Where are Human Organisations
Posted on August 26th, 2011


A  battle is raging in Tripoli and a major catastrophe is imminent.The rebels ably supported by the West and NATO have surrounded the city and Gaddafi has vowed to fight until martyrdom with thousands of civilians trapped in the middle.A human disaster is looming with hospitals full of dead and injured and immediate calls for international help have been made for resources and medicine. Rebels have gone on rampage with looting and criminal activities with their tribal differences coming to the fore.The exact number of dead and injured is well underplayed by the well orchestrated western media.However the West continue to arm the rebels with reports that British units are actively engaged with the rebels with the NATO aiming for further air strikes.
However there is surprising (or unsurprising) silence from all the so called international human organisations to halt this deadly attacks immediately.The UN,the British and the US who were hell bent to stop Sri Lankan military advance citing lame reasons are bombarding and attacking towns in Libya with thousands of  civilian population at risk of death and disaster.I call upon the President and Defence Secretary to call for an immediate halt to this blood bath from the UN and US and to start immediate negotiations with the Gadaffi regime to prevent this human carnage. In the event there is no heed  paid by the so called international peace dealers,the Sri Lanka Government should highlight at the Human rights meeting in September how callously the Libyan destruction was handled by the super powers.

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  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    Dear C.S
    You have pointed out a very complicated question. Actually this is one of the unsolved questions in this world since 1945 after so called U.N.O established. It is not only today’s Libya scenario but ever since we have seen U.S.A, U.K, France, NATO, European Union and British colonies invaded many countries and massacred several millions humans. But we never heard either U.N.O or U.N.H.R or BBC and other media or human right groups or N.G.O’s or Amnesty International or H.R.W open their mouth against western master’s invasions or brutality or human right violations or mass destruction. Very simple fact is no dog will bark his or her masters.
    Hiroshima Nagasaki mass destruction 300,000 +, Korean Invasion 2 million, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia invasion 3 Million +, Iraq, Afghanistan 1million + and at least 6.5 million humans massacred by western warmongers while U.N.O’s charter exists. Therefore for them to kill another several thousand in Libya is just another operation and those shameless dollar gulping human right groups doesn’t have any courage to talk on this injustice.
    What happened to tamil nagasalam U.N.H.R commissioner Navinathan Pillai’s voice on Libya invasion by British SAS, French, Italian, Norway and NATO forces. She lifted her sari up to knee and cried in high tone to the world when we liberated our country from tamil racist terrorists. Same woman is now deaf and dumb when British SAS troops and NATO invaded Libya.
    C.S it is nothing to surprise there is no law and order in this world. Law under U.N is “law of the jungle” and the “Kangaroo courts justice system”. Americans and NATO are the complainers, the prosecutors, the jury, the judges and the executioner.

  2. charithsls Says:

    You right Rohana,however the oppressed has more voice now with the changing world;there are new means of communications like social media and Sinhalese are now more widespread in the globe and more intelligent and have capabilities and we have proof in the pudding by annihilating the deadly terrorists by going against literally the whole world.Our young generations are coming up brilliantly world over and should find ways and means to get over the issues you highlighted;nothing should deflate our fighting spirits and commitment.

  3. Vis8 Says:

    Precisely said. The ‘rebels’ are executing Gadaffi loyalists, NATO is supporting this, and, where is hrw and ai?

  4. gdesilva Says:

    Where are the Human Rights Organisations? – they are busy trying to work out where next they could help the CIA to topple a government which does not lick the boots of the Western powers.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    They are now plotting how to destabilize Venizuela and Iran.

    Now oil companies from ALL superpowers (all of them not just those who fought the war) are rushing to Libya.

    Even our oil prices may reduce.

    HRW and AI get their cut.

    May be this is the plan to attack Iran. Now they have Libyan oil flowing free, a small disruption in Iran will not affect much. Japan gets most of its oil from Russia and Malaysia. India getting oil from South Sudan. Only China will be affected if Iran is attacked. That is a bonus for USA!

    Killing 10 birds from one stone.

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