This whole episode of kidnap and torture of Gunaratnam raises some awkward questions.
Posted on April 13th, 2012

   George Rupesinghe Belmore

1. Gunaratnam has been going by several aliases. Doesn’t this point to his dubious background and intentions?

 2. How did he obtain Australian passport  number N1016123 under a  new identity of Noel Mudalige, which he used to enter Sri Lanka on  4 September 2011? 

  3. If his stated intention was to launch a political party in Sri  Lanka why did he breach the conditions of his visa for over five  months instead of seeking an extension of his stay? 

  4. Having made claims of kidnapping and torture by secret police,  why did he decide to turn up at the Police Crime Division  headquarters in Colombo after his “release” rather than take the  more credible avenue of seeking refuge at the Australian High  Commission?

   5. What role did the Australian High Commissioner in Colombo play  in this episode apart from seeking information on his whereabouts  after the claim of kidnapping? When interrogated by the police in  the presence of Australian diplomats, and told he was to be  deported, Gunaratnam said he did not have a passport. The police  requested the High Commissioner to issue him with a temporary  travel document. But, lo and behold, the High Commissioner turns up  at the airport the next day with Mudalige’s Australian passport to  facilitate his deportation.

  6. Under what circumstances did the High Commissioner gain  possession of Mudalige’s Australian passport? Doesn’t this action  suggest the High Commission was complicit in Gunaratnam’s political  (and other?) forays in Sri Lanka? If so was the High Commissioner  acting on instructions from the Australian Government?

   In his interview by police in Colombo with Australian officials  present, Gunaratnam made no mention of torture but said he was questioned extensively on the plans of the Frontline Socialist  Party. But on his arrival in Australia he claimed to have been  tortured.

   This whole episode smacks of a shady political stunt gone wrong.  The Foreign Affairs Department and the Australian High Commission  in Colombo needs to come up with a credible explanation.

   George Rupesinghe Belmore

6 Responses to “This whole episode of kidnap and torture of Gunaratnam raises some awkward questions.”

  1. AnuD Says:

    If Gunarathnam had more than passport in more than one name and then that is fishy. Again,Why the Australian Embassy kept his passport ? Did he change the name while he was here and so that he had to change passport too.

    It looks Australian govt also hides something.

  2. aravinda Says:

    It is a put-up-job to embarrass Sri Lanka. These two people Stinks to high heaven. This is stunt to get some credibility for next insurgency. GOSL has acted swiftly and exposed these rascals. The attempt start another 100,000 murders like 1971 and 1987-89 was foiled.

    Sri Lankans should be thankful that nefarious activities are observed and monitored. Sri Lanka need effective counter terrorism mechanisms for a long time. The terrorists living abroad are waiting for any chance to restart killing with vengeance.

  3. dhane Says:

    If Gunaratnam is a dual citizen of Sri lanka & Australia. According to Australian immigration law I think when a dual citizen commit any office in his or her native country Australia had no authority to meddle with and spend Australia Tax payers money.

  4. Wickrama Says:

    “In his interview by police in Colombo with Australian officials present, Gunaratnam made no mention of torture but said he was questioned extensively on the plans of the Frontline Socialist Party. But on his arrival in Australia he claimed to have been tortured.”


  5. Vis8 Says:

    Also, an important fact conveniently avoided by the international media, is, how did the Australian high-commissioner have in her possession, THE ORIGINAL, stamped, passport, when she visited this person in police?????

    Australia has a lot of answering to do… It is up to the government to do the asking.

  6. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Reading all these reports about Gunaratnam, the missing man with many names and passports, it is obvious the aim of this drama was to discredit SriLanka. This former JVP terrorist leader Gunaratnam, would have left SriLanka with his new passport under the name of Mudalige, leaving behind the well orchestrated scandal of “Gunaratnam abducted and missing in Sri Lanka” and thereby adding another name to the ever increasing claim of missing persons, which get ready publicity around the Western world wherever the Tamil Tiger Terrorists wield their black money based influence.
    In this instance, Australia too has been brought into disrepute and it is the duty of the Australian Govt to investigate the role played by their High Commission in Colombo, as well as Immgration Officers who issued the passport under “Mudalige” instead of “Gunaratnam”.

    As for Gunaratnam, he has no right to complain about human rights as the former JVP where he was one of the leaders who escaped to the West, his party had a policy of eliminating all non-JVP SriLankans who were wealthy, or over the age of 40 years, to solve the unemployment problem of unemployed JVP graduates. Before the monster-Prabakaran appeared on the scene, it was the JVP that committed most brutal crimes against helpless SriLankan citizens who did not agree with them. However, they have been eliminated by the previous UNP regime, now in the opposition, using apparently equally brutal methods, and in the process many innocent sinhala youth also lost their lives in the hands of nervous security forces.

    Gunaratnam/Mudalige need to be arrested and punished by the Australian government, as well as investigate the role played by Australian media and certain notorious individuals.

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