Posted on September 20th, 2011

Dr Anura Weereratne

The news that the Greens party in Australia is endeavouring to seek the suspension of Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth of Nations is amusing.  The Australian Greens whose mandate from the few electorates that they represent is to keep Australia green.  They have no mandate from their electorates to dabble in matters that they do not quite understand and presumably at the obvious dictates of the Tamil tiger terrorist supporters in their respective electorates. 

Given the unpopularity of the Government and its backers like the Greens, this is obviously a ploy to please the Tamil diaspora in their electorates.

The proposed suspension is a penalty for the Sri Lankan Government in annihilating the world’s most heinous terrorist group whose leader had been labelled asno second to Pol Pot.

Let it be a warning to Australia not to be misled by the Greens who have a hidden agenda at the bequest of the Tamil Terrorists.

Australia has much to lose if they initiate action against Sri Lanka.  Australia has a considerable amount of investment in Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka is a friendly country towards Australia.

It was only the other day that the Sri Lankan Navy intercepted a boat load of Tamils trying to enter Australia ostensibly due to so called persecutionin Sri Lanka.  All reports indicate that these Tamil illegals had the active support of some members of the Tamil diaspora that is hell bent in bringing terrorists to Australia.  It is the same group of members of that diaspora that are influencing the Greens to initiate action against Sri Lanka.Have the Greens initiate action against the Australia for supporting the US based forces for the human rights abuses in Iraq and Afghanistan?

The Commonwealth will certainly split into two if the likes of the Greens succeed in taking action against Sri Lanka.


Dr Anura Weereratne

PhD Laws, LLB, Barrister and Solicitor, Canberra.

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