India May Turn Against Lanka at the UNHRC
Posted on February 24th, 2012

Dilrook Kannangara

It is obvious USA will move a resolution against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC session later this month. Noticeably they have done their homework. EU has already stated its position on the likely resolution. They are in the process of collecting support from the 46 member commission for an independent investigation into alleged war crimes. Relying on India is an absolute disaster. India has a history of fooling Lanka. The Indo-Lanka Peace Accord of 1987 promised to disarm the LTTE but nothing of the sort happened. Ultimately Lanka ended up disarming the LTTE all alone while agreeing to a political solution in exchange of India’s promise of disarming the LTTE. Today the Indian Foreign Minister, the US Secretary of state and the US Assistant Secretary of state speak the same language.

The geopolitical shift of India is all too obvious. Feared by a soaring China, India and USA have become strange bedfellows. India which is a temporary member of the UN Security Council voted with the USA and against its traditional weapons supplier, trusted friend and partner “”…” Russia on Syria. It also voted against Russia and with USA at the UN General Assembly. Sri Lanka was absent from voting. India has come to a similar agreement with Russia over China as it came to with Sri Lanka in 1987. Under this agreement Russia is prevented from selling weapons to the lucrative Chinese market. But India recently broke ranks with Russia buying Rafale jets from France for $11 billion. It is a definite indication of India’s changing geopolitical preferences. Russia and China must cooperate on defence and sharing military technology against the latest US bastion in the region – India.

It is an open secret India and USA trying to disintegrate Pakistan. Balochistan which is the largest state of Pakistan is fighting separatism funded by India and USA. Their plan is to separate Balochistan from Pakistan and merge it with Baloch regions of Iran and Afghanistan to create a large nation covering vital coastal areas of Pakistan and Iran. This new nation will be a subservient nation of the US like Kosovo and will have vital seaports including Gwadar. Gwadar port of Pakistan is partnered with China and is situated in the Balochistan state. It is one of the “ƒ”¹…”pearls’ in the US and Indian created myth of “ƒ”¹…”string of pearls’. It was rumoured in Indian media about Sri Lanka providing counter insurgency expertise to Pakistan to fight Balochistan separatist terrorists. This is another point of diversion between Sri Lanka and India/USA. Only last week a resolution was passed in the US House of Representatives to recognize the right of self determination of Balochistan!

Sri Lanka is involuntarily dragged into these regional power games.

Dr Dayan Jayatilake a staunch Indian supporter in global matters has realised this danger. His support of Indian involvement in Lanka is all too well known. But he too has come to his senses over US-Indian manoeuvrers against Sri Lanka. In an article he now claims USA and India pushing Lanka towards China.

Sri Lanka tried to piggyback on India to overcome US-EU sanctions on Iran but India refused to accommodate Lanka. Sanctions on Iran are taking a very heavy toll on Sri Lankan oil prices as expected as the local refinery can process mainly Iranian crude oil. India and China have come to agreements with Iran to buy oil and paying it in local currency. Had Lanka partnered with China, this disaster would not have happened.

This is the context within which the UNHRC session will be held. Lankans must get support from members loyal to China and Pakistan without relying on India. The truth is India has no loyal members! Overreliance on India will cause a shock at the session when India may vote in favour of the US resolution. Tamil Nadu pressure is mounting on India to do so.

No compromise should be reached at the UNHRC. A compromise allows Indian and US interferers to land in the island from time to time and dictate terms. No political solutions under pressure. The US resolution should be outright defeated. The fact that the former Army Commander is now deposed and without power means the Sri Lankan Army is capable of conducting an objective investigation into specific individual cases alleged by various quarters. USA regularly carries out similar internal investigations. The matter should not be postponed either as it can be sorted out at this session.

Long term plans should be put in place to prevent economic reliance on USA and EU. European colonials tied the national economy to slavery through the deliberate destruction of agriculture and replacing it will tea and rubber plantations powered by Indian slaves. Neo colonials follow the same strategy today. Garment industry is also based on slavery on which the nation depends. USA is the largest export destination of local produce. Unless this dependency vicious cycle is broken, there is no way this nation can go against harakiri prescriptions of USA and EU. New export destinations must be found in China, Eastern Europe and Russia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia. Their economies grow faster than USA and EU!

The local economy which is mostly in the hands of anti-nationalists must be handed over to nationalists while retaining the commercial focus. Attempts by US and EU based LTTE Rump from gaining a stranglehold on the economy should be defeated. The Singaporean business model of state owned commercial entities should be introduced. Supported by tax breaks and state patronage, they should be promoted against Indian, US, EU and Tamil Diaspora owned businesses in the island.

6 Responses to “India May Turn Against Lanka at the UNHRC”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    There is no Tamil Diaspora it is South Indian Stateless Diaspora.

  2. nandimitra Says:

    For centuries Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese has had one enemy and that is India. The country has had multiple invasions. Destruction has been the way of this despicable country. India has never been a friend of Sri Lanka and will never be. The sad story is that our so called ruling classes who should have a bipartisan agreement on its relationship with India have a Ahei Hamuduruwane Mentality Our politicians go on their bended needs at every turn to India and they treat our country as a surrogate state. Their foreign ministers walk in and out of the country and make all sorts of unreasonable demands. Until we have a ruling class of men with vision and character Sri Lanka will continue to be the political football of India and the west.

  3. Christie Says:

    It is India who trained and armed its Tamil terrorists outfit. Its intelligence service trained them in Palestinian Refugee Camps and in Tamil Nadu, India.

    I an sure some of you must have seen reports and pictures of this activity.

    Indian wants Trincomalee then and now and will do whatever it takes to achive it. Trincomalee is a natural deep water harbour that is very important when it comes to submarines, specially nuclear powered submarines.

    India erased the “Sirima Shastri Pact” when the 13th amendment and the IPK were rammed in.

    A peace keeping force to checkout their own Tamil terrorist outfit!

    If you live in the West and look a bit around you will see what Indian agents are doing.

    Sinhalese have an obligation to the world, that is to stand up to India.

    US and Blake etc are acting for the Indian hedgemony.

    Navi Pillai is a Tamil and is a Indian colonial Parasite from South Africa.

  4. Ben_silva Says:

    I have mentioned many times that we live in a war zone, need to learn lessons and acquire skills and defence capabilities to survive. Our historical enemies are the Tamils and not te general Indians. So we have to be careful not to make unnecessary enemies. Even amongst the Tamils there are many good people and the dangerous ones are the racist, Chola minded Tamils. We cannot survive by giving up desires and seeking Nirvana. We have to give priority to defence and survival rather than religion.
    I agree with Christie that in UK, Indians will not have morals and will grab any thing from any body. Unfortunately, this is the impression given by some Indians operating in the West. SAo really, we have to safeguard our only home country from greedy Indians.

  5. Christie Says:

    We Sinhalese stood up to invaders from the Indian sub continent until they came with the British.

    Now there are no Tamil or other Nations in Indian subcontinent. It is India; a union created by the British, the dowry from Raj to Rani including its dominions like ceylon, Fiji, Kenya…

    Globe has changed and we have to stand up to India. Like the Britian India can only be kept intact by impo`

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Almost all our problems started/start with too many Tamil people coming into Lanka, first through the colonists Dutch &
    British, and next through illegal migration, almost all from Tamil Nadu. Lanka is a the trampoline used to first create a ruckus here and then jump to the west as refugees. Once there complaints are made up and presented to various VIPs. Bribes are given, votes are cast in return for harassing Lanka for Eelam, which suits some foreign powers very well. This is the modus operandi.

    At least now, Lanka should deport all illegal migrants.

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