Ranil is not the culprit
Posted on August 9th, 2011

By Dr. Mrs. Mareena Thaha Reffai Dehiwela.

The grand old party UNP is no more. All what we have is just the name and the old fame. It is a party of namesake. Everyone blames Ranil for the downfall of the once great party, poor Ranil. What can Ranil do? If he has no leadership qualities, If he does not have the vision or does not know the mission to take the party forward, if he has no gumption to oppose the government MPs when they do injustice openly, if he has no self respect to step down when the call for this is deafening, is it his fault? No, never.

For he never had been a person who can make good decisions.

The fault lies squarely on the old stalwarts of the party. They fear the youngsters ousting them and keep quite in the face of defeat after defeat, or give rope to the young ones who are aspiring to change the pathetic stat of the party. They should realize that they will be remembered in history as the ones who let the old party die.

The party rules are man made. Blaming the party rules is not going to take anyone anywhere. So the rules must be changed by men when they find that the rules they made are self defeating. They should all think and bring about a change where Ranil, who is too old to think of new tricks (not that he ever thought of any tricks anyway) can be given a honorary position without loosing face, maybe with all the perks he so hates to loose, and bring in some new faces with guts and steam. They should sit in the side streams and teach the youngsters how to revive the party. Ranil can cheer perhaps.

Does anyone has the gumption to do so? I doubt it.

By Dr. Mrs. Mareena Thaha Reffai


4 Responses to “Ranil is not the culprit”

  1. jay-ran Says:

    The headline has to be ammended as “RANIL IS NOT THE ONLY CULPRIT”.
    Looking at the past events during the war as well as afterwards,pl see how all these band wagon behaved???
    How many ill famed comments were made by UNP:(1) Thoppigala is a jungle,(2)Any FOOL can wage war having obtained loans,(3)Sarath Fonseka is not suitable to LEASD EVEN THE SALVATION ARMY,(4)How many times RW globe trotted to influence the West to cut aids to Sri Lanka-One Glaring Example GSP+!,(5)At the last Presidential Elections,UNP with the help of JVP manured to get Sarath Fonseka to contest Mahinda Rajapakse the very Commander who gave SF many concessions-Eg: SF’s 2 daughters expenses in USA on President’s fund,(6) SF contested against the very Govt leader who made him the Army Commander prematurely retiring the then Army Commander, as UNP dragged SF to contest the Elections,(7)RW in a publec rally during the Presidential Elections, has said,”RAJAPAKSELATA HENA GAHANTA ONEY”Why?,(8) In most of the Elections Meetings UNP candidates openly accussed RAJAPAKSES FOR BRIBERY & CORRUPTION and Gota extended an open challange to prove such accusations, but there were none.(9)One of UNPers Dayasiri, in all public addressess, critices Rajapakses and Govt with unfounded allegations as if NO GOOD WORK DONE BY MR,(10) Then, Sajith’s speaches are even worse as once he called those crossed over to UPFA as “DEASAPALANA GEMBO,(11) Then comes Mangala, who always condemns Rajapakses as if HE IS A GENIOUS-During the war,this man said in parliant, that ” AANDUWA UDDE KIYALA BORUA KARANNE”.
    Ultimately what happened, these pundits supported the very man whom they were critiicising -SF.
    In my opinion, All UNP pundits needs to change their attitudes and accept what is good and reject what is bad!!
    If not, UNP will aways be in the opposition.

  2. Nanda Says:

    What an argument ! A man in Norway killed many innocnet people. He had cataract in the brain. So he is not at fault !
    Ranil’s stupidity will not make him not at fault. whatever the rules are, the culprit is “THE CULPRIT”.

  3. Nanda Says:

    Ranil ( if not in power) is good for Sri lanka. I have no compaints. He shall be the one to lead UNP.

  4. Kit Athul Says:

    Every one have forgotten Parmadasa’s son and his wife. If Pramadasa’s son gets a small chance he will do the same thing Pramadasa did; kill his opponents. Pramadasa’s wife knows how to organise the killer gangs. During Pramadasa’s time she gave orders who should be killed next. Many have forgotten this roll she played.

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