Rathika Sitsabaiesan on Sri Lanka in Parliament – October 29, 2011
Posted on November 2nd, 2011

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1.Canada

1 November 2011

Hon. Deepak Obhrai, MP, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, House of Commons, Ottawa

Dear Deepak Obhrai:

I was delighted to read your response to the rookie NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan on October 26th, when she said: ” Mr. Speaker, I would thank the parliamentary secretary for taking the time to be here tonight. On September 27, I was grateful to have the opportunity to co-host a screening of the Channel 4 documentary, Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, with my fellow parliamentarians, the Hon. Member for Scarbrough-Guildwood (Liberal John McKay), as well as the Hon. Member for Barrie (Conservative Patrick Brown).  Also present was a representative from Human Rights Watch.

This documentary detailed the alleged human right violations and crimes against humanity that were committed in Sri Lanka during the  final phase of the Sri Lankan war”¦..On this side of the House, we have been calling on the government to take action and commit for fighting for justice for Sri Lanka”¦.”

Deepak, your second response hit the nail on this Rookie MP’s head.  You said: “Mr. Speaker, as my hon. Colleague is a new Member of Parliament, I would like to let her know that diplomacy works behind scenes”¦.”

Deepak, I truly wished that your response would have been, “Mr. Speaker, if fairness is the tenet of this House, I wish my honourable colleague from Scarborough-Rouge River also showed, “Lies Agreed Upon” in tandem which answers most of the queries and allegations thrown at the Sri Lanka Government by the producers of the Channel 4 documentary, so that the viewers would have had an intelligent chance to be judge and jury of  the allegations in “ƒ”¹…”Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’. There may have been a sinister reason why they didn’t.

“Mr. Speaker, I also have difficulty with my honourable colleague’s request since Canada was part of Sri Lanka’s problem with that war having let the Tamil Diaspora, her people, collect two million dollars a month for 13 Liberal governing years to stuff the Tamil Tiger war chest to buy a lethal armoury to kill innocent  unarmed people, like infants, children and pregnant mothers by the Tamil Tiger terrorists  thus violating human rights to the  very core.   It was us Conservatives who banned the Tamil Tigers in April 2006 as a terrorist organization, when her party spoke against this banning.”

Deepak, you recognized this politician as a “rookie”, and you are right as she seems to be a rookie in many things.

I was intrigued by what she said: “These are the people who have lived through the atrocities committed during the Sri Lankan conflict.  These are the people who have witnessed their loved ones being murdered or kidnapped.  These are people who have felt unsafe in their own homes.  My family joined these people, fleeing our home country to come to Canada, leaving behind friends, families and loved ones.  Many of us risked our lives in order to escape the horrors taking place inside our homes and in our own backyards.”  She was referring to her Tamil people.

I wasn’t sure whether Rathika was talking about the minority Tamils or the  majority Sinhalese community whose members witnessed their loved ones being murdered or kidnapped by her Tamil Tigers.  Her Tamil Tigers not only shot and killed with AK47s, suicide bombs and detonating claymore mines at street corners during rush hour, but also chopped the innocent Sinhalese with machetes and bayoneted infants having plucked them from young Sinhalese mothers arms. 

It would cleanse Rathika’s conscience by shedding a tear or two for the Sinhalese peoples if she only cares to check on the massacres of the Sinhalese people at Dollar and Kent Farms in Welioya (30 November 1984) when the Tamil Tiger terrorists killed 62 unarmed civilians including women and children;  at the Buddhist Sacred City of Anuradhapura (14 May 1985) when her Tamil Tigers shot and killed 120 devotees including children and wounded 85 others;   The bomb blast at  Colombo’s Central Telegraph Office (7 May 1986) killing 14 civilians and wounding 39 others;  the Kithuluthuwa Bus attack when her Tamil Tigers shot dead 122 civilians including women and children, and injuring 44 others on the Habarana-Trincomalee Highway;  the bomb blast at Colombo’s Pettah Bus Stand with a car-bomb with high explosives killing 110 civilians and injuring 298 others; the Aranthalawa massacre (2 June 1987) when her Tamil Tigers massacred and brutally mutilated 33 young  novice Buddhist monks and their mentor Chief Priest Ven. Hegoda Indrasara at Aranthalawa in Ampara; and when the Tamil Tigers shot and killed 700 policemen who surrendered from the Kalmunai, Akkaraipattu, Samanthurai and Pothuvil Police Stations.  I am not sure whether Rathika is aware of these policemen being blindfolded with their hands tied to their backs and made to lie down facing the ground in a row of about 25 meters long and sprayed with machine gun bullets to the back of their heads.  Their bodies were later dragged by their feet into a heap, and oil poured over their bodies and burnt.  Did you know that Rathika?  You know sweet nothing young lady when you stand up at the House’s pew and preach your ugly vengeful nonsense to your honourable colleagues about Sri Lanka and the alleged human rights violations. Deepak I could go on and on as the catalogue of the Tamil Tiger massacres of the Sinhalese people goes into reams of paper.  Deepak, did you know what Rathika was huffing and puffing about on October 29 when she addressed you all?

Deepak, you were right, this rookie MP knows nothing about what happened in Sri Lanka, and you all in parliament should take all what she says with a grain of Sri Lanka’s Elephant Pass salt.

You know what Deepak, I am not sure whether she has done a course in Creative Writing, as that paragraph  that she recited in the House is worthy of an A+ for exaggeration of a concocted Fairy Tale.

Did I read right that she said, “My family joined these people, fleeing our home country to come to Canada, leaving behind our friends, families and loved ones.”  All what I say to Rathika is “Yea”¦ right!  If it was supposed to be a joke you tickled my wrong foot Rathika,  as it was the other one that had Christmas jingle bells.  Did you not know that according to official statistics 71 percent of the Tamil Convention Refugees in Canada  returned to Sri Lanka for holidays to soak up the tropical sun to get back their tan which they lost during the Canadian winters, and also for weddings of relatives and friends, and funerals, et cetera  The senior reporter Paul Kaihla of MacLean’s reported on April 29, 1996 that 8,600 Sri Lankans with refugee claims pending in Canada applied for travel documents to visit Sri Lanka in 1992.  The following year, the figure was 5,885. And he asked, “If those refugee claimants feared persecution in their homeland, why were they so eager to return?”   Perhaps, Rathika, you may be in a good position to answer that very valid question.  Why?”
 Deepak, she knows absolutely nothing of what happened in Jaffna where she hails from, years before she left for Canada perhaps on a family reunification programme with her father being here first, perhaps as a convention refugee, after the riots in Colombo in July 1983.  Those riots did not happen in Jaffna where she hails from, and yet she decided, prompted by her parents, to run away from Jaffna.

  The fact is that the Jaffna peninsular was ethnically cleansed by the year she was born.  Between 1971 and 1981, the Tamils ethnically cleansed all of Jaffna peninsular kicking out 27,000 Sinhalese by terrorizing, intimidating and killing who had been living there for generations.   Did Rathika know this?

 In September 1977, the Jaffna University was ethnically cleansed  by the separatist Tamils having stoned, and chased 400 Sinhalese undergraduates and lecturers who were  escorted by the police and army in buses, and driven south.   Did Rathika know this? By the time little Rathika left Jaffna, it was a city purely peopled by Tamils.  She cannot talk of discrimination and human rights violations of the Tamils by the majority Sinhalese population as even the Thesavalamai Law would not allow the Sinhalese own even one square inch of land in Jaffna.  However, according to the luck of the draw the minority Tamils (12.6% of the population) were the lucky ones who were able to buy a square inch of land in every nook and corner of the island, but not the unfortunate majority Sinhalese who made up 74% of the population.   That 41% of the population of the capital Colombo are peopled by her Tamils, and 85% of the prime real estate in Wellawatte, the Rothwell Heights of Colombo; is owned by Tamils, her people.  And even if Rathika buys a one way ticket for these Tamils asking them to come over to Canada as refugees, the response would be, “Why don’t you go and jump into the Ottawa River by a waterfall, and leave us alone. We are extremely happy here.” If such was the case, one wonders why did little Rathika fly out of the nest of the goose that laid Tamils golden eggs, to  reach Canada when she was 5-years old, when the Tamils were doing so well.  These lucky Tamils not only had the cake but they also fought over to eat  it before the unlucky majority Sinhalese could get a morsel of it.  And that is a fact.

 Deepak, I “ƒ”¹…”ll tell you why  her father got her over, not because she was  persecuted or discriminated by the majority Sinhalese,  but as he was dead scared that little Rathika would be kidnapped by the Tamil Tigers and trained her as a suicide bomber as this is what the Tamil Tigers did.  There were over 5,300 child soldiers at the end of the war by 19 May 2009.  Half of them died in the battle field with shot gun wounds fighting an adult war.

 The Jaffna Tamils witnessed horrendous murderous years in 1985 and 1986, when little Rathika was just 4 and 5 years old which she may not have a clue about as she was a doll-cuddling kid then.  These years were significant not because of deeds of the majority Sinhalese, but because of her own Tamils who were day-dreaming of their separate country, Eelam.  The separatist Tamils were shooting down at high noon, any Tamil who did not toe their line of claiming their separate, mono-ethnic, racist Tamil state Eelam.   There were Tamil women informants who ended up strapped to lampposts and shot dead by the Tamil Tigers in the heart of Jaffna, where Rathika hails from. And that is a fact.  Rathika may not know these facts at all and that is why she keeps huffing and puffing during Question Period wanting to blow Sri Lanka down with a vengeance in support of the Tamil Tiger rump in Canada, and of course, parliamentarians like John McKay (Liberal) and Patrick Brown (Conservative) keeps pumping her up.  After all she displayed the Tamil Tiger flag proudly in her facebook pages after she won the Scarborough-Rouge River riding at the federal elections.

I wonder whether she is aware that The Hindu reported from Madras on 4 September 1985 with a headline- Three former TULF MPs shot dead in Jaffna. Jaffna is where she hails from. These members of Parliament like Rathika Sitsabaiesan, were M. Alalasundaram, K.Rajalingam and V. Dharmalingam.  They were kidnapped on September 2nd in Jaffna where Rathika hails from and were shot dead, not by the Sinhalese but by her Tamils. That is an important fact to note.

The body of Alalasundaram who represented Kopay constituency in parliament was found at Irupalai, not far from his house with bullet injuries.  The body of Dharmalingam was found at Thavady in Jaffna, where Rathika hails from, and that of Rajalingam near Velvettithurai.

I wonder whether Rathika, our Rookie MP who is batting for the Tamil Tiger rump knew that three Mayors of Jaffna, where she hails from  too were assassinated, not by the Sinhalese, but by the Tamil separatists.  Deepak, this was like assassinating three Mayors of Toronto.   They were Alfred Duraiappah on 7 July 1975, Sarojini Yogeswaran on 17 May 1998 and P. Sivapalan on 11 September 1998. No wonder Rathika was taken away to Canada by her father, not that he was worried about her being persecuted and discriminated by the Sinhalese, but worried that she would be either kidnapped by the Tamil Tigers to be trained as a suicide bomber, or get killed in a cross-fire when the Tamils were going after their own flesh and blood, other Tamils.  Her story is now falling into place, but not as what she wants us to believe when speaking in parliament, but as one which has a vengeful storyline to support the Eelam cause. Deepak, believe me, Rathika is a lot of hot air and poisonous bluff.

Let me pick up one more incident in Jaffna out of a catalogue of many, which may be one of the reasons why little Rathika was brought over to Canada when she was 5.  I am not sure whether she has a clue about this horrendous murderous incident which does not involve the majority Sinhalese at all.

In 1984 the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO), another Tamil terrorist organization like the Tamil Tigers (aka LTTE) fighting for the same cause of wanting their separate, mono-ethnic, racist Tamil state, Eelam, together with the Eelam Revolutionary Organization of Students (EROS) and the Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) set up a common militant force for their separate state Eelam struggle which was called the Eelam National Liberation Front (ENLF).  The Tamil Tigers (LTTE) joined the ENLF in April that year. Does Rathika know all this, I wonder?

These Tamil terrorist groups collectively carried out attacks against government positions in Jaffna which were rightfully defended by the Sri Lankan army.  The TELO under the command of its leader Sri Sabaratnam used its arms to destroy the main Police Station in Jaffna, and attack military convoys.  The combined assaults led to the near-total disappearance of government authority in Sri Lanka.  Did little Rathika know of this, even in simple terms?  Then she was only a doll-hugging 5-year old kid.

There was a falling out between TELO’s Sri Sabaratnam and LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, whose Tamil Tiger flag Rathika displayed in her facebook pages with pride after she won the Scarborough-Rouge River riding. LTTE’s Prabhakaran feared that he would be killed by TELO which was supported by India and also getting the largest share of contributions from Sri Lankan-Tamil expatriates.

In February 1986, the LTTE pulled out of the ENLF.  On 29 April that year they launched an all-out assault on the TELO.  TELO bases across Jaffna were shelled with mortars, TELO carders whether armed or not came under rifle fire and shot dead.  Civilians were asked by LTTE not to shelter  TELO fugitives.  On 5 May, TELO’s leader Sri Sabaratnam was shot dead by Sathasivam Krishnakumar of the LTTE, better known as Kittu.  When all was over 400 TELO men were dead in Jaffna where Rathika hails from.  And those killings had nothing to do with the Sinhalese, and no wonder why Rathika’s Dad got her over to Canada.  It was nothing to do with her being discriminated and persecuted by the majority Sinhalese. 

 Deepak, Rathika will own up to my thesis soon, and perhaps the wind in her lungs will die out and so would her huffing and puffing to blow Sri Lanka down from the chambers of the House.  Believe me, the day will come, and I will have the last laugh.  She just can’t sustain her false stories as truth will prevail ultimately.

Perhaps as a senior parliamentarian, Deepak please do Canada a favour. Advice this Rookie MP that Sri Lanka is no colony of Canada, and has little or no influence in the governance of that island, and that Sri Lanka has provided Canada with the unvarnished truth about what happened at the last phase of the Eelam war.  But all what Canada knows is that by getting rid of the ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists alone with no help from NATO countries, that Canada banned in April 2006, the Government of Sri Lanka reclaimed the right-to-life of all Sri Lankans which had been hijacked by the Tamil Tigers for 27 bloody years, and gave it back to her 22 million people.  And for that we  in Canada say “Way to go Sri Lanka. Bravo!”


Asoka Weerasinghe (C11255047)

2 Responses to “Rathika Sitsabaiesan on Sri Lanka in Parliament – October 29, 2011”

  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    Dear Asoka! Another great article.

    No doubt tamil racist Sitsabaiesan has many agendas. Since she is a member of LTTE terrorist gang she is naturally utter disappointed of wipe out the terrorists killer gang in 2009. Terrorist leader velupillai made tamils on eelam dream. Since 1976 to 2009 most tamils worshiped velupillai as their “sun god”(suriya thevan). Unexpected by tamils (but as expected by Sinhalas) terrorist leader “Sun God” velupillai and his gang died like pigs in Nandikadal lagoon in May 2009. Now as a depressed and disappointed terrorist gang member Sitsabaiesan’s first task is to slang mud on Sri Lanka’s image.
    After making big noise on a fabricated story film she tried to get some sort of sympathy to tamil economic refugees. At the end of the day what she is trying, is to justify tamil human smuggling operation. There are many tamil human smuggling syndicates operating all over the world but in many places now they identify as bogus refugees or economic refugees. Now human traffickers cannot smuggle tamil terrorists to Europe or Australia as bogus refugees. Only hope to human traffickers is Canada. Sitsabeiesan is voiced on behalf of human traffickers. I am pretty sure very soon there will be a shipload of tamil economic refugees will land in Canada. Sitsabaiesan is now doing the stage setting and clear the path for the human traffickers. This is not a free service from politicians but commission-based tax free business with human traffickers.
    My personal opinion is though tamils make big mess in our country’s image, I am glad anyhow those tamil traitors leave Sri Lanka. If Canada can take another 500,000 tamils as refugees then 50% of our problem is over.
    So rather than pass resolutions I wish Canada can grant free refugee visas to tamils. Why not NDP bring a motion to Canadian Parliament to grant free refugee visa scheme to tamils? Our fullest support to NDP!

  2. LankaLover Says:

    Another Masterpiece from Asoka.. Bravo for peeling Rathika’s tiger clothes one by one!!! These LTTErs try hard to hoodwink the Canadian public. Fortunately, no matter how hard they try, they can not suspend the truth. It pops up exposing their naked under carriage!

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