Karunanidhi’s Transparencies Seem To Surface At An Opportune Time For Sri Lanka.
Posted on March 23rd, 2012

Insight By Sunil Kumar

March 23rd 2012

Well Well !! Mr Karunanidhi of the DMK wants Eelam he says ! Pity aint it ? as he seems to have missed the bus. Had he joined the psychotic Velupillai Prbhakaran’s entourage some time ago he would now probably be inthe Eelam land of his dreams anywhere but Sri Lanka and perhaps in Hades’ where the monster VP truly deserved to be, paying for his sins as the chief perpetrator of real crimes against humanity in the 26 year long internal armed insurrection that was smashed up and dispersed by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces.

The man can go on dreaming Ad Infinitum but all it has done now is exposed his transparencies and that of certain politicians in India who have often been accused of supporting the Terrorist Tamil Tigers and here then is living proof of attempts by an individual who has no qualms to admit his desire for a resurgence of an internationally condemned and globally despised cause which truly involves terrorism and terrorists !

The Indian Prime Minister, gutless wonder that he is has nodded with the USA at thr UNHRC Sessions which is no surprise given the realities that surround the ruling party’s dependency to stay in power being linked to the Tamil Nadu Vote and a succession of the anomaly which was also favoured by previous Indian regimes where the likes of Jayalalitha and Vaiko also contribute to the worthless backwater bilge type rhetoric that many Tiger sympathetic Tamils also dispense as a worthless vitriolic swill. Done perhaps hardly realising that they also alongside Karunanidhi and Singh et al are endorsing what is not only contentious to Sri Lanka as a Free and Democratic Sovereign Nation recovering from the inroads of Tamil Tiger Terrorism and making steady progress towards development but also indicating their desire  to build platforms for the possible resurgence of the deposed terrorists which in the overall scheme of things should favour Sri Lanka  being a gross aberration of the norm on the part Karunanidhi and his cronies.
Comfortingly many sensible world leaders, 14 in number have voted against what has now  become known as a conspiratorial, biased and high handed imperialistic affront by former colonial powers to the well being of Sri Lanka based on some very visible agendas  such as responses to coercion by Tamil Tiger sympathetic infiltrates in various areas of global administrarive powers particularly in countries like the USA, Canada, the UK and those comprising  the EU,  responses to sources  that certain “Yes” voters are dependent towards their political futures and the more than visible  push certain western powers are giving the opposition in the Sri Lankan Parliament towards their ambition to topple the present Administration for reasons conducive to their juxtaposing towards status  in pretence of preserving principles they themselves violate  at times shamefully but will be towards their agendas and their best interests in a world economy relative to some of their competitors therein and hardly to do with rights violations in the eyes of many analysts which seems plausibly so.
DMK president M Karunanidhi on Thursday termed ‘Tamil Eelam’ his unrealised dream and said he will fight for its realisation for which garrulousness the man truly needs thirty lashes with a Cat ‘O’ Nine Tails ( why imprison at the taxpayer’s expense one might ask?) as these are bold utterances in deference to the need for peace and harmony around the world and can only be attributed to a rabble rouser and warmonger with qo qualms whatsover nor a conscience and leaning towards his own ends and that of the State of Tamil Nadu which once supported and fomented  Tamil Tiger terrorism and here we have one of its so called politicians ( flybynight maybe!) still at it, hardly  batting an eyelid albeit seemingly brainless!
When he  has been  questioned by reporters in Chennai on his reaction to  the passing of  the US-backed  resolution against Sri Lanka in the United Nation Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and whether there is a possibility of Tamil Eelam in the future, Karunanidhi  has  daringly  or better still dumbly, said, “As far as I am concerned that is the goal ”  which not only displays ignorance, but a bold cussedness portraying a rank disregard for the reprisals there could be for him which is also a sign of apathy where his unsavoury comments seem intolerable and an insult to the Nation he represents as a local political leader apart from those who have colluded with him for obvious reasons as India has leaders with strong and just values aqart from them who have also expressed their contradictory opinions AND NO AGENDAS ON RECORD!
This  then surely is a collaborator with the terrorist cause  as in the past too on  many occassions whenever he was asked what his unrealised dream was, he had answered “Tamil Eelam” and the best yardstick to measure the man with where his viewpoints based on this single indiscretion alone needs to be trashed after measuring for the record. He has added to the asinine nature of his worthless rhetoric by saying that  the war between the Tamil militant groups to establish who is big and who has the capability to achieve the goal prevented the formation of Tamil Eelam. 

Thanking the  Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and United Progressive Alliance chairperson Sonia Gandhi for India voting in favour of the US resolution is his prerogative but to be so bold as to suggest in the aftermath ” that he has faxed a letter to Manmohan Singh and Gandhi urging them to suitable action to prevent attacks on Tamils in the island nation as a retaliatory action to the resolution” makes one wonder what  that might be  and what exactly goes on in his mindset and whether he now assumes certain powers beyond his jurisdiction, mandate and office which could hardly relate to the high office of the President of Sri Lanka who is probably having a chuckle at the no brainer type response of Karunanidhi’s obstreperous outbursts intermingled with certain home truths India once avoided taking responsibility for!! .

To a query that India voted in favour of the resolution only due to the pressure exerted by DMK and the party could have given a similar pressure three years back when the fight between the Tamil Tigers and the Lankan army was on, Karunanidhi said in his inimitably misguided manner that: “We did give similar pressures and everybody knows who spoilt the views then.”  where the “We”  seems to suggest the degree to which he has assumed his self elevated role which is once again somewhat humourous.  His comments on  the assistance to be given to Lankan Tamils by the Indian government that “We have told the centre as to what has to be done and the centre too has listed them out” is another endorsement of the ‘We’ factor that seems to have wrapped around his ego despite his  glaring incapacity to enter into mainstream Indian politics. 

A mere  expression of whistfulness but bold enough to rant again in utter ignorance that ” the passing of the resolution will pressurise the Lankan government to atone for the atrocities they had committed to the Tamils there  and that the Sri Lankan government has been forced to bow before the world and have to explain its acts” which obviously is a load of rubbish  where there are no atonements nor bowing  before the world other than in his dreams as the only outcome of this vote  at the UNHRC Sessions in Geneva will be a request to officially re- investigate what the “Yes” Voters wrongfully believe as rights violations which  only the Eelamists he is lobbying for when they were in embroiled in their insurrection against Sovereign Sri Lanka need to be held accountable for.
In the meantime Mr Karunanidhi can keep on dreaming along with the rest of the Ealam sympathisers who continue to hope for a resurgence of the Ealam cause which in all probaboilities will never transpire within Sri Lanka with Tamil Nadu a likely alternative which will be something the Indian Government might have to deal with down the road!

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