I will hoist a black flag the day Robert O. Blake comes to Sri Lanka.
Posted on February 6th, 2012

By Charles.S.Perera

 In the last phase of  the war against terrorism no one counted the bullets, and none the dead so from whom can one demand  accountability?

 We burst out in joy when Barack Obama was declared the 64th President of United States of America.  He was a black man from the poor state of Illinois, having worked for the  underpriviledged Communities we believed he was doubly suitable to be the President  of America. 

 We expected him to take the Administration of the USA in a different direction from that which had been traced by the  previous war mongering Presidents who used the priviledge of being the rich and a powerful country to keep the poor developing countries  among others, supportive of their foreign policies  without asking questions.

 But how soon these expectation turned into bitter disappointment.  Emphasising the changes the war weary American people expected of  him, the slogan of Barack Obama’s  election campaign  was “Yes We Can”.  But what happened to that firm assertion of change in the American Administration.

 George Bush the previous President was the greatest of war mongers among all the previous Presidents.  But today the President Barack Obama is on the verge of breaking that record, to became the worst of all war mongering Presidents of America willing  to sacrifice many more young American live as “canon fodder”. 

 He declared with great fanfare that he will withdraw the American troops from Iraq, and Afghanistan , and hardly before the sound of those words were lost in the ears, he joined France, UK, Germany etc. to bomb Libya along with the NATO Forces and killed Colonel Gaddafi.  Colonel Gaddafi  may have been some sort of a dictator, but he developed his country, built homes, built top Colleges, Universities,  Hospitals and  provided social welfare  to his people. Now Barack Obama threatens Iran and  readies his Armed Forces to declare war on Iran, while he tries to get the UN Security Council to sanction a war in Syria.

 But America along with the NATO forces turned once prosperous landscape of Libya  into ruins with only few buildings remain standing with shattered windows, damaged roofs , with walls pockmarked in  gun fire.

 Writing on ” America’s Secret Libya war” in Daily Beast.com, John Barry says:

 “The U.S. military has spent about $1 billion on Libya’s revolution, and secretly helped NATO with everything from munitions to surveillance aircraft.”  He continues his article, “But behind the scenes, the U.S. military played an indispensable role in the Libya campaign, deploying far more forces than the administration chose to advertise. And at NATO headquarters outside Brussels, the U.S. was intimately involved in all decisions about how the Libyan rebels should be supported as they rolled up control of cities and oil refineries and marched toward the capital, Tripoli.”

 He further adds, “”¢ An international naval force gathered off Libya. To lower the U.S. profile, the administration elected not to send a supercarrier. Even so, the dozen U.S. warships on station were the biggest contingent in this armada. In the opening hours of the campaign, an American submarine, the USS Florida, launched 100 cruise missiles against Libyan air defenses, crucially opening an entry corridor for the airstrikes that followed.” (thedailybeast.com)

That is what became of President Barack Obama who gave so much of hope not only to the American people  but also to the world which expected  a changed American  Foreign Policy.  What more is in store to destabilize the world  at great cost to small nations ?

 Already the proposed sanctions on sale of Iran oil put many developing countries into financial difficulty, causing many development projects to be abandoned. America plans another war in Iran. Alastair Crooke writes in guardian.co.uk, under « Syria and Iran : the Great Game »

 “”¦”¦”¦.nothing would weaken Iran more than losing Syria”¦”¦.This is today’s “great game” “”…” losing Syria. And this is how it is played: set up a hurried transitional council as sole representative of the Syrian people, irrespective of whether it has any real legs inside Syria; feed in armed insurgents from neighbouring states; impose sanctions that will hurt the middle classes; mount a media campaign to denigrate any Syrian efforts at reform; try to instigate divisions within the army and the elite; and ultimately President Assad will fall “”…” so its initiators insist.”

It will be the same any where America and the Western forces intervene to settle matters calling terrorist the “rebels”. All the countries where they intervened ended up in  ruins.  They do not help to build the cities that they bombed, or the houses that they destroyed.  It was so in Vientnam, so in Iraq, so in Afghanistan, so in Libya, and  it will be so in Syria, or in Egypt or in Iran.  Once their job of bringing to the knees the governments and  killed and tortured the leaders their “job ” is done.

Is that what they are threatening to do to  Sri Lanka if it fails in the accountability  to satisfy USA ?  Does it want to  destroy the ruined cities, destroy the express ways, destroy the ancient tanks, destroy the Harbours, destroy the Towers built by the Chinese, destroy the power houses, and destroy the hotels. ?

The question is who walked the good man President Barrack Obama down the war path.  It must have been his worst choice to get Hillary Clinton to lead the US State Department.  She made the wrong choice in selecting the wrong team.  Take for instance Central Asian Desk, it is headed by none other than Robert Orris Blake, who was  the American Ambassador to Sri Lanka under the Bush Administration when the Sri Lanka terrorist were very strong and active. 

Blake enjoyed the hospitality of the Sri Lanka Government and the people in the South, but he befriended the terrorists and wined and dined with them and was secretly helping the terrorists to break away Sri Lanka to form their own Tamil Eelam Homeland.  Blake was against a military solution and kept on parroting that there should be a political solution.  Robert O Blake is  “a hypocrite from the land of vanity.”

Despite the fact that the terrorists have been eliminated  Robert Orris Blake has not changed his stance and his allegiance to the dream of his friend the Sri Lankan Terrorist leader Prabhakaran.

Those who spoke about human rights, have now come out with another absurd ” accountability”.  Accountability is what they demand  of Sri Lanka just for the last phase of  military operations against the terrorists, of which the God only knows  what happened and no man or woman will be able to say what exactly went on  during 12 or 20 hours of that terrible  “last phase”.

But why don’t  they  demand an accountability for whole of 30 years of terrorism ?

Who can say exactly what happened except conjecturing “wizards” like the UK Channel 4 had done. No body had collected the bullets , and none had counted the dead.

The Sunday Times Political Editor another local news paper not too friendly to Sri Lanka, reported:

« United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton issued a virtual ‘ultimatum’ to the government of Sri Lanka this week. In essence, it is a call to address accountability issues relating to the final stages of the separatist war in May 2009 or face a resolution at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva in the coming weeks. »

Now it has been announced that Robert O Blake is due to visit Sri Lanka with a delegation. I wonder what further information he  could collect to accuse Sri Lanka further.  The Agence France Press reports that, “Three American diplomats will travel to Sri Lanka for talks about alleged killings of civilians by government troops in their campaign to defeat the Tamil Tigers, an official and report said Sunday.” 

 After three years most of the people have even forgotten that episode of the ” last phase of military operations to eliminate terrorism in Sri Lanka.”  It is these “do gooders” who carry the problem on their backs.  Robert O Blake cannot do any further damage  than what he has already done to Sri Lanka.

 When Sri Lanka Armed Forces were engaged in a “live or die” war with the ruthless terrorists to finish with them after thirty years of  terror, Robert A Blake went to Tamil Nadu State  and delivered a  lecture in the Madras University, stating that Sri Lanka should stop military operations against the terrorists as there is no military solution to the problem but a political one.

 But he knew very well that the President of Sri Lanka did all he could to bring the terrorists  around a table for a peace negotiation.  It was the terrorists that foiled all those attempts.

 The Western Governments  say that they are supporting the people of the countries  into which they interfere, against the Governments in place, because regime change is their priority to set up West friendly puppet regimes, the welfare of the people is the last of their concern. 

 After Gaddafi Libya is in utter chaos. The rebel groups have split, fighting each other.  The supposed to be Gaddafi supporters are savagely tortures.  There  seems to be no peace , law and order in sight.

 The people in  manifestations get into a mental “riot mode”  and in that situation they move with the crowd imitating the rioters.  They are not then thinking of democracy or setting up a new government .  They break, burn , destroy and kill.  That is what the  West wants to happen. That is when the  CIA agents get down to work amoung the rioters, no one will know who is doing what.   In such a situation can any intelligent man call for an accountability of what went on ?          

 AlJaseera reported today that 400 odd NGOs have been brought before the Egyptian criminal courts  accused of  inciting the “rebels” in Egypt. That coincides with the scenario described above.

 Blake comes to see how things are progressing towards his “pet idea” of a separate Tamil Eelam .   Blake  has no good intentions for Sri Lanka’s development and progress as a one Nation State. 

 If Robert O Blake had any such “good intentions” he would not have taken the American State Secretary Hillary Clinton to visit Jayalalitha of Tamil Nadu. Instead he would have arranged her to meet the President of Sri Lanka and evaluate for herself the ground situation  here.  He would not do it because it is not in his secret Agenda.

 Blake’s informants , other than the pro terrorist front organizations of the Tamil Diaspora in America are Pakiasothy Saravanamutta and Jehan Perera who are  known as supporters of terrorism.

 Robert O Blake is the one who has influenced the American State Department against Sri Lanka.  The President Barack Obama should at least now in retrospect try to understand how he could  take America from confrontational politics, to more peaceful dialogue based political method to settle issues. It is enough that he has listened to Hillary Clinton with Robert O Blake to advice her. 

 It is now time for him to trace a different line of approach to American foreign policy.  Interacting with countries is  like building personal relationships, if you speak”down” at a person with force of strength, the other will react equally, but if you build a more cordial relationship and speak like  an equal, the  other would be more  willing to listen and accept suggestions. 

 President Barack Obama speaks beautifully, but does he act “beautifully” as he speaks his words ?

 It is time for  President Barack Obama to  change his ways without blindly following what others tell him to do.  What America should do now with Iran, Syria, China, or Sri Lanka is to talk to the government officials like equals and discuss with them their political problems. 

 Robert O Blake should also remember when he comes to  Sri Lanka, that Sri Lanka is a country that had gone through bitter times, and it is  now that it has begun to relax , breath and hope for a peaceful existence.

 It is therefore time that all these questions of violation of human rights, war crimes and accountability are dropped and allow Sri Lanka to solve its problems the way it is doing without bothering any one outside or any one inside.  The Government of Sri Lanka appointed its own LLRCommission, and it is up to the government to act on the report of the LLRC at its own pace.

 In the last phase of  the war against terrorism no one counted the bullets, and none the dead so how can one  ask for accountability.

11 Responses to “I will hoist a black flag the day Robert O. Blake comes to Sri Lanka.”

  1. stanley perera Says:

    Hillary Clinton learnt a bitter lesson from Puting when she made nasty comments on Russian Presidential election. She had enough of tounge lashing from Putin and his foreign affairs minister. That kept shut her face for a while. The woman has sprung up again to bash Sri Lanka. China and Russia vitoing the call for Syrian president’s resignation is a slap in the face of Hillary. Now Putin is visiting Syria. Russia and China have realised the gravity of allowing the sanctions in Libya. What the Americans want is a tiny hole to creep in.

  2. dhane Says:

    Support Russia & China to become more powerful in international politics. Then pupets of France, UK, Germany will be no way at all. These Europeans have fogotten their experience during world war 2.

  3. jayt Says:

    For SL commuinities,

    Do not waste anymore your time and energy to respond by writing in webs or in news papers.
    Get ready to respond to them internationally in public by legall mean with lawyers. They are advacating legall action against sL from New York and Euroupe and dependant have right to lawyers in New York and EU, and that’s demoncracy. In any democratic court, dependant have right prove innocent and to lay charges against plaintiff

  4. jayt Says:

    Judge can charge the plaintiff for lying to the court. Innocent Tamil died in a war is no secret to judge but judge investigate who was the main role players in the war.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    Those court cases NOW PROCEDING are just RUBBISH. No impact. They cannot ajudge war crimes. Only ICC can. And we are not going to ICC.

    That is why Blake and others are trying OTHER means.

  6. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Yes, we cant trust Blake and it is rumoured that the Tigers have some sort of a hold on him and that’s why he is protecting them. Obama should get rid of these extremists, if he is sincere in what he promised to the world and his own American citizens.
    The whole world knows how USA, UK and EU duped the world on Libya, through their propoganda outlets in the media and also using western funded NGOs such as HRW, AI and ICJ. They claimed Libyan citizens should be protected by declaring a no fly-zone over the country, which proposal seemed fair at the time and therefore, received UN security council support. But, how did the West implement it? Having grounded Libyan planes, they sent squadrons of war planes, military vehicles and missiles every day over Libya, bombing all and sundry, including water and electricity supply plants (which are not war related targets) , TV & Radio stations, for well over six months, in support of a group of puppets trained & armed in EU and sent to Libya to change the regime. The cowards had to deceive the world and then gang up together against a single nation to execute this crime against humanity. Even today it is reported that these newly installed puppet leaders are engaged in indiscriminate and non-ending killing of those that supported Gadhafi. Today the same Western nations are trying to employ the same methods on Syria and Iran, but fortunately China and Russia have decided, enough is enough and slowed down their progress. Lets also hope India and more countries would join Russia and China to halt the US/UK/EU Govt backed juggernaut (not the people of these nations who have been misinformed with false propoganda), now marching across the world, changing regimes, just like what Hitler did.

  7. Christie Says:

    Exactly what India did and is doing to us.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    India & Sri Lanka are both caught up in Tamil Nadu politics & caste/poverty issues.

  9. ranjit Says:

    Charles not one black flag but millions should raise when that son of a bitch put his foot on our beloved Motherland. When these parasites will stop harasing my country? This is a funny world.When they kill in cold blood millions and millions in Iraq,Afganistan,Pakistan,Somalia,Yemen etc No bitch is barking Pillai or Hilary.
    We must salute the brave countries like Russia and China for standing upto these western white terrorists. When in Bharain innocent protesters were killed no one blame Bharain Government or King.When they put behind bars all those innocent Doctors,nurses for giving treatment to the wounded no one questioned. When Turkey killed innocent Kurdish villagers in cold blood those white bandits never said wrong. What kind of human rights is this? Charles we have to do something organize something against these one sided terrorists America,France,British three biggest terrorists in the world. The whole world should stand against these barbarians. See in latin America? Do they have any support from the leaders of the latin countries?NO because world knows this is unfair what this western gun totters do to this world. I pray that these countries should suffer for crimes against humanity some day not far away. Nature will destroy these countries in one way or the other. They give so much pain to millions around the world by unfair wars. OBAMA AND HILARY CAN DANCE THEIR LAST SUNDANCE TOGETHER VERY SOON. ” YES WE CAN KILL SOME MORE BEFORE WE LEAVE THE WHITE HOUSE” OBAMA.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    People have forgotten that J.N. Dixit was the ‘Indian’ envoy (virtually a sort of Viceroy, some say) in Lanka during the JRJ times when the 13-A was signed in. It was also the time of the Cold War. J.N.Dixit was a person born in Tamil Nadu. Strangely, he passed away after getting a heart attack when the Tsunami struck in Dec 2004 and took away the ltte Sea Tiger might, among other ltte personnel.
    Tamil Nadu politics and caste/poverty issues and aspirations affect Sri Lanka more than people here think.

  11. Christie Says:

    There were no black flags hoisted when Mr Krishna was in the island. Is ti because he is the foreign secretary of the Indian Empire?

    If you want to raise black flag against US why dont you do it in the US?.

    If Mr Bush was in power he would have been supporting MR as he did, but unfortunately Obama came to power.

    There are a lot of Persons of Indian Origin working in the Obama administration and the provide funding to Democrats. Raj Rajaratnam was one of them.

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