Canadian Tamil MP fails grade in general knowledge
Posted on February 11th, 2012

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1.Canada

9 February 2012

Rathika Sitsabaiesan NDP, Tamil Member of Parliament for Scarborough-Rouge River,Ontario                                                                                                              House of Commons, Ottawa.

Dear Rathika:

I just saw the video clip of your address at the Canadian Human Rights Voice Conference (CHRV) at Parliament Hill.  What an abominable farce it was.  The more you try to look and pretend to be a smart rookie MP you keep falling flat on your face.

You know what Rathika, I would have loved to have subjected you to a polygraph test to find out how true your story as a kid was, when you said that what you remember as a kid was being shot at by a uniformed person and found a dead body on your doorstep.  I would say that it was meant to produce a “ƒ”¹…”tragic-blood-curdling dramatic image, with “tut-tut’ gun shot sound effects,’ but ended up as an awfully failed “ƒ”¹…”tragic-comedy’ about the alleged human rights violations in Sri Lanka.

You failed me and made me resentful, when you purposely alluded  that the person who shot at may have been a government soldier, but you purposely ignored letting the audience know of the other possibility, that if it had truly happened – “I wasn’t sure whether the person was a uniformed Tamil Tiger, who had come to kidnap me to train me as a suicide bomber. That is what they were doing, kidnapping young girls to brain wash them and train them as suicide bombers.”  That would have been more cogent for an intended drama.  What you also did not tell the audience was whether you were playing hopscotch as a five year old under a mango tree when it happened.  Obviously you were outside the house to have been shot at and whether it was a soldier or a Tamil Tiger, either perpetrator was a bad shooter not to get you at short range.  And  that is why I don’t believe your story. That is how silly and a bunch of outrageous baloney, it was.  My hunch is that you were not telling the truth and you certainly weren’t a convincing storyteller either.

Rathika,  stop being a martyr trying to get at Sri Lanka for the alleged Human Rights violations against your Tamil tribe which you know sweet nothing about. 

How come you have not gone hammer and tong at your adopted country, Canada, with outrage for heir human rights violations of the Native peoples in the remote Reserves.   If you think that you are God’s gift to humanity, you are wrong because you are not one of them in any shape or form.  These First Nation peoples need your help as an elected member of  the Cnadian parliament than the Tamils in  remote Sri Lanka’s north and east, who are, as you know, are well looked after  by the government of Sri Lanka having been dragged  through hell by your Tamil Tiger leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran for 27 bloody years.

Here are some topics for your home work assignments, if you want to smarten up on Canadian Human Rights, as a Rookie MP – Attawapiskat First Nation’s Reserve, Lubicon Cree, Dudley George, Oka Crisis.   Get your Amnesty International friends, Alex Neve and John Argue to give you a crash-course on these subjects,.  And speak to Marlene Galyott, the Conservative candidate who contested you at the federal election about the Tamil community in the North of Sri Lanka whom she had met and seems to understand more of the Tamil concerns than you, as you continue to blabber mouth knowing nothing.   If you are really concerned about helping your Tamil tribe in the northern Jaffna peninsula, sit with Marlene, and she will provide you with a lot of honest information of the ground reality.  She seems to be on top of this file, far better than you are,  as you have not visited Sri Lanka’s north since you left as a five year old kid, and Marlene has, twice I believe recently.

Here is a quote for you Rathika from the January 11, EMBASSY: “The conditions of Aboriginal communities and women in Canada has one former Canadian diplomat calling it the “number one human rights problem in Canada.”  Isn’t your heart bleeding for our First National native peoples?  So what is all this crap going after Sri Lanka when your concerns of human rights  are happening right at your doorstep, and a few hundreds of miles north of your constituency.  This was another fau pas of your career at a rookie parliamentarian.  I know where you are coming from, and you know where I am coming from on this file and I am keeping an eye on your performance when you are going after Sri Lanka with baseball bats with the help of MPs like Patrick Brown, and Jim Karygiannis.

And Oh My God, what a blooper that was, saying that Canada has a population of 9 million.  You took Canada’s population history to around 1930, when it was roughly around 10 million then,  You were 82 years behind with your information on Canada.  Phew”¦!

Then when it was pointed out by someone in the audience that Canada’s population was 34.5 million, you tried a quick effort to damaged control of your failing grade of the general knowledge on Canada, and you said that you were thinking of the number that came out to vote.  You failed again Rathika.  Your general knowledge about Canada is nothing to be proud of.  The 2008 federal election had 13,929,093 ballots cast.   And again you were out by about 4 million.

And all what I can do is to throw my hands up and shout “Sweet Mother of Jesus, what does this rookie Tamil MP know who is trying to govern my country.  Please, Canada needs help with such MPs around!”


Asoka Weerasinghe


12 Responses to “Canadian Tamil MP fails grade in general knowledge”

  1. gdesilva Says:

    These guys appear to have problems with basic maths….remember 7000 unaccounted in Sri Lanka became 100000 in a matter of days?

  2. dhane Says:

    Remember 7000 unaccounted in Sri Lanka became 100000 in a matter of days after adding LTTE killing by bus loads.

  3. Ben_silva Says:

    Few yaes back, I saw a documentary on Canada, where it showed that Canadian natives were treated as second class citizens, doing low grade jobs, indicating discrimination. Is it still the sane. Also it appears that from the large number of Tamils in Canada, Canadians have favoured Tamils and discriminated against the Sinhalese, indicating a possible divide and rule attitrude, by Canadian racists.

  4. Cyril D Says:

    Video of our fearless child observer, (showing less cleavage) at CHRV:

    BTW, check the earrings – Is she moonlighting with Rentokil ( pest control)?

  5. Charles Says:

    She has good looks though, and that perhaps makes up for the lack of greymatter inside her skull.

  6. Charles Says:

    I write this after watching the video. I also listened to her maiden speech to the Canadian Parliament.

    She is a good speaker and if educated on the Sri Lanka issues with out allowing her to go by her first impression as a four year old,who heard a gunshot and a dead body on the door step she could do more to bring the communities together and get the Canadian government to understand that there is more in helping out developing countries to unite the communities within and not to separate them listening to « child » MPs.

    Unfortunately Radhika could speak of only what she had heard from other immigrants like her who have not seen for themselves what real Sri Lanka they left behind is like , without the prejudices they have towards the Sri Lankan people without any first hand knowledge of them.

    Radhika’s speech tells only one oneside of Sri Lankan story which does not even exist. They are only images collected from her experience as a four year old and other similar stories from other imigrants, and the video clip of the UKChannel 4.

    Radhika should visit Sri Lanka and see for herself what really is the country she left behind .
    That is a the more intelligent thing for her to do.

    She will be most welcome in Sri Lanka ,and will be given a rousing welcome by the real Sinhala, Tamil and Musluim people she had never seen in her life, but yet terrible prejudiced ….

  7. thurai Says:

    It is better to Radhika and Tamil community in Canada call themself as Canadians. If she trys to incite
    Tamils and Candian Govt aginst SL , She makes a Great Mistake. She doesn´t know about
    LTTE and humanrights violations by supporters of LTTE all over the world. In future come more Radhikas
    from Tamils in other countries also. All damage the image of Tamils and not Sri Lanka.

  8. douglas Says:

    The Hon’bl Member of Canadian Parliament Ms. Rathika Sitsabiesan remembers “uniformed” persons firing shots and dead bodies lying. She cannot recollect they were from the Govt. Army or the members of the “uniformed” Army of LTTE. This is very important to bear in mind in any analysis of the war situation in my country.

    Do you remember this incident? When the LTTE staged an operation years ago in Anuradhapura and killed many who were devotees assembled to observe religious rites, these cadres came in trucks dressed in ARMY UNIFORMS. The people saw them traveling in a vehicle and passed them as Army personnel, because they were dressed in official uniforms of the Army. This type of operations were staged in many other instances too.

    Even now it is happening in different forms. In present day operations to discredit the Government and also to show that the country is not yet a safe place to benefit on claims of refugee status in the outside world, there are operatives placed to stage a variety of dramas. In many a instances, they call themselves members of Intelligence Units or affiliated to the Police. Some use White Vans to stage the operations and abductions are carried out in day light to collect funds. Recently the “Grease Yaka” drama was a similar thing. The peolple in the North chased two men claiming them to be “Grease Yaka” (Devils) and these two men ran into the army check point to seek refuge. Then the media publicized this incident and put the entire thing as being staged by the Army. We saw this in many of the international media outlets. This is only one among many such dramas.

    This type of dramas are being enacted on a daily basis in Sri Lanka with the idea of discrediting the country’s administration and also to show that it is not a “Safe” country, so that the lucrative business of Human Smaggling can be carried on without hindrance. Also it helps to add fuel to the fire of accusations of human right violations. This is the type of information that is daily poured into the International Community by the media and the NOGs heavily funded by Diaspora organizations.

    Unfortunately, we do not have a strong media or any other authority to combat this type of adverse propaganda, perhaps due to lack of funds or dedicated, trained personnel. Even the handful of people who are in charge of duties are toiling day in an day out on a 24 hr. to 7 day basis to blow the trumpt and sing the songs prasing the President and the Ministers of the country. They all have conveniently forgotten the major role they should play in the public information field and the country is daily losing a battle against the disruptive elements working with dedication both internally and outside. This situation is used to the maximum by the diaspora and the NGOs to create another disasterous situation. Your Paliamentarian could be anothr limb of that operation. Who knows?

  9. Marco Says:

    Asoka wishes he subjected Rathika to a polygraph test to find the truth.

    Would’nt that be a wonderful wish to have to subject key players?

    Wiki Leaks is possibly the next best thing!

  10. Ben_silva Says:

    Tamils and in particular, LTTE have been the worst abusers of human rights. We ought to point this out to Canadians with suficient evidence. Tamils abused the human rights of Sinhalse as indicated by barbaric conduct on innocet Sinhala poor in Dollar and Kent Farm. Tamils have an expansionist and a racist agenda, as shown by links with TN racist politicians such as Vaiko. and we have to counter their racist conduct, generally based on lies. Tamils want to keep the North, East and very soon Colombo as capuured territory, exclusively for themselves, whilst living in all parts of Lanka. Sinhales have demonstrated apathy by allowing this unequal treatment go unchallenged. Tamils have been good communicaters and their wealth generated by human traficcing and bogus refugees may have given them funds to have an advantage over the Sinhalese, in the propaganda war. GOSL should have organised a team to deal with the propaganda war. Asoka and a few others have been fighting the propaganda war single handed.

  11. gamunu6 Says:

    I do agree with Mr. Asoka weerasinghe, it is true Aboriginal Canadians are still treated as second class citizens in the country they were born. Few years ago, these Canadians went to UN & complained. Nothing much was achieved.

    I worked with Abroginies in their school system and as a Volunteer employment councellor. When I enter their compunds, places of living its appalling. No sanitary, no drinking water (pure & healthy) and problems are compounded with Aboriginies being less educated.

    Coming back to our new NDP MP of tamil origin sure we should give some consideration for her being from a minorirty community BOTH in Sri Lanka & in Canada. However this is a process of learning & hopefully she will make mistakes and learn. Denouncing everything that Sri Lankan Govt. does to please her elected Tamil pouplation is not the answer either.

    Lets give some leverage for her to learn & see how she does as a parlimentarian. If she tries to stick to the task at hand, that is helping the constituancy, that is what is needed.

    Mr. Weerasinghe brings out very valid points too, about those MPs who support tamil cause, without knowing the facts or knowing BUT ignoring them. MONEY can buy people, including politicians. In the newspapers, US officials have boasted that they can buy people and problem is solved. I beleive they do that for keeping America first in all matters. Forget about what damage it does to other countries, individuals who express their views against USA.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to express my views……..~ Gamunu Alahakkone, Retd Engineer- Canada

  12. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Canadians know the difference between TAMILS and LTTE. Ben Silva cries “Tamils are the human rights abusers”.
    This is a generalization and RACIST baking! Better try to be civilized!

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