JVP Commemorates Wijeweera !
Posted on November 11th, 2011

P.A.Samaraweera, Australia

JVP dissidents had said that they would commemorate the 22nd death anniversary of Wijeweera (RW) on 13th Nov. and return to rebuild the leftist movement from zero. They have said that RW had at the brink of his defeat asked his followers to restart the struggle for a socialist revolution. So they waited for 4 decades to make a decision to breakaway.
Then on the other side, JVP Gen Secy Tilvin Siva had said that his party is committed to the policies of the founder leader RW and the party would always follow his footsteps. And said, that it is a misconception that the JVP is in a crisis. If there is no crisis how is that RW’s death anniversary is commemorated separately by a dissident group ?
Further, because of this breakup, Tilvin’s group is to launch a book supposed to have been written by RW, on ‘Dangers of factionalism’, while he was in jail during 1971-72. So for nearly 40 years, it had been in the cold storage. The internal battle for leadership had led to open clashes between the 2 groups and some had ended either in hospital or the police.
They took their ‘battle’ to the people in 1971 and 1989 using terror tactics. Their reign of terror, mass murder, destruction to public property, harassment of public servants & others who were trying to make a day to day living  and so on are still in the minds of the people. Their anger on the govt was shown by attacking the poor and not the affluent. School children had to sacrifice their studies.
People will not forget their brutality and they did not spare even the dead. The dead were humiliated by giving specific instructions to the family as to how they should be disposed of eg funeral to be held the same day, only family members attend, coffin to be carried at knee level, wailing prohibited, decorations & speeches banned and so on. Ridiculing the dead was nothing but barbarism. If so, why should people join to commemorate the death of a man who looked down upon the dead?
The commemoration of a man who made thousands of young to sacrifice their lives will not make any difference to boost the JVP, whose parliamentary strength had tumbled from 39 to 4.

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