Negotiating With The TNA Seems As Worthless And A Wasted Effort As Was The Case With The LTTE For Very Valid Reasons.
Posted on February 10th, 2012

Lankaweb Weekly Editorial

February 10th 2012

While it seems somewwhat incomprehensible, ( although some kind of pragmatic wisdom which the President of Sri Lanka is renowned for being behind it all is cannot be ruled out) it is, from many perspectives a wasted effort for the Government to continue negotiations with the Tamil National Alliance. They might as well be negotiating with the LTTE despite it being even hypothetically impossible for obvious reasons but it does not take rocket science to ascertain where the TNA are coming from and what they are aiming at.

Of course certain blinkered world powers probably believe that the TNA are a true representation of the minority Tamils in Sri Lanka which to a greater part is a mere myth and the President of Sri Lanka  being sick and tired of all that goes on by way of TNA meandering about their right to represent theTamils, and knowing fully well that it is he who makes the choices and decisions relative to the administration of Sri Lanka the President is probably content to let the TNA and those who believe their role albeit misguided, indulge their fantasies!  One which seems to inspire their objectives towards getting a foothold in Sri Lanka which never existed previously and open doors to an unprecedented avenue of what the TNA are really seeking namely a means to ressucitate the objectives of Tami Eelam, something which takes no Einsteinian brainwork to deduce and something for the Administration to ponder upon!
While there is no denying through all their body language and rhetoric that the TNA who always have been and will be an arm of the LTTE despite the latter’s defunct status in Sri Lanka ( and their bleatings to the contrary if they were ever audible) it is also becoming quite visible that they are also now attempting to disrupt the hard fought peace which has transformed Sri Lanka closer to what she once was ~ The Resplendent Isle ~ which could easily be transformed into a figure of speech and come undone if measures were not taken to keep close tabs on the TNA who also happen to be very crafty negotiators of a non existent goodwill inasmuch as the LTTE were in pretense towards Sri Lanka and her real freedom loving Tamils whose role towards denouncing the TNA and having them rejected as their representatives for the greater good of their country shared with the majority Sinhalese and the rest of Sri Lanka’s other ethnic groups which seems imperative towards living in harmony and unhampered by a group of pretenders who once promoted terrorism and contributed towards their commuted sufferings for decades.

This could also play a  vital role towards bolstering the preservation of the security and integrity of Sri Lanka where united the nation will never be compromised by the objectives of Eelam hungry subversives which the TNA undeniablty are despite their false facade. If they have the courage to deny this they should have no difficulty in taking an oath of loyalty to the Government and swear allegiance to the present constitution of the nation which incorporates the safeties of all her citizens while denouncing the LTTE by written proclamation and only then be considered  even in some small measure as  true representatives of the minority Tamils. Eschewing all sympathies towards the aspirations of Tamil Eelam becomes a priority and something which must never be permitted to take root or ever resurge within Sri Lanka where India too might take note towards the goings on in Tamil Nadu the inveterate platform of the Tamil Eelamists often morally supportive of the TNA .

By their posturings in the eyes of those who rationally interpret them~ a vast multitude of the discerning, the TNA demands as cited by many observers do not reflect the true aspirations of the Tamils living in the North and the East. It is indeed true to corroborate a recent news item that ” The TNA leaders seem to be living in a world of make believe created by the LTTE and continue to dance the fandango around LTTE sympathisers abroad, disregarding the wishes and aspirations of the Tamil community in the North and the East.” and no better way to describe the realities involved. 

There is every reason to infer based on first hand experiences of some that by simply visiting the North and East of Sri Lanka once ravaged and devastated by Tamil Tiger terrorism  the majority of Tamils now occupying these areas once more are throwing in a very positive input towards their future well being, that of their families and posterity for their children with  decent living conditions with the end of the LTTE terrorism based conflict which took a heavy toll on their lives and livelihoods and have once again returned to a normal way of life as law abiding citizens and not a misled community promised the glitter of a fools’ paradise namely Eelam and suffered the consequences under megalomaniac psychopath Prabhakaran and his evil forces.
When the TNA demands police or land powers for Provincial Councils and the authority to control devolved power they must surely take the National Administration for one without the cognizances of what the LTTE once represented and at times even in illussionary perspective conned the gullible Tamil Community towards portraying that they were in authoritative control and ran a pseudo administration where the rest is history as the Armed Forces proved otherwise and smashed them up.
To reiterate, the only scenario where TNA can realistically prove their sincerity if it does exist is to demonstrate to one and all that they are genuinely concerned about the well-being of the Tamils in conjunction with that of the rest of Sri Lanka’s citizens  and show allegiance to the Administration which is not only in charge of operations but commands the respect of the majority in the land regardless of attempts by the enemies of the state to ursup and contradict this reality.
Based on the arguments presented here, negotiating with the TNA seems  worthless and a wasted effort inasmuch it was with the LTTE for very valid reasons which were presented by many discerning analysts who saw through their transparencies and proven correct and more than likely applicable to the TNA without reservation!

17 Responses to “Negotiating With The TNA Seems As Worthless And A Wasted Effort As Was The Case With The LTTE For Very Valid Reasons.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said!

    TNA should be totally marginalised from ANY talk of a political solution.

    TNA may be the largest Tamil party but it doesn’t matter. Just diregard them totally.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    TNA has to be legally dismantled. It appears that Presidential Advisors are ornaments that vitiate their very existence. TNA is a CANCER in the social web of our society. Let us inject some citral, so that Cancer Cells will commit suicide.

    It will not be long before the damning Tamil Terrorists Diaspora, start distributing their vast financial resources, to the vulnerable Sinhalese People, and bankrupt Political Parties, to concur with them on their future agenda of seperatism. There will be many pious NGOs to help. MANY PEOPLE LOVE MONEY OVER PATRIOTISM.

    Procastination is the Thief of Time. Complacency can be HUMPTY DUMPTIED.

    This is the time, His Excellency needs a set of formidable Lawyers to advice him, on how to deal with the TNA. Presidential passengers should be unloaded at the next halt.


  3. Vijendra Says:

    Sri Lanka forces won the war against the most ruthless terrorist group in the world. The government deserves lot of credit for this, as Sri Lankans can move freely within the country today. However, the government also owes it to the people to make sure that this terrorist menace will never arise again.

    TNA is the rump of the LTTE as everybody knows. It wants to do the samething the terrorists could not do. They are extremists and are a threat to the peace in the country as all they do is arouse the ethnic discrimination and hatred through their actions, thereby “pouring salt on the exixting wounds’ in the Tamil community.

    SL government should amend the constitution to make either Tamil, Sinhalese or Muslim extremists bringing up “separatist” ideas to break up the hard earnt peace illegal, and they should be put behind bars. No group in Sri Lanka can afford to do things that could break up the peace and harmony in the community. SL belongs to all Sri Lankans and any Sri Lankan should be free to live peacefully anywhere in the country, with no “home lands” being declared by anyone.

    Just like the way they won the peace by defeating these ruthless LTTE terrorists, I hope the government with its majority in the parliament will have the guts to enact some amendments to the constitution to safeguard and ensure the peace and harmony in the country.

  4. stanley perera Says:

    We are splitting our hair debating on this issue. If the GoSL is spineless to tell the TNA where to go there is no point in us arguing on the matter. Where is the law pundit. Why is the fellow not contributing his five cents worth. Is the fellow too busy thinking over crossover? Look we are only small fish in the sea. Is the GoSL taking us all for a ride? I am getting sick and tired of this TNA parasites getting too much of an attention. If we just ignore the basturds, they might stop their agitation. One donkey at a time and goes on foreever non stop getting our blood pressure up. GoSL must not take these nonsence too serious or else address the issue with a back bone. GoSL is trying to please the Indians and all other International pariahs ignoring the majority (74%) of the population aho put them in power. If this situation goes for too long please be informed the third uprising of the Sinhalese is inevitable. Perhaps this is ringing the death knell to the ruling party.

  5. Dilrook Says:

    Unless GOSL stops entertaining TNA demands it will certainly be the end of the UPFA and the Rajapakse clan. We have seen the sudden end of entire political clans (e.g. Senanayaka, Kumaratunga, Wickramasinghe, Jayawardena) due to similar mistakes.

    Had SWRD Bandaranaike not given into people’s demands over his pact, that would have abruptly ended his political career and we would not have had his wife and children in politics.

    If a third uprising is to happen, it should target real enemies of the unemployed, the landless, the poor and the apartheid affected people. The real cause of all these undesirables is apartheid demands of TNA and the like.

    If 74% of the population is essentially prevented from living and expanding into 37% of the landmass, it leaves only 63% for the 74%. That too is shared with others. 4% Indian Tamils, half of Sri Lankan Tamils 6% and half of Muslims 4% share this area which leaves only 49% of the land to 74% of Sinhalese. By any standard this is apartheid.

    This is the prime reason for landlessness among Sinhalese (an ethnic group native only to Sri Lanka). These root causes should be resolved to avoid unrest in the society.

    Targeting armed forces, the police, their families, the government and the people as in 1971 and 1989 would not achieve anything. Targeting real enemies (TNA) can bring harmony and prosperity to all.

  6. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Ranil W carved out an area to LTTE criminals with all powers. Rajapakse is accomodating KP, Karuna, Pillaiyaan and now the Catholic Priest Tiger Fr.James Pathinathan who was part of the LTTE in catching children for LTTE.

    In the government created DVD this James Pathinathan telling lies that he tried to ‘save” the children from the LTTE and his church was attacked by LTTE. But he tipped off the LTTE to come to the church and take all the children. LTTE never, never kill or attack any church or priest.

    In Canada a de-frocked Catholic priest Fr. Francis Xavier who married a Sinhala woman was always in-front in every LTTE agitations. Later he re-frocked as an Anglican priest. Now this guy dancing in the functions of the Sri Lankan High commission.

    TNA, right or wrong elected by people, does not behave like the representatives of the people. They must be defeated by the people only.

    Before the TNA, Catholic church must be banned instead of giving space in politics because Catholic Church is the co-ordinators and handlers of LTTE since the troubles started. Catholic/Christian church men are the middle men always to the TNA too.

    Recently a Brit delegation visited Jaffna and met the Catholic Bishop only. What is the politics there?

    Sri lanka still suffers from the colonial bondages and legacy!

    Remember LTTE was not fighting for the interest of the Tamils but for the interest of US/UK imperialist expansionism.

  7. gamunu6 Says:

    I am so glad that FINALLY I see some patrotic Sri lankans have spoken. These & other silent majority should meet HE President Rajapaksha & explain the circumstances under which TNA came to being. LTTE left the scene asking TNA to fight for the cause.

    It is TIME we Sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers & other minorities DEMAND, so called actions & pronouncements by TNA & its supporters to ABIDE by laws in Sri lanka. Further laws should be enacted to take away CITIZENSHIP of Sri lanka, if certain words , phrases, SUCH as SEPERATION, SELF RULE, FEDERALISM & names of political parties that encourage & foster DIFFERENCES, than the good we have in us, for peaceful united Sri lanka.

    People in Sri lanka, as well as expats who BELEIVE in Sri lanka as a UNITARY state, one country, under one leader, FREE & Independent in THINKING, ACTIONS should SUPPORT Sri lanka all the way.

    If enough people petition, protest & IGNORE whatever TNA says, and listen to other majority who love their COUNTRY, organizations & ANTI – Sri lanka politicians & parties, will have to give in for the good of the majority. With 4.2% of the Tamil population NOW ( less than MUSLIMS in Sri Lanka), we are NOT OBLIDGED to give them ANY MORE comncessions. It is time to CLAW back, what is already given.No equal status, fostering of minorities as Sri Lanka is a country of minorities.

    Encourage them & other trouble makers to leave the country.Bar them from coming back here AGAIN. FIRM actions by ONE voice is the only way Tamils understand. Let them go to India or USA or any other western country & complain. JUST IGNORE and say there is NO TAMIL PROBLEM period.

    Thanks very much for the opprtunity to VOICE my concerns…….~Gamunu Alahakkone. Retd Engr-Canada.

  8. lingamAndy Says:

    Buddha sought the means to attain the inner bliss of Nirvana which is permanent.

  9. Charles Says:

    What ever the consequences we may have from the Western interferes Sri Lanka Gocvernment should have a showdown with the TNA. GOSL did it with the LTTE terrorists and there is no reason twhy it dillydallys without taking a positive action againt the TNA.

    If the government delays further action then the Sri Lankans’ have to be made to rise against the TNA. This the UNP and the JVP will not do but the SLFP or Gunadasa Amarasekara’s Party may have to take the lead.

    We see these stupid young priests sitting in street corners manifesting against unimportant questions when the country is in peril with the Terrorist rump dictating terms.

    In the mean time it would be worth while some one filing legal action against the TNA

  10. Rohan8 Says:

    Mahinda Rajapaksha and his govt should be given credit for giving the Sri Lankan armed forces the freedom to destroy the LTTE without the usual politician corruption and meddling. However he should understand, the Sri lankan sinhala people will not tolerate the hard won peace to be jeopardized or giving over to the TNA politically what the LTTE couldn’t do militarily. Mahinda Rajapaksha and his govt should be put on notice that they serve the bidding of the Sinhala people and not the other way around. He and his govt should also understand, that if he doesn’t follow the will of the majority of the people of Sri Lanka. That is saying NO to TNA. Then the Sinhala people will create a third party which will follow the will of the majority of the people of Sri Lanka. His govt shouldn’t be arrogant and should be humble and listen to the will of the Sinhala people if it wants to continue to be in power.

  11. Kit Athul Says:

    Charles is right, but do we have citizens who will file action against TNA for espionage? Aiding and abetting a foreign County (INDIA) and Tamil Nadu? I don’t think so. A private citizen filed action against Judge Baltasaa Garzon and he was convicted yesterday, February 9th in Madrid, Spain. We have the attorneys like Gomin Dayasiri, S.L Gunasekara but will they do it is the question. Gunadase Amerasekara alone might not be able to do this, because he in his nineties.

  12. stanley perera Says:

    Charles, Kit Athul and all other patriotic writers, please be informed that I have already initiated action against TNA. S.L.Gunasekera’s opinion is obtained and it is promising. I need every patriotic Sri Lankan’s moral support to proceed. The next six months to be devoted on the matter. Gunadasa Amarasekera, Dr.Telli.C and Wimal Weerawansa are also to be contacted.

  13. Lorenzo Says:


    UNHRC will be held from 27 Feb to 23 March. The resolution against SL is ready and already presented to it.

    Good if court action against TNA proceeds during this time or very soon thereafter. That will convince some UNHRC members who the REAL war criminals are (TNA).

    It will also be SEEN as tit-for-tat for their stupid action against us. TNA is part of it.

    “If you try to frame us, we will frame your pussycat’s paws (TNA).” So don’t try anything stupid Bloody Blake and other losers. If the new battlefield is the LEGAL SYSTEM, we are READY!!

  14. Charles Says:

    Thank you Stanley we are with you

  15. mjaya Says:

    Mr. Stanley Perara, well done. You have the blessings and support of all patriots of Sri Lanka to go ahead with your most noble endeavor.

  16. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  17. lingamAndy Says:

    Ref: M.S.MUdali Says: TNA, right or wrong elected by people, does not behave like the representatives of the people. They must be defeated by the people only.- Agreed

    Ref :stanley perera Says: I have already initiated action against TNA- Sorry to say this will make TNA vote bank stonger !

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