Posted on March 23rd, 2012

Malin Abeyatunge

As I mentioned in my short letter titled “American money trees fluttering with dollars  “  published in many patriotic websites, had come true as the Anglo Saxons won the UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka by 24 to 15. Those non-white countries who voted in favor of this American resolution had betrayed their country’s sovereignty for American dollars. Time will come very soon that these countries will be exploited/invaded/regime changed by the west led by US and then Sri Lanka would be sarcastically laughing at some of these African and Latin American countries (some are third world countries) who voted in favor  of the Resolution. It was reported that at the beginning, US had 40 co-sponsors for the Resolution against Sri Lanka. However, despite the American dollars, her dangling carrots to entice the poor African/Latin American nations and the powerful influence by the western media like sadistic Channel 4 or Carnal 4, support from so called dollar hungry Human Rights Organisations,  America could muster only 24 countries out of the 47 members. As such albeit Sri Lanka lost by numbers, America having failed to get the support of even of the co-sponsors of the resolution is a humiliating defeat.

  Indian  vote against Sri Lanka

 We are not surprised of India voting in favor of the US resolution who prostituted internal politics for the Congress Party’s survival in fear of Tamil Nadu at the expense of Sri Lanka. What right India has to talk about human rights violation in the way they treat the Dailits (She calls them untouchables), more than 60% of the population don’t have basic needs like toilet facilities? Sri Lanka should now be mindful of not allowing India to use Sri Lanka as a brothel by accepting its one way traffic petty investments and business enterprises. We should show India that we can stand on our own without their help in re building the nation destroyed by Indian trained LTTE terrorists. India’s stand at the resolution in fact is in one way a blessing in disguise as Sri Lanka now knows whether India is a friend (was never) or foe (always). Sri Lankan should send a strong message to India by boycotting their investments and products as one can see Sri Lanka is being gradually Indianised. Just like the Corner Shops in London and other big cities in UK are being bought and run by the Indians, same plight will befall on Sri Lanka if we are not vigilant. Every other shops in Colombo and other big cities will be Indian. Sri Lanka as a mark of protest should refuse their economic aids (there are thousands are  dying of starvation daily in India and they should look after them first) like re-construction of Palali airport etc as we cannot trust this Big Brother anymore. India was the worst big brother we ever had having trained LTTE terrorists on their soil, arming them and financially helping them covertly. Sri Lanka should improve her ties with Pakistan and China further  for India to shiver. This resolution may be  a victory for Anglo Saxons, global terrorists and the media (Carnal 4) who prostituted the media ethics. But Sri Lanka has not fallen and will never fall. We have got a very strong leader backed by 80% of the Sri Lankan population and any attempt by the Anglo Saxons to interfere with our internal affairs will face with strong resistance.

 Let me sum up with our FM Prof.. G.L Peiris’ analysis of the result of the UNHRC Resolution which I believe is very true..

Quote”The most distressing feature of this experience is the obvious reality that voting at the Human Rights Council is now determined not by the merits of a particular issue but by strategic alliances and domestic political issues in other countries which have nothing to do with the subject matter of a Resolution or the best interests of the country to which the Resolution relates.

This is a cynical negation of the purposes for which the Human Rights Council was established. Unquote

Malin Abeyatunge   23/3/2012



  1. stanley perera Says:

    If GoSL did not take any measures to curtail Indianisation in Sri Lanka, in ten years North and East will be run by Tamil Nadoos. Mark my word already Karunanidhi openly saying Tamil Ellam is his dream. Spineless GoSL wake up. Now or Never. A slap in the face repeal 13A. Give KKS to Pakistan. Give Hambantota to China. Give Trincomalee to Russia. Chase out 4000 Nadoo fishing trawlers. Deport Rayappu Joseph with all Illegal Indians. No more Indian oil rigs. Bring in Russian and Iran oil rigs. Cose down Indian Consulates. Bloddy Indians are never to be trusted.

  2. weeralanka Says:

    All lankans must get together to build a strong force to protect the country and if current GOSL cannot protect the country, this force can come to power and safeguard the nation. In the mean time isolate and ignore all the pests like Ranil Wickramasinghe, TNA and others because their dream will never come true on Sri Lanka soil.

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