Posted on April 5th, 2012

Kamal Tennakoon

A man of letters and called erudite, eminent person in law but very unconvincing in his speech, travels around seeking support for Sri Lanka without results talks or rather gloats about the ineffectiveness of the UNHCR resolution in public platforms and Parliament. Unfortunately in the present day international political arena his type of speech looks very jocular, rather poor in assertion or convincing. Look at the other leaders, they have a personality and are assertive. One could hardly see their lips moving in comparison to our eminent person who has to use his hands, head, neck and the whole body for his dancing act. This type of speech is good for our Parliament but not any further.

This man addresses Balasingham as “Your Honour” and commits himself to an agreement with LTTE called CFA (Cease Fire Agreement) or aid and abate such.

He then change-coat, joins the present government and now being invited by the US Secretory of State, who was instrumental in evoking the above UNHCR resolution. Ms Hillary Clinton has been the most effective Secretory of State in US as far as destabilising states are concerned whether we like it or not.

The US says that they are not meeting the TNA. But why should they? Our eminent person who had relations with the LTTE is meeting them. Are we sleepwalking?

Could we trust this person to what he will agree in US?

Remember, US is after blood and not after Human Rights and they have seen it in Egypt, Libya and they are succeeding in Syria too.

They will squeeze the east and us with the Oil export restriction on Iran.

7 Responses to “Are we SLEEPWALKING?”

  1. nandimitra Says:

    But he is the most qualified. If he is this bad what about the rest. God save us

  2. cassandra Says:


    You are absolutely right. And please, let’s spare a thought for a man who gamely tries to do the best in very difficult circumstances. Even the brightest lawyer will struggle with a poor brief.

  3. jayt Says:

    Sl govts continually said they do not take any foreigners programs into SL, but I forighn conspirators entered SL as peace mediator after getting visa by threatening to charge war crime. I see them carrying out programs to insult our pride with help of this govt. Govt already bent and taking this barbaric insult because govt scared of them. Now, I clearly realized that war charges brought to Prez Rajapakse get him to open the door for them and their programs.

    Wait! answer to all global massacres is coming soon. Investigation into mass killing of Sinhalese in last 30 years including bombing and mass killing of women, men and children in the region and other part of the world will take place in Colombo, New York, London, Oslo, Brussels, Toronto and Zurich etc.

    All these human right workers, UN workers and journalists have to verify to the world in front our lawyers who they are. Our lawyers directly bring out charges against them as they are part of several agencies and have been killing people around the world. They too can have equal rights and hire lawyers and counter our claim. This is what real democracy mean.
    But do not forget this is one step forward to clean up lanka and possibly many other countries and issue an ultimatum to foreign meddlers to leave SL. Step two won’t be that sweet!

  4. jayt Says:

    There many unsolved western grievances which have traveled to Sri lanka under named “Tamil grievance” and they traveled to other part of the world under named “human rights” or “terrorism”

  5. jayt Says:

    nuclear weapons are expensive, take long time to build, and need spacial care to keep it and also,
    spacial care to carry it out.

    Tamil are not first threat to SL but an other overseas group who has barbarically threatened Sinhalese to destroy Sinhalese identity by using those lower thinking Tamil conspiracies. I do not think real Tamil gentlemen ever agree with barbaric agent to barbarically plot against Sinhalese to degrade, insult or threat to get Sinhalese agree for some thing.

    Therefore, I believe We require most cheapest and most destructive and most easily built weapons available on earth to dealt an agents who are threat to whole world
    Bio weapons can be build within a short period and hand carrying bio war head can takes
    several million people. WE immediately need a few of this kind. IT also, can be built in an another country and store them in different part of the world.

  6. Vijendra Says:

    Kamal, nobody is perfect and we have to do the best with what we have! So Kamal, finding weaknesses in the individuals we have in a public fora does not do anything but help to weaken our own position. So, in my humble opinion, if you have any constructive suggestions, it would best be sent out direct to the person concerned.

    We all know that this UNHRC resolution is not about human rights, but it is a way to destabilize SL so that the west can show their might and continue with their economic and political strategies. The only way we can resist these foreign “invaders” is by having a united SL with politicians committed to development of the country. The politicians must unite the country with a common vision and get rid of the foreign interferences with tact and planning. They have to put the house in order before they can take on these foreign forces as they use the $ to buy support by manifesting as “NGOs”, “Peace missions”, “special advisors”, experts” etc.

    SL needs to be clear in its direction and transparent so that others know what it is so that they can support it. In my humble opinion, SL should amend the constitution immediately to get rid of the 13A, have a better disciplinary code for all the politicians, and make it a punishable offence to support subversive activities of the LTTE and the western war-mongers.

  7. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear Kamal Tenneloon!
    I would have said the same thing…We continue to say, to get rid of 13th ammendment in any form, + – or any other form.

    Most Sri lankan expats are of view that we are sleep walking while anti – Sri lanka forces gaining ground. I feel people now in Sri lanka who are NOT involved in day to day living, (finding how the next meal will come from) apart from those, we have a large number of well to do, educated Sri lankans who could meet HE President and demand action.

    If not very soon Sinhalese the majority race will soon be a minority. I know many responses come from our like minded people, but a joint action, firm in resolve is necessary.

    I agree with comments made by the last respondee VIJENDRA and as much there are Expats organizations to fight to keep our Motherland a united, free, indivisible, much has to come from people who NOW living in Sri lanka.

    Thanks very much for the oppotunity to express my views…..expat from Canada~ Gamunu

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