How could the US be so wrong,
Posted on February 15th, 2012

Ananda US

It is indeed heartening to see a bipartisan request, by both Republicans and Democrats, to review the current US Foreign Policy against Sri Lanka to one that recognizes Sri Lanka’s drive to secure the nation and bring peace and prosperity to all of its people irrespective of community, the Sri Lankan way “¦ not according to the dictates of other countries based upon their own geopolitical assessments.

In this context, I would like to draw your attention to a recent article in the Island newspaper, entitled “ƒ”¹…”How could Amb. Blake forget TNA’s war-time partnership with LTTE?’.

I present below my own assessment of how the US policymakers could be so wrong. I had previously published at the SriLankaDefenceForum blog.

How could the US be so wrong, you ask? Easily, my Friend, Easily “¦ when the underlying MOTIVE is to destabilize and undermine Sri Lanka.

What does the US stand to gain in doing that? “¦ you may ask.

The answers is: to please the Tamils of Tamil Nadu for the following reasons.

There are three scenarios.

1. In the short term, help placate Tamils in Tamil Nadu by pushing for power devolution to Tamils in Sri Lanka, and helping to keep India whole for use as an ALLY to confront the RISING POWER of China. The aim here is to help prevent dissatisfaction of the Dravidian South, and possible secession from the Indian Union, albeit at Sri Lanka’s expense.

2. In the longer term, if Tamil Nadu, and some other Dravidian States, SECEDE from India due to their RACIST ANIMOSITY towards the non-Dravidian peoples of India, position the USA as an ally of Tamil Nadu so that the USA can get Military and Naval Bases in Tamil Nadu to contain the the RISING POWER of China in the Indian Ocean. That will help offset and contain any bases China may have in Sri Lanka and elsewhere in the Indian Ocean region.

3. Another LOW-COST option is to EXPLOIT the “war crimes” and “human rights” to WEAN Sri Lanka away from its alliance with China at LOW COST without any significant replacement of the massive Chinese investments in Sri Lanka.

To that end, the USA seeks to destabilize and undermine the UPFA Govt of Sri Lanka, to install a more compliant UNP-led government through which it hopes to accomplish all objectives: the ejection of Chinese from Sri Lanka, the pleasing of Tamils in India by engineering the creation of a de-facto autonomous Eelam in Sri Lanka, and acquiring a Military and Naval base in Sri Lanka supplanting China in that role.

THESE are the US Policy OBJECTIVES & SCENARIOS driving its fabricated “war crimes” and “human rights” strategy in Sri Lanka.

We Patriots of Sri Lanka STRONGLY DISAGREE with this Flaweed Policy that UNDERMINES the NATURAL ALLIANCE between the USA and Sri Lanka. By Emotional, Political and Economic Temperaments, Sri Lanka and the United States, and indeed ALL Western Democracies, are NATURAL ALLIES. This Flawed Policy DISRUPTS that NATURAL ALLIANCE.

Do not DRIVE Sri Lanka away from YOUR FOLD by Flawed Misguided Geo-Political Policies INIMICAL to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is the OLDEST FUNCTIONING DEMOCRACY of South Asia having enjoyed Universal Francihse a quarter of a century before it gained independence in 1948. Democratic self-government is in our blood, and our tolerant largely-Buddhist principles have led to a flowering of human development in Sri Lanka. A strong free-market based democratic Sri Lanka, at peace with all nations of the world, will be an ASSET to Western Democracies, NOT A THREAT.

We believe in what you believe. We are committed to EQUAL RIGHTS and EQUAL RESPONSIBILITIES for all of our people irrespective of community by race, religion, language, caste, sex or wealth.

We just differ in the path we want to take in perfecting our democracy and enhancing the lives of our people of the present and future generations.

We do not believe that allocating special rights to different communities in different regions of the country, that are unavailable to all citizens equally, will lead to peace and prosperity.

Instead of equality it will create new inequalities and strife based on communal considerations. We want to ERADICATE all communal considerations as a basis for the allocation of civic rights to our citizens.

ALL of Sri Lanka is the BIRTHRIGHT of all Sri Lankan citizens without regard to their community. That is the path towards harmony and peace essential to promoting prosperity and human dignity.

Look at what Sri Lanka has achieved in literacy, human development, healthcare, labor rights, women’s rights, rural electrification, transportation, land ownership, business entrepreneurship, and so on, even while it was embroiled in a 30-year war by murderous terrorists seeking to carve out a RACIST SEPARATIST state of Eelam from Sri Lanka.

That Eelam was in many ways the twin of the Confederacy in that it sought to divide the USA and create a RACIST state founded upon slavery. The US Civil War, waged to forestall that calamity, rescued the United States not only from the shame of slavery but also spared all future generations of US citizens from continuous conflict between two aggressive, philosophically opposed, nations born in war. Sri Lankans deserve no less.

Therefore, REVERSE THIS FLAWED POLICY and become a STRONG ALLY of Sri Lanka.

Put your MONEY where your MOUTH is and HELP Sri Lanka become the Shining New Wonder of Asia in the NEXT DECADE!

3 Responses to “How could the US be so wrong,”

  1. gdesilva Says:

    I believe that the US has just one objective – secure their markets and thereby secure their wealth. To achieve this they will do anything to dismantle growing markets and BOTH the Indian and the Chinese markets are a real threat to the US. The entire US foreign policy is geared towards breaking up potentially large markets so that it gives the US the upper hand in controlling them. The breaking up of the USSR, Trans Balkan Union (as envisaged by Marshal Tito, incorporating then Yugoslavia, Albania, Bulgaria etc), nipping the bud in the formation of African markets as envisaged by Gaddafi, are ample testimony for this. The US, no doubt wants to bring down China and dismantle this market but there is little doubt that they have the Indian market on their radar as well. If the US get their way, I believe, the break up India will be their first priority which gives them a foot in the door to carry out their scavenging job in China. Recent visit by the Secretary of State, Clinton, to TN to meet Jayalalitha is ample evidence for this. I may be wrong but I cannot recall a US Sec of State ever visiting a State Premier before this event.

  2. Naram Says:

    Uncle Sam has a policy dating back to a century the Monroe doctrine – ´Speak with a soft voice but carry a big stick´. The emerging powers are effectively encircled Russia with Georgia, Ukraine and Azerbijan. India coulld be destabilised by foementing racism in Tamilnadu, and problems in China are created by Ugur nationalism, capitalism rising Mongolia with its huge natural reserves and instability in Tibet and North Korea. At times India may seem dancing in the paw of the big powers but RAW is said to be far more adapt at making the right moves in the global chess game.

  3. aravinda Says:

    For five thousand years of human history, except for last two hundred years of European colonization, China was Worlds No.1 economy. India was No.2. These nations are reclaiming their rightful place. Direct attacks to break up China and India is impractical. USA is acting like a Hyena. Attack peripheral targets and make to main target weak.

    Destruction of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq is now compete. Isolation is Myanmar is effective. Destruction if Laos, Kampuchea and Vietnam has weaken them for 100 years. Thailand is Switzerland of Asia, takes no sides. Now the time to attack Iran and Sri Lanka. If these two nations lacked steadfast leadership of today, if a Shah or a Wickramasinghe was in charge, we would have been rolled by now. These nations are discredited with manufactured evidence of war crimes and human rights abuses. USA killed nearly million Iraq civilians in the oil robbery. Harking on 3 white flag waving terrorists ( possibly suicide bombers) is the latest joke. Today it is hard to withstand the great military power of USA. But like 26 Empires of human history, this too will come to an end.

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