UNHRC and What’s instore for Sri Lanka
Posted on April 9th, 2012

By Latheef Farook

A worrisome question on the minds of Sri Lankans is “ƒ”¹…”Is the United States sponsored UNHRC resolution “ƒ”¹…”calling’ Sri Lanka to implement the LLRC recommendations a prelude to US-Indian military designs on the island? Toss the US strategy for world domination as demonstrated in its PNAC (Plan for New American Century) along with its obsession with China into the equation and the prospects of such a likelihood become more plausible and frightening.    

Already the US State Department’s Office  of  Global Criminal Justice, headed by the US Ambassador at large for War Crimes Stephen J Rapp, has submitted to the US Congress last week a report on Sri Lanka’s current human rights records. In turn the State Department has told Sri Lanka to establish independent mechanism to investigate the credible allegations that the LLRC report has failed to address. This covers targeting of civilians, shelling of No Free Zones, the killing of surrendering LTTE cadres, sexual and gender based violence, supply of humanitarian relief, enforced disappearances and arrest and detention policies among others.

The message is very clear and loud. Our ambassador in France Dayan Jayatilleke has warned in his interview with the BBC of the need for Sri Lanka to take the UNHRC resolution seriously. Mr. Jayatilleke was Sri Lanka’s former ambassador to the UN in Geneva and is quite familiar with the inner workings of the UN, which has now become a shameful tool in the hands of US to implement its evil designs on weak nations.

As we know the prime mover of the resolution is the US which is ruthlessly raping and ravaging countries worldwide under various pretexts, whilst the motive is to plunder other nations’ resources. Under this programme the US has invaded, together with Israel and its European allies, many countries and turned them into slaughter houses and graveyards. 

In the new international political scenario the US, India and Israel  allies’ strategy is to ensure their supremacy in the Indian Ocean too. This was challenged by Sri Lanka’s independent foreign policy under which China managed to gain a strong foothold in the island. Certainly India cannot be happy about increasing Chinese presence in its southernmost strip and it is unlikely that the US and India would ever forgive the island.

US and India, wanted to assert their hegemony and perhaps the US sponsored and Indian supported UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka may be the first step in this direction. The US always used any cock and bull pretext to invade countries and used the UN to legalize its military designs. The Jewish controlled Western media, an integral part of US-NATO war machine, always has justified these invasions with manufactured lies to mislead the world.

For example US together with Britain and other NATO partners invaded Afghanistan, 27 days after  the 9/11 tragedy in New York, accusing the Al-Qaeda of perpetrating this crime and Taliban government of sheltering Al Qaeda. However ten years later today  almost all independent inquiries into the incident point out that no Muslim was involved in  9/11 tragedy. So who was behind this dastardly crime?

The US invasion of Afghanistan and its subsequent carnage in that poor country, as proved later, was pre planned to overthrow the Taliban government, install a puppet regime and set up military bases to serve its interest besides aiming at Central Asian oil fields.

In the same way US, Britain and its NATO partners invaded Iraq accusing Saddam Hussein of possessing chemical weapons. They killed millions of innocent people, destroyed infrastructure, raped thousands of women, tortured hundreds of thousands and rendered millions into refugee camps to live in appalling condition.

Commenting on this the well known economist Samir Amin pointed out that; US whose economy has been based on wars, destruction and exploitation, has prepared its   agenda for global domination with a program combined with ruthless   military invasions to plunder the resources of the world. This program is the extension of the Monroe Doctrine to the rest of the world. The project that the US ruling class has cherished since 1945 now has five objectives;

1-to neutralize and subjugate other triad partners (Europe and Japan) to minimize their capacity to act outside the American fold.

2- to establish military control over NATO and to Latin Americanize the former parts of the Soviet world.

3-to assert undivided control over the Middle East and its oil resources.

4-to break up China to ensure the subordination of the major states  to prevent the constitution of any regional blocs that might renegotiate the terms of globalization.  

5- to marginalize regions in the South that is of no strategic interest.

The project has always assigned a key role to its military dimensions. In a very short time US put in place a global military strategy, divided the globe into number of regions and created several” Military Commands” to take responsibility for each. The aim was to make Washington the worldwide master of last resort-in other words extent to the whole planet the Monroe doctrine that had already staked its claims to run the New World in accordance with its own “national interest”.

The project implies that the US sovereign national interest should hold sway over all other principles defining what is regarded as legitimate political behavior; it leads to systematic distrust of all international law. The US ruling class freely proclaims that it will not tolerate the reconstitution of any economic or military power capable of challenging its global domination. To this end, it has given itself the right to wage wars,” said Samir Amin in 2006. .

Thus we live in a lawless world today. The US has turned all laws into mockery. Their military designs, especially since the collapse of former Soviet Union in 1989, virtually destroyed cherished human values such as religious and moral principles, honesty and integrity, family values and the like paving the way for   corruption,   destruction, moral anarchy and degeneration covering almost every aspect of life in the name of open economy and globalization.

The US and its European partners claim of championing democracy, human rights and freedom, but this very same US and its allies destroyed all these values.

President Barack Obama, Prime Minister David Cameroon and President Nicolas Sarkozy speak of war crimes. If the world is serious about war crimes then former US presidents, father and  son, George  Bush, President Barack Obama and their teams of neo con war mongers, former British Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the present Prime Minister David Cameroon, former French President Jack Chirac, present French President  Nicolas Sarkozy, Russian President elect Vladimir Putin  and almost all Israeli prime ministers should be in the  cells  next   to Serbian murderous thug Ratco Miladjic is in the Hague facing trial for  their crimes against humanity   especially  slaughtering of innocent Afghans,Iraqis,Libyans,Somalis,Bosnians,Albanis,Kosovans.Chechens and others.

Perverted American soldiers kill innocent Afghan men, women, children and the aged with impunity. Their humanity has sunk to such low that they collect body parts of their Afghan victims as souvenirs and even happily urinate on Afghan dead bodies.

American and NATO soldiers gang raped Iraqi women, tortured Iraqi men and women and killed them. These dastardly crimes were highlighted by some sections of their own media to the shock and horror of the world.  President Barack Obama’s drone attacks have so far killed more than 1500 tribal people in Afghan-Pakistan border areas where most people do not know there is a country called America and a President known as Obama who kills them indiscriminately. In one incident Obama’s drone attack killed people attending a wedding party and following day killed the people who attended the funeral of the victims.

In an article  titled “GOING ROGUE: NATO’s War Crimes in Libya”Susan Lindauer, former CIA Asset  who covered  Libya  for ten years at the United Nations ,stated that ; “Rape parties” are the most graphic examples of NATO’s loss of moral control.  One weeping father told the fact-finding delegation how NATO rebels targeted seven separate households, kidnapping a virgin daughter from each pro-Gadhaffi family. The rebels were paid for each kidnapped girl; just as they are paid for each Libyan soldier they kill””‚ like mercenary soldiers. They hustled the girls into trucks, and took them to a building where the girls were locked in separate rooms.

NATO soldiers proceeded to drink alcohol, until they got very drunk. Then the leader told them to rape the virgin daughters in gang bang style. When they’d finished raping the girls, the NATO leader told them to cut the breasts off the living girls and bring the breasts to him.  They did this while the girls were alive and screaming. All the girls died hideous deaths. Then their severed breasts were taken to a local square and arranged to spell the word “whore.”

The grieving father spoke to a convention of workers, attended by the global fact-finding delegation.  He was openly weeping, as all of us should.   Yet so long as NATO’s the guilty party, the western media has looked the other way in distaste.

This is the lawless world we live in today where might prevails over right. The US and NATO are laws unto themselves.    

Under such frightening situation what is the guarantee that the US led war mongers would not do to Sri Lanka what they had done to Muslim countries worldwide. After all invading and destroying countries and killing innocent people have become Sunday morning picnics for US-NATO war mongers.

Now that the UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka was passed, Sri Lanka has become subject for scrutiny. Failure to cooperate means the UNHRC could move ahead with measures which may take the issue right up to UN General Assembly before reaching the UN Security Council   could impose economic sanctions on Sri Lanka.

Under such circumstance confrontation will not be in the best interest of the country which has just emerged from a 27 year old bloody ethnic war which turned the island into a killing field   due to racist policies of   mainstream political parties-United National Party and the Sri Lankan Freedom Party- ruled the island since independence in 1948 and always looked at retaining or capturing power and never thought of the country or the next generations.

The country has suffered enough and the people do not want another disaster.

Minister Siyambalapitiya once said that the ethnic war had cost the country 23 trillion rupees. The irony is that   these very politicians   and their side kicks, according to reports, flourished in arms purchase during the ethnic war while innocent people sacrificed their lives. Imagine if this colossal sum was invested in raising the standard of living of people, millions would have benefitted and there was no need for Sri Lankans to go all over in search of peace and better future.


4 Responses to “UNHRC and What’s instore for Sri Lanka”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    The FAST growing Muslim population in SL is CERTAINLY a worrysome development to USA, India, EU and Israel – All SL’s closest business and defence partners.

    And SL’s closer relations with Pakistan, China, etc. which are not very supportive in war on Islamists.

    This is the REAL reason for the UNHRC action.

    If SL really want NOT to confront USA, EU, India and Israel, this is what SL should be looking at.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    23 trillion rupees?

    More than 90% of defence expenses go for salaries and food, etc. for soldiers. So it is not money wasted.

  3. AnuD Says:

    [More than 90% of defence expenses go for salaries and food, etc. for soldiers. So it is not money wasted. ]

    Most of the soldiers are from rural areas and from poor families. Because of that money is well spent. Here the 23 trillion rupees may include the destruction, lost revenue and the costs for weapons and the war itself, etc.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    Yes. Destruction is a definite LOSS (except the destruction of LTTE assets and the assets of Tamil nationalists and Jihadists). But it is saved now thanks to war victory.

    It is foolish to say the ENTIRTY (all 23 trillion?) could have been saved as most of it ended up with (AND STILL GOING TO) rural areas as you correctly said.

    Money invested on weapons is also well spent. One GOOD thing that came from the war is we have a well equipped military ready to face MOST challenges.

    Islamic terror is active in ALL the countries in the region.

    e.g. India, Maldives, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Thailand, etc. (Bhutan and Nepal don’t have a sizable number of them so naturally safe.)

    We have to face it sooner or later and we are ready. We don’t have to acquire this expertise again.

    For various reasons GR refused to lend this expertise to USA in Afghanistan. Had we done so, we could have turned it into money making. A considerable number of SLA retirees are working with US security contractors in Iraq. Their expertise is HIGHLY valued.

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