Calls by International Community for accountability measures in Sri Lanka and stance of TNA
Posted on March 1st, 2012

Asada M Erpini

The Thirteenth Amendment, and whatever that comes after that, is the catch phrase for solving all the problems of Sri Lanka, or so it seems to the TNA and its supporters of all colours based in the affluent countries. It is unpardonable that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) projects its own intransigence as the unwillingness of the Rajapakse government to “even implement the provisions of the Constitution vis-ƒÆ’†’ -vis the Thirteenth Amendment”, as was reported in Hindu some time back, while its “ƒ”¹…”MPs’ receive their monthly emoluments at the average Sri Lankan taxpayer’s expense. What is so special about the 13th Amendment?  The 13th Amendment is just an illegitimate offspring that India dumped on Sri Lanka’s lap at a time when the former had its own plans of preventing the United States from entering as a player into the geopolitical arena in the Indian Ocean region.

 The TNA embraced the Darusman Report, produced by a handpicked team of the UN Secretary General, the members of which had an axe to grind against Sri Lanka or had affiliations to anti-Sri Lankan groups, with no reservations whatsoever. The TNA high command,, on the contrary, perceives the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission Report, which has been produced by a team of legal experts, as, “exceedingly vague” and as one that “fails to measure up to the past proposals”. Such statements naturally strengthen the actions of the anti-Sri Lankan groups in the West that are waiting for any morsel to buttress their attacks on a powerless nation.

 The TNA has been reported as desirous of Sri Lanka instituting reconciliation measures. All peace-loving Sri Lankans will gladly embrace such sentiments if the TNA is genuine. The issue that TNA unfortunately seems to have ignored is that it is the very same group “”…” the TNA – , and none other, that has to first change its pro-LTTE stance. The Sri Lanka government has done enough and more within a period of just over two years of concluding Eelam war VI that the TNA’s godfathers forced on the government and the people of Sri Lanka. A disproportionate amount of state funds is now being invested in rebuilding the infrastructure of the North, which belongs to all Sri Lankans and not merely to a few Tamils of an imaginary mono-ethnic Eelam, which was destroyed because of the actions initiated by the LTTE.

 If the TNA is ready to sever the umbilical cord to the LTTE rump and distances itself from the LTTE backers that obviously are egging it on towards their mythical Eelam, reconciliation should be a cakewalk: If Tamils constituting over 40% of the population in Colombo apparently have no problem living among the Sinhalese and other ethnic groups, the ethnic problem that has served as the trump card for many Eelamists, and for those who managed to emigrate to the rich West – but not to Tamil Nadu that has over 65 million of their blood relations – cannot be anything but a falsification of the true state of affairs in Sri Lanka.

 Sri Lanka had every right to use whatever means that was necessary to rid the country of the terrorist curse that plagued the nation for nearly three decades. Over 20 million today are happy that they can get about and engage in their daily chores without running the risk of being blown to smithereens by an LTTE bomb. Although the TNA “calls on the international community to institute measures that will advance accountability and encourage reconciliation in Sri Lanka”, Sri Lanka is capable of handling its own affairs without all these busy bodies poking their unwelcome fingers in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.

 Incidentally, what proportion of the population can the TNA claim to represent? Four per cent? Whatever the figure is, was it through free and fair election that the TNA leader and its vociferous spokesmen entered the Parliament of the sovereign State of Sri Lanka?

 The 13th Amendment talks of an amalgamation of the Northern and Eastern Provinces. It is the British Colonialists that drew up the boundaries for these provinces. If Sri Lanka is to go back in time, why not take a step beyond the Europeans invasions? The country had Ruhunu, Maya and Pihiti “”…” just three divisions “”…” and the chances are that the people can live happily today and ever after.  Of course, the TNA should be told in clear terms that it is in no position to dictate terms to the lawfully elected government “”…” more than two thirds of the voters had used their franchise to entrust their future to the current rulers.

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  1. lingamAndy Says:

    Asada M Erpini
    full implentation of 13A & LLCR is best realistic & practic solution to unit over diversity for ever !
    in next election if DD failed to implement any of this amenment his party EPDP will loos their deposit money !
    rasict TNA party will get 100% votes – I am sure We all do not want that situation !

    Only way We can send TNA home is full implementaion of 13A& LLCR before NP election this year & EP election next year !

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