Hello America!(and WEST)-The Human Rights allegations to be advocated against Sri Lanka by USA at the UNHRC on 27th Feb. 2012., solicited by their duped hound NGO’s, LTTE Cohorts & other parasites.
Posted on February 26th, 2012

by mahinda karuanaratne

You point one finger at us, four towards you.

The shameless America and West is relentlessly attacking on us the Sri Lanka an innocent nation,  and its majority the Sinhela as if we are uncivilized because the words being used portray that they are equating us to barbarians and jingoistic, bellicose community.

This is what the corrupted minds of the west (due to their pre Churchian Devil Worship Cult practice and later Churchian fallacy had planted in their minds) cannot understand about other very civilized nation well before them (west), and well mannered and fully civilized much long before the then scanty clad, bellicose, jingoistic, murderous westerners.

Since the Buddhism emerged in India, its influence and acceptance by the rulers in Sri Lanka, revitalized already civilized Sinhela nation and became totally non violent, loving kind, proud nation who was self satisfied in agriculture, irrigation, arts and crafts, trade etc. to which ample evidence is still in tact in olden kingdom cities, much have been visited by many civilized, scholarly people from the west and so on.

When our forefathers were civilized and doing Irrigation marvels the West was clad in scanty or no cloths, and now pointing finger at us, threatening and criticizing of what?

Since the history known, It was West who went of rampage of conquering secular countries towards the east, murdered innocent people in thousands and millions, destroyed their cultures, religions and devastated, then all valuables taken away, establishing their rule of law at Sward or Gun and forced to follow  their book (Bible fallacy) and forcibly converted and engaged in all kinds of harassing and assassinations against innocent people of their subject countries.

The British prisoner escaped from  kings custody, Robert Knox has written who Sinhela nation was and how they lived, if any one wants to know about it.

Has any one forgotten that it was British who invaded Australia, massacred the Aborigines and made it a British Colony, many other countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America which need not be mentioned and repeated.

Irish pirates who invaded Americas, annihilated Red Indians and overtook their motherland, and throughout the history they invaded secular countries, plundered, massacred people and did and doing policing on their own new world order known to be the Neo Colonialism. That’s the history the America or the West cannot wipe off or cover.

Lets go to the recent history of how much murders the America has committed alone;

–         Massacre of 5 millions in Vietnam by use of Agent orange and relentless bombing

–         Massacre or millions in Korean War

–         Massacre, Wholesale slaughter of millions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by use of nuclear bombs

–         Massacre of millions in Iraq 

–         Thousands being killed in Afghanistan now


–         Many thousands killed in Egypt & Libya


We know for sure tomorrow  in Syria, Iran, then Pakistan, India & China are your next targets.

But America must keep in mind that you are destined to learn the lessons never learned when engaged with IRAN, so do the Israel, your half brother. 

Who kills or killed these humans and inflicted destruction on lives and properties belonged to some one else’s land and where is the War Crimes Inquiry for these horrendous crimes?

That’s  the  America the country pointing finger at we innocent Sri Lanka now.  Did the UN (Puppet) ever uttered a word about these crimes by America?


Lets come back to Sri Lanka,

America alone and their Western allies accuses SLG of killing population of North is the main allegation brought up since the elimination of that ruthless, proxy army the LTTE from our motherland. Why, simply because they were your (America’s) lackey.  They were proxy ARMY of the Vatican.

America simply grumble at Mahinda Rajapaskha govt., for  war crimes purposely perpetrated by interested parties who wants to throw him out of power, establish a puppet regime here who will be servile to America and West, then divide our beloved motherland, bring UN Force, do every doggy thing as you did in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Serbia, Sudan, Iraq, Egypt,  & Libya  etc. etc.

America !  Where were you when ruthless LTTE was killing innocent (Sinhela) people in villages in the north, south all over the country?

Where were you when LTTE bombed trains, buses, offices, the Central bank, Tourist hotels, Central bus stand and many other and finally our sacred Temple of tooth relic?

Where were you when LTTE massacred 600 Police force in eastern province?

Where were you and UN during the time UNP massacred over 100,000 Sinhela youths in 88/89 in which regime the Ranil Wickremasinghe was a minister?

Where were you and UN when the Tire Pyre was ablaze all over Sri Lanka?

Where were you and UN when the famous Batalanda torture house was running where thousands of Sinhela youths were tortured to death by inhuman methods surpassing the Hitler’s torture camps?

Where were you and UN when the School students were wholesale slaughtered , buried and burnt in Sooriyakanda?

There are thousands of incidents to remind you that should be investigated which had taken place during the time of UNP regime and with the full blessings of Ranil Wickremasingha. Those culprits should be brought to the guillotine along with you before pointing your blood stained fingers at GSL and Mahinda Rajapaksha our beloved president.

Why you were simply silent on those and now talking all nonsense only about  May 2009?

The answer is simple, America and West is guided by the all powerful Church agenda, that if non Christian, they should be tormented, converted or else sent to extinction.

Why this sympathy for LTTE? Is solely because they are & blessed by Church.

America does not know today the people on the earth are intelligent and wise that every one knows what your secret agenda is. Yet, you have not learnt from your past mistakes and you are yet to learn America!

You are a bankrupt, corrupt, sinful country that try to teach other nations just as if a Crab teaching the cubs to walk straight. 

However much you are trying to portray a mass picture of fancy about America, You are today a bankrupt country with no morality or sanity in the society, drug addiction, intoxication, adultery, Prostitution, homosexuality, robberies, poverty, starvation, and homelessness is pouring. Handful of people in your country enjoys all the wealth and majority are suffering for day to day survival in a rat race. Slavery and forceful exploitation is over helming in America.  Immoral and mind corrupted, mentally sick are pouring all over the cities. Stealing and robberies during daylight.  Unemployment is souring.  With all these dirt in your own eyes, why you are trying to point at others whose eyes are clean?

Your polity, society,  morality are all totally corrupt, broken, distorted and you are in the same direction as the Roman empire was, or Greek, Spanish, or British to the destruction and committing sins that have no redeeming.

Your uncivilized soldiers in various fronts have been engaged and doing all insanity, from raping girls to pissing on enemy corpses, a truly shame on your nation. Harassing innocent people and unleashing hound dogs on prisoners a really shame to humanity.

In your country there are no values, but all devalues. Fornication is the order which does not bother Mother, Daughter, Father, Son or whoever. You exhibit and advocate all sins as joyful acts and had declared that is your super democracy, freedom and so on.

In your country there are no trade union rights, no strikes, the order is hire and fire policy instead. Then you alleges there are no human rights in other countries a blatant lie.

Your children cannot add or subtract a figure without a calculator, while in our country the small boy at vegetable vendor adds together dozen items by mind when the bunch is ready.

Ion your country majority does not know how to even use the computer, nor some people can read and write. Here in our country our children just after the mothers lap knows how to use computer and does marvels. Your people do not know where is the next state or where on the earth the other country is, our children can draw a world map and mark all major countries and capital of the world by memory.

This is all because of your Greed, hatred and ignorance inculcated in your people’s minds, that you all think you Americans are the superior kind on the earth, granted,  and all others are subhuman’s on the earth. Thus your currency says a big joke on it ” we trust on god ”  (dog) “  Was there a spelling mistake is unknown, you are degrading even the Dog the best friend of man !

All right, such is to be expected from Hippy and Gipsy culture, which we need not be planted here and there.

Please don’t corrupt the world by introducing all ill will, hate greed and ignorance in the name of dog.

Continue your sins by harassing, tormenting and killing innocent nations, societies & people, but although you believe the Gody is there to forgive all your Doggy, the consequences of Cause & Effect is undeniable, uncontestable you will have no mercy from anywhere, the retribution is on the way.

We have sole rights to live in our motherland with peace and protect our Buddhist doctrine and environment, we do not go to invading other’s countries, nor we rob others resources. Therefore we need no body point fingers nor accuse us of Human rights or Crimes, when we are under danger from some evils, it is our govt. and forces who will protect us. This was the practice during the kingdoms in Sri Lanka ever since our history thousands of years before the America was even born. Therefore there no necessity to tell us as to what our affairs be.

We are innocent people who have no weapons, no nukes, but we have morality, sanity, and loving kindness towards even the enemy, what is inherited to us by the great unparallel philosopher the Lord Buddha ever born in this era on the mother earth and the quality that is not seen elsewhere on the earth.

Therefore, we appeal America to cover it’s own nudity than pointing fingers at us, look back at your own sins and wrong doings, then educate your people, give them food, water, medicines and clothing and a good education at least and teach them to be kind and tolerable towards other nations who are living hard way, but meritorious, does not do any thing wrong to you.

You will impose sanction on us, then we will live on hand to mouth level or starve, than you will be happy, you will prosper,  yet we will suffer and prevail. Unlike you, we need no Ham , Turkey & Cheese and Jack Daniel to quench our hunger. We can eat Rice, a Jackfruit or leaves from nature mother,  drink a coconut, or just water from a fall. Rice and Coconut chutney is our favorites before you gave that Diabetic spreader  shit Wheat. 

We know the difference between Mother, Father, Daughter and Son etc, no mix up as in your country. Up above all that we have our morality originating from Triple gem the  Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha that takes us on the right path to the salvation.

We love our motherland, we have a culture, we have a moral value. We have nothing to loose other than the very life, but its not the end of the episode and not worried as you people are. We live by merits, high morale and sanity, we deserve it in the cycle of existence, which you people will never afforded  or deserve.

Any problems in our own country, govt. leave it to us, we need no your intervention to it. We will deal with our own, which we have been doing here over 3500 years known history. You need not teach us reconciliation which we have already practiced and shown the world for thousands of years.

If you have self respect, Cover your nudity, eliminate your ill will, greed, hatred and ignorance and be generous, meritorious  kind and exemplary to other countries and nations, fix your own problems, so that you will be Ok, or else prepare for the Eternal Hell !

An innocent human from small island nation Sri Lanka.


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  1. Ben_silva Says:

    Reporters or bad sorces can mislead nations. One good example is Judith Miller. Please see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/newsnight/4486750.stm

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