Disappeared Tamils Were Asylum Seekers Who Never Made it to the Other End
Posted on January 15th, 2012

– Kumar Moses

Here is Proof!

It was always the practice of Tamil nationalists to put whatever blame for their misfortunes on the government and the majority. They call it “ƒ”¹…”Tamil-only Grievances’. Everyone has grievances but they want the government to only concentrate on Tamil grievances ignoring others’ grievances.

Unable to prove 40,000 deaths, they allege a large number of Tamils “disappeared” during the war. Some of them argue that it even continues to this date. As usual, they put the blame on the government for these disappearances! Absurd stories of white vans, grease devils and other mythical concocted tall tales have been created to put the blame on the government. However, the truth is they are primarily responsible for these disappearances.

Over the years hundreds of thousands of Tamils illegally left the island and landed in India, UK, Australia, Canada and European countries. Most of them have now become citizens of these countries. India alone has over one hundred thousand Tamils who illegally left Sri Lanka by boat.

Success of previous asylum seekers in rich developed countries was a powerful force drawing mostly young men to take the risk and sail for a better quality life.

These boats are small fishing boats that frequently get into trouble in mid sea. All Tamil asylum seeker boats that reached Australian waters in 2009 and 2010 were dilapidated fishing boats. Needless to say these boats with such a huge number of persons on board plus food and fuel for the long journey cannot survive the perilous journey. An unknown number of them certainly sank into the seabed carrying their passengers with them. Over the years this number would add up to a sizeable figure. People who disappeared thus are the so called “ƒ”¹…”disappeared’ Tamils.

In many cases they were able young men drawn to greener pastures abroad. Their families collected the money needed for the journey by selling their belongings. So when they die in unknown seas, their families become both financially and emotionally desperate. They have no recourse whatsoever as human traffickers aren’t responsible for their crimes. As a consequence they blame the government and the military with unsubstantiated allegations of abduction. This is the only way they can expect to get some “ƒ”¹…”compensation’ by fooling the system. It also helps defeated Tamil nationalists to advance their cause against Sri Lanka. This was how a tragedy caused by Tamils on Tamils was shrewdly blamed on Sri Lanka.

Chances are that all allegedly disappeared Tamils were Tamil asylum seekers on boats who never made it to shore.

Even today after the war, hundreds of Tamils attempt to go to Australia illegally by boat. While Australian political parties haul attacks on each other over a highly ineffective asylum seeker policy, the word in Tamil areas in Sri Lanka is that Australia is an easy target.

 “THE government is resisting demands for a public inquiry after five asylum seekers disappeared, and are presumed to have drowned, after seeking help for a boat foundering under Australia’s watch.

The Sri Lankan Tamils are believed to be dead after abandoning their failing boat last Wednesday, five days after Australian authorities learned it had run out of fuel.”

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/national/push-for-missing-asylum-seekers-inquiry-20100510-uosa.html#ixzz1jWLWUXHz

 Thousands of Tamils would have disappeared in high seas heading to a greener pasture onboard ramshackle crafts. They were violating the laws of many nations. Certainly they were ungrateful for Sri Lanka for their free education, free medical facilities and other benefits they received. Their leaving Lanka is actually a blessing in disguise for Sri Lanka. The only problem arises if or when they arrive in another country where they discredit the good name of Sri Lanka and stuff the already swelling Tamil Diaspora that funded the LTTE to the tune of US$300 million a year.

Today the Human Rights Commission, the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) and many NGOs try to seek the whereabouts of disappeared Tamils. They will never find anything because these so called disappeared Tamils (mostly young men), left the country in their own accord. When they left the shores of the island in asylum seeker boats, there were no documents, guarantees, witnesses or evidence.

Catholic Bishop of the fishing port city of Mannar, Rev Rayappu Joseph giving evidence at the LLRC stated that there are over 150,000 Tamils from Vanni accounted for between the 1981 census and the 2009 provisional census in Vanni. Most of them left Vanni to other parts of the country, legally and illegally left the country and settled in other countries and the remainder boarded boats with hope but never made it to shore. It is a valid explanation in any investigation, court of law or tribunal. There is no way the opposite can be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

As long as Tamil nationalists deny this fact, more and more Tamils will disappear in the high seas trying to reach Australia, Canada and UK illegally. Blaming Sri Lankan government agencies is pointless as it must be prevented by the Tamil society.

17 Responses to “Disappeared Tamils Were Asylum Seekers Who Never Made it to the Other End”

  1. Dham Says:

    If a fishing boat can carry 20, you need approximately 40000/20=2000 boats sinked.
    Is this possible ?
    How about the terrorists killed by the army ? casualities within the army was very high. Tamils killed should be at least three times that.
    Problem is for all these dogs barking, every Tamil killed are innocent civilians, whereas most of them were terrorists.
    If Kasippu Joseph’s census had 150000 100000 should be terrorists. Some excaped some killed and some drowned as Kumar says. calculation is simple.

  2. Bodhi Says:

    If we take the period 2007 to 2012, i.e., five years, and if we allow for 3-5 clandestine migrations per day to India or neighbouring places, even if they did not sink in the sea, we have roughly 1500 migrations per year. This makes
    7500 clandestine migrations during the five years. Such migrants are not accounted for as they miove in a clandestine manner.
    I think this is an unders-estimate, and some 15,000 clandestine migrations would be more likely.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Simple logic. It is certainly possible. A good explanation of “disappeared” Tamils.

    Total “casualties” may include those who migrated legally, illegally and the terrorists who died in war. No one has provided a break down of terrorists verses civilians died.

    Clandestine migrations as Bodhi says is much more than this. India alone has over 150,000 refugees. All of them went there clandestinely. No record of those who died over the years. LTTE groups can show them as killed by security forces.

    LLRC panel recorded disappearences of a few hundred. It is possible all of them ended up meeting this fate.

    With due respect to all those who exposed the technical deficiencies of the Channel 4 execution footage, simple explanations like they were soldiers killed by Tigers hold more water. Today that is the standard explanation. This is another good explanation certainly within the bounds of possibility.

  4. Naram Says:

    Thanks for the insight. A friend living in Kent told me that once he a asked a friendly smiling, obviously bright youngster of 8 or 9 hanging around a local news vendor how he happened to be here. The youngster, sensing a family friend had said ‘I came in the boot of a car’. Whether that was a fact or not, there is no boubt that there are thousands of ways to enter metropolitan countries and these are used as many customs reports will show you. The famous Amarican writer Saul Bellow, an East European origins admitted that he made hisjourney in the pre teens from Canada, illegally.

    Also it is a fact of life that some perish in the effort. some have attempted to come even hanging on to undercarriage of planes and lorries. While the success of few billionnaiers have created a vast flood of aspirants the knowledge of the risks were not easy to fathom. Migration did not start in 2007, it was on from early 70s. There were doctors and engineers who left Sri Lanka posing as kitchen maids or drivers to dodge 5 year compulsory service rule in force at the the time. But it became a flood after ’80 or so with more organised footing of many Tamil organisations backed up by immigration lawyers.

    Also LTTE soldiers were not wearing uniforms. THe whole population were trained to use guns and shoot as photographs of the period used to show.

  5. lingamAndy Says:

    Kumar Moses
    fyi, When We took this high risked juorney to other countries only We know how many Sinhala brothers & Sister came with us ( with help each other).
    Question is about the peples who has been arrested by our forces where there ? give us a list of the people who you have in (illecal)prison ! All list ,
    Hence We can a assumed Whoever not in that list already dead !So We can give our last respect ( Yearly rememberan -Thuvasam ) to our passesd Family members !
    We are so like to born in Holy land of Bhiddha ! We all belive in Karma !
    Please give us the list of people in (illegal) prison !

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Our thanks to Kumar Moses for bringing up this all important topic.

    Tamil people who have ‘disappeared’ are most likely illegal migrants in Lanka. Not all illegal migrants end up seeking other pastures. We think that there are thousands who are still in Lanka. Also, Tamil people who have ‘disappeared’, many may have unfortunately died in the East & North coasts during the Tsunami of 2004 too.

    Since ‘disappearances’ are tied to illegal migration to and from Lanka, as well as to Separatists aspirations, Lankans should be concerned about illegal migrants. If Illegal Migration stops, disappearances will then drop dramatically.

    “Illegal Migration” has gone on for thousands of years, only then we didn’t have those words to describe it. There were no clearly defined borders between especially land locked countries then, nor were there border patrols or preventive methods to dissuade would be illegals. Just walking/boating/donkey/horse rides to ‘another country’ was possible. Then there were no clear cut laws to prevent or prosecute an illegal migrant. It did not happen in an organised way as is done now, with People Smugglers in charge of the operations. Populations explosions also contribute to illegal migration, as does Caste/poverty issues of Tamil Nadu.

    An inquiry must be made as to why people flee their own countries illegally, in this case Tamil Nadu,(India), and Sri Lanka too. Also, they may end up boating to other islands in the Indian Ocean, such as the Maldives, Mauritius, Madagascar, the islands of Indonesia etc., and not necessarily to Australia or other affluent countries. One these destinations are reached, there is nothing to prevent them changing their names and religion and disappearing forever. No one in Lanka has probed or studied the problem so far. If no one is doing it, perhaps it is time that the GoSL does so, as an Addendum to the LLRC.

    Till this ‘racket’ of illegal migration & disappearances are exposed, Lanka will be labelled as violating Human Rights, and prone to internal violence encouraged by various factors that stand to gain by Separation. Our ignorance of facts suit all Eelamists very well.

    The best way to protect Lanka is to stop all illegal migration to and from Lanka & deport illegal migrants. The long term plan is education, development (with ethics & morality), & family planning (birth control).

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    Until you get a proper answer, here is my answer.

    “Please give us the list of people in (illegal) prison”


    Have no further hope.

    But don’t ask for death certificates. For that YOU have to show the dead body. Otherwise anyone can get a death certificate. Even you. There is a procedure.

    Don’t ask for casue of death either. If you really need one, just write drowning.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    If we disappeared 185,000 in 2008-2009 as Kasippu Joseph says, BEWARE. Who knows we will do it again. No need of a war.

    We know how to make you disappear. Years of practice under a good MAGICIAN.

  9. lingamAndy Says:

    Ref:“Please give us the list of people in (illegal) prison”:ZERO.

    Lorenzo You may know pain of dead relatives , but You do not know pain of unknow dead relative ( not sure about persion is dead or not) ! Lorenzo ….. second one is more painfull than first one Lorenzo!

    I am sure you & I can not do any think but if any one can do any think about this matter please do …… (whoever reading this) you will be bless by might god for ever !!!!! with tear in my eye……..

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    I know. Hundreds of police officers, soldiers, Sinhalese villagers were killed NEEDLESSLY by Tamil nationalists who don’t even belong to this country. Their families still suffer.

    There are NO prisoners other than what those declared. They are all dead.

    This is the cost of Tamil nationalism. This is what Thanthai Chelva struggled so much.
    There are NO Tamil homelands in SL. GIVE UP looking for it. Otherwise MORE and more people will die because there is NO compromise. If you want a Tamil state or a nation or a homeland, die in millions for it or forget about it. It is as simple as that.

  11. lingamAndy Says:

    Thanks Lorenzo You are talking dirrent subject matter .

    Ref:Hundreds of were killed NEEDLESSLY by Tamil nationalists – Fully agreed !
    NO prisoners other than what those declared. They are all dead. – No Agrred ( eg: last week who were arresred with my elder brother ( arrested in day light in our home 10 year ago ) landed in Paris !)

    Ref: It is as simple as that- No
    Saiva (Hindu) Tamil Natinalisum not simple as you think can be defeded by Bhuddhist Sinhala Nationalium !!!
    ofcause Nathikadal battele was very suggesfull by Bhuddhist Sinhala forces ( 56, 58 etc…) – I personaly admire SL forces for this succes battle.
    Our fight strated before Jesue Christ came to this world ( eg: Elaalan (Elara) Thuddakaimunu ( Dudigamu) fight BC 106)

    Lorenzo We both communities live together & fight togther for ever !

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    “Lorenzo We both communities live together & fight togther for ever !”

    That is your RACIST views.

    Not true.

    It is NOT an ethnic community battle. It is Tamil nationalists verses the world.

    1. Tamil nationalists fought Muslims, genocide them from Jaffna
    2. Tamil nationalists fought the Sinhalese
    3. Tamil nationalists fought the Indians (IPKF)
    4. Tamil nationalists fought Americans, Canadians, British, Australians, French, etc. (and hundreds of them arrested for it.)

    So it is Tamil nationalists verses the world and Tamils are going to be the LOSERS with very heavy casualties.

    I agree Tamil nationalism was a problem even before Christ (Ellalan’s example). Some fools think it started in the 20th century.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Has Tamil Nationalism been created to hide Caste Wars ?

  14. lingamAndy Says:

    your note 1 to 4 happend ( i fully agreed) after 1983 is not it ?
    so what happened between 1948 ( 1956 ) to 1983 is Saiva Tamil raciam or Bhuddist Sinhala rasicam ?

    That is your RACIST views.- No ( I am not saying I am not Saiva(Hindu) Tamil racist) this is not my view this the fact ! I va proofed & you’ve agreed this problm started before Jeses Christ time !

    Has Tamil Nationalism been created to hide Caste Wars ? Yes & No
    No – this Saiva(Hindu) Tamil Nationalism since King Elara has been created not for hide caste war -to invade Mother Lanka(Lanka puri)
    Yes -in the 20th century Saiva Tamil Nationalism has been created to hide Caste Wars

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    “this is not my view this the fact ! I va proofed & you’ve agreed this problm started before Jeses Christ time !”

    I agree the Tamil Saiva whatever nationalism is older than Christ.

    But what is racist is saying that it is a conflict between Tamil Saiva, etc verses Sinhalese.

    Tha last part. That is the only bit I disagree.

    It is not verses Sinhalese. It was verses the entire world. Sinhalese, Muslims, Indians, etc. Of course Indians, etc. failed to wipe out Tamil, Saiva etc. nationalists but the problem is more than a two community one.

    Tamil Saiva nationalists have been unable to get their Tamil nation from India too. They tried in maldives and failed. Cholas tried it from malaya and failed.

    So you see, Tamil Saiva nationalism is against the whole world they come to intereact with not just the Sinhalese.

  16. lingamAndy Says:

    Tamil Saiva nationalism is against the whole world – diagreed
    As You alway say We Saiva Tamil nationlise have own home land that is Thamil Nhadu (Nhadu mean in Thamil country ) time to time our kings invaded to other country ( including Mother lanka ) as you said gone up to Malasiya (Fiji island) ruled than defeded !

    at pesent
    what is racist is saying that it is a conflict between Tamil Saiva, etc verses Sinhalese Bhuddish – Agreed

    If Sinhala Nationalist want to have permanant solution for this, just wipe out this Saiva Tamil nation in motherlanka!
    If not They will …………. one day !
    or as I said We live together & fight together last 2500 years ! but We both live together longer period than fight !
    so now time to live together – Our Sinnathambi & Our Punchubandda time to live Now !

  17. lingamAndy Says:

    so now time to live together – Our Sinnathambi & Our Punchubandda time to live Now !
    than 50 or 100 years later our war will strat between Periya Thambi & Loggu Panda than it will be defed by Loggu Panda & Periya Thambi will be put into IDP camp & Loggu Panda will cook 1 million food for a day for this Periya Thambi ……so on ….

    This is our life Lorenzo !!!!

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