India Imposing the Malaysia-Singapore Model for Sri Lanka-Tamil Elam
Posted on February 12th, 2012

Dilrook Kannangara

There is a widely held myth that India will disintegrate if Tamil Elam is created in Lanka. It is human nature to succumb to unsurmountable pressure. Since Indian pressure cannot be overcome without thinking outside the box, Lankans comfort themselves convincing themselves that India will not make their worst dreams come true. But our worst dreams are coming true by the day. Lankans who took things easy claiming that India would never allow the disintegration of Lanka are in for a rude awakening. India is now running with the Tamil Elam baton coordinating between the West, Tamil Diaspora, Tamil Nadu and TNA controlled Tamil Elamists. Finally all their interests have converged into one thrust.

 USA, EU and India work tirelessly to impose the Malaysia-Singapore model for Sri Lanka; and Tamil Elam (the name of the separate independent nation they plan to create.)


 Under pressure from mighty China, Malaysia was forced to separate Singapore from its territory. As most Chinese imports and exports pass through the Strait of Malacca, China wanted a foothold there. With a 76% majority of Chinese in Singapore, Singapore became the perfect foothold. Today over 40% of Singapore’s exports go to China. It closely follows Chinese policy changes and adopts them as appropriate. Singapore promotes Mandarin in place of Han Chinese dialects following Mainland China. 

 Singapore is ruled by Chinese with the full concurrence of China. Level of democracy, human rights, political stability, state businesses and governance are very closely connected with Chinese policy requirements. At the same time Singapore maintains sufficient flexibility to remain competitive in business. A perfect gateway for China to the free world at a time when Hong Kong was under British colonial rule. Malaysia had no response to immense Chinese pressure than to let go its prized territory. Chinese rule of the Malacca Strait through Chinese ruled Singapore has kept mainland interests well intact for the past 47 years without any hiccups.

Undiluted Chinese majority in Singapore area when it was part of Malaysia was the enabler of separation. It happened over the years. To understand how shifting and changing population helped separation, ethnicity of these two nations can be analysed. Going by today’s population, Singapore has 76% Chinese while Malaysia 24%; the combined entity 31%. Most of them arrived in Malaysia during the British rule.

 Malaysia would be a first world country and a regional power had it retained its strategic treasure “”…” the “Singaporean” territory. However, all three nations in the puzzle are contended with the current state of affairs. No attempt is made to further divide Malaysia.

 This is what India tries to achieve to secure its southern border. A separate Tamil nation in Sri Lanka covering areas closest to India will ensure Indian interests are looked after in terms of defence, shipping and surveillance. At the same time it will satisfy the craving for a Tamil nation. A compromise with Tamil Nadu, Tamil Diaspora, Sri Lankan Tamil leaders and US-EU leaders has been reached from the looks of things. If created, Tamil Elam will be run by Lankan Tamil leaders who essentially venerate, worship and idolise Tamil Nadu leaders. Disintegration of India will not happen. Instead the thrust for disintegration will be exhausted by giving them a territory where they would be supreme leaders while enjoying the benefits of being part of India. It will be an enviable position for Tamil Nadu leaders who would not even dream of separation thereafter.    

Best of Both Worlds

 Why wouldn’t India disintegrate following the creation of Tamil Elam? The proper question to ask is why would it disintegrate? By being part of India, Tamil Nadu and other states have direct internal access to the world’s fourth largest economy which is tipped to be the third largest in the next decade! Former Soviet and Yugoslav republics broke away because they had no economic benefits of being part of the unions with bankrupt economies. It will not happen in India as long as the Indian economy performs as widely anticipated.

 As part of India, Tamil Nadu and other states have the protection of world’s sixth most powerful nation. Such protection cannot be obtained any other way. Conversely, they will have to face the wrath of this powerful nation if they ever try to separate.

 Hindu religious and cultural bonds bind all Indian states together; and also Tamil Elam once created. They all know that division will be inimical to all their broader cultural, religious and social interests. 

 Therefore stakes are very high for Indian states to separate from the union. Sri Lanka’s division has absolutely no bearing on the unity of India. In fact the division of Sri Lanka to create an Indian suckling will further unify India as it will be the first ever sign of a capable world power. All other super powers managed to annex neighbouring areas they wished to occupy. It is India’s turn now and what easier target it has than Sri Lanka?

Benefits of a Tamil Nation in Lanka

 India immensely benefit from a Tamil nation in northern Sri Lanka. Tamil Elam will have to depend totally on India for cultural, linguistic and religious ties. It has no option. It will also have to totally depend on India for protection from Sri Lanka and allies. Economically Tamil Elam will be an infant clinging onto its mother for sustenance. Once Indian plans for Trincomalee materialises, both Tamil Elam and India will benefit vastly. It will be exactly the China-Singapore relationship plus more due to proximity.

 India plans to connect Rameswaram to Mannar by building a rail bridge which will be an engineering marvel. Once connected to the Lankan railway grid from Mannar, it can take goods to Trincomalee from which point it will exist to the sea towards the large shipping lane running south of the island bypassing Hambantota and Colombo. The additional advantage of doing this through Tamil Elam and not Sri Lanka is because the former will be a totally dependent vassal state of India than Sri Lanka ever can be.

Using Tamil Elam’s dependence on India for security, India will set up military bases in Tamil Elam. India already has many military bases in Indian Ocean islands. Keeping confrontations away from its mainland and still retaining the ability to exert military pressure is the key advantage of this strategy. Gone are the days when home turf was sacrificed to assault the enemy which could attract nasty retaliation into home territory.

 Tamils around the world have limitless benefits of an independent Tamil nation. Today North America, Europe, South Asia, South East Asia and Africa have millions of Tamils each. An independent nation will be able to take the Tamil point of view to global forums without having to rely on anyone else. No compromises will be necessary. As at now only a Sinhala leader spoke in Tamil at the UN. Tamils had to rely on a non-Tamil even to take their language to the world and most Tamils disagree on his right to represent Tamils. In addition, Tamils will be a global economic power among third world nations. Already the aggregate of the economic strength of the Tamil Diaspora easily rival (if not exceed) the national economy of Sri Lanka. All their economic clout will be leveraged to build a Tamil national economy in Tamil Elam which will be totally theirs; benefiting only Tamils and controlled solely by Tamils for Tamils.

 Free education, free medical facilities and other benefits that are currently drawn from Sri Lanka can be very easily replaced (or exceeded) by India and the Tamil Diaspora. Already India is building 79 schools in the north and financed the complete modernisation of hospitals in the north. In addition, India builds over 50,000 houses for Tamils in the north. Economic benefits far outweigh these expenses.

 USA and EU will also benefit immensely from the creation of Tamil Elam. They will have more options to counter China in the region. Further, they will have the Tamil Diaspora support in doing so “”…” a significant migrant vote base!

 All in all, USA, EU, Tamil Diaspora, Tamil Nadu and TNA have come to a viable compromise to create a win-win situation for all of them. Who is standing in their way?

Is There Any Hope for Sri Lanka?

 While we must not give up hope, it is foolhardy to build our future on myths. India is actively disintegrating Sri Lanka through the manipulation of Tamils. There is little hope left to retain Sri Lanka as one nation.

 In order to survive, Sri Lanka must take decisive steps to economically strengthen ethnic Sinhalese (they contribute disproportionately larger numbers to defend the nation both at the battle front, the propaganda front, political front and the diplomatic front), economically weaken pro-Indian groups in the island, reach out to other regional nations to counter the Indian threat, retain military presence in the north, convert the north into a multiethnic region, deport all Indian illegal immigrants, abolish Indian imposed 13A and other peripheral laws relating to it, reassert unique Sri Lankanness through its unique language, culture and religion that can differentiate it from India and introduce a nationalist economic policy.

These courses of action are hurtful to some sections but are beneficial to the nation. A Tamil nation in the north will incite separation of the east and the central hills too.

 Sri Lanka may have won the many battles against Tigers, but Tamil Elamists and India are certainly winning the war; the war to create a Tamil nation which will be a suckling of India, an extension of Tamil Nadu and a homeland for the Tamil Diaspora!

24 Responses to “India Imposing the Malaysia-Singapore Model for Sri Lanka-Tamil Elam”

  1. Ben_silva Says:

    Dilrook has highlighted the threats we face. I agree that for survival, we need to be economically stronger.In order to be stronger in the economic field, we need to fine tune satifaction of customer desires and this could be in conflict with Buddhist Philosophy that promote giving up desires. Further, believing in Indian fairy tales of Nirvana, sansare, rebirth and Karma also may not be helpful. Indians have dumped Buddhist beliefs, since the Nalanda debacle. However I fully support Buddhist ethics and the need to safe guard Buddhism as a part of our cultural heritage. We need to separate culture , economics and defence.

  2. stanley perera Says:

    My dear Dilrook, you have sent chills down my spine. It was what Krishna meant by North and East amulagamation with Tamil Nadoo on economically and industrially. MR tried to win the Tamils by addressing the UNO in Tamil Language. What a foolish idea it was? Did MR forget he was a Sinhalese? The fault is our country’s leaders. They try to please the samall minority at the expence of the 75% of majority population. Did MR ever speak in Sinhala his and 75% of the majority mother tounge? It is hypocritical for MR to address the UNO in Tamil. None of the countries in the UNO can understand Tamil. Hypocracy is clearly seen. MR sold Sinhala to Tamil. He should be ashamed of this act. Why didn,t he speak in Sinhala? MR tried to be the popular President with the Tamils. Instead TNA took it as great victory to fight their RACIST, TERRORIST AND SEPERATIST agenda. Now that Blake and company has taken the Tamil issue (the latest) weapon to attack S.L. MR is responsible for creating this mess. If MR opened the can of worms MR must clean the mess. Most importantly spineless nature of the GoSL is responsible for the latest debacle.
    Is Maldives overthrow of the democratically elected President the warning signal to MR? Has Asian spring begun in the Maldives? Is that a result of the conspiracy of Hillary Clinton with Jayalalitha? Could Maldives infect Sri Lanka? Who is next after Maldives? At a time when the MAJORITY POPULATIOn is frustrated with the GoSL wouldn’t Peter O Blake and Hillary Clinton together with Jayalalitha think it is the prime time for them to spread Maldives virous? MR must understand this time the majority people will not back you as MR had not shown any sign of faithfulness to his supportes giving undue prominance to TNA and becoming Tamil speaking President. The majority people will punish you MR. After reading Dilrook’s comprehensive article I am in great fear that in our life itself we will see the disintergation of our loved country giving way to the RACIST, TERRORIST AND SEPERATIST TNA WHICH IS 2.5% of the population.

  3. thurai Says:

    India is a land of corruption Blackmoney cast dicrimimnation and poorness. Sri Lanka is a pearl near
    India. Gab between rich and poor is smaller in Sri Lanka than in India. LTTE insiders are like
    ancient kings of India now. They work with Hindu Fundamentalist. They have world wide Hidu Temples. They
    have International investers with blood money. LTTE insiders stay with one leg in western capitalism and one leg in Hindu Fundamentalism.

    We Sinhalese, Tamils Muslims and others in the position to unite ourself and fight against our common enemy.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    IF TRUE this means SL is not out of the woods yet.

    India was behind CFA too. According to the 1987 pact India agreed to ensure LTTE was disarmed while SL should give Tamils a political solution. SL did its part but India didn’t.

    Bandaranayaka spent time with Gandhi in India. He was trained. Then he divided the Sinhala vote and signed a devolution pact with Chelva. DS maintained defence ties with UK against India. We had no problem scrapping citizenship to Indian illegal immigrants in the 1948 Citizenship Act. I agree with Kithsiri on this. It was Sirima who gave them citizenship and WORSE the right to vote in 1974.

    MR is doing the same mistake Bandaranayaka did. Win the majority support and then USE it to appease the minority.

    We should learn WHEN to throw the USED tea bag.

  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    COMING EVENTS ARE CASTING THEIR SHADOWS. DILROOK, you are spot on, on the impending Debacle. That is why these Indian Hypocrites, quietly established an Indian Embassy of sorts, in Jaffna. The Indian Companies are drilling OIL. They got our Liquid Gold on a platter. As Stanley says, the news is chilling.

    Sri Lanka has to immediately make Northern and Eastern districts, multi ethnic. Those 80,000 Mulims and 20,000 Sinhalese who were ethnically cleansed must be immediately brought back to Jaffna and be rehabilitated, on par with the tamils. The Chinese should come into the Northern area more prominently, and they should also be requested to drill for OIL along with the Russians. Territory has to be safeguarded. THIS ARTICLE IS AN EYE OPENER.

    To the Legislators, it is all about Fast Cars, Sex, and have a wonderful day. The TROJAN HORSE is coming.

    The GOSL is blindly giving the best infra-stucture to Jaffna hoping to please the Tamils. SURE, the TAMILS would be very thankful to MR for making it so easy to achieve their intended agenda.

    I repeat for the third time, ” Complacency could be HUMPTY DUMPTIED “

  6. stanley perera Says:

    The legislators are in the making. Pillayan is collecting rupees 20 per bottle of alchohol in the east. Did GoSL pay Pillayan’s air fares to Switzerland? Did GoSL investigate in to Pillayans secret visit to Switzerland? Did GoSL authorize Pillayan to collect rupees 20 per bottle? Did GoSL investigate into Ampitiye Sumana Thero’s fasting to death at Batticaloa? In the east without the land and police powers Sinhalaya’s land is acquired illegally by the Muslims and Buddhist heritage is destroyed while Pillayan is rampaging in the east. Sinhalayas are being harassed by the Tamils and Muslims both. Why is GoSL turning a blind eye to these happenings. There comes a stage that masses will say enough is enough. Why is the GoSL not rehabilitating the displaced Sinhalese and Muslims in the North? Why did GoSL take quick action to bring in the bogus refugees in Tamil Nadoo with free passports and citizenship? Didn’t GoSL aware that those bogus refugees are the illegal immigrants brought into Sri Lanka by Terrorists TNA conniving with Tamil Nadoos to build up their numbers? Does GoSL aware that the number of such ILLEGALS are over one million? Why is this spineless GoSL turning a blind eye to these facts?

  7. Dilrook Says:

    Thank you all for very useful comments.

    I must admit I didn’t even think along the lines of Tamil Nadu-North East economic, industrial and fishing integration. That is another very dangerous indication of Indian expansionism through the creation of a Tamil nation. Abdul Kalam wanted Tamil Nadu fishermen to share Sri Lanka’s fishing resources with northern Tamil fishermen!

    Then the Mannar Basin oil exploration.

    A high commission office in Jaffna for independent diplomatic relations.

    Tamil Nadu illegal immigration is much worse than we think. To the credit of Dutch and British invaders they maintained some records of numbers. We don’t even do that!

    These are additional examples of the Indian plan to create Tamil Elam in Sri Lanka. An outright Indian expansion without a foothold is temporary and subject to geopolitical ups and downs not to mention the wrath it will earn from other nations that are already ganging up on India in the neighbourhood.

    If allowed there will be a Tiger-pur for India to match China’s Singha-pur.

  8. Dilrook Says:

    Stanley Perera

    That is because Tamils have a godfather – India.
    Muslims have a godfather – Saudi Arabia.

    But Sinhalese don’t have a godfather because they are native to the island.

    Compromises are needed to invite China into the island in a major scale militarily and economically. China has no regard for Buddhism but inimical towards threats it faces on its western borders from Indian and Middle Eastern elements. Needless to say what it translates to in the island.

    But we have to be careful not to end up like Burma. Position of the island would ensure it will not.

    From an electoral point of view, if the majority sees no future for them in the north and the east, they will not hesitate to allow a major international scale battle field to emerge in the north and the east. Especially when considering huge profits of the war trade, employment, direct and indirect business brought by wars to some sections of the nation.

    Pro-Chinese President Premadasa was accused of disrupting the relative peace IPKF brought about. He was also blamed for reigniting hostilities between local communities that was until 1990 against the IPKF. He purchased F-8 jets in 1991, that is 16 years before the second lot was purchased. China became the biggest military supplier during his term. But India bumped him off.

    SWRD Bandaranaike established strong trade ties with China. For the first time a Chinese senior leader visited the island. But he too didn’t last long. His assassination is still shrouded in mystery.

    JR Jayawardena would have ended up similarly had he not agreed to the Indo Lanka Peace Accord (gun boat diplomacy) and JN Dixit’s antics.

    The president has to be mindful of this possibility too.

  9. Leela Says:

    We all know that Hindians are the ones that call shots in India. Taking that and events that led them to introduce 16A to their constitution, I do not believe for a moment that Hindians trust that the ghost of Ramasamy Periyar will not rise up again given the slightest opportunity.

    Besides if one read the writing in Tamilnation etc, anyone may perceive that Tamils would definitely go for the whole hog to establish that old Chola Empire once they establish a sovereign country even in a tiny off shore island of Sri Lanka. Hindians cannot be naive not to know this and allow division of Sri Lanka. But I fully agree with the writer that Westerners aim nothing but divide Sri Lanka.

    As Dr Gunadasa Amarasekra says, the government should have taken meaningful steps to defeat the rest of the separatists immediately after the war ended. It should have abolished 13A or if tht is not possible under Indian pressure, at least it should have removed police and land powers from 13A and make the north multiethnic just like the rest of the country. Now that the government has two third mjority it should do this before its too late or else we re doomed.

    Needless to say, I agree with the remedies that the writer suggested.

  10. Dilrook Says:


    With the protection of 16A Hindians would not fear that possibility. Even the Chola Empire at its zenith was much smaller than the Hindian Empire today. They know very well Dravidistan if created will be a weakling against India’s nuclear and other weapons not to mention economic power. With no friends in the region, sharing the same faith and culture with Hindia, Dravidistan cannot sustain itself (not to mention disagreements with Kerala and Andra Pradesh from within).

    From the looks of things, both parties have come to a viable compromise. It benefits Tamil Nadu more than it benefits Hindia to remain part of Hindia. Tamil fanatics (most of them have no place to call home) dream of an empire like the British Empire but it is not shared by most in Tamil Nadu.

    TN CM will be the ultimate ruler of Tamil Elam.

    For similar reasons US and EU would not try to divide India anymore as a divided India will be too weak to hold China and Burma back. India is the new Saudi Arabia for USA and EU.

  11. Ben_silva Says:

    Many good points made in posts.The reality is, we have lost the North, East, Hill country, good part of the coast line and now even the Capital and more deadly threats. We should try to stop further decline. This could be done if we find the cause of decline and make attmepts to halt it The masses need to be woken up. Will to survive have to come from within and from the masses. If devolutin is carried out Tamil Nadu integration with our North and East would happen and eventually Sinhalese would be pushed out from Sri Lanka, as happened during Praba’s Time as well as the way it happened to many weaker ethnic groups aroubd the world. The future is very Chilling indeed. The reason why we are declining is, we have been made passive by the Indian belief system.that Indians have now wisely dumped. (Theyrealised it won’t work in the real world, as the real world is a nasty war zone , all competing for resources. Indians and many others are after our resources, whilst we sleep or seek the fools paradise of Nirvana. We need to restore native wisdom.

  12. Muhammad FS Says:

    I’m not surprised at all.

    India was always trying to divide Srilanka to create a separate land for Tamils. They want to dump their garbage on it. They did it to Pakistan. They will do it to Srilanka too.

    When Bangladesh seperation was on the cards some argued it will break up eastern India West Bengal, Assam, Mysur, Bihar. But nothing happened. India knows how to keep its home together while dividing others.

  13. Christie Says:

    At last people are realisng what is the cause of all troubles around India and beyond.

    Mohandas Karamchand (popularly known as Mahathma Gandhi), Jawahallal Nehru and Chandra Bose knew what a great dowry they had from the British Raj.

    From a carbon copy map I came to see in Singapore abourt 40 years ago; it is not jut north and east the Tamils will have. What the Sinhalese will have is part of South and bit of the middle. The midlle does not include anything above 400 feet above sea level.

    The Sinha area will be in the hands of the Socialists.

    I read in the papers CBK and her two siblings may join the Party according to Mr Karunapala.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    I am re-iterating some fairly obvious facts for readers to consider :

    (1) The necessity to round up every illegal migrant (from Tamil Nadu and elsewhere) and deport them. Do not tolerate the slightest break in the rule that all illegal migrants must be deported. Listen to the old Sinhala saying : “Panina relawunta innimang bandinna ona na’ (not necessary to tie bamboo ladders for jumping monkeys). Do not let any leniency to enhance tourism be the reason to stop deporting of illegal migrants. Lanka can do without ‘boru’ tourists. The genuine tourist will not be deterred by a few rules to weed out illegal migrants into Lanka, or deportation of illegal migrants.

    (2) Allow the Sethu Project to go through. There will be some costs in terms of the northern coastal environment, but South Indian access to their own ports will be ensured and that is better than their dragging Lanka into their expansionist picture, isn’t it ? Tamil Nadu, more than any other southern state, is the most ‘agitated’ re her internal problems of caste/poverty, plus image as a separatist state ‘leading’ south India.
    TN is a steam cooker of discontent, particularly with Lanka next door having better standards of living with free education & health care. TN has some 5-10 Million people of Dalit origin/low castes, and they want to flee TN, if at all possible. TN has to have her outlet for ‘fleeing people’. Their ports are the best source for such ‘fleeing’, to diffuse her Caste problems and relieve the internal pressures. In other words, give Hope to those who want to flee.
    For Lanka to tie up more and more with Tamil Nadu via railways and ferries at the present moment will spell destruction of Lanka culture as well as sovereignty. We are offering ourselves & Lanka as the point to ‘flee’ to. However, ironically, any groups destroying the life supportive Buddhist culture of Lanka, the very things attractive about Lanka, the sense of tolerance, the free education etc., the relatively clean environment, etc. will disappear.

    (3) The items most attractive to the Brits at the moment are Trinco, Tea & oil/gas off Mannar.

    (3) It appears that appeasement measures by GoSL are being rapidly used by the wily for dismembering and destroying Lanka and Lankans.

    (4) Make the whole of Lanka somewhat like Singapore where the Law is concerned, i.e. implement similar laws as in S’pore & Malaysia for the protection of the land and our genuine true born Lankan People. It is also pointless having Laws if they are not implemented without fear or favor.

    (5) An Oath of Allegiance to Lanka a must by all her People.

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    (2) Sethu project has MORE GOOD than bad for SL. But India has abandoned it.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:


    I remember I myself did not care for the Sethu Project when it was first brought out in public as we thought it would affect the environment of the north shore area. At that time, TN was keen on it too. May be it’s time we trotted it out again ?

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    From the now defunt defencewire blog I collected these. Capital letters have been adjusted. Blogger Moshe Dyan says:

    Sethu project will DESTROY the fishing resource in the north between SL and TN. This fish has NO benefit for MOST SLs. Only Tamils from TN and Jaffna enjoy it. Muslim and Sinhala fishermen are not allowed to fish there by TN and Jaffna fishermen. So the bad impact is zero. When the fish is no more TN illegal fishermen will NOT venture into SL waters. That is a MASSIVE benefit far better than the loss.

    When this happens the MASSIVE population growth on both sides will reduce because they don’t have other protein and omega-3 sources. That will also have a big impact on their economy as well. SL can easily overpower them in all fields.

    Sethu canal will deepen the Palk Strait allowing SLN FACs to go there. Now it is too shallow for FACs allowing TN illegals and LTTE a free hand.

    Now illegal immigrants and TN illegal fishermen go ACROSS the Palk Strait to reach SL. When Sethu canal is dregged ships and patrol vessels go ALONG the Palk Strait. This will stop anyone or anything going ACROSS it.

    It will literally, geographically and actually SEPERATE India from SL which is FANTASTIC. No more monkey losers!

    Jaffna will benefit from shipping industry. Since ALL northern ports are under SLN (Karainagar, KKS, Jaffna, Poonaryn, Point Pedro) it will spread economic benefits to Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamils not just to Tamils.

    If there is ANY environmental impact it will be along the coast from Mannar to Jaffna (narrowest). No Muslims, Sinhalese, Veddas, Malays, Bergers, SL Chinese, SL Jews, SL Russians, SL Indonesians, Chetties, etc. will be affected. Only Northern Tamils will be affected which is only 5% of the population and negligible. 95% safe.

    So benefits of Sethu FAR OUTWEIGH costs and losses. It has NET benefits to India and SL and should continue.

    Hon Lakshman Kadir totally supported the Sethu project even when Sinhala hardliners like JHU opposed it. Our clown friend Karuna-Nidi (sleeping Karuna) too supported it. Tamilnet opposed it but who cares! ANYTHING bad for Tamilnet is good for SL. ANYTHING good for Tamilnet is bad for SL.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    Am hearing you, loud and clear. Whatever protects Lanka, I am for it. Hope the powers that be listen and act.

  19. Lorenzo Says:


    Appreciate your focus on illegal immigration which is the BIGGEST problem faced by the country. NOT corruption, not LTTE Diasopra, not political thuggery or violence.

    1,000,000 Tamils left the country during war but 1,000,000 came from Tamil Nadu so the total is the same!

    Now emmigration has reduced but immigration has doubled!

    Human dignity should be denied to illegal immigrants to DETER them from landing in our little island. Cattle has more worth than illegal immigrants.

  20. Leela Says:

    Christie: As far as I could see, socialism has nothing to do with the British support for Tamil cause. It has been an aged old tradition of the colonialists. If you want to know more about it please read ‘prabakarange baappala saha seeyala’ by Nalin de Silva in

    British support for Tamils is a fact regardless whichever the party is in power. This is a continuation of British tactic since its colonial days. Read ‘Buddhism in Ceylon under the Christian powers’, by eminent professor and a historian Tennakoon Wimalananda that points out how British deprived Pirivena monasteries to undermine Sinhalese and uplift Christian education with lavish subsides improve Tamils. It is that attitude of that they continue to date.

    Mrs. Thatcher may not have sided overtly with Tamils at that time for one, our then President JRJ who was popularly known as Yankee Dickey had been a declared and accepted poodle of the British. And for another, Sri Lanka happened to be the only country that backed Britain at the UN in support of its invasion of Argentinean occupied Malveness (Folkland Islands). Otherwise their overt support to Tamil cause should have been clerly visible.

    JRJ government had been the pioneer capitalist who set the trend for emerging third world countries when socialism was the theme song. I remember Westerners loved JRJ government so much for he had openly ridiculed Indira Gandhi, a devoted leader of the nonaligned movement but a known clandestine Russian backer. Is not that JRJ’s bad mouth the reason we had to pay dearly when Indira rolled back to power? Many a analyst say, if not for JRJ’s immature and irresponsible handling of foreign policy, I mean un-statesman like degrading hurling on Indira, Pirapakaran may never would have materialised as a leader let alone grown to be the Goliath of terrorism that he had become.

    That doesn’t mean to say that without India helping Pirapakaran, aims of Waddukkodai movers would have reached a natural death. Indeed Westerners and their lackeys would have backed it (road map to Eelam) with a similar ulterior motive as they have been doing since the colonial days. But, handling of India by Mrs Bndaranaika and Dudly Senanayaka and outcome of their dealings with India (Kachchiduwa hand over, repatriation of estate workers etc) have proved India could have been kept on our side. But old fox JRJ had upset it all and set a new trend.

    President Rajapakse is as good a patriot as any of us. In my opinion, he is trying to emulate the success story of Mrs Bndaranaika and Dudly Senanayaka in his own way. For one thing, India must be handled and treated tactically and care not battered by hurling stones and condemned by shouting abuse for it’s the Goliath next door as wished by many a commentator here.

  21. Lorenzo Says:


    Not quite so. Verbal barrages don’t count in international diplomacy. SL went against Soviet economic policy in 1977 and was punished just like Pakistan, South Vietnam, etc. It was inevitable. LTTE was alive by then without Indian support. With a very weak army of 8,000, no counter insurgency training until 1985, very small defence budget, it was difficult for us to get to them anyway. Mrs B mollycoddled ITAK into TULF and LTTE. Kachchateevu was a trap. SL gained NOTHING. It was a trap to send illegal immigrants to SL. In 1964 and 1974 India didn’t accept ANY returning illegal immigrants. What did the non-aligned movement do to help SL? NOTHING!

    ALL our weapons and training came from countries other than NAM countries (China is not really a NAM country just because it was not in NATO or Warsaw)!

    MR had a backbone from 2005-2010. In 2005 Nirupama wanted Ranil to win. Anura verbally ravished her! India was repeatedly humiliated by buying weapons from Pakistan and China DESPITE Indian warnings not to. Remember the warning SL should buy weapons from India and it decides what we used? A Chinese navy radar was put up in the NORTH despite Indian warnings in 2007. Indian defence secretary was sent in a taxi in an apparent move to tell him we don’t care in 2008. During the last week of the war SF was sent to China to buy weapons that were not needed in a clear signal to India to keep out. The army commander called an Indian chief minister an ASS. Abrogated the Indian CFA in 2008 without any regard. Split the north from the east in 2007!! And held separate elections for east!! Bought Chinese J7 jets and POSTED them in Trincomalee new air base maintained by Chinese engineers! Ridiculed Indian GOVT defence analyst BRAMAN over his Stalingrad comment. We did all this from 2005-2010. MUCH MUCH better than JRJ!! Why change now?

    India must be handled DECISIVELY, not Sirima style meekly. NEVER forget India has ONLY enemies in the region, no friends. Which idiot wants to be the exception!

  22. Lorenzo Says:

    According to Tamilnet, SL is helping Pakistan wipe out INDIAN trained, financed and armed Balochistan Freedom Fighters.

    Good if true.

  23. Christie Says:

    Pity you dragged China_Malaysia-Singapore in to this.

    I do not think Having a Separte state helps China in any way as most of the Malacca strait is borderd by Malasia. China may have supported the separation, but I dont think so.

    The best example where SL is heading is Mauritius. Our last king’s RIP place. Then comes Fiji.

    Indian plans goes far back, there is evidence it was before the WWII that Indians had plan for the island nation.

    The result was SWRD and Socialist union.

    I know it is something hard to beleive.

  24. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thank you for appreciation. We are just tired of seeing the youth of Lanka, whatever ethnicity predominantly Sinhala, dying in senseless wars, for no fault of theirs. We have to get to the bottom of all the separatist demands in the country and put Laws in place to stop it.

    A few more more points re illegal migrants plus illegal fishing.

    * The USA has deported over 400,000 Mexican illegal migrants in 2011 and continuing. Why are we shy on the topic of illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu and elsewhere ? All the powerful Democracies all over the world have strict rules and adhere to them, particularly Britain.

    * Bhutan, another Buddhist country, has a new motto “Gross National Happiness” instead of Gross National Product of their country. Also, any foreigner visiting the country has to pay US$200 per DAY for their stay ! The message is very clear – we value our Security more than than tourism ! Does Singapore, another predominantly Buddhist country, tolerate illegal migrants ?

    * Re illegal fishermen from Tamil Nadu : All the Tamil Nadu fishermen can take to inland fisheries with some initial effort. Lanka can help them in this regard and teach them all about it. I have seen lobsters grown in tunnels built into the sea in Majorca. The sea end of each tunnel is sealed with small holes to allow sea water in with each wave. The land end of the tunnel has locked door. A plank inside over the water level enables a person to crawl into the tunnel. The tunnels were encrusted with large lobsters. The same principle can be applied for other types of shell fish.

    Of course, why bother when the ‘generous’ Lankan govt. allows TN fishermen to fish free in their waters ! TN fishermen have ruined the seas around their state by bottom trawling for conch shells which removes the feeding grounds for the fish. The seas there are barren as a result, while the life in the sea waters of Lanka are still healthy. At least, GoSL should lease out some of the sea areas with a ban on bottom trawling/over fishing. The monies so earned can go to uplift the lives of all fisher folk in Lanka. The fisheries community can also act as a sort of additional Coast Guard against illegal migrants. It is in their interests to do so.

    Navi Pillai et al of the UNHRC does not see transgressions of the UN Laws of the Sea at all ! They are too busy harassing GoSL, it seems, on trumped up charges. Also, various other interested parties are also silent on this matter as it suits their purposes of dividing Lanka very well.

    * While we sympathise with the Maldivian people, Lankans will have to ensure that there is no influx of ‘refugees’ into Lanka from troubled Maldives.

    It is in the interest of all true born Lankans to stop illegal migrants to Lanka. It is in the interest of all true born Lankans to go with Ethics & Morality if they value country of their birth and desire a peaceful life here.

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