Louise Frechette vs. Ambassador Maj.General Shavendra Silva at the UN
Posted on February 24th, 2012

Asoka Weerasinghe  Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

24 February 2012


Madame Louise Frechett 
Chair of the Senior Advisory Group in UN 
New York, New York , US

Dear Madame:

After hearing your bombastic arrogance throwing your weight around and ostracizing  Ambassador Major Gen. Shavendra  Silva, one of my heroes,  who was nominated by the Asia Group to be a member of a UN  Committee,  a female acquaintance of mine from a little unsophisticated  town in Quebec during a get together came running to me and asked”¦ “Hey Asoka, wat is cum-mun between  Arbour and Freshette?   It really no tricky queschion”.

I thought a little bit”¦.scratched my head”¦and said”¦.  “Sweet Mother of Jesus”¦Hallelujah”¦for once I got the handle of a difficult tricky question.  Both are Louise’s, and both were born in Montreal, right?”

“De ar nut only Louise Arbour and Louise Freschette, and study at Universite de MontrƒÆ’†’©al, de also Ar–schittes embarrassing Canadianne!” she responded.

“How so?” I asked. She went on to explain in Quebecois English your outrageous high handed, abrasive action against Sri Lanka’s Ambassador Major General Shavendra Silva. Your UN etiquette is for the pits Madame.  After all the Ambassador was appointed with a decision taken by the Asia Pacific Group after lengthy consideration complying with the GA resolution 65/289.

So what was your problem, Madame?  Is it the case of “If  you are white, you are alright but if you are black then go back!”  Or is it that you have difficulty to give prominence to an Asian Army Officer who had helped other Sri Lankan Armed Forces personnel to eliminate the scourge of the Tamil Tiger terrorism after a 27 year bloody war that witnessed the assassination of two heads of state, Rajiv Gandhi of India and President Premadasa of Sri Lanka, while the  “ƒ”¹…”white-man’s’ NATO forces are still struggling to overcome the Taliban’s who are adapting military strategies and  home-made  military technologies of the Tamil Tigers to kill the American and our Canadian soldiers.  Or did you think that you are sitting on the thrown of your own little United Nations Kingdom ordering the  foreign, exotic staff around  you with sheer pompous, arrogance.  What is it Madame?

Whatever it is Madame, your action is sordid.  It reminds me how Minister Victor Toews told the Canadian parliamentarians on 17 June 2008, that our Canadian Louise (Arbour) was indeed an embarrassment to Canada.  I wonder whether he would apply the same norms to you and remind you that the UN is not your Grandmother’s estate nor your Fairly Tale Kingdom that  have turbaned Asians fanning you while sitting on your prima donna’s thrown.

Little wonder why this young  political savvy Quebecois assessed the situation at the UN and described the two prominent Canadian Louise’s as Canadianne embarrassing “ƒ”¹…”ar–schittes’.

And by the way, Ambassador Major General Shavendra Silva is my hero not because he and his military buddies got rid of the Tamil Tiger terrorists and their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran shot in the Nandikadal muddy lagoon, on 18 May, 2009, but it is because they gave back 22 million innocent Sri Lankans their “ƒ”¹…”right-to-life’ which was hijacked by the Tamil Tigers for 27 bloody years, curtsey of India, Norway, Canada, France, UK and several other nations,  that you nor Louise Arbour, nor Ban ki-Moon nor Human Rights NGO’s like AI and HRW  have still  got to acknowledge.  POX on all of you, I say for being so crass, and unimpassioned towards my people in Sri Lanka who suffered for 324  hemorrhaging months and not the last 5 months of this unnecessary Tamil Tiger war that you all are hiccupping about.

Madame, just snap out of your dreamland.  The UN is not your Fairy Tale Kingdom with turban Asians fanning you, nor is it your grandmother’s Montreal Estate, nor are you sitting on a make believe thrown studded with Quebec’s polished Tourmalines and Hessonite garnets and flaying your arms ordering  foreign staff around you.

Oh, by the way Madame, are you not the same Louise Freschette of the UN who got caught up with the Iraq-oil-for-food scandal and had to resign?  Just curious!

  Get real lady.  We Canadians know sweet nothing about terrorism.  Ask a Sri Lankan and they will tell you what it was to be living when a Tamil Tiger Kalashnikov barrel was staring at them and they had to be vigilant not to walk near a parcel at a street corner, and learn the art of tiptoeing through the tulips as there were landmines buried all over like in farms of mushroom  during rush hours in case they blow them up to smithereens

Ambassador Major General Shavendra Silva, stopped all that and gave back to the 22 million people a life.  And so you are obnoxious to this  good man who was a God’s send to these 22 million people.  That is a reality check for you Madame Frechette.  No wonder that young Quebecoise said that the two famous  Montreal Louise’s “Ar–schiites”.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

5 Responses to “Louise Frechette vs. Ambassador Maj.General Shavendra Silva at the UN”

  1. Leela Says:

    If a chairperson of UN Senior Advisory Group on Peacekeeping Operations could reject a nominee appointed by its Asia-Pacific Group on the grounds that, that appointee is alleged to have committed war crimes by rump of some cruel and vicious terrorists and their backers then on the same token, the UN also should withhold members of SL forces taking part in ‘UN peace keeping’ on the grounds that they have obeyed orders of the said nominee.
    What a joker this womn is!

  2. douglas Says:

    As our Permanent Representative based in Geneva said, these accomplices of LTTE rump, including the UNO Head of Administration who have “infiltrated” into this world body must be investigated and brought to book and accounted for the visible and deliberate actions purported against a member nation. The lead role was played by no lesser person than Ban Ki Moon in appointing some equally questionable persons to a “Panel Of Experts” to report on Sri Lanka war against terrorism. When that action was questioned, he slowly skipped the accountability by stating that it was only a report to him and it will never be made an “official report” of the UNO. But he plotted to bring it before the previous meeting of the UNHRC sessions through the lead role played by the Canadian Government Representatives and thanks to our representatives getting the wind of it at a dinner party averted that covert plot hatched against Sri Lanka.

    This time, before your fellow Canadian Louise Frechette took action, the Commissioner at UNHRC Ms. Naveneethan Pillai wrote to Secretary General of UNO expressing her distaisfaction and stopped short of asking him to withdraw the appointment of Mr. Shavendra Silva to this Committee. She chose to igonore that Mr. Silva is the nominee of the South Asian countries to this Committee. This was followed by the deliberate high handed action of this women Louise Frechette from Canada.

    The question now before the members of UNO is: ARE WE GOING TO TRUN A BLIND EYE TO THE DETERIORATING

    I have raised this question in many of my comments in these columns and had drawn the attention of the authorities concerned to raise this issue in the highest level i.e. at the General/Security Council meetings and initiate action to investigate these unethical actions and bring to book the personnel concerned, inrrespective of their standings in the organization.

    As Asoka says, no person shall be allowed to treat the UNO as a “KINGDOM OF THEIR OWN” to sit in comfortable pedestals and use such positions to scoff the small nations who have equal status and rights as those of the so called Big Powers . These “bull terrier” type of bureaucrats planted by the Western Powers must be muzzled sooner than later for the general welfare of the world.

    Over to you all expatriate patriots of my country to raise awareness of this urgent need of today.

  3. Marco Says:

    Let us put this in perceptive without over dramatising like Asoka (dramatic Queen – but entertaining nonetheless)

    Asoka should be made aware that it was SRI LANKA that was endorsed by the Asia Group to participate in the SAG as per the Asia Group Minutes.

    It was Sri Lanka (in particular the President, against the advise of External Affairs Minister) that nominated Shavendra Silva to represent Sri Lanka.
    Why does the Sri Lankan Administration walk through glass doors time and again?

    The Asia Group endorsed the statement given by Frechette. Why not have a go at the Asia Group?

    It is not Frechette vs Shavendra Silva. It is SAG vs Sri Lankan nominated Shavendra Silva.

    Leela, makes an interesting point- “the UN also should withhold members of SL forces taking part in ‘UN peace keeping’ on the grounds that they have obeyed orders of the said nominee”

    Banki Moon has no back-bone. He is in my opinion a dithering idiot unable to make an informed decision

  4. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    61 years old Montreal born Louise Frechette is a former UN deputy under secretary general who had to leave in disgrace for her scandalous role in the food-for-oil program in Iraq, after being criticized by former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker.

  5. Ben_silva Says:

    Lanka need a team for intelligence gathering to find out background information on UN officials. Also a good team is needed to communicate with the world.
    GOSL need to inform the whole world that terrorism was funded from the West, generally with money raised from bogus refugees, who obtained refugee status by lying through their teeth. The same Western counties favoured Tamils and discriminated against the Sinhalese, perhaps continuing the divide and rule policy they practiced during colonal time. Canada has allowed in a large number of bogus refugees.

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