Friends, Foes, Eunuchs and Lackeys
Posted on March 22nd, 2012

Janaka Yagirala

Before anything, the most sincere gratitude to all nations that voted against the US and EU (aka axis of evil) resolution against our motherland. Russia and China have always been our true friends. Same has to be said about brave little Cuba, living in the shadow of the Yankee empire. Heartiest thanks to Bangladesh, Congo, Ecuador, Indonesia, the Maldives, Mauritania, the Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Uganda.

The word eunuch best describes all countries that didn’t vote. Such feckless countries are no better than discarded dental floss. When a bully tries to meddle in their internal affairs, the leaders of Angola, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia and Senegal, can choose one of these; “The world is an evil place not because of evil people, because good people choose to do nothing” by Albert Einstein or the poem “First they came” by Martin NiemƒÆ’†’¶ller when no one speaks up against the injustice inflicted upon them.

The best words are saved for those countries that carried the latrine buckets for the US. Austria, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Spain and Switzerland no surprise at all. The only good news from Norway is that Erik Solheim has signed up for Norwegian unemployment benefits after the recent cabinet reshuffle. At least he will now be a social parasite to his own country instead of a pestilence to Sri Lanka. It is also good news for Belgium that the generation of people in the Congo who had their hands chopped off for disobeying under Belgian colonial tyranny are all but dead and gone. Spain can be happy that Fransisco Pizzaro and Hernan Cortes got away with massacring millions of Incas and Aztecs respectively. The Swiss can continue to enjoy their billions of laundered money.

The hunky nations of Poland, Hungary, the Czeck Republic, Moldova and Romania are vying for the position of most obedient servant and supplier of home grown human traffic to the western world. So again, there is no surprise in their voting preference. The Mexicans most probably didn’t want to jeopardize the jobs of their millions of janitor countrymen working in the US. To a lesser degree, the same can be said about Guatemala, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru and Uruguay. Keeping the US and EU aid handouts flowing is a necessity for Benin and Cameroon while Mauritius depends on offshore banking. In the case of Nigeria how about investigating the human rights of the 1 million or so Igbos massacred in during the Biafra conflict (fully backed by the west for Nigerian oil)? In the case of new lapdog Libya, its certainly no surprise.

India deserves a big thanks for showing its true colors. Now lets completely scrap the 13th Amendment, the “cancer” in our constitution. CEPA is also definitely down the drain for good, unless of course  completely lunatic politicians want to hasten their political suicide. I also kindly request the Defend Lanka Patriotic Foundation founded by Mr. Stanley Perera to consider legally challenging the shady Indian Oil Company and Tank Farm deal once the vile traitors of the TNA have been dealt with. IOC is the biggest eye sore of Indian imperialism in Sri Lanka. DLPF is indeed an organization that came into existence at the eleventh hour and will undoubtedly be in the forefront of safeguarding our military victory against terrorism for future generations.

The biggest irony is the fact that the resolution brought about by the biggest human rights violator on earth, is hardly worth a penny. All we Sri Lankans need to do is simply ignore it and see that the paper on which it is printed is reused for making paper bags or recycled. There is no need for “reconciliation” in Sri Lanka. It is an issue of integration and ending Tamil racism. Lets unite, stop the political solution nonsense, ensure people are given privileges based upon need and merit instead of ethnocentric bargaining and implement a proper economic plan to uplift the common citizen of our nation.

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  1. AnuD Says:

    The west has charter of rights to every person in the country. Yet they have developed elaboraqte schemes to help themselves and leave others behind.

    So, as you suggest, this thing also has so many positive effects. Think about those things and accomplish what we want.

    It is up to the govt to think.

    The problem is the govt was exploiting every thing for their advantage and Leaders thought their existence to be paramount. So, they neglect the country’s interests and tried to exploit everything.

    Now , sort of hit the wall.

  2. Dham Says:

    First and utmost important duty of the president is scrapping of India’s stupid 13A ( provincial councils) altogether.
    We have the 2/3 majority, so why wait ?
    Provincial councilors are murderos, drug dealers, ex-terrorist and other criminal anyway. President yesterday raised his concern on this. So send them home !
    This will send a message to the biggest human rigth violater USA whose crimes went unpunished anyway.

    After this can satrt drafting a better amendment for empowering people, professionals rather than elected idots. Let people select from a prequlified list of professional to run the country.
    Reduce the foolish, criminal and money wasting cabinet to a minimum. Appoint Mervin Silva as the embassidor to South India ! Duminda Silva to USA.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    There is no need for “reconciliation” in Sri Lanka. It is an issue of integration and ending Tamil racism. Lets unite, stop the political solution nonsense, ensure people are given privileges based upon need and merit instead of ethnocentric bargaining and implement a proper economic plan to uplift the common citizen of our nation.


    Could not have said it better myself!

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    CORDIAL ties with the USA & India to remain INTACT?

    You have GOT TO BE KIDDING! The USA is reigniting terrorism in Sri Lanka by giving oxygen to the separatists, and India, which initiated, funded and fostered Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka, just STABBED US IN THE BACK … AGAIN … in Geneva!

    And we are to “maintain cordial ties” as if nothing happened? BLOODY NONSENSE!

    Instead, Sri Lanka should batten down the hatches, man the guns on the ramparts, gird up our loins, and prepare to OVERCOME TOUGH TIMES AHEAD without handing over our sovereignty to the VERY PEOPLE who are the source of our difficulties.

    If we do that, the next steps taken by these VERY SAME ENEMIES will create SEVERE ECONOMIC HARDSHIP for Sri Lanka. We must prepare to face that just as our ancestors faced 400 years of European Colonialists. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO PROTECT & PRESERVE our FREEDOM and the INTEGRITY of our Motherland.

    Here are a few things we should do in the years ahead:

    1. REDUCE interactions and ties to the USA, including limiting DIPLOMATIC REPRESENTATION to only the US Embassy in Colombo, and the USEF. Reject USAID, and SHUT DOWN all Peace corps, “democracy building” and “human rights” assistance staffed by US and Local personnel. ALL of these latter activities are used to undermine and destabilize the nation. We no longer trust them.

    2. REDUCE Indian DIPLOMATIC PRESENCE to the Indian Embassy in Colombo. Reject Indian assistance for Rehabilitation & Reconstruction of the North & East. Discourage Indian companies from doing business in Sri Lanka, and prohibit businesses incorporated in TamilNadu from doing ANY business in Sri Lanka. Redirect all purchases of Indian goods towards purchases from other nations that supported Sri Lanka at the UN.

    3. Examine the activities of all international and local NGOs for destabilizing activities inimical to the preservation of peace and national security in Sri Lanka, including fake democracy building and fake human rights activities, missionary religious conversions, underhand promotion of separatism, and aid and assistance to specific communities based on communal considerations such as ethnicity, religion, language, and caste. Kick them all out of Sri Lanka!

    4. Delete the 13th Amendment from Sri Lanka’s CONSTITUTION. That was ILLEGALLY imposed on Sri Lanka by India, under the threat of FORCE. Instead adopt a policy of Ethnic Integration as the central aspect of a broader policy of National Integration, passing the necessary laws to HOMOGENIZE the DEMOGRAPHY of Sri Lanka to ELIMINATE ETHNIC CONCENTRATIONS within Sri Lanka. Declare that Sri Lanka’s policy is NOT TO DEVOLVE ANY POWER on the basis of COMMUNAL ATTRIBUTES (race, religion, language, caste, sex) to ANY COMMUNITY that is not available EQUALLY tp ALL CITIZENS.

    5. Dissolve Provincial Councils as a burdensome layer of unnecessary bureaucracy that creates sub-national regional entities that weaken the central government, threaten its control over national security, and raise barriers to national infrastructure development for the benefit of all citizens of Sri Lanka. Adopt DISTRICTS as the largest administrative units, and place them under direct control of the central government. Empower Members of Parliament, reporting to the central government, to represent local interests and to secure government assistance for their constituencies. Currently, MPs are underutilized but useless elected officials paid by the governments but having few responsibilities or adequate authority to work for the benefit of their constituents. Let us make better use of these people ELECTED by the people.

    6. Increase DIPLOMATIC representation and commerce with other non-Western nations of the world, to develop symbiotic relationships to exchange resources, share technologies, help each other in security matters, and prevent victimization by Neocolonialists powers manipulating the United Nations.

    7. Sri Lanka should examine its resource needs, and move to become self-sufficient in as many areas as possible. Let us strive to become self-sufficient in food, medicines, clothing, building materials, and energy. Energy for electricity generation and transportation, in particular, should be given special attention … for the price of oil and gas is likely to sky rocket in the future due to rising demand from developing economies, and wars created by Neocolonialists to capture these resources for their exclusive use. Import taxes should be ELIMINATED on ALL-ELECTRIC and HYBRID PLUG-IN ELECTRIC cars to drive Sri Lanka car and truck fleets away from imported fossil fuel use. Massive subsidies and low cost loans should be given for renewable electricity generation with Photovoltaic panels and wind turbines, for residential and commercial installations. Homeowners should be encouraged to not only generate electricity to meet their own needs with roof-top solar panels, but also to cover every inch of their roofs with additional PV-panels to sell to the CEB at the average price they would pay the CEB for electricity. The latter alone has the potential to make Sri Lanka independent in energy for both residential use and automobile transportation. To meet the needs of the local market, Sri Lanka should develop solar panel manufacturing and small-wind turbine manufacturing facilities with the help of the Chinese Government. This will jump start a flowering of technology that help meet Sri Lanka’s needs as well as contribute to exports to foreign markets.

    8. Under no circumstances should Sri Lanka allow foreign powers to dictate what it should do to Rehabilitate and reconstruct war affected zones of Sri Lanka, or to allow them access on the ground ton any part of Sri Lanka to “supervise” or “direct” any of these activities. They have CLEARLY DEMONSTRATED their ILL-WILL TOWARDS our Motherland, despite all that we have done to uplift ALL of our people, endure as Asia’s oldest functioning democracy with universal franchise, and rescue our people from the jaws of death by defeating a murderous terrorist movement that survived through the support it received from these same foreign powers.


  5. ranjit Says:

    I fully agree with Anand on his comments. All his 8 demands are perfect and true. The Govt must act fast with their strong two third majority they have now. If the public is with the Govt.nothing to worry about. We Sri Lankans all know who are the traitors to our Motherland. We have to thank ITN for identifying these bloody traitors. Let’s boycot Made in India products. Encourage our enterpreneurs to start businesses to compete with other nations. Sri Lanka has everything,only needs encouragement from the Govt. Our country is blessed with natural re-soucers.

    We should not give- in to any threats within or from outside. We have to be united and the Govt.must get rid of political murderers,drug lords and corruption within the Govt. The President must act now and fast. Bodhi Pujas are not enough to make us wonder of Asia, unless we stoped corrupt polticians. They play havoc with their new found power and glory. We dont want bad examples when we are going to achieve new SRI LANKA for our peoples. Atleast now we see even Tamils and Muslims come forward for the country they were born and love, not like before.It’s a good sign.I hope our citizens will be united all the time when our enemies try to bring harm to our beloved Motherland irrespective of race,color or religion. Identify friends and enemies alike and act accordingly to make our nation prosperous.

  6. helaya Says:

    I agree 100% with Ananda. As far as 13th amendment there we are doomed. We must support Stanley Perara’s movement. Stanley if you read this let us know how to contact you. My email is

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    The Western Neo-Colonialists want to drive Sri Lanka into becoming a lawless Somalia, ravaged by internal dissension, that they can manipulate at will to fit their agenda; but they UNDERESTIMATE the will and determination of our PEOPLE, sustained by the HISTORICAL STRENGTHS of our Resplendent Land.

    Thirty years of foreign sponsored terrorism failed to break us, as did the previous 400 years of unrelenting attacks upon our ancestors by colonialist vultures. This puppet show at the United Nations will not break us, nor discourage and divert us from the path of progress, of economic growth and national integration that we are now embarked upon.

    We will not YIELD, nor will we BEND. We will FIGHT ON regardless, to SEIZE our rightful place in this world under the glorious sun, FIRM in our beliefs of RIGHT and WRONG, with JUSTICE and COMPASSION in our hearts towards ALL of our citizens, protecting and nurturing them, until we reach that shining light together, that new beginning in our nation’s hallowed history: the transformation of our beloved Motherland into the New Wonder of Asia.

    We will not fail, come what may!

  8. jayt Says:

    to add Ananda’s

    this whole thing was engineered by US not for one thing but for many things. American did this to frighten SL and force SL to sell sl owned companies to american. The more companies owned by American the more espionage and control over Sinhalese. the day american issued the threat to go un a few weeks ago, American bought SL TV station. ALl westerners bought sl owned companies by ordering tigers bombs. They could not achieve these or military agreement to allow to use sl airport from prez JRJ and team. They all start to achieve them latter after they got rid of prez jrj team. They did same same thing in India. Yet, it is not finished neither in India or in SL. Also, they have been doing same thing in Pakistan. Remember, when ten year military agreement ended, there was deadly tiger bomber in Colombo to force prez MR to renews that agreement.

    In India, they keep Kashmere issue alive not to help Hindus, Muslim or Pakistan but keep billion dollars income flows to American, European and Israels. I can guarantee that as long as American, European and Israelis do exists. there won’t be no miracle peace between Muslim and Hindus in India, no peace between Pakistan and India, no peace within Pakistan and AfgNISTAN, NO PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST and no peace in SL.

    In Sl, All social crime were inserted to Sinhalese society by American, some European as a part of war covert operation to destroy Sinhalese cultural and traditional and historical rights
    However, things can be changed by building up global Sinhalese economy and intelligent unit in cooperation with other communities.

  9. gamunu6 Says:

    Thank you so much for all responses. They all carry very useful proposals to be followed & merit consideration. It is too early to get emotional, calm & quiet re-thinking of all strategies must be carried out.

    As majority of comments are from a US -Sri lankan citizen I am sure he will be the best person to articulate most useful response on what & HOW to do the most beneficial ploicies to help our motherland.

    I realise we all have some pent up anger to what happend BUT now serious thinking must be the best way. Gather most like minded people, professionals mainly qualified & experienced in International Affairs to mount a concerted effort to IDENTIFY & propose policies which will benefit Sri lanka.

    India & 13th ammendement was a dead duck from the begining, NOW it is more than ever a divisive issue. Lets our own diplomats, learned professionals do some serious thinking and plan a strategy as outlined by Mr. Stanley Perera & also others who concur with the majority of Sri Lankans incluidng Muslims, Burghers & Tamils who support our motherland.

    Immediate hasty decisions may bring not desired results unless they are well planned, thought out and carried out intelligently.

    I know it is easy for me to say these BUT majority in Sri Lanka has to take steps to get ALL EXPATS into their confidence & consult their views too……..Thanks again everybody.. JUST expressing my views as expat from Canada~Gamunu, retd engr.

  10. gdesilva Says:

    One more important thing to add to the above ‘to-do’ list which I was hoping that the Govt would have implemented straight after the war. That is to make all INGO’s hold accountable. It should be made compulsory for INGOs to clearly articulate their project plans and they should be strictly held accountable to the Govt of Sri Lanka on their finances. They should also be asked to produce a list of achieved outcomes at least on a six monthly basis.

    It is an open secret that the INGOs are either directly administered by the Western intelligence agencies or they are being infiltrated by their agents. They ARE the front offices of CIA, MI6 etc.

    Why is that we demand strict accountability from both private and government agencies but are quite happy to let the INGOs loose without demanding any form of accountability from them? Do not let them take us for a ride any longer.

  11. Voice123 Says:

    A global movement to seek compensation for centuries of land theft, genocide and cultural imperialism by Britain against former colonies such as Sri Lanka. No point just getting angry. Time for ACTION. Might be worth checking this out.

  12. ranjit Says:

    We have to thank lankaweb and those who contribute to this very important forum for their important and very useful thoughts and views. I fully agree with Gamunu6. We need patient and qualified professionals to prepare for the next move. If we all get united as a country without petty thieves and traitors like Ranil the stupid and joker and his no good band wagon and all those who wants to tarnish our image and bring harm to our Motherland we can definitely win this unfair war with the wild west and their stooges.

    My anger towards India was doubled after their cowardness for siding with the Satan and the evil world. I hated them for helping L.T.T.E TERROR clique to destroy my country for thirty long years. I hated them for creating a monster in the first place and then I was little happy when the monster struck the creators son in cold blood because they never cried or showed pity for our innocents who were killed by L.T.T.E terrorist barbarians in cold blood. Our President must show his guts same like before and throw out useless politicians in his team who does not have backbone to stand up straight or have guts to talk or plan how to move forward.

    If the team does not obey the captain or have mis-understanding among the players then it’s difficult to win any match therefore the President must be strong and straight forward and tell his team to behave and discuss a useful plan together to overcome our difficulties at this hour of great importance to our Motherland. Get rid of murderers,drug lords and corrupt no good players in his team once and for all and listen to the majority of the population if need to be the wonder of Asia. We need Mahinda Chintana vision to the country not Man mohan Sinh’s or Jyalalitha’s or Obama’s vision. Sinhala nation needs a vision of our own for all peoples to live in harmony. Let’s work together to achieve it. Down with traitors and evil International community consists of white hypocrits.

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