Giving in to TNA is buttressing the old “Little now and more later” policy of Tamil Arasu Kadchi
Posted on February 22nd, 2012

Asada M Erpini

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK) as one of its constituent parties. The latter was founded in 1949 by Chelvanayakam, Vanniasingam and Naganathan. “Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi was shrewdly morphed into Federal Party for use by the English educated non-Tamil Sri Lankans, but the original term meant a Tamil nation, with no reference whatsoever to federalism. “The concept of federalism itself is anathema, as it was then, to the majority of Sri Lankans, who have the right to decide on the form of governance based on universal suffrage.

 The clamour for separatism, and with it depriving the Sinhalese and the Moors the right to settle in the North, existed for more than a century. During the period 1908-1912, the Tamil Chiefs in Jaffna and Batticaloa had stated that they were not interested in settling in the Vanni, because of the unhealthy climate, but added that they did not want to admit Sinhalese or Moors either (emphasis mine).

 In 1918 the Jaffna Association introduced the 50-50 representation demand (50% for the Sinhalese, 25% for Tamils and 25% for Moors), although the Tamils whose interests were being presented by their so-called educated representatives were a mere 4% of the population. It is somewhat of an ironical coincidence that the proportion of this group is no different today. The 50-50 demand was later repeated by G.G. Ponnambalam in 1939 as 50% for the Sinhalese and 50% for the minorities.

 Even the phrase “Tamil speaking people” was not something that emerged during the past few decades during the time that the LTTE held sway over two thirds of the land mass in Sri Lanka, and its progeny, the TNA, was giving it legitimacy through representation in the Parliament: Sir P. Ramanathan claimed in 1890 that Tamil speaking Muslims were Tamils.

 Chelvanyakam’s motto was “Little now and more later”, and it is hardly surprising that the TNA of today is pursuing the same goal using a spurious 13th Amendment. The Vadukkodai Resolution of 1976, which was unanimously adopted by the anti-Sri Lanka Tamil groups, gave the militant youth of the North who had faced social deprivation “”…” Lo and behold, not by Sinhalese but by their own upper class and upper caste Vellala Tamils “”…” the impetus to take up arms against an imaginary discrimination by the majority Sinhalese. The LTTE leader, who is reported as having been a vadai seller in Velvetiturai “”…” grabbed the opportunity with glee and used the opportunity to gain respectability through the TNA, with the latter presenting themselves as the elected representatives of the Tamil speaking in Sri Lanka.

 Among the major mistakes that Sri Lanka did was not showing the rest of the world the real state of affairs within the country. Except for the isolated episodes of disharmony, initiated by groups of self-serving individuals, at times backed by their masters in the political establishment, Sri Lanka never experienced inter-ethnic or inter-religious clashes on a continuing basis. A prime example of the harmony that existed, and continues even today, is Kandy, the second largest city of the country, which is often projected as the epitome of Sinhalese and Buddhist culture. Within the complex that houses the Temple of the Holy Tooth Relic “”…” a pristine place of veneration not only for Buddhists in Sri Lanka but also for those from far and beyond its boundaries “”…” there is a series of temples dedicated to Hindu gods. Move a few metres from there, and one comes across an Anglican church which highlights the history and adds to the variegated tapestry of Kandy. A few hundred metres southwards is another Hindu Temple, where the Tamils as well as the Sinhalese worship the gods that they believe in. The icing of the cake is the large mosque further down and the massive Hindu temple complex right in the centre of the city, near the main Police Station. It is unlikely that any other nation in the world can compete with Sri Lanka as regards tolerance of other faiths and beliefs, although the poor country is being bombarded with missiles of concocted human rights violations.

 TNA and its leaders, who apparently find it easier to travel to South Africa, the UK, Australia, the USA or Canada and London starting from Colombo than going to Tellipalai, Point Pedro or Chavakachcheri from Jaffna town, need to be told in clear terms that there are only two options on offer: either be true Sri Lankans and abandon demands that would pave the way for separation or go back to the land from where their forefathers descended on Sri Lanka and live happily ever after in a mono-ethnic enclave.

5 Responses to “Giving in to TNA is buttressing the old “Little now and more later” policy of Tamil Arasu Kadchi”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    The problem is no Kandys in the north, yet.

    That is the problem. The problem is in the north and NOT elsewhere because the north like Tamil Nadu, is Tamil only. We have to change this. That is the ONLY solution.

  2. Charles Says:

    I agree with Lorenzo.

    We seem to take things too easy. Why are the people responsible dilly dallying on the issue of breaking away from the mono ethnic situation in the North and start settling Sinhala people in the North ?

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    When the Megalomaniac ethnically cleansed the North giving only 48 hours notice, He chased away 80,000 Muslims and 20,000 Sinhalese. THE GOVERNMENT HAS TOTALLY IGNORED REHABILITATING THEM SO FAR. The LTTE looted all their belongings, including Gold Jewellery. What has the government done about it.??? They are only appeasing the Tamils for International consumption.

    Many contributors to the Lanka Web have expressed their views, that North and East has to be Multi-Ethnic, to stop the TNA in its tracts. Can we see the Legislators making a move ?

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    The north has best schools in the country except Colombo. After war these schools are developed more than any other schools in the country!

    Even Colombo area is fast becoming Tamil only! That means Colombo schools will also be lost to Sinhalese and Muslims pretty soon.

    Education can change the future of RELATIVE prosperity of Tamils and non-Tamils.

    So the obvious choice is to settle Sinhalese and Muslims in the north. East is almost done. I recon we should concentrate on the north now.

    DESTROY the mono ethnic nature of the north NOW before its too late. If we can’t settle Sinhalese and Muslims, at least bring Bangladeshis, non-Muslim Africans, Burmese or whatever and settle them there. Good schools, PLENTY of food including fish, crabs, palmyra, coconuts. Our enemy is TNA voters. They are 229,000 and growing MOSTLY concentrated in the north. I would do ANYTHING to wipe them out peacefully.

    We MUST OUTNUMBER TNA voters in the north by WHATEVER means. We did it in the east against STIFF resistence from ITAK, communist jokers and other fools. Look what has happened today. TNA runs away from the east! One or two seats and that too try to cross to govt side.

    Give the medicine that WORKED in the east to the north FORCIBLY. It should be given forcibly because TNA voters don’t admit they are sick. But we all know they are.

    Can’t wait to hear Sampanthan howling like a dog mauled by a pack of wolves.

  5. lingamAndy Says:

    Susantha Wijesinghe
    North and East has to be Multi-Ethnic- Agreed
    but who create this ethnic region ?
    eg: 1956 to 1983 every Tamil Sinhala Ethnic raites Tamil were send to N&EP ( including estate Tamil)
    if they were sent to Hanpanthodai or south We would have this problm now?

    Yes agreed in long term permante solution , We need Multi Ethinic in all 9 provinces like Kandy !
    but best solution for this problme is implement 13A fully !!! No short cut !!!
    than bann all rasit party ( TNA, MC , JU …) than pass the law ( like 16A in india) to ban separation !
    We can turn our Monther lanka to better than Sinhapor our night !

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