Flickering Fire of LTTE-TNA-Eelam & Explosions of Sinhala Terrorism. Bring Back the Death Penalty!
Posted on January 9th, 2012

Prof. Hudson McLean

Whilst the news of yester-year on the annihilation of LTTE Terrorism refuses to disappear, but flickering as highlighted by-;
Why can’t the Government take a bold step and put an end to this never ending quarrel by these bankrupt communal Tamil politicians over a separate autonomous de-facto-EELAM in the North and East, before it goes again out of control?
Dr. Sudath Gunasekara President, Senior Citizens Movement Mahanuwara 4.1.2012
Danger Signs We Ignored for 105 Years are Ominously Back on the Horizon
– Kumar Moses
Ban Tamil National Alliance
By Charles. S. Perera
the resurgence of Sinhala thuggary, gangsterism bordering on Terrorism was disgracefully displayed by “friends” & “political associates”,  of the Preseident and the Ruling Party, as claimed in the publications, should be considered as Number One Priority of the President and Law Enforcement, to clamp down immediately.
With “friends” like these, does the President need enemies?
Apart from concerned readers reactions, the foreign publications have given ample coverage to the “Murder of British Tourist  & Gang Rape of Russian girl-friend”.
Killing the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg “”…” The Tangalle Incident of Continued Violence by UPFA Politicians
Dilrook Kannangara
Sri Lanka Tourist Package – Hotel Rates, Visa Tax, Sex, Violence, Return flight in a Coffin.
Prof. Hudson McLean
As several contributors have illustrated, right now the SLG is the “laughing stock” of all those who were supporting the Presidential Campaign to irradicate terrorism.
By getting an over-whelming support of the electorate, does the Ruling Party Members consider themselves above the law?
These “low-life” thugs are spitting right into the face of HE President Mahinda Rajapaksa!
Slashing the throat of a Sri Lankan citizen or a foreign tourist is Murder! That should be punished by the harshest possible sentence, the Death Penalty!
Rape of a woman, child or even a male, should be punished by “Castration” to prevent repetition of this ghastly crime.
Touching the Entry Visa issue, some of my contacts who arrived in Sri Lanka were unable to process the Online Visa and were able to purchase the Visa-over-the-counter at US$25.00.
Once again, the bureaucats jumped before the horse, right into a ditch!
This optional facility should remain for the convenience of all visitors.
President should reconsider the “Presidential Decision” to “FIX” Hotel Rates. This action is “counter-productive”. It should be left to the “market-forces” to adjust the rates on a Daily Floating principle, as adopted by most countries in the world.
The Presidential Advisors should be more careful in advising the President, without trying to make the President look like the “King who thought he wore Glittering Gold garments, when he was parading himself, stark-naked!”
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26 Responses to “Flickering Fire of LTTE-TNA-Eelam & Explosions of Sinhala Terrorism. Bring Back the Death Penalty!”

  1. stanley perera Says:

    When MR cannot remember the number of cabinet ministers and their names what can the patriotic Sri Lankans expect from him. What goes up must come down theory applies here. When the racist seperatists are playing havok nationally and internationally, MR is in deep slumber takes no notice in what his country is crying out for. This is a very bad sign for his political survival. Please listen to the vast majority of peace loving patriotic Sri Lankans are saying. They are the people who fought with you to rid the country off from Terrorism.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    The saddest and silliest part of it is if this nonsense continues, MR and his entire family will face bogus war crimes charges. How?

    Tolerating thugs within UPFA and in the society at large has already dented the popularity of the UPFA. Contrary to expectations, there is no peace dividend for the majoryt. Only Tamils enjoy the peace dividend in Jaffna and Colombo. At this rate UPFA will lose the next national election. No immunity thereafter.

    The political opposition (UNP, TNA, JVP, Fonseka group), the NGO opposition, the LTTE opposition (LTTE, British Tamil Forum, Global Tamil Forum, TGTE, Tamil Diaspora) and the neo-colonial opposition (USA, EU) are gunning for Rajapakshas’ blood even today. When he is weak this will increase.

    Even within the UPFA there are ambitious politicians (and former politicians – CBK clan). They know they have no chance as long as the Rajapakshas are there. They too will join the bandwagon when the UPFA is weak.

    UNP, SLMC, JVP, LTTE junk is in UPFA. They have no regard for the Rajapakshas. They are there for the money. They will jump ship at the earliest indication of weakness of the UPFA.

    Although he is not comparable to these, what happened to Saddam, his sons; Osama, his sons; Mubarak, his sons and Gadaffi, his sons will happen to MR and his entire family. In addition all army, navy and air force high ranking officers will also be charged for bogus war crimes.

    Therefore, the Rajapakshas must realize that good conduct of all UPFA activists and its popularity is essential for their right to life.

    All political thugs should be punished immediately and econmoic benefits should be channeled to those people who voted for him in 2005 and 2010 at the expense of others. Keep them happy and Rajapakshas will be safe. That is all. It is a very easy task.

    If the government has no regard for morals; fine. At least think of their own survival and do the right thing or face war crimes charges.

    Now government tries hard to please the TNA but when Rajapakshas are in the opposition, TNA will be at the forefront of war crimes charges. Ban TNA now (when it is do-able) or face the music.

  3. stanley perera Says:

    There is a growing division in the UPFA boycotting the rouge ministers. That is why the law pundit the champion cross over minister is dragging his feet and not contributing his five cents worth. Those rouge ministers are waiting to cross over again when the MR regime breaks up. There is an enormous unease with the vast majority of the Sri Lankans. Their blood pressure is up as the racist TNA paracites are making everybody’s lives miscerable. If MR does not take immediate steps to adress the issue, don’t blame the patriotic Sri Lankans. Act now or never. The malicious rumours about BR’s road rubber factory at Gampaha and his computer jillmart win together with NR’s air lifteed mascerati car and the 5000 Marutis are the dominating factors in Sri Lanka. But the only good news for the MR government is GR’s genuine desire to develop Colombo. The worst is SF factor. Harlf of the country are against MR personally. If an election is held today, MR and his government will face a humiliating defeat. Is that what MR is asking for. All those who fought alongside the forces are anxiously awaiting for MR to take immediate steps to silence the RACISTS PILITICAL PARTIES INCLUDING THE RACIST TNA. The racist seperatists Tamils have built up their campaign to a enormous level. That is what we see from outside the country. Those who are living in the country have no time to think of the present dangerous situation as their day to day life is burden with the cost of living with problems they face with their children’s school admissions. The prinicipals are making a killing out of the school admissions while the commissioner of exams are collecting money for jam from the advance level students while the tution master says there is no such thing when SBD is saying it is the fault of the government. The country is an absolute mess.

  4. Dham Says:

    I have a feeling the MR has become a drunk. He should get advice and stop drinking alchohol altogether.
    His honeymoon is over – should start working right now with stren action or leave it to Gota.
    Reasons for problems.
    1. Too big cabinet and so many junior ministers due to accomodation of UNpiers. Although some UNPers are working hard and some are better than SLFP hooligons like Mervyn, Proper cabinet with no more than 20-30 ministers should be appointed.
    2. TNA – should be banned and LTTErs should be jailed.
    3. Stop thuggery by Douglas Deva in Jaffna.
    4. Punish all thughs including ministers and enforce law and order fully.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    Allow me to disagree.

    “3. Stop thuggery by Douglas Deva in Jaffna.
    4. Punish all thughs including ministers and enforce law and order fully.”

    What you say in #3 contradicts #4.

    To maintain law and order in Jaffna you NEED Douglas Deva. Jaffna people are racists. Who else would vote for TNA dirt in such large numbers?

    If you let them be, they will become TNA+++ and LTTE. So you need some fun to keep them under control and remind them who is the boss. If EPDP was not there TNA clowns would be ruling Jaffna. Now TNA (despite winning Jaffna parliementary seats and PSs) are like pussycats. All their ponna shows are outside Jaffna.

    A GP cannot do the work of a surgeon. You need both. A mild case – GP. A worse case – surgeon.

    After all, the government is not taking the peaceful option – banning TNA.
    The next best thing is EPDP, TMVP violence against TNA and TNA voters.

    After winning the war, it is in our hands to turn Jaffna crowd into either pussycats or tigers or anything in between. Disarm EPDP they become tigers. Arm EPDP they become pussycats.

    I prefer both pussies and cats !! :))

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    How good Douglas D is!!

    “SL paramilitary in Jaffna monopolises cable TV market at gunpoint

    [TamilNet, Tuesday, 10 January 2012, 06:10 GMT]

    Hundreds of private cable operators, who have been supplying cable Television covering the villages of Jaffna for years have been harassed and coerced into working under a paramilitary operated cable operator, MBL Cable Network, in Jaffna. Independent operators who were operating their own dishes and distributing television channels to private consumers were told that their business was illegal and they have to buy the channels and lease the network being established by the paramilitary company that had exclusive ‘government permission’. However, those who were in the competing business and argued that there was no such ‘exclusive permission’ obtained by the MBL continued to operate on their own. But, now they are being threatened. Alexkumar Balasundaram, a cable provider who operates from Kokkuvil with 10-year-experience, says he was threatened Saturday at gunpoint.

    The paramilitary backed cable company, which is being promoted in a mafia fashion by the Sri Lankan establishment through the forces aligned with Douglas Devananda and Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias KP, seeks to promote Dan TV, an unpopular EPDP-operated television by gaining monopoly of the cable market.

    Hundreds of small independent cable providers who were relaying TV channels from Tamil Nadu were forced to lease the network through the corporate paramilitary of the SL State.”

    These private cable TV from Tamil Nadu is what poisons Jaffna people.

    Good work Douglas. Get rid of them all!!

    Can you do this any other way in Jaffna? No. This is the only way these things work.

    Tamilnet is obviously pissed because then no one will be fooled by Toilet Nadu rubbish.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    If police goes to do it, nothing will happen.

    If army goes to do it, Tamils will say Chingalam army stopping Tamil channels. So best to send a Tamil to fight a Tamil.

    Good job EPDP.

    Watch Dan TV instead of watching Jeyalalitha’s Jeya TV! Or else…..

  8. thurai Says:

    Sri Lankans Tamils are Shield of TNA, TNA is Shield of LTTE and LTTE is Shield of Tamil Terrorism.
    Many Tamils don´t understand the real face of persons who carry Tamil in front óf their political partys and others. Many Tamils support Terrorism without their knowledge. Tamil Terrorism well connected with world Terrorism.
    It dangerous not only for Sri Lanka but also to the whole world. Only banning in Sri Lanka will not help.
    We have to work world wide to identify such Terrorism which misuse Tamils and disturbing SLG.

  9. Dham Says:

    I agree fully with you on TV stations. But cannot agree on thuggery, whether it is in Jaffna or Colombo.
    Why do you need anything “out side law” if the law and order can be stablished.
    Thuggery has no boundaries. Imagine you were in Jaffna and become an accidential victim ?
    I cannot agre with unncessary violence. I cannot agree with racism.

    I agree that Jaffna has majority of racist. But this thuggery is adding to increase this majority.
    Government must work hard to esablish proper law and order. You can have legislation to ban racism. You can legally arrest the racists. You can get rid of TNA legally without violence.

  10. Christie Says:

    “The political opposition (UNP, TNA, JVP, Fonseka group), the NGO opposition, the LTTE opposition (LTTE, British Tamil Forum, Global Tamil Forum, TGTE, Tamil Diaspora) and the neo-colonial opposition (USA, EU) are gunning for Rajapakshas’ blood even today. When he is weak this will increase”.

    Please add Indian Overlord to the list that MR has to face.

    Recent Indian media has been awash with the visiting Indian foreign Secretay will take up war crime issues with MR or the SLG.

    But latest is that he will be only looking at Indian houses and aid to Indian colonial parasites.

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    Thanks for the response. Lets agree to disagree.

    I too don’t like violence but there are FEW LIMITED instances where it must be used. However, I agree that law should replace violence AT ALL TIMES. IF the law is complete there is no need for anti-TE violence.

    But in the above case, there was NO violence whatsoever. The threat story is a lie.

    It was done for a NOBLE end. To SAVE Jaffna Tamil people from RABID Tamil Madu racism. Good intentions.

  12. lingamAndy Says:

    FYI, Hon Minister Douglas Devananda want to implement 13 amendment step by step !
    that may lead to TE dream !
    Your Good intention may lead to this bad dream come to true !

  13. Lorenzo Says:


    There are good and bad in everyone. DD also has his bad – 13 amendment.

    We take the good and flush the bad down the toilet. DD is the boss of Jaffna but we are DD’s boss; not the other way round.

  14. douglas Says:

    Dear Prof. Hudson- Very interesting comments. Please take a little of your time to read them carefully.

    However, Stanley, Dilrook & Daham – I admire you keeping to the subject matter brought forward by Prof. and giving thoughts to the seriousness of the problem in hand. Anyway do you see how HE is very well defended in turning a blind eye to what some of his “Thug Ministers” are doing in the country, whether it is in the North or South. Not without stopping at expressing sorlidarity with HE, some comments are offerred as a “panacea” to arrest the disturbing situation in the North. “To meet law and order in Jaffna, you NEED Douglas Deve”. What a “illuminati”who made this comment? In the same token, HE needs Dr. Mervin Silva, another Minister from the South to maintain law and order. So he is doing it right.

    Notwithstanding all that psychometrics, the issues raised in the qoted presentations by many writers deserve the attention of all citizens who want to sustain the hard won peace and stablity and march towards progess. The law and order has to be maintained by the designated agencies and the authorities must administer such work in hand without any favours. That is what Mr. Lee Quan Yue did in Singapore when he first got into governing seat. He established a “No Nonsense Government”. We too need that urgently in Sri Lanka.

    So HE the President, buckle up your belt and get down to do the job, as otherwise, we all will be doomed along with you.

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    Dear Doglas,

    “To meet law and order in Jaffna, you NEED Douglas Deve”. What a “illuminati”who made this comment?”

    Personal attacks WITHOUT substance is a sign of stupidity/naivity.

    Violence where not needed should be rooted out. No argument.

    M Silva and Devananda cannot be compared.

    1. M Silva hasn’t achieved much compared to DD. DD OTOH has achieved A LOT. He is the ONLY Jaffna district MP who is into development.

    The north and south have DIFFERENT security problems. People in the south NEVER vote for RACIST political parties. People in the south LOVE their army unlike in the north. People in the south are GRATEFUL for peace unlike in the north.

    2. Well educated, decent and well respected Dayan Jayatilake is full of praise of DD (not MS). He said DD is “the ONLY surviving bridge between the north and the south”. I agree 100%.

    3. MS is NOT allowed to own or carry firearms. EPDP is allowed in limited circumstances. Why? For very good reasons. Who allowed him firearms despite ceasefires, etc.? MR? No. JR, Premadasa, Wijetunga, CBK, Ranil, CBK too allowed them firearms.

    4. When GOSL want to do development work in the north, who comes forward with coordinators to help? TNA s*? No. Only EPDP!

    5. FYI, Singapore is NOT a “No Nonsense Government”. Ignorance! It is a dictatorship!

    Singapore has LESS democracy than SL!
    No human rights.
    No media freedom (all media owned by the govt.).
    Has the longest ruling dictator in the world since 1965.
    Nepotism is strife. After LKY his friend, then his son! Like North Korea.
    Opposition activists are in prison.
    No change in ruling party since 1965.

    That is called NONSENSE!

    SL has to improve, I agree, but not go in reverse gear in democracy.

    Violence when not needed must stop. No need to EXAGGERATE for PETTY political goals.

    Please read R Chandrasoma’s article in Lankaweb yesterday.

    Hon Gotabhaya Rajapaksha yesterday stressed the FACT that there is no militarisation of the society. Lets identify the problem and fix it without killing the patient. Some LOSERS want to kill the patient for a common cold but they could live with rectum cancer!!

  16. lingamAndy Says:

    Agreed with You , I’ve seen Jaffna Knig DD has so may security persons at his Palace ( Srithar Theader ) !

  17. Dham Says:


    Douglas said, “The law and order has to be maintained by the designated agencies and the authorities must administer such work in hand without any favours. That is what Mr. Lee Quan Yue did in Singapore when he first got into governing seat. He established a “No Nonsense Government”. We too need that urgently in Sri Lanka.”

    I 100% agree with him on this. I have lived in Singapore for a long time. It is one of theeasiest countries in the world to live peacefully. Don’t abuse Singapore like this, be honest. There is racism there but take the good things.
    Out of your list I agree,
    No media freedom (all media owned by the govt.),Opposition activists are in prison,
    No change in ruling party since 1965. Very true ! That is what we need.
    Put Ponseka in Sentosa for 25 years. After MR , Gota, then son. That is what we need. We need stability shrewdness and governence. We do not need thuggery. maintain law and order at the cost of so called “democracy”. That is what we need !

  18. Dham Says:

    I don’t disagree with you fully on DD. He may be the only lik to MR.
    Don’t forget he is also asking for 13th amendment.
    But his thuggery must stop. Then the TNA LTTE proxy will have no place in Jaffna. I am telling you with inside news from Jaffna- not mere speculation.

  19. Lorenzo Says:


    “But his thuggery must stop. Then the TNA LTTE proxy will have no place in Jaffna. I am telling you with inside news from Jaffna- not mere speculation.”


    DD was not there in 1947. But Jaffna OVERWHELMINGLY voted for Tamil racist parties. Same in 1952, 1956, 1960, 1965, 1970, 1977, etc.

    Tamils in the north of SL and south India will NEVER EVER vote for any other party other than Tamil/Dravidian RACIST parties.

    I’m telling with first hand inside knowledge PLUS FACTS that you can check with the elections department.

  20. Dham Says:

    Tamils vote for Tamils because of Tamilness (Racism). We both agree on that.
    But they are also human and have learnt lessons. Now most of them don’t know how to vote.
    Unless there is law and oreder they will keep on voting for TNA or LTTE or Ponnaseka or whoever opposing government.

  21. lingamAndy Says:

    Please watch this Youtue –
    Well done Mrs Maheswaran MP (Jaffna UNP) Yo’ve proffed it , Sinhala language (& Bhuddhisham) is not only belong to Hela Nataion ! these for All of us !


    Also FYI ( as Dam said) Jaffna Major Alfrad Thuraippai from SLFP so this racistion stated after raites (1956 to 1983) ofcause these rasist Tamil politition used it probly get their MP & Minister post!

    I agreed with with We Tamil & Muslim must learned to speck Sinhala Language (& Bhuddisim) but please right to understand We also have own identification (Language & Religien)

  22. Lorenzo Says:


    “Tamils vote for Tamils because of Tamilness (Racism). We both agree on that.
    But they are also human and have learnt lessons. Now most of them don’t know how to vote.”

    That is not true.

    ALL THE ELECTION RESULTS from 1947 until the recent PS elections cannot be wrong.

    They KNOW how to vote. That is why over 80% of them voted to the racist TNA AGAIN.

    If we ignore the obvious, we will be doing the same mistakes.

  23. Lorenzo Says:


    AD was ONLY the mayor. Today the Jaffna mayor is ALSO from SLFP/EPDP.

    But that is a small position compared to parliamentarians and ALL OTHER PSs.

    AD was blamed for working against Tamil people in Jaffna by ITAK and ACTC (the BIGGEST parties at that time in north).

    RACIST politicians from the north NEVER got any minister post!!

    RACISTS never unite! They are ALWAYS in the opposition.

    e.g. ACTC, ITAK, TULF, TNA (T for Tamil racism).

    Mrs Maheswaran MP is just ONE UNP MP from Jaffna whereas TNA has more than 8 !!!

    If her husband was living he would not do any good things.

  24. lingamAndy Says:

    You have (enough) more knowledge about our histrory ,I agreed with you , Yes Tamil rasit Polition used 1956 to 1983 raist to manipulate to get their own political benifit also TNA is doing same job very well now!

    8 out of one (DD) EPDP with SLFP (Election expenses money) support but Mrs Maheswaran elected for UNP (only) !So who is a real people MP !

    Eg: VP was just 7 grade droped out who made him as Tamil Nation Leder ? These ACTC, ITAK, TULF, TNA (T for Tamil racism). ofcause that was back fired to them late (eg :VP killed Formar oppotion leder Amirthalingam , Yogeswaran MP)

    Ref:If her husband was living he would not do any good things.
    NO, that is not true He was more than one time elected by people for his social work !(also by Colombo Tamil).
    EPDP (DD) killed him in a Colombo Temple that is every one knows !

  25. jimmy Says:

    Solution to Srilankan problem is to make Meditation mandatory for all Srilankans from age 5- 100
    Thoughts are important than words
    People should learn to replace bad evil thoughts with good thoughts
    I can tolerate any one but not racists
    when a person think he or she is superior to another human being he or she becomes a racist
    when a person thinks other person is inferior to him or her he or she becomes a racist
    When a person thinks good, he does good things , he becomes a good human being ( child of God)
    when a person thinks evil or bad he or she becomes an evil person ( child of Satan)
    The choice for All Srilankans is either to become a child of God or child of Satan

    I have a dream oneday All srilankans will live together without fear or intimidation as a family
    look after each other , help each other be kind to each other, respect each others cultcure and each others religion

  26. Christie Says:




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