Sri Lanka Reduced To 3rd Ever Lowest Score At Paarl And Demolished By South Africa!! What Happened?
Posted on January 12th, 2012

Top Spin By Suni

January 11th 2012

Sri Lanka cricket fans in all probabilities were left with a sick feeing in their stomachs as Sri Lanka was steamrolled by the Proteas in clinical fashion today! I certainly was watching them in disbelief, crumbling against the South African’s at the picturesque Paarl grounds on a wicket which looked perfect for batting albeit a bit bouncy and hard where the Saffies had previously topped 300 taking first lease and to the Lankans with their seemingly powerful batting array it must have appeared gettable which was even observed by some in the commentary box but not to be as it turned out.
Sri Lanka were quashed like fruitflies in the neighbourhood orchards and shot out for 43, their lowest in one-dayers and the third ever in ODI’s as AB de Villiers made  the perfect start to his captaincy of the limited overs team and South Africa’s batsmen in typical Springbok fashion breezed to 301 after winning the toss and. Hashim Amla scored his ninth ODI century , propped up ably by Jacques Kallis  and AB de Villiers who were in scintillating form to register South Africa’s 300 + on a pitch which did not fall short of a batsmen’s paradise by the ease with whiich they faced the Sri Lankan attack.For Sri Lanka, Lasith Malinga as usual was his fiery self with the leather also hurtling down his slingers effectively  with a five-for that halted  South Africa in their tracks towards the end of the innings which folded for 301 when they were expected to top at least 320, but Malinga’s effort somewhat worthless as  Sri Lanka lost five wickets in five overs when they came out to bat from which they never recovered  and effectively ended the contest flat on their backs.

 The South African opening bowlers Morne Morkel and Lonwabo Tsotsobe proved unplayable even before the first change and normally belligerent Dale Steyn was given the leather and  Morkel who was on fire from the first delivery started the rot for Sri Lanka in the very first over as  he had Upul Tharanga  caught low  at backward point swishing aimlessly at one leaving him outside the off stump. Then from the other end it was Lonwabo Tsotsobe hurling thunderbolts showing his potential  as an attacking pacie and getting the ball to rise sharply at the batsman who virtually had no answer to the scorchers whistling aroung their ears and ere long Tillakaratne Dilshan gloved to the keeper and marched off disdainfully to the roars of the now  charged up local supporters.

The normally flamboyant Dinesh Chandimal did not last long as he struggled against Tsotsobe’s pace, variation and movement  before edging onto this stumps.  Kumar Sangakkara attempting a lofted drive  off Morkel was caught by de Villiers, and two deliveries later Angelo Mathews’ fell to one which reared in his face and attempting to  fend it off but  scooped up a simple dolly to to midwicket.

The classy Mahela Jayawardene who has just topped 10 K in Tests previously showed no class at all as he awkwardly flashed at a widish delivery to point and Sri Lanka  were down to 13 for 6 as the end seemed near and a distinct danger of Sri Lanka recording the lowest score in one-day history loomed which was mercifully avoided as the likes of Lasith Malinga and the two Kulasekera’s dug in briefly, hardly a compensation  for the debacle which  left the team, its captain and fans all over the globe as well as those back home in shock and disbelief. This was the thirdl lowest total by any team in ODI history.

While the pitch seemed  different under lights compared to when the South Africans batted, it was nowhere near as unplayable from a good batting perspective as the scoreline suggested and the Sri Lankans surely have only themselves to blame for this humiliating loss with no excuses beyond apathetic and irresponsible batting and negative captaincy perhaps.

 The following are some reader comments picked up from Cricinfo in response to the match report attesting to the shock and disbelief of many who watched the game and perhaps the Lankans should overview their net worth based on them and apply some of them towards better performance and an imperative awareness towards a remedy before venturing out to face the Proteas in the next game coming up in a few days or else the disaster could easily repeat and Sri Lanka’s cricket future would never look bleaker!.





1.” I’ve never seen worse captaincy in all my life. Dilshan has lost so many ODI series in a row so far ( including one at home) with a WC Final reaching team. That said, I think Sri Lanka should sack him and beg Mahela to take the ODI role and Sanga for the Tests. Sri Lanka collapse and failure in ODIs after the WC should be referred to as the 2011 WC curse .”
 2.” Sri Lankan cricket is in trouble quite obviously and cool heads will be needed to ensure the current tour doesnt fall apart. Early doors still for Dilshan’s captaincy against a backdrop of an ailing, bankrupt cricket board, retirement of stalwarts, injury and technical batting considerations. They must pull together fast,try and get some respectable performances by setting achievable goals – its all well and good saying that flair and natural batting talent is the way they play but it is suicidal against bouncy/seaming pitches against tall bowlers. There will be very little public interest if a repeat performance occurs-a shame and one hopes that the Durban test wasnt the end of the tour mentally for the guys after such a high.”
 3. “What a humilating defeat for Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is going through a bad patch with players being unpaid, adminstrative problems and some captaincy issue and so on. But you cannot forgive the SL team for this crushing defeat because of probelms mentioned. This is a seious flaw and I do not know what is happening inside the team, whether they are playing intentionally for the defeat.This result and recent performances remind us of Sri Lankan performances in 80s after obtaining the test status but this reult has been the worst. SL can bounce back that is true but you can not expect this kind of performance from a team which qualified for the finals of the World Cup. Something needs to be done quckily including the change in the captaincy.”

 End of quotes.

3 Responses to “Sri Lanka Reduced To 3rd Ever Lowest Score At Paarl And Demolished By South Africa!! What Happened?”

  1. Sony Says:

    I have seen(heard) that “senior members” of the team told him that they would do their “own thing” just a day before the game.
    Cricket is a team game and no captain can succeed when his teammates are going to do their own thing. “Classy” Mahela has been performing poorly for sometime now. He would not have survived this long in an Australian team, “classy” or not.

    Dilshan is not a “Colombian”. It is not easy for a non-Colombian to succeed as a Sri Lankan captain. His recent slump in batting is probably related to the pressure that he is undergoing with non-cooperating Columbian teammates. Only one (may be two — depends on the definition of the Colombian at a given time) did overcome this pressure and succeeded. My sympathy is with Dilshan. Drop those “classy” people and give him a “team”; He might succeed.

  2. aravinda Says:

    What is wrong with Sri Lankan team? The simple fact that best performing batter in Sri Lanka, Thilan Samaraweera is kept out of the team for a personal reasons. Mr.Dilshan is not Captaincy material, he never was and never will be. Sri Lankan team is not selected on merit, Samaraweera’s case is the best example. With Dilshan at helm, many defeats will follow and occasional victory will be celebrated in style.

    Dilshan is no different to Indian captain M.S.Johnnie, whose only job is to keep the Brahmins (Tandulka, Dravid, Kohli, Luxman, Sharma, Gambiar) happy. Both India and Sri Lanka need proper captains, likes of Ranatunga or Kapil Dev.

    In Australia, the vacation of the Indian team appears to be hindered by on going cricket matches. If uncorrected, Sri Lankans will fall to those depths of the Indian team. M.S.Johnnie has one of the worst possible wicket keeping techniques ( according to Syed Kirmani who was Indian wicket keeper for 88 tests) and a batting technique worst than a under-12 novice. But he got friends in high places. I am hoping Sri Lanka will not go in that path.

  3. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Thilan is not simply “a best batter” as that privilege must go to baseball, some baked goods or fish as in fish and chips~ he is not only a fine batsman but also a superb fielder and useful spinner and definitely deserving of selection for the ODI’s and if the reason for his exclusion is personal the Cricket Board needs to hang their heads in shame and resolve the issue! Thilan almost lost his life in Lahore and the comeback he has made, short of being miraculous needs to be accepted as a Divie intervention for Sri Lanka Cricket!!
    The reference to “MS. Johnnie” hopefuly in humour as Dhoni is no ordinary Johnnie and will not be taken kindly by his many adoring fans but indeed there are some who believe he is suited only for the shorter versions of the game.
    Sri Lanka definitely ( no pun on Dilshan’s opening line) needs a good pilot at the helm as well as resorting to selection on merit rather than through favouritism. He will probably soine as a player rather than a captain.
    To bring in the cast issue over the Indian selection seems a bit thick but probably has a semblance of truth to it but aren’t the likes of Khan, Shewag, Srisanth, the Singhs and Pathans etc. non Brahmin?

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