Accountability & Punishing LTTE for killings its own cadres
Posted on February 10th, 2012

 Shenali Waduge

The world needs to be reminded again. Sri Lanka was a victim of terrorism. The LTTE was an agent of terror & it was against LTTE terrorism that the Sri Lanka armed forces were fighting. If the West, the UN & all other “humanitarian” organizations wish to ignore the LTTE’s spate of killings over 3 decades so be it. Yet, when pressure is being exerted on a sovereign country completely ignoring punishing the LTTE for its acts of terror, the people of Sri Lanka will not remain silent.

 Starting with the killing of the Jaffna May in 1975, followed by killings of numerous Tamil policemen by the LTTE. To date the LTTE has killed 24 Tamil academics & intellectuals, 54 Tamil Government officials & over 80 Tamils involved in some aspect of politics. This excludes the thousands of Tamil civilians that have been killed and maimed by the LTTE as punishments for defying LTTE orders. Is this the Tamil Eelaam that was supposedly meant for Tamil people? Can Tamils who have witnessed these LTTE killings upon their own people not fear to live in a Tamil Eelaam if it means death if they go against Tamil Eelaam policy? So please answer “”…” why did the LTTE kill Tamils?

 Thereafter the LTTE went after civilians. The first attack took place in 1984 at the Dollar & Kent Farms in Weli Oya. It was here that the LTTE slaughtered 62 unarmed men, women & children.

 The LTTE was running a defacto governance of its own “”…” LTTE police, post office, banks, schools & even media stations. LTTE’s administrative head quarters was in Kilinochchi. The Channel 4 video attempting to discredit Sri Lanka’s Government portrayed one Issipriya as an innocent journalist.. It turned out she was a member of the LTTE & her rank “Lt Col” & was working in the Voice of Tigers. Her husband Sri Ram was also a member of the Sea Tigers & died in May 2009. Channel 4 has been fooled by LTTE lobby and its channel stands guilty of discrediting its image for money. ABC news Australia to fell prey and had to face the embarrassing truth that the “innocent civilian” that they depicted was in fact a trained LTTE cadre.

 We would like to ask one simple question. Is the world telling Sri Lanka to allow a Tamil Eelaam where LTTE does nothing but KILL? Has the world forgotten years of LTTE terror killings? 146 pilgrims were slaughtered in the holy city of Anuradhapura in 1985 (May 14th) The LTTE carried out these killings posing as Sri Lanka military personnel wearing the uniforms of Sri Lanka armed forces. One by one these innocent people were hounded down & shot dead. Is this what people are to expect in an Eelaam that the West is attempting to carve out in Sri Lanka? Maybe the West has forgotten the Aranthalawa massacre in 1987. 33 young monks & their mentor were not just killed they were mutilated depicting the heinous nature of the LTTE. We have enough footage of all these gruesome murders & they should be publicly displayed for all to see & never to forget who the LTTE is.

 LTTE’s attack on civilians is as heinous as one could imagine. What “freedom” movement butchers people, cuts men, women & children to pieces? The more the dead the LTTE was able to exert pressure on the Government. So they killed & killed & killed “”…” Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims “”…” Race, Ethnicity, Nationality did not matter to the LTTE. This is the type of murderous logic the LTTE used. Yet, the infamous Darusman Report says “LTTE is a disciplined organization”. Can the 3 panelists that prepared this report explain to us what they mean by the word “discipline” & connect that with the scores of butchering by the LTTE through 3 decades? We want answers. May be it was their “discipline” that made them kill over 10,000 innocent civilians & injure an equal number. May be it was their “discipline that the world did nothing about LTTE’s recruitment of over 5000 children turning them into child soldiers. Maybe it was due to their “discipline” that the LTTE violated the famous 2002 ceasefire over 3830 times? It is getting a bit tiring to have the West & even the UN & NGOs lobbies whitewashing the LTTE completely ignoring its brutal record.

 The West, the UN & all other humanitarian organizations need to remember that if they are working towards the betterment of humanity “”…” they must not be taking the side of the murderers. This is exactly what is happening. LTTE has the monetary ability to buy over people. We do not doubt that at all. They raise funds nefariously so they can decide to use this money to buy over, win over & influence people. Hillary Clinton was bribed but she had the presence of mind to return the money. Now Obama is also been bribed & we are yet to hear of his returning the contributions from Tamils for Obama. Similarly, every person who has an official say in Sri Lanka has been approached by the LTTE “”…” from their statements, their actions we the citizens of Sri Lanka know how big the “influence” has been. We are not a nation of fools.

 We have seen the LTTE carry out all types of killings “”…” on buses, trains, on economic targets, on villages & places of worship, on VIPs & VVIPs & even on foreign leaders. But we would never have thought that despite the LTTE killing Tamils, it would resort to killing its own men & women who pledged their life towards a movement that they were brainwashed into accepting as being the Eelaam promised by a megalomaniac leader called Prabakaran.

 Eyewitness accounts now emerge of how 49 disabled LTTE female cadres were asked to board a bus, they were served tea & without their knowledge the doors were shut & the bus was blasted. This was despite several of their relations appealing to the LTTE to allow them to take the wounded LTTE cadres to their homes. What the LTTE did in killing their own wounded cadres is a gross violation of international humanitarian laws & goes against Geneva Conventions. There are eye witnesses & we are waiting to see what the West will say about this latest act of treachery by the LTTE.

 Thiruchelvan Waratharasa of Wattarappalam a witness of LTTE atrocities during the final phase of the war & eye witness to the killing of 29 civilians by the LTTE which included his son & his sisters son. Waratharasa was rescued by the army on 16th May 2009. Waratharasa was witnessed the gruesome mercy killing of 49 disabled female LTTE cadres who were put into a Rosa bus given a cup of tea & then unknown to these LTTE cadres the bus was set on fire by an LTTE member Nadumaran “”…” killing all inside the bus. The incident took place on 8th May 2009 at Demuniwagala.

Another witness “”…” Kumanan from Pudukirrippu was also one of the displaced & when trying to flee from the LTTE, his wife got injured while fleeing & his aunt died after being shot by the LTTE.

 Soon the Tamils, not those living comfortably in foreign shores, or those living happily in the South of Sri Lanka amongst the Sinhalese, but the Tamils that suffered because of the LTTE will begin to feel free to tell their story. These witnesses will be able to nullify all the false documentaries that the LTTE is developing using technical expertise. Truth will always prevail and sooner than later the people will begin to come out & tell the world about who the real LTTE is.

That the West & other humanitarian authorities are biased goes without saying. They did pittance for all of the heinous crimes committed by the LTTE. Now when a sovereign government has eliminated terrorism they are questioning the Government when they have never questioned the LTTE. We want to know why?

Why is the world not punishing the LTTE for its crimes? We demand the world take action against the LTTE for all its crimes. The LTTE leader may be no more but there are enough of second phase leaders “”…” the TNA espouses to take over the Eelam struggle, there are the GTF, the BTA, ITRO, TGTE “”…” all these people can be held accountable for the killing of innocent people by the LTTE over the years.

 If accountability is the word the West loves to use “”…” we demand accountability by the LTTE for its heinous killings. Accountability must start with the LTTE terrorists for it is they who kick started the rampage of killings in Sri Lanka.

 Shenali Waduge


9 Responses to “Accountability & Punishing LTTE for killings its own cadres”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Shenali !!! This is my point of view;- The LTTE Diaspora has SHIP LOADS of money to bribe any person in the world. It is ample evidence, when we see Top Personalities the world over, speaking against Human Rights Records of Sri Lanka, when they have never, ever set foot on Sri Lankan soil. These aforesaid Personalities have no character, and are slaves to money. They will sell their mothers, and wives, for money, money. Sri Lanka has become a playground for HUMAN RIGHT ACTIVISTS. They come here like Blue Flies, looking for lumps of fecal matter. This will never stop, unless some man or a woman with un-impeachable character, like Jesus or Lord Buddha, or Allah rise from some part of the world, to stand up to Tamil Deception, and slay them one by one. So as long as the damning Tamil Terrorists Diaspora has a loaded treasury, our voices will not be heard, period.

    Iam also at a loss to understand, why the Legislators of Sri Lanka, are so submissive, to foreign white skins, coming here with self authorised, Authority, to investigate their Employers (Tamil Diaspora) complaints about alleged Human Rights Violations. Why are all these fellows targeting Sri Lanka ? ( 1 ) Unlimited Financial resources from the ungrateful Tamil Terrorists Diaspora, ( 2 ) Sri Lankan Legislature does not stand upto indiscriminate, uninterrupted bullying, (3) under the guise of Democracy, these white skins are allowed to build up their intended agenda, by freely moving with the once ” Dogs of War” the proxy of the LTTE, the TNA. Are we to believe that those in authority has lost the will to say ” enough is enough” and kick them out ? Looks like there is nobody to ”bell the cat”.

    I have mentioned earlier, that complacency on this subject can be HUMPTY DUMPTIED. WATCH OUT SRI LANKA.

  2. thurai Says:

    The whole world know about Terrorism and activities of LTTE and supporters. Unfortunately many Tamils
    from North and east, in Western countries and some from TN belives LTTE safegurd Tamil community.
    Western countries are intersted in controlling Eastern countries. LTTE is a group of Tamils who live
    from Blood of Sri Lankan Tamils and giving trouble to SL. LTTE do the work instead of Western countries.

    By destroying LTTE, Tamils benefited more than anyother communities in SL. The propaganda of LTTE
    wanted killings of Tamils by Sri Lankan Soldiers for their own benefit only. Chanell 4 is their preplaned work.
    Until Tamils understand the motive of LTTE ,TGTE, and WTF noone can help them. They destroy themself not
    by anyothers.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well said, Shenali!

    As you say, the West castigates Sri Lanka for wiping out a murderous terrorist movement that inflicted unremitting terror and war upon the innocent people of our Motherland. The sacrifice of our thousands of honoured dead, civilians, government employees, soldiers, sailors, airmen and police alike on the altar of Eelam by these murderers seems to matter only to us patriotic Sri Lankans … these crimes are dismissed by the West as if they never happened. The execution of over 1,000 captured policemen by the LTTE after the fall of Mullaitivu ALONE should damn this movement in the eyes of bona-fide human rights activists … yet they hear no evil and see no evil incarnate. They say, there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

    The LTTE movement led by the late unlamented SunGod was no different from the Khmer Rouge led by Pol Pot that killed millions of innocent people in Cambodia. The United States caused the deaths of over a million people in Iraq, directly or indirectly, invading that country on the basis of a fabricated false claim that Saddam Hussein was manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.

    Today, daily indiscriminate bombings by drones in Pakistan to “save the lives of American foot soldiers” on the ground, are causing massive civilian casualties due to the inability to differentiate between terrorists and innocent civilians on the ground. Yet, that is acceptable to them, while Sri Lanka deployed foot soldiers on the ground, incurring many casualties among the troops, to avoid such civilian casualties. In Fallujah, Iraq, a populated city was essentially levelled as a free-fire zone for indirect weapons, and in Haditha, Iraq American troops got away Scot free with blasting men, women and children to bits in retaliation for a IED attack. The innocent dead keep piling up in Afghanistan and Pakistan even as they charge Sri Lanka with war crimes for eradicating the LTTE terror machine in by leaf, branch, trunk and root with far less “colatteral damage”. Given that asymmetric wars against terrorist guerilla groups can never be waged without civilian casulaties, it is quite strange how the West setsup “zero-casualties” standards the West for Sri Lanka while they blithely continue to pummel both terrorists and civilians alike with high-tech shotguns. Perhaps Sri Lanka’s crime is in exposing these western nations for the HYPOCRITICAL policy and military bunglers they truly are. In waging the final phase of the Eelam War EFFECTIVELY and delivering a COMPLETE SOLUTION in a manner, that made Western Militaries and Governments ENVIOUS, Sri Lanka incurred their wrath. So now, they are going all out to dismantle that accomplishment by subterfuge and war crimes charges. Is this what we can expect from OUR NATURAL ALLIES … the Western Democracies?

    I would have expected the West to be ECSTATIC that the oldest functioning democracy in South Asia, Sri Lanka, has managed to rescue itself through its own efforts from the clutches of terrorism, without the aid of one foreign soldier, while they are mired upto their necks fighting their “anti-terrorist” and “democracy” wars all over the world …. with no end in sight.

    Everything the West put their hands to in foreign lands in recent year, on various spurious pretexts, seems to blow up in their faces. The evolving situation in “newly democratized” Libya where chaos reigns with the lawless “internet democrats” fighting each other for supremacy is a classic example of the blunders of the West. Having ignominiously advanced to the rear in Vietnam, abandoning South Vietnam to the Nationalist patriots of Vietnam who were mis-labelled and demonized as “Communists”, after spending mountains of treasure and lives to impose their will on the indigenous forces of Vietnam, I would have thought that the US would have learned that foreign powers cannot impose their will on popular mass movements in other nations. Yet that drive to impose their will on other nations and their people, and to exploit their resources, continues unabated under various pretexts … the “democracy” and “human rights” pretexts being the latest. The latest targets are, of course, Syria and Iran which are being undermined and destabilized with the insertion of funds, weapons, mercenaries, economic sanctions as a prelude to military attack and destruction. Although they moves may succeed in the short term, in the long term they will only create lasting enemies in the vast majority of the peoples of these nations. The US instigated coup-de-etat against the democratic Mossadegh govt of Iran laid the seeds of the current Iranian opposition to the United States now. I tremble at the thought of the retribution the US is earningly the indelible minds of the citizens of a vast swathe of the world’s nations through its current “Arab Spring” activities. It seems these self-appointed “Western democrats” NEVER LEARN the folly of trying to control the destinies of the peoples of other nations with minds of their own.

    It truly seems as if the “Colonialism” that pursued the “white man’s destiny” to Christianize and Exploit the world in an earlier age, has now resurrected itself as “High-Tech Neo-Colonialism” to Democratize and Exploit … come hell or high water … spreading death and destruction in their wake.

  4. Marco Says:

    …and Ananda-USA you live in the West!

  5. Ananda-USA Says:


    Yes, I do live in the USA and love this country. But, it is the duty of every person to adhere to the truth and help steer a person or a country one loves off the path of injustice and self-destruction. That is why the US has to be persuaded to jettison its current hypocritical attitudes and adhere strictly to the wonderful altruistic words embedded in its constitution.

    All my life I have been promoting a close alliance between Sri Lanka and the United States for the benefit of both countries. However, I see a frightening trend in the “democracy” and “human rights” movements being now waged by the West worldwide. It is driven by a global Western agenda positioning itself to prosper in the coming resource poor world dominating the resources of other nations. Contrary to public pronouncements of bonhomie and goodwill, the actions themselves seem to be completely self-centered and divorced from altruism towards the poor and destitute in this world.

    Everywhere the West has intervened in the name of democracy and human rights societies have been destroyed and driven back to tribal existences, governments are dismantled, tens of thousands are killed, economic infrastructure painfully developed over decades is left in ruins, communities are pitted against each other in internecine warfare, and the people are left defenceless preyed upon by criminals and armed groups. In fact, it seems that the West is really interested in destroying central authority and leaving nations as disorganized rabble whose resources can be exploited piecemeal …. as in the heyday of colonialism … divide and rule.

    In particular, I simply cannot fathom the attitudes of erudite Western leaders on Sri Lanka, except that they are driven by their own long term interest in keeping the rest of the world weak and vulnerable to continued exploitation of resources.

  6. Ben_silva Says:

    I agree with Susanta. Money talks and miney can get influence and power. Money may have been obtained through bogus refugees, human traficking, fraud and some through genuine business activities. Sinhalese have shown a lot of apathy.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Await another brilliant analysis from Shenali Waduge.

    LTTE Tamil Diaspora involved in human smuggling

    Already published in Sri Lanka Guardian.

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Marco !! Please do not show bad attitude towards contributors to this forum, where ever they live. I too live in USA and contribute my two cents worth for my country of birth.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    More in response to Marco:

    The misguided policies of the US have not only had fatal consequences for hundreds of thousands of citizens across the world, but they are also having serious impacts on American citizens as well.

    The uncritical support of the US for Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, and the failure to bring about a lasting peace in the Middle East by exerting the necessary pressure on Israel, led to the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center in New York.

    The global war waged against Al Quaida in response to that attack embroiled and destabilized many countries and imposed unbearable security costs on the United States to the tune of several trillions of dollars. It created massive non-productive security establishments and economic burdens for the American economy.

    Meanwhile, under the cover of the national security emergencies, various tax policies favorable to the richest Americans were implemented, and oversight of financial instiutions were relaxed. The US economy became a Wild West where financial institutions made a mockery of fair play and took the American public to the cleaners.

    All of this profligate waste of public money on unnecessary foreign wars driven by extremely conservative idealogies, and the lax oversight of financial institutions came home to roost in the last years of the Bush administration, leaving Obama to pick up the pieces.

    Today, hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost their homes to foreclosure while the banks and large investors who profited have sequestered their gains away from the government’s reach. The bailout monies given to banks to save homeowners homes from foreclosure, only restored the “paper losses” of the banks and never benefited the homeowners they were supposed to help. Obama is now proposing another measure to “help” homeowners … but the banks may steal loot again. Likewise, major investment firms, such as Goldman Sachs, ran away with loads of Govt handouts on the fears they generated of a global financial collapse, while rogue companies like Enron created artificial energy shortages and bilked entire States … like California .. into allowing them to raid public treasuries.

    All of these blunders of over-spending, mis-spending, and not exercising oversight had serious consequences for both Americans and people in foreign lands. I have already addressed the deadly consequences to the peoples of foreign lands of US military interventions. In the US we are now seeing some of the consequences of these policies and unlimited spending on military adventures. The US is just beginning to emerge from the longest lasting, deepest recession, since the Great Depression. National unemployment that hit 9.5% has recovered to 8.3% as of last week. The unemployment rate among the youth is a whopping 24%. These figures do not include those who have simply given up looking for work, or the millions of people who are now underemployed having lost their jobs, and are now earning only a fraction of what they were earning a few years ago before this economic decline. Most of them, particularly senior employees, will never regain that earning power in their lifetimes.

    While all of this has been happening, the income distribution in the US has become severely polarized into a majority of have-nots (99%) and a very small minority of haves (1%). The average American no longer feels confident that they will be rewarded for hardwork on the basis of merit, or that they can rely on their government to work for them and ensure fair play. According to a recent PBS report by Bill Moyers, the income of the richest 1% of income earners increased 2500 times that of the average worker. That is why we are seeing a persistent and enduring Occupy movement spreading like a virus across the United States. The middle class, in particular, is vanishing and Americans are being concentrated into a very small minority (1%) of rich people and into vast majority (99%) of poor people trying to eke out a living. To them, the American dream seems to be beyond reach.

    While there is always a hue and cry about the need to control excessive political campaign contributions that distort government by the people, of the people, for the people, in favor of the rich and powerful, the recent legalization of SuperPACs, which can contribute unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns, has severely affected the current Presidential campaign, and exacerbated the feeling of powerlessness among the people. Who owns America? they ask. The American people are now seething with anger and are ready to revolt … that is the meaning of the Occupy and Tea Party movements that have emerged on the opposing liberal and conservative sides of the American political fence.

    I have assaulted your sensibilities with this long harangue only to drive home the point that, altough it may seem odd that I rail against the West while living in it, I am not alone in constructively criticizing the United States, to create a more perfect union … if you will. That is an American tradition. The US is not perfect, and is making errors in foreign and domestic policy that have serious repercussions at home. I am joined by millions of other Americans who are realizing that their nation is losing its way, its sense of right and wrong, is being misgoverned, and is becoming insensitive to wishes of a vast majority of its citizens.

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