The Stupid Editorial of the Daily Mirror
Posted on April 17th, 2012

By Charles.S.Perera

The Editor of the Daily Mirror writes, ” Due to the war, Sri Lankans are hurt and wounded in several ways and some of them are still in camps.  There are others who are hurt and wounded because of injustice and economic factors.”
A war could be seen from different angles. There could be a positive aspect of a war or a negative devastating  aspect of a war. It all depends how one looks at it.  Looking at the “war”  in Sri Lanka there were many physically hurt and wounded.  Those who are still in camps, referred to by the Editor of the Daily Mirror, are a “positive” aspect of it ,  in which a group of terrorists coming from the Tamil Community had  put in danger the lives of their own Tamil people, who were thereafter saved and taken care of as best they could by the Sri Lanka Government Armed Forces composed mostly of Sinhala Buddhists.

Those in camps are the living example of the generosity of the Sinhala Buddhist Soldiers, who risked their lives to rescue the Tamil Civilians from dying as human shields of the terrorists.  The Sinhala Buddhist Soldiers stepped into to save the Tamil Civilians running in disarray seeking the safety among the Sinhala Buddhist Soldiers, who even carried the wounded or the Old Tamil Civilians in their arms, and the children on their shoulders.

In Sri Lanka it was a “war” only to the extent that there was the use of arms, and therefore an armed conflict.  In reality it was a military operation to wipe out the terrorists who were a menace to the people of the country. Those others, the Daily Mirror mentions  as  hurt and wounded  because of  injustice and economic factors, were those who were dragged into it by the terrorists

The Editor of the Daily Mirror says, “We Sri Lankans are an ancient people and we have our traditions, heritage and values. Moreover we have in our land four of the world’s living religions and all our religions have values.”
As he says  the Sri Lankans are an ancient people, with a very long Buddhist tradition, heritage and  values, perhaps complemented by other traditions and other values, or distorted by later traditions, and values. We have in this land which is primarily Sinhala and Buddhist, other religions with their values.  Of the other religions  the Christians and Roman Catholics have their adherents who were originally  Buddhist or Hindu converted through force or offer of other economic or social favours , very few if converted through  conviction.

The Editor of the Daily Mirror pontificates, “”¦.Therefore this year at our New Year time we need to leave the war behind and move into a post conflict era of peace with justice for all our people. This demands action.  For instance we as a people must stop celebrating the May 2009 victory where tens of thousands of people were killed or wounded. “  That makes one question this man the editorialist of the Daily Mirror , ” who the hell he is to tell us what we should do  and should not do ?”

There is every reason to make the 19  of May, 2009 a special  Day to be remembered in Sri Lanka when a nation that suffered under a ruthless terrorism, sacrificing its  valued men and women, and innocent  men, women and children,  ended a  period of terror by the satanic psychopath Prabhakaran and his terrorists. And in that unwanted war Sri Lanka sacrificed tens of thousand of its youth to eliminate terrorism to keep the country free and undivided.

This Editor of the Daily Mirror in a show of his rank stupidity states, ”  We also need to take a second look at the wisdom of putting up monuments to remember war heroes. Doing this demands courage from our party politicians and our religious leaders.”

It is an honourable people  that remembers its heroes, and those who rescued them from disaster. Our soldiers ,  unlike other soldiers in any other armed force in the world, were patriots who fought risking their lives to save the country from the peril of terrorism, and it is a grateful people who will build memorials to remember those who made the supreme sacrifice and others that gave their sight and limbs to save the country and protect its people.

Neither the Editor of the Daily Mirror nor perhaps his pay masters the pro terrorist diaspora would never understand the logic of it  as they, not being  either patriots, or people who could even imagine  the suffering the people of Sri Lanka went through for 30 long years under terrorism.

The Daily Mirror editorial  rants, “”¦..People of this school of thought believe that this year at New Year time we have the opportune moment to participate in genuine reconciliation so that we in this land who have lived for centuries respecting each other and our culture with our languages and religions will this year begin a new era. May this New Year usher in therefore this dawn of hope for our land recovering from violence and abuse of power. “

The reconciliation efforts began from the day the terrorists were eliminated.  But from that day there had been a profusion of prophets of doom to negate, downgrade and criticise  every attempt of reconciliation by the Government as well as by the Sinhala Community to bring the communities together into a united Nation of Sri Lankans.

There are the MPs of the TNA who demand  to attend to the grievances of the Tamil Community ignoring the grievances of the other Communities.  There are the expatriate Tamils living abroad not moving a finger to help the Tamil people in Sri Lanka but spending millions of Dollars  to carry out anti Sri Lanka propaganda to force the West to intervene to destroy the peace and the  development  projects of Sri Lanka.

The pro-terrorist media like the Daily mirror has refused to rally round the Government to facilitate its efforts of reconciliation.  The Government and the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka then and now did or do  not discriminate  against one community in favour of another.  The “war” the Sri Lanka Armed Forces fought was against the terrorist and was never against the Tamil people of Sri Lanka though the TNA, Tamil Nadu, the  expatriate Tamils, and the anti Sri Lanka media such as the Daily Mirror try to make it out to be so.

The Daily Mirror editorial  gives publicity to a Movement for Inter Religious Dialogue met to discuss how the essence of all religions could be brought together as a foundation on which to build a new Sri Lanka of sharing and caring, love and forgiveness, equality and social justice.

This is a dangerous move to bring in religions  to build a  new post terrorist Sri Lanka.  The religions such as the Catholicism could be a dividing force rather than a uniting force.  The Catholic Church in Sri Lanka was involved “neck deep” with the Sri Lankan terrorists to make a success of the terrorist ideology of a Tamil homeland.  The Catholic Priest Emmanuel is the leader of the Global Tamil Forum.

It is well known that the Catholic Action in Sri Lanka some years back was all out to destroy the historic Buddhist culture by setting  up  anti Buddhist activities, which was brought to light by the  Bouddha Balavegaya led by late Mr. L.H.Mettananda and other partriotic Buddhists.  We cannot allow this type of  forces to interfere again in Sri Lanka in the guise of  bringing the essence of religions to build a new Sri Lanka.

If we are to speak  frankly of religions, the Catholics are doubtful patriots as their  real allegiance is to the Church in Rome, Hinduism looks after its own ceremonies and rituals, Islamism is a religion apart trying to conquer the world towards Islamism.  It is only Buddhism which is a philosophy far from being a religion capable of bringing all “beings” together  without discriminating against one religion or another, or one race against another.

A foundation on which to build a , “”¦ Sri Lanka of sharing and caring, love and forgiveness, equality and social justice”¦”¦”,  cannot be built on any religious “essence”, it has to be built on a true understanding  that  people behest of  their religious beliefs and  cultural background  are equal, are the same,  with same hopes , same grievances , and the same desires to be partners of a united Sri Lanka.

It has to be built by brining people together in a social context where all are equal.  It could be cultural events, and celebrations even if they are of a religious nature, without mixing the ” religious essence” at such get togethers.

The Daily Mirror continues that, “”¦.. The solution essentially is to cut down on the number of religious holidays and turn them into holy days by having a religious talk with fellowship and tea from 8.00 a.m. to 10 a.m. at state institutions, schools and private companies. Workers and children of all religions and races will take part in this two-hour devotion before starting work at 10.00 a.m”¦”¦.”

This  is a deformed idea of reconciliation.   If the ” essential solution” is to cut down on the number of religious holidays”  It is meaningless making them “holy days”.  That is to make the people believe in some thing “holy”, which is not a home grown idea.

Sri Lanka being  principally a Buddhist Country cannot accept any thing  as ” holy”.  If holidays are to be reduced it is the holidays allocated to other religions that have to be reduced and not that of the Buddhists.

The Editor of the daily Mirror says,  “”¦.as a result it is hoped that people would have a deeper understanding and respect for each other’s religions and take what is good from them while the country will also economically benefit with hundreds of additional productive working hours. The movement for inter religious dialogue unanimously resolved to submit these comprehensive proposals to the President for his consideration and implementation for the common good of all people and the country”¦..”

We pray that the President just ignore this proposal of the  ” Movement for Inter Religious Dialogue”, as it smells of a  “cover” to implement a different Agenda.

33 Responses to “The Stupid Editorial of the Daily Mirror”

  1. AnuD Says:

    As Daily mirror is English, I think it is writing ONLY for the Colombo -elite who should be speaking Engllish and that include mostly Tamils too. Even during the war, Daily mirror was very much anti war.

    Other than that, Daily Mirror is not worth to be a Sinhale’ News paper.

    I heard some Editors are Christians and they cater to the Church. Again, we can not expect anything good to the Majority Sri Lankans.

    Those living camps are from maaveerar families and those of makkal padai. they moved with LTTE expecting good with the creation of Peelam. Now, everybody scream about those people. Simply those speak for them don’t have any clourage and they just ride anti-Sinhala wave.

  2. weeralanka Says:

    I am sure no one takes this editor of Daily Mirror seriously. its very clear he is talking for catholics/tamil diaspora.
    In other countries including India, Australia etc buddhism is spreading at a faster rate, of course they are the intelligent people who would stop and think and understand the reality, there is no saviour but you yourself. Unfortunately, in Srilanka we still stuck with rituals and customs and do not follow the dhamma correctly.

    Honest tamil people in north must wake up and stop this nonsense of “tamil grievances” spreading so everyone can live peacefully.

  3. Kit Athul Says:

    This man is paid by a fund in Boston, USA, where the Utube videos surface. Tamil Sangham, might have a new name now. Anud, this is the first time the war heros were insulted. Sinhala Organizations in SL must demand an apology from the owners of Daily Mirror.

  4. sena Says:

    It is not the first time war heroes are insulted. Every time an act of corruption and lawlessness occurs, law is applied selectively where massive corruptions and heinous crimes go unpunished, they are insulted, because they gave their lives so that the country be liberated from the curse of violence and achieve prosperity for all the people. As to the claim of the spread of Buddhism by another poster it is practical Buddhism that spreads not the ritualistic version we have where we daily play Magnala sutta cassette to bring fortune but completely act contrary to the 38 pursuits it recommends

  5. Kit Athul Says:

    Sena, I agree with you on all counts, but what I focus is on the military men who sacrificed their lives. They Christians, Muslims and Buddhists. So, Mirror Editor should be made to understand this. It has nothing to do with Rajapakse administration.

  6. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear Mr. Charles Perea!
    Always happy to hear from you as your articles are concise & to the point. Glad that some intelectuals, writers, realize that supporting your country of BIRTH, is paramount in identifying the good from bad.

    Whether they are Christians or tamils who cater to anythng that is Anti-Sri lanka, must be stopped. It is a good idea to take OATH of allegence to Mother lanka for every citizen irrespectove of class, caste, creed or race..If America & many other countries have taking OATHS to uphold democratic principles, Unity of their countries, Sri lanka can foloow, & there would NOT be such dissention among all communities.

    All Tamils MPs first should take OATH of office & denounce using words like Separatism, Ellam, or any other which should be banned like in India. If not theu are not patriotic & anti – lanka. Even in conservative Canada, Seperatism is dead, bcos of the clarity act, any solution to french speaking Province, should be also apprived by other Provinces & territories in Canada.

    This is one of the Fundamental isues that can devide or retore normalcy in our Motherland.

    So then why it is not the same in sri lanka, where Tamils who make up only 4% now, want special status. They can easily assimilate and be part of Sri lanka, in true sense…….Thank you for the opportunity to express my views~ Gamunu

  7. AnuD Says:

    [So, Mirror Editor should be made to understand this. It has nothing to do with Rajapakse administration. ]

    As far as I know, Every news paper in North America is owned by big business men who have certain and specific allegiance to a certain country. They don’t public anything anything that weaken the majority rule or shake the foundation.

    One time, Canadian CBC was openly criticized for telecasting and talking about palastenian – uprising and they stopped it after that.

    In Sri Lanka, all the newspapers are headed or owned by people with other interests.

  8. lingamAndy Says:

    this nonsense of “tamil grievances- only TNA talk not N&EP Tamil !
    Honest tamil people in north must wake up – They lost their sleep long long time ago weeralanka !
    My requist is Sinhala people in south should wake up to solve this ethenic problm for ever !
    to unit our mother lanka for ever !

  9. May182009 Says:

    As we feared the referendum in NE for TE is gathering momentum. Now Indian ruling party’s Tamil Nadu coalition partner has made a request to the Indian government to support it through the UN.

    DMK president and former Tamil Nadu chief minister M.Karunanidhi Tuesday said India should take up efforts in the United Nations for holding a referendum in Sri Lanka for creation of a separate Tamil Eelam.

    Welcoming the idea of a referendum for the creation of Tamil Eelam, Karunanidhi, writing for the party mouthpiece Murasoli, said: “The demand for holding referendum amongst Tamils for the creation of Tamil Eelam is welcome.”

    “At the intervention of United Nations, some countries have been formed and got recognition. Similarly a referendum should be conducted amongst Tamils for the creation of Tamil Eelam and United Nations should take steps for that.”

    He said India should give necessary support and pressure for the measure.

    A visiting Indian parliamentary delegation held talks in Colombo yesterday to assess the post-war situation in the country, the Sri Lankan external affairs ministry said.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Was there ever a war in which there are no ‘hurt and wounded’ ? It is the price of war that there are ‘hurt & wounded”. WWII alone left some 32 Million dead – imagine the hurt for those families that lost their loved ones.

    The ltte was formed initially to fight against Caste in Jaffna. When successive GoSLs had to fight off the ltte, any GoSL became the enemy. It expanded into other areas later and was modified to ‘fight for Tamil Eelam’ in order to unify the Tamils. This suits vested interests very well. However, if Tamil Eelam is formed, it will only reinstate the Caste structure, as Tamil Nadu still carries such social structures. Do the Sri Lankan Tamils want that ?

    What we make of the aftermath of removing Terrorism through war is up to all of us. Do we Move and Grow forward as a Nation, or go backward into division, confusion and downfall ?

  11. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Sorry do not take wrong ! I do not agrred with you !
    The ltte was formed initially to fight against Caste in Jaffna- No ,How come We all know these groups was formed (indirectly) by TULF (high caste) so you assumption is wrong ?
    Caste structure in our (Tamil) society live for ever until we have Saiva(Hindu) relign!
    This ‘fight for Tamil Eelam’ was mistake by Our head of sinhala ( from DS to MR ) golden oppurtunity given to racist Tamil politition for better life (in Parliment & colombo life for their family).
    looser are We poor Tamil , chinhala , muslim brothers & sisters !

    backward into division, confusion and downfall -this only can reversed by Our head of sinhala !

  12. Fran Diaz Says:


    The ltte ‘boys’ were low caste Northern Tamils. The TULF was led by higher caste Vellala’s of Jaffna. The TULF called for ‘Separatism’ and turned the ltte ‘boys’ into Freedom Fighters, since the Vellala’s feared infighting due to Caste/poverty issues of the North.

    Also, it is not just the President efforts. It is up to ALL of us not to get into mental states of confusion and into downfall. For instance, we can ALL strive to be law abiding citizens, loyal to Lanka.

  13. lingamAndy Says:

    The ltte ‘boys’ were low caste Northern Tamils.- No realy ( VP & few others are but majority are not from low caste)
    Only way I can aggred with you as These high castle(TULF) used low castle (+uneducated boys) people for their only benifit to divered to go against sinhala majority !

    any past is past !
    now We Tamil are cornered(in IDP camp) ! in another 10 years later still we can not blam this high caste tamil for our problm !
    you sinhala people should create a situation where Tamil voters will send these TNA home (loose their deposit money in next election)
    it is President & his government effort to create brighter future for us !
    first of all our President should be honest ! than only people will belive him !
    changing words day by day no good for all of us ! ( but only benefift racist TNA forever)

  14. Fran Diaz Says:


    How do you suggest that the President creates a brighter future for Tamils ? All suggestions must come from the Tamil people.
    That is the Democratic way. Also, as you say ‘send TNA home’, then the Tamil people must come forward and through the media state what more is required in the brighter future they envisage. Please be honest and practical in your requests.

    Also, should brighter future be confined to the Tamil people or for all marginalized people of Lanka ?

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    P.S.: The ‘marginalised’ Tamils, as I see and I think other readers will agree, are the so called IDPs (some of whom are illegal migrants), and some Tamils in the N&E.
    This has happened mainly due to the long drawn conflict with the ltte and the call for ‘Separatism’. Then there are the Tamil people in the tea estates who have not grown much, though some have educated themselves through the free education system in Lanka. I know of highly educated and good Tamil people from those areas.

    The rest of the Tamil population is as much the same as the main Sinhala population or any other sector. In fact, Tamils in the cities are much better off than most of their Sinhala counterparts. Some of the wealthiest people in Sri Lanka are Tamils.

    As such, you cannot lump all the Tamils of Lanka into a so called ‘deprived’ group. That is not true.

  16. samurai Says:

    During World War II Sri Lanka’s Christian and Catholic Churches prayed for the victory of the Allied Forces over the Axis Powers whereas during the anti-LTTE military campaign many of our church leaders wanted to seek peace with a terrorist outfit the sole aim of which was to bisect this country and setup a rogue state in the island’s North and East. One Church leader (I think it was the Anglican Bishop Kenneth Fernando) went to the extent of calling Tiger Chief Prabhakaran a ‘humane’ person. Would any Sri Lankan church leader have dared to call Hitler a humane person during WW II when Sri Lanka was still a British colony?

    The irony of it all was that world war the Christian Americans, British and French and their Christian enemies – the Germans and the Italians (except Japan) – were praying to the same God for victory! We wonder to whose victory the late Fr. Peter Pillai in Sri Lanka prayed for since he was a great admirer of General Franco, Spain’s Catholic dictator who came to power with the help of Hitler and Mussolini.

  17. AnuD Says:

    [I am sure no one takes this editor of Daily Mirror seriously.]

    As Kit Athul, says , this man should be taken seriously because they little by little brain wash Sri Lankan people. People living inside Sri Lanka do not know what is slowly being cooked for us Sri Lankans by out siders.

    Please read this from another thread

  18. lingamAndy Says:

    Ref:Please be honest and practical in your requests.
    Fran Diaz this the main problm for us first We do not trust each other (tmails & sinhalese) secontly We do request any think not practical (eg: Tamils- We want Thamil Eelam , Sinhalese- Tamils are not belong to Sri lanka etc…).
    We both us know We are clever but first class modayas(Modarkal))
    if not how come We let outsiders to interview our internal matters (in UN India & America) + We invite Indian MPs ( using our Air lanka ) to inversticate our internal matter – Are We muddalkal (modayas) ? or not !

    This our KARMA (KARMAM) !

  19. Fran Diaz Says:

    How can there be trust when Separatism persists ? Why do Tamil leaders insist on the Separatist call ? The problem is with them. When there is a homeland right across Palk Strts. why another one here ? Tamils & Sinhalas can get together and achieve all they want without outsiders, if the Separatist call is dropped. So the ball is in Tamil leaders court. Ordinary people from both sides suffer unnecessarily, don’t you think ?

    It has nothing to do with Karma (action & reaction). It has everything to do with a kind of stubborn stupidity, making Sri Lanka an international bargaining chip. At least now, Tamil leaders ought to drop the Separatist call and think of their own peoples happiness and peace of mind, if not others.

    If the money and effort used by the ltte to carve out a separate state for the last 30 yrs was used for the upliftment of the Tamil people, just imagine what could have been achieved. And Sri Lanka too has wasted money and lives defending their
    territory for many years.

  20. Fran Diaz Says:

    I should say : Sri Lanka too has been FORCED to waste money and lives defending their territory for many years.

  21. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Separatism persists ?- their is no separatim perist , this is sinhala imagination creat by Tamil leders to get parliment seat & colombo life.
    like you said We Tamil already have own country Tamil Nadhu (Government of Tamil Nadhu) in united states of India !
    What We need a life thats all in our mother lanka not separate country ! If we realy want own country We can go& live in Tamil Nadhu ( When we visit in Tamil nadhu We can see they do not different us from them – they say you ceylona (are you from ceylon) thats all ! )

    Sinhala people should honestly believe We all are lanka putha (puthalvarkal) !
    no indian or outsider in our mother lanka (eg: who ever born in mother lanka are citizion of Sri lankan)
    as Bhuddishm & Sinhala langage specking people are majority in our lanka so We should engrage all other minority people to learn ! in a longer term our different disepire itself !
    first of all Sinhala people should accept We have diversity no point saying We are one country no minority our country etc…
    13 , ot 13+ or LLCR recommodation are not lead to separation they are way forward to unit our diversity !!!
    of cause if sinhala people are worry about these to implement will lead to separation than they can demad TNA accept 16+ similain india (separation is unlaw ) as precontition !

  22. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Ref:FORCED to waste money
    You see you explined 100% What mistake We both made & making but at the end you go back as We Tamil are invater(out sider) ….
    We have to think as one family member than We can change our kanka to paradise our night , it is up to sinhala people !

  23. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Andy,

    You keep saying ‘We Tamils’. Please say ‘We Sri Lankans” instead of ‘We Tamils’. Mix with others, come out of ancient ‘tribal feelings’. Now GoSL has said anyone can join any school for children to learn together. Learn the language of the land together with your own. No one can live or work abroad without some knowledge of the English language – it’s the same in Lanka, if in Lanka know the language of the land along with your own language. The Indian Model of ethnically divided states does not suit the small land mass of Lanka. Use English as a link language too. Live, learn, be happy and work anywhere in Lanka, but be loyal to this country. That is what we ask of you all.

    Yes, what you say is true, it is the Tamil leaders who have misled the Tamil people into the Separatist Trap, no doubt encouraged even in the earlier times by the then Tamil Nadu leaders, as seen quite openly now. What has to be done now is for Tamil people to SEE FOR THEMSELVES HOW THEY HAVE BEEN MISLED, and now think for themselves what next to do. Best integrate into society in Lanka, learn, play, work and be happy. Don’t depend on Tamil Nadu. They are still in the Caste pit of ancient times and will take quite a while more to climb out of it. Depend on Sri Lanka and support Lanka. Be loyal to the country that nurtures you. . No need of 13A or 16+. No ethnic ghettos either, please ! Let’s move forward together in every way ! We accept you all. It may take a while to get sorted out, but if there is a will, there is a way.

  24. lingamAndy Says:

    Thanks Fran Diaz

    1) I am only talking for Tamils in Srilanka ( hope less 4% now) We(I) are lacky bustard used this golden opportunity to run to western country (also thanks to My Amma’s Thaali godi(wedding gold chain) she sold it for my travel agent money).

    2) It is very hard (may be my old age)me to call myself Srilankan Tamil instard of Tamil live in Sri Lanka.

    3) Unity in diversity is a permant long lasting solution for our ethenic problm & 13+ is realistic solution & acceptable solution (it is working in India )

  25. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    FYI, (a sinhala brothers commets from other side)
    Devolution is the only way forward. If powers were devolved 60 years ago, we would have never had a conflict. Just take tamil nadu for example. (I know many of us dont like them, but read the facts). Some politicians in TN agitated for a separate homeland for tamils after inida’s independence. Later on Tamil nadu state was created by devolving power. Now TN is one of the highest contributors for the Indian army. They are the IT hub of India now. And chennai is among the 5 highest GDP generating cities in India. We may not like TN, but this is the fact. Even now TN speaks supporting LTTE, but even their hardcore politicians never speak against India’s sovereignty.

    Devolution is not a strange thing to this world. So many countries have devolved power. There are so many problems faced by the minorities which do not come to light to the Sinhalese. Even last week, 10 tamil houses were burnt in galle by a mob lead by an army soldier. This news item was published in the tamil version of ada derana. But it was not published in English or sinhala

    I’m not saying this to accuse anyone. But this is one such incident where the sufferings and problems that were faced by the tamils were not exposed to the majority sinhalese. I think we should not behave as the winners of a war against the tamils. Ofcourse winning the LTTE was a must, but let us find peace and sort this burning issue once in for all..
    by paratta

  26. Fran Diaz Says:


    I cannot download the Tamil version.

    Why is adaderana publishing negative articles in Tamil only ? There are websites that publish the truth of incidents in English & Sinhala all over the internet. Therefore, I doubt the veracity of the content. Also, it is likely that people burn their own places to gain sympathy at a time like this, or get GoSL to give new housing. Who knows ! After all, some Tamil people were leading gangs to attack Tamil homes in 1983 riots. Also, I read in the news that some line rooms ‘caught fire’ at Lindula Estate, and the reason was given as a faulty electric wire. Why the sudden ‘fires’ when the Indian delegation is here ?

    The Indian Model does not work for Lanka. Tamil Nadu may succeed in some ways, but there are millions of Tamils there who prefer to leave the place. Devolution will never work for Sri Lanka as the country is too small for that system. Each state in India is several times the size of Lanka. Also, the Central Govt. of India has vast powers under the Law to contain acts of violence/cheat/deceit etc.

    Here is a fair article on the subject of Devolution (& Decentralisation).

  27. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Thanks I read Lt Col (Retd.) Anil Amarasekera articale!
    I totaly agreed (not making up for you) Our Tamils & Muslim mentality ( I am very sham for myself to say as a Thamilan (Tamils) We never meet a well civilised people better than Chinhalarkal(Sinhalese) in this world ! , Srilankan forces are different matter eg: when they get anger ( killed by LTTE) they do not even behave like anima(wester than aminal) )

    We both (Tamils & muslim) are selfish bustard ( including me ) !

    Now We come to reality Fran Diaz
    Ref:the central government if misused by a region, a province or a district-
    This will happen whether decentalised power or Not , What We need good management to solve this problm!

  28. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you for your honesty and sincerity.
    May we take your comments above as an apology to the Nation ? If so, I for one will accept your words, sadly and in silence, on behalf of all our brothers and sisters who have suffered for so long. Let us in future strive to be happy and suffer no more. We do wish more Tamil people start speaking from their Hearts and tell us their true feelings.

    We do agree that, as you say, :”Ref:the central government if misused by a region, a province or a district-
    This will happen whether decentalised power or Not , What We need good management to solve this problm!”

    To have a good working governance, at any level, take care whom you choose. No other way. In USA, at state government level there is a Clause enabling voters to RECALL a leader/s for poor governance through another election ad choose a new leader/s. Leaders (Public Service especially) at every level must have :

    * Loyalty to Sri Lanka People, to the integrity of the country.
    * Good ethics & morality, shown by their past records.
    * A proven able record of serving the public.

    Those are the criteria when choosing a leader, at any level, anywhere. Checks and balances must be devised to admonish/remove those indulging in corruption & malpractice through the Attorney General & a permanent body of senior people. Media have their part to play in honest reporting of misdeeds. People have to report leaders’ misdeeds honestly, and without fear. In a Democracy, it requires citizen participation, awareness and great HONESTY to make governments work for all the People.

    The Sri Lanka Army has behaved in an exemplary manner during the last phase of the war with the ltte. As we all now know, the Army lost over 6,000 personnel due to extra care being taken not to fire at random. This was because ltte cadre hid among the civilian ‘human shield’. Many people coming out of the ‘human shield’ confirmed this through their accounts of what happened.

    Andy, any army in the world will, over long periods of stress of war, commit some misdeeds/roughness. See the misdeeds by the US Army as reported in the press. Long periods of stress is inimical to all human beings. Too much Stress creates mental, emotional and bodily disease. This is s proven medical fact. Too much Stress is a killer, whatever human ethnicity, for armies & civilians. For human well being, war must not happen. To this end, it is very important that Lanka has stop all illegal migration to and from Lanka. Lanka can manage existing numbers of minorities, but not illegal migrants. Birth Control a must for Lanka, preferably with free/subsidised birth control material.

    Let’s work toward peaceful solutions together. That is the only way.

  29. lingamAndy Says:

    Thanks Fran Diaz, Sorry ( disapoint you ) to say my chinhala brother our Tamil mentality is not for united Srilanka , We are asking(begging, cunning ) 13, 13+ or 13- temparary but our only goal to achieve Thamil Eela Thayakam ( Home of Tamil EElam) a last.
    You may think You have wasted your golden time to teach me some hummanity , Sorry Fran Diaz We so called Higher caste Tamil bustad missused all innacat low caste Tamils & estate Tamils for our better life ( in western coutry).
    I hope & pray You sinhalise deffinitly look after these innacant Tamil in mother lanka !
    I strongly believer of Karma(m) , We deffinitly pay for it ……………..

    Thanks again for you genivien comments , You have proofed me again You are a genivin Pavuththa Chinhalavan (Bhuddist Sinhalese)

  30. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Andy,

    We appreciate your honesty. It’s never too late to do the right thing. If one person commits himself to do the right thing by himself and others, that is life well lived – never mind Karma. Others will see your happiness and follow. The Laws of the Universe themselves will support you for doing right.

  31. lingamAndy Says:

    Thanks again Fran Diaz
    Naalai pirakkum Thamil Eelam (Tommorow We will get Tamil Eelam) (:-)

  32. Dham Says:

    This dialogue between bondilingam and Fran Diaz is so funny.
    So the conclusion is Lingam is like Karunanidhi.

  33. lingamAndy Says:

    1) first of all I have to thank you Dham you were following our dialogue , You deffinitly will aggre with me We both would not had this kind of civilesd dialogue between with us !
    2) I do not this Former CM of TN Kalanger Karunanidhi have any think to do with My (Our) Mother Lanka ? but I know very well He is not (I) Lanka (I) Putha (lvan) !

    My Chinhala Brother Dham
    FYI, Thamilarin thakam ThamilEela thayaham (Tamil’s thursty TamilEela Home land) !

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