Woman who got elected to the parliament, next Khamshsjiry Gunaratnam elected to the civic council of Oslo. According to the she was there but swam to a nearby Island when the shooting began. This contradicts what I have seen on an e-mail, council member Gunaratnam sent her office staff to distribute the CH4 video to all participants and stayed at home because Tamil intelligence warned her of the danger if she gets out. Only Ezram Tamil who gave a speech day before was 16 year old Kavitiraa Aravitham and how she escaped shooting next day is a mystery. Without influential elected people in these countries, Tamils realized that their financial assets will get disclosed and how much of international financing is controlled by who will be known. Names similar to Raj Rajaratnam whose, activities are similar might surface. Tamils are now covertly attempting to invest in companies in Jaffna and in Matara.  This is to create companies that will hire between 60 or 70 workers and after about two years operation they will suddenly lay off the workers and close the factory. These factories will be placed strategically near big cities from north to south. The result; there will be an uprising against the government. This tactic was used in the past by IMF in various counties successfully. Example is Sri Lanka during last part of Mrs. Bandaranayake’s government.


 Why did she make this trip; it is because annexation of Sri Lanka to Tamil Nadu is important to her as much as to Jayalalitha.  Jayalalitha told Hilary Clinton that Tamils had Northern and Eastern Province to themselves, also it is in the Sri Lanka constitution, and she must help get this 13th amendment implemented. If she cannot by diplomatic means then force India to occupy the Northern and Eastern provinces. Hilary Clinton’s replied to by saying, “We have other means of getting the 13th amendment implemented”. Also we provide satellite phones to Prabhakeran and his family who were in constant contact with Eric Soldhime. Eric Soldhime relayed the messages to me. We also sent a military plane with 50 Navy Seals to transport Pbrakeran’s family to Norway, but it was too late and we had to go back. Jayalalitha wanted to know why the US Navy Seals did not attack the Sri Lankan army and push them back, then ask Indian Military to occupy the two provinces. Hilary Clinton went silent again.    Next request from Jayalalitha was to get Mahinda Rajapakse arrested and taken to international court. Apparently Hilary Clinton went silent and changed the subject. But she had time to say that US Congress has canceled any USAID to Sri Lanka


 Sri Lanka government is far too lax in addressing issues like the CH 4 issue. When it surfaced long time ago no action or comments were given against Channel 4. Another very good example  of this laxness is  that Rajapakse administration does not know how many UNIVERSITIES around the world is giving higher degrees to researchers who are writing their thesis to discredit the Sri Lankan Armed forces. Subjects are clearly chosen to prove who set fire to the Jaffna library? Was it Prabakeran and his men or the Sri Lankan Army? Black July 1983 riots are a very popular and well-funded subject. Amarnath Amarsingam a doctoral candidate in Wilfrid Laurire University in Canada is writing his thesis, to prove that 1983 July riots started when late J.R. Jayawardena created a Republic for the Sinhala majority and Mahinda Rajapakse used it to drive the Tamil Nadu Tamils out of Sri Lanka. If these are not challenged, they will become accepted theories. ( ) Last week Australian prime minister held a public meeting to show how the Sri Lankan army killed innocent unarmed Tamils in July 1983. He showed photographs from CH4.



  1. Founder of the Republic J.R. Jayawardene and the armed forces since its creation.
  2. Stop UNP using JR’s name in their election campaigns, because he resigned from the UNP before he passed away.
  3. Defend the actions of the Armed forces from the time the Republic was created and present and in future actions.                                

3 Responses to “THE DAY THE PEACE CAPITAL BLEWUP! WHAT HAPPENED IN NORWAY: the curse has come back to haunt Norway. The saying what goes around comes around.”

  1. Charles Says:

    I agree with Kith, there seems to be an annoying laxity on the Part of the Government to take corrective action on many important issues. The 13Amendment for instances was proposed and included in the consitution for the specific purpose of India’s military assistance in the fight against terrorism, way back in 1987. But the terrorism is now over, therfore the 13 Amendment is a redundant piece of legislation, therefore it has to be removed from the Constituition. That will end of lot of problems.

    The settlement of Sinhala families in the North and the East, and strengthening the Military Camps in the provinces should not be delayed . The immergency laws should be maintained for some more time as some former members of the defunct terrorist group had said about continuing their fight if the government does not provide more facilities…..

    May be this laxity has some thing to do with State diplomacy, but it is nevertheless annoying.

  2. Samson Says:

    Kithsiri Athulathmudeli (Kit Athul)

    J.R. Jayawardene was not the founder of the Republic. It was Sirima Bandaranaike (1972).

    It is not possible to stop UNP or anyone else using JR’s name in their election campaigns. There are no laws to prevent a name or a word from use.

    Government is already defending all the actions of the Armed forces from the time the Republic was created (1972) and present and in future actions.

    It was that foolish madam who apologised for July 1983 on behalf of the government and the country. Government and the country didn’t do it. A few hundred criminals of all ethnicities did it for robbery, murder, etc.

    Agree with the conclusion part.

  3. Kit Athul Says:

    Samson, thanks, I do not know who is right. What I can remember is, Mrs. Bandaranayake did not have a written costitution. It was JR and his cabinet who put the one man one vote and the 6th amendment together. What I attempted to show was that July 1983 is regarded by International institutions as true occurence against Tamils but Sinhala view is not taken in to account. I wrote this in a hurry because it should be presented in a timely manner. Next, attempt was to show that the Jaffna Tamil is a totally different person from a Tamil Nadu Tamil. In the time frame 1949-1950 I went with my father to Jaffna and found out we could go anywhere and understand the Tamils. It is because either they start the sentence in Tamil and end it in Sinhala or start the sentence in Sinhala and end it in Tamil. Now both sides understand this lingo. this is not there in Tamil Nadu. Another example is this Dr. Amaranath Amarsingham. You will not find this name in Tamil Nadu. It is only now that the Rajapkse Administration is waking up to defend them selves. Refer to comments by Charles.

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