Is Miriam Shahrzard Schive, Robert Blake’s undercover agent in Geneva to have a resolution passed against Sri Lanka ?
Posted on February 24th, 2012

By Charles.S.Perera 

Robert O Blake has taken it seriously to take revenge from Sri Lanka for the elimination of his dear  terrorist friends. Could any one understand why the USA is taking such a low and an incomprehensible attitude to  pass a resolution in the coming HRCouncil meeting in Geneva against Sri Lanka, when Sri Lanka compared to most other countries in the world has carried out a remarkable military operation  to remove terrorism from Sri Lanka ? 

 Sri Lanka did not in any way put the people of the country into danger or to any risk in its military operations against the terrorists.

 In Libya USA and its Western allies had found a strong man “”…”a Dictator who would not listen to the West. But the Leaders of the Government of  Sri Lanka on the contrary listen to the West, when they are not seeking disruption of the country. 

 In the Middle East the West continues to view the massacres and almost an unending  situation of confrontation to step into encourage the rebellious elements, rather than forcing  the political leaders in the  area into a dialogue.  Best way out in the Middle East is unite all  Arab States  and let them  find  a suitable political system.

 The USA and its allies  should stop intervening and  arm rebels to continue the people’s manifestations culminate into civil wars.  The intention of the USA and its allies   is to intervene militarily with the NATO Forces as they did in Libya, when the manifestations supported by them turn into a civil war. 

 In Sri Lanka the USA and the West should stop  intervention  as there is nothing Serious taking place in Sri Lanka after the elimination of the terrorists.  Therefore the ridiculous “drama” that is being enacted by the USA and its Western allies along with the UN Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay is uncalled for interference in to a Sovereign state which after  30 years of suffering under terrorism is trying to organize the Communities and develop the country.

 On the 21 February, 2012  e-mails had been sent to participating Member States of the UN Human Rights Council  and the Diplomatic Missions, signed by one  Miriam Shahrzard Schive of the USA Mission in Geneva, trying to mislead the Member States that the  resolution that is to be presented by the USA at the Meeting  on the 27 February, 2012 has the agreement of the Government of Sri Lanka .

 It is very unbecoming of a supposed to be Leading Nation of the world resort to such low ruse to get the independent Member States of the HR Council to vote for  a resolution it is  putting forward to which Sri Lanka government is overwhelmingly opposed.

 Without asking the very pertinent question why there is no such resolution against the USA and its Allies for violation of human rights and war crimes  is not presented to the HR Council, it is nevertheless important to emphasise that Sri Lanka needs no resolution passed against it  at the HR Council as there is no proof of Human Rights violations,  as what Sri Lanka did to eliminate terrorism is what any government in its place would do to eliminate terrorism in its own country.

 If there had been any wrongs done to the people of the country, it is up to the country to make an investigation and not a foreign power which would know of “violation of human rights”  looking from far.  What you see from far is not the same as what is seen in the close up.  In order to have a clear conscience on the matter the Government of Sri Lanka appointed its own  Commission of investigation the LLRC and it is conscientiously preparing to carry out the recommendations of the LLRC.

 The Government of Sri Lanka is therefore not responsible for any one, but to its own people that justice is done to them.  Therefore the high level meetings and false criminal underhand moves that are being enacted in Geneva by the USA and  its Western allies are unnecessary, other than to discredit and destabilize a developing country.

 Three years  after  the elimination of terrorism in Sri Lanka the country has taken tremendous steps forward  for the  Development  of the country in different fields such as that of economy, social welfare , education, health, agriculture and building construction and road development.  Through out that period the USA and  its allies had given in to the pro-Tamil expatriate Tamil Communities and on their behalf is even to day carrying out a campaign of destabilisation.

 It is time that the USA and  its allies look after their own problems of which they are not short,  without unnecessarily interfering into the affairs of the Government of Sri Lanka seeking investigation into its past, as Sri Lanka has turned a new page and needs peace and independence from  unnecessary intruders to disrupt its progress. 

 These interference of the USA and the West is all the more unnecessary as an investigation into what ever happened  at the last phase of the elimination of terrorists helps neither the people of the country or the Tamil expatriates who have no real interest in the country other than to disrupt the development of the country as a revenge for the elimination of  their venerated Terrorists.  Their interference only bars the efforts of reconciliation of communities in Sri Lanka.

4 Responses to “Is Miriam Shahrzard Schive, Robert Blake’s undercover agent in Geneva to have a resolution passed against Sri Lanka ?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Good to know but we should ACT.

    Destroy the interests of Tamil racists in SL in retaliation. That will teach USA a lesson.

  2. desh Says:

    When Blake visits Lanka, or anywhere our people are, give him food with sahinda lunu.
    That’s make him think straight sitting on the toilet bowl…

  3. Christie Says:

    US elections are not far away and every cent toward the Democrats funds is important.

    There were a lot of money from Indians in the US going to democrats.

    Blake & co is paying back.

    I am sure the motion will fail. Even if it passes it will be hard to implement it.

  4. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear Mr. Charles Perera,

    After reading your article I am bewildered, but NOT surprised at all, to what length Tamil Diaspora, including some Indians go to discredit a country for DEFEATING TERRORISM. (India nurtured & funded LTTE).

    USA & UN and others supportiing US action in any part of the world are all guilty of HR violations not onlythe world body, but in every facets of life in the West. Western countries pretend not to know about LTTE & their atrocities. They (LTTE) rump and their FRONT organizatios extend to all countries in the World.

    Credit Card scheming, Prostitution, Human Smuggling, capmaign contributions to whatever party in the countries where elections are forthcoming, and then have free access to politicians to ask for I.O.Us…This is what happened to Foreign Secretary of UK, he couldn’t even hold on to his seat even with LTTT backing.

    Yet, countries in the EU, UK & USA continue to be sympathetic to their cause. Anything & everything to criticize Sri lanka. Because we lankans never listened to these ” bags of troussers”(as English calkl them) then or now. Tamils will worship these parasites who live on misery of others.

    If they can’t invade, they will sure de-stablaize a country for not following their orders. Mr. Perera as I have suggested to other writers to Lankaweb, few people who have means & capacity join hands & convince our President to abolish 13th ammendment in any form.

    Never give into India or TNA both are as corrupt as can be. Re: merging of North & East the ONLY answer is to amalgamate EASTERN Province with Southern Province so that this MERGING of two provinces ( North & East) will be dead as the LTTE.

    I plead people of your stature to connect with right individuals and present solutions to HE President so that he would have enough input to carry out developing our country. Re: Comprehensive Free trade with India, India should JUST forget about it. India is still reaping benefits at the expence of Sri lanka.

    Just like Canada / USA free trade agreemnet, it is always the strong power will benefit at the expense of the weak. USA benefits at the expense of Canada.

    Indian visitors, buisness people streaming down to our Paradise (Sri Lanka) must leave ONCE they conclude their business. There should be special screening whenever an Indian enters Sri lanka, unlike other visitors Indians must be scrutinized thouroughly as to what purpose they come & when they plan to leave and so on.

    Why is it Colombo 41% of the population is Tamils & they do not allow other Sri lankans in general & in particular Sinhalese from buying properties. While this is happening our people are turning the other way as it is none of our business(attitide).

    If this goes on in Sri lanka the majoriy race will be Tamils & Indians, while Sinhalese will be a minority.

    JUST voicing my opinions & concerns about Sri lanka…….Thanks very much for the opportunity~ Gamunu- Canada

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