Canadian PM’s Call To Boycott CHOGM Summit Sounds Baseless Beyond His Own Misconstrued Conclusions And Those Of A Few Misguided Others’.
Posted on September 12th, 2011

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September 13th 2011
The Canadian Prime Minister’s call to Heads of States to consider Sri Lanka’s human rights record before attending the Commonwealth leaders’ summit (CHOGM) to be held in Colombo seems to be one which ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous at a time when the world is becoming painfully aware of the deliberate attempts by enemies of the Government of Sri Lanka to discredit it and sounds remarkably self opinionated from someone who is normally a pragmatic, wise andrespected world leader and quite unbecoming of him.

 While there has never been any proven incriminating evidence of human rights violations against the GOSL beyond doctored Videos and falsified reports by Tamil Tiger sympathisers around the world as well as the pro LTTE sympathetic Diaspora Tamils around the world hell bent on retaliating in disgruntlement at their failed attempt to subjugate Sri Lanka through internal armed insurrection which has become very apparent in recent times.

 In Mr.Harper’s recent response to Journalistst in Toronto where he has expressed his reservations on Sri Lanka hosting the 2013 summit. It seems he has been biased by all the horror stories floating around

instigated by none other than Diaspora Tamils around the world with connections within the UN as well as his own caucases where there are visible former LTTE operatives as well as synpathisers which can be the only reason for Mr. Harpers sudden melodramatic intrusion into matters which seem way beyond his comprehension. It is a bold stand in the face of all the emerging evidence which attests to no human rights violations beyond the necessary steps taken by Sri Lanka legitimately to defend her Sovereignity where if the actions deeming necessary the putting down of Nation destructive terrorists who themselves violated the rights of all Sri Lankans including their own Tamil community, then Mr. harper is surely barking up the wrong tree with all due respect!

 Whatever it is that has motivated this very charismatic leader whose law enforcement agencies in the not too distant past dismantled Tamil Tiger operations in Canada driving them underground, it seems rather strange he has not paused to get at the real truth about what transpired and seems to have decided to be influenced by the lies and innuendo plied on him almost certainly by non Sri Lankan Government friendly elements where he probably needs to go through in detail a very recent submisiin on LankaWeb

by an independent analyst who used facts and figures towards his statemment exonerating the GOSL about being crucified for what was an entitlement to defend against subversives and a very legitimate one despite all the flowery words about human rights violations floating around courtesy of the Tamil Diaspora and what some seem to identify as the “LTTE Rump!” to the contrary! It is in fact a double standard which the Hon. Prime Minister in all probabilities needs to re-think as unfair on his part.if he chose to view his sudden change of mood if he looked at it objectively!

 “I intend to make clear to my fellow leaders at the Commonwealth that if we do not see progress in Sri Lanka in terms of human rights and some of the issues that you raised, I will not as Prime Minister be attending that Commonwealth summit,” he said which are strong words as well as an attitude where he seems to shrug off the responsibility of respecting Sri Lanka’s official stand on all the accusatioins levelled which deny all the bold and blatant lies without real tangible proof and justifiably so on the part of Sri Lanka as sources such as the UN as well as the all too transparent Human Rights Watch of late have made the expression ” Human Rights Violations ” a cheap cliche used at random to suit their own ends in a wrong application relative to Sri Lanka when there are glaringly visible parts of the world where it is truly applicable and Mr Harper too seems to have turned a blind eye on these himslef sadly whether inadvertently or not.

 On the issue of countries suggesting ” it being of a grave nature” towards revoking the location of the CHOGM summit ~ Australia, the UK and the USA it needs to be emphasized that the gravest nature of what is most painfully apparent is the extent to which they seem to swallow hook line and sinker all the codswallop thrown at them by the Tamil Diaspora and sympathisers of the Tamil Tigers who seem to have ensconced their idealogies in the mindsets of the decision makers of these Nations incredibly so whose actions amd measures sometimes taken to justify the implementation of hairbrained concepts and idealogies defeat all the concepts of rationality beyond the biases they so visibly portray in the name of their own conceived sense of democracy and fairplay or could this be shameful and unjustified subservience towards vote garnering in fortcoming elections in their respective domains?

 Whatever it is, it is certainly hoped that the posturing of Canada’s esteemed Prime Minister will not ursurp or jeopardise the CHOGM Summit scheduled for Colombo merely to suit the whims and fancies of an apparently misguided lot as it would be a supreme insult to the integrity of Sri Lanka by someone considered to be a close ally.

8 Responses to “Canadian PM’s Call To Boycott CHOGM Summit Sounds Baseless Beyond His Own Misconstrued Conclusions And Those Of A Few Misguided Others’.”

  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    The so-called Common Wealth is another neo colonial tool. Being in that forum we show world that we still indirectly a British colony and accepted British feudal queen as a head of the forum. It shows as an independent country we still ready to crawl towards British invader who invaded our country in 1815.
    What sort of benefit we get from this feudal forum. Ever since I cannot see any benefit being in so-called common wealth. As long as we are a member of so-called commonwealth we loose our dignity as a nation none we get return.

    On what basis Canada says they wanted to check our human right standards. Canada should know very well they all ready violated gross human rights in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya as an invaded force. Canadian leaders are criminals for killing millions in Iraq and Afghanistan and now in Libya.
    Britain, Australia and New Zealand the other common wealth countries involve in invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Those invaders cannot justify what they are doing at this moment. After violated gross human rights on what basis they point their cold-blooded hands towards Sri Lanka.

    Why not our delegates make counter arguments on those brutal invaders in international forums. If they try to embarrass Sri Lanka it is Sri Lanka’s duty to forward a resolution to common wealth forum to suspend Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand until they with draw their forces from Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. If they can suspend Pakistan, Fiji and Zimbabwe why not the same rule apply to Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

    If they try to embarrass us continuously in their so-called common wealth feudal forum, Sri Lanka should resign as a self-respected nation.

  2. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Many well known Tamil Tigers are now part of Harper’s conservatives. Local votes are precious than common wealth!

  3. Samson Says:

    Too late.

    Robert Blake didn’t boycott Sri Lanka! So the Canadian poly is just playing politics.

  4. Samson Says:

    US is not part of this “common wealth” rubbish but is the neighbour of Canada. Why Canadian PM boycott it? Only politics.

  5. jay-ran Says:

    Already Rajiv Ghandi has paid the prize for NURTURING LTTE TERRORISTS IN INDIA! Next will be ????????

  6. dhane Says:

    Commonwealth was created only as a symbol of British empire to fool the colonials that British are still superior. Today UK is already sink and who wants this

    Commonwealth its queen & Royal family of good for nothing. Its time Sri Lanka to get-way from Commonwealth than hosting and spending tax payers money.

    SL never got any support from Commonwealth.

  7. aravinda Says:

    Well, Canadian Prime Minister can stay home, be the boy who took the bat and went home, hoping match will be called off. Who cares? In the final days of war, we saw how some commonwealth countries tried to save the terrorist leaders and whisk them to safety, hoping to prolong the war and suffering in Sri Lanka. This old hat was known as the “Imperial conference.” It may be time to dismantle this relic from the British Empire. Good riddance of bad rubbish.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Various foreign countries are gaining by keeping the Lanka Tamil Diaspora separate from Sri Lanka. They seem to be encouraging the separatist ideas of the ltte rump too. These are the old ‘divide & rule’ Games started mostly by Brits and copied by others. We should understand what is going on and do what we have to do to continue build up Sri Lanka in our socio-economic spheres. Ignore the rest, and as the Brits say : “carry on regardless” !! Don’t we have too much to do at home here in Lanka without bothering about those who do not want to help us Develop ?

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