A flying Buddhist monk in Myanmar
Posted on April 9th, 2012

By Michael Cohen

We don’t get a lot of UFO stories from Myanmar and have no idea how common UFO sightings are there. This particular sighting however is believed by both witnesses and viewers to not involve a UFO but a flying Buddhist Monk. The reader, from Myanmar, who sent us the link to this video (below) told us that:

‘This footage is taken by a unknown teenage girl in Myanmar (Burma).Posted on youtube by Nyi Nyi. There are kids voice in the footage saying flying ‘Ya Han Dah’ It is believed to be a flying Buddhist monk.Said to have been taken on the First day of the Myanmar New Year 2009. This is definitely not CGI cause i have studied it many times and i am a graphic artist myself. This is definitely not visual effects.

It is a monk wearing a so called yellow robe but really deep-red in color. In my country many sighting such as this has happened in the past and thousands have witnessed these events but this is a first time on tape that i have seen so far. In Buddhist scriptures, Buddhist monks are able to achieve flight through achieving a certain state of enlightenment.

Those monks who has become enlightened are not known as being enlightened until they die. On burning their corpse, instead of pile of ashes, balls of ashes are left and then it was known that this monk was enlightened and has pass to a higher realm or Nirvana. Some monks don’t rot and their fingernails kept growing even after they die. This is not something u would find on casual BBC or CNN news as this world is immersed by Christianity and Islam. Buddhism is not a religion its a practice of good. So whoever reading this should rethink what is what. Sorry.. I got a little carried away.

This is not some propaganda into Buddhism.. just a reporting of a rare sighting.’

What do you think, flying Buddhist monk, UFO or neither?




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  1. radha Says:

    Posted on the 9th April, written on the 1st April?

  2. Dham Says:

    Who cares about posted day – written day analysis ?
    But looks like a kite to me.

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