Common man taking the law into his hands
Posted on April 22nd, 2012

By Dr. Mrs. Mareena Thaha Reffai Dehiwela.

We have seen many incidences where the common citizen taking the law into their own hands  at times of crimes  in our country. It is a dangerous trend  which must be curtailed now itself. Or else it can lead to anarchy and pandemonium.

When an accident happens the people around either assault the driver or set fire to the vehicle “”…” and the vehicle often does not even belong to the driver. Often the SLTB buses are set on fire “”…” which belongs to the people themselves;  and who pays for the replacement? The very people who set the fire “”…”though they do not realize it!

Recently when there was murder committed,  the residents set fire to the houses of the accused. Though the rage is understandable since it involved politicians “”…” who are supposed to protect the society- the action still amounts to vandalism. Burning houses does not in any way bring about justice. The justice will be when the culprits are punished after being proved to be the perpetrators.

The recent incidents of the attack on the mosque and temple in Dambulla is also the same. If the buildings have been built illegally proper actions should have been taken through the authorities  to rectify matters. Just organizing  a mob protest is a high handed action trying to take the laws into the hands of a few. The monks are supposed to be peaceful people and they, of all people , should be the ones to advice people to be patient, to  respect the laws of the country and make sure that justice prevails through proper channels.

We must remember what goes around comes back “”…” to you, if you started it! One day the same person who started this practice  of mob protest and organizing the rally may find himself at the receiving end of his own people “”…” and it may even be on an unjust account!

It is time the government took stock of  these happenings before it goes out of control. Is it that people are losing trust in the government to take proper action that they are taking the law into their own hands? Or is it just a way  of thumbing their nose at the government?

Law and order are the backbones of a country. When they break down all hell is let loose! Let’s hope that does not happen- not once more in our recovering land!

 By Dr. Mrs. Mareena Thaha Reffai


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  1. AnuD Says:

    Dr. Mrs. Mareena:

    You hid the main point in writing this letter and tried not to emphasize it. Other than that, I say, all over the world Muslims use the country’s law to encroach into Others’ area. I think that is bad when Buddhist is not that encroaching and not aggressive. So, Some one has to be forget that they are Buddhists. That is just for the EXISTENCE.

    Long ago, both middle eastern religions used war and massacres – conquests – to convert. Now the world is different. Both religions which are political religeons use different methods to convert. Buddhism does not believe in conversion. It’s philosophy is “it is there for you to come and see”. In case of Islam, as it is not backed by world powers, so it uses legal methods to conquer and that can not be blamed legally. But, morally, is it right
    ? Except for the religeon, do you believe for anything else, that trying to convert your neighbour to your way as fair ?

    For Buddhists, Dambulla is a very important place. It is not our belief history books that the Third Buddhist Confrence about Buddha – dhamma after the Buddha’s parinirvana was conducted there. What do you think, when build places there ?

    How do you feel or ACT ? when you JUST carry Bible inside Macca ?

    You muslim did not leave TWO – ancient Buddhist statues in Afghanistan and destroyed those. That was also Afghanisatan’s history. But, that became secondary to your beliefs. It is the same with the Old Buddhist statues in Maldive Islands. You know how muslims treat other religions in Muslims countries. In Sri Lanka, Muslims use different methods of expansion. Dambulla is just one kind.

    What do you say ?

  2. mjaya Says:

    How about how the fundos behaved in the Maldives and Iraq destroying idols of other religions? What about the destruction of the historic Bamian Buddha statues? How about converting the Hague Sofia into a Mosque? How about building a Mosque (later destroyed) on top of the razed Hindu Temple built to mark the birthplace of Rama by Hindus? This lunacy must be stopped at any cost.

  3. nandimitra Says:

    Dambull incidance is a natural response to the unnecessary growth of mosques far exceading the needs of a community not considering how 5 calls to sala will interfere with the way of life of the others in the community. Freedom of practice of a religeon should not be at the expense of others. There are other reasons why there is a lack of law and order such as criminality infiltrating in p[olitics. A week political leadership.and foregn influnce in minority religeons , weak and corrupt judiciary and police.etc These incidances are going to get worse unfortunately. A strong leadership with good governance is the need of the hour.

  4. AnuD Says:

    [ ]

    Now Conquests – War, destruction, rape and killing are not the norm. Above is how Islam used conquests and destruction to convert.

    Now, preferred conversion method own laws of that country.

  5. Ibnu Ahmad Says:

    On Friday, 11 May 2007, a mob of about about 1000 led by few radical Mullahs (Muslim Clergy) forcefully occupied the Negombo Ahmadiyya Muslim Community mosque situated at: Periyamulla, Negombo around 12 Noon and kept it under their occupation till the evening.

    This was the news appeared in the media.

    The Sunday leader – 13/5/2007 – (I quote)

    “More than thousand Mohammedan Muslims thronged the minority Ahmadiyya Muslim mosque at Periyamulla in Negombo on Friday to disrupt the Ahmadiyya Muslim prayers claimed Press Secretary, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamath A. Abdul Aziz.
    The Ahamadies who are a minority Muslim community in the country claims that the majority Mohammedans are threatening them with death continuously.
    They have been facing this for the past one and a half years and on Friday the majority Mullahs have conducted their prayers at the Ahmadiyya mosque leaving no room for the minority to have their prayers.
    “More than thousand Mullahs thronged to our mosque just before the start of our prayers. Although we had around three hundred in the mosque at that time we had to go to our rooms and wait till they leave the mosque,” claimed Aziz.” (unquote)

    Regatding Dambulla incident, Muslim politicians in the country says about religious freedom, because, here, majority overtook the minority. As far as the above Negombo incident too, majority Muslims took the law into their own hands (as Dr. Mareena says) and tried to suppress the minority sect of Islam. At that time, not a single Muslim Politician in the country raised any voice against this injustice. History repeats itself.

  6. Dham Says:

    Praying can be done anywhere, according to islam. I agree with Nandimitra that “the unnecessary growth of mosques far exceading the needs of a community “. Religious freedom means you are free to practice any religoion. That does not mean you can go and start building mosques everywhere, just because you have money.
    Inbu should know that for teh Buddhism is protected in Sri lanka by the constitution. We don’t need to have Dambulla caves to protect Buddhism, but Dambulla is National Treasure. You cannot go there and litter mosques.

    By the way Sharia Law is “taking the law into human hands”. If Allah is already punishing why must Mullah should punish too ?

  7. Ibnu Ahmad Says:

    Muslims should not try to dominate majority Buddhists. As Muslims are living in a Buddhist country they should try to win the hearts of the majority through their actions – through their behaviour – not constructing mosques in numbers. There are sufficient mosques in a Buddhist country. Thank God – Alhamdhulillah. Now your actions should be an example to others. Muslims tried to utter lies on this Dambulla issue.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    There is nothing call “mob protest”.

    The Dambulla Buddhist protest is PERFECTLY lawful and PROPER.

    If you have a probelm with that go back to Saudi or Pakistan (better).

    Burning is illegal and needless. Agree. It is a barbaric proactice and must stop. But certainly not protests. This is not bloody Saudi or Talibanistan.

    Looks like SL has to protect Ahamadi Muslims who seem to be more CIVILISED, respectful and tolerantfrom these marauding Muslims in the country who are turning bloody violent.

    This is why we should NEVER regeret when Muslims die in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, SL, etc. They are a violent community.

    If what goes around comes around, there shouldn’t be any Muslims left on earth.

    May be it is not a bad idea to seek Israeli Mossad support to beat these terrorists up.

  9. Kamal Says:

    If you get permission to build a Buddhist Temple in Saudi Arabia, I will build a Mosque in Dambulla myself. Will that be fair?

  10. Dham Says:

    Well said Kamal. This Mareena Woman is a maniac. If Saudi approves the Buddhist temple, I will do a suicide attack on dalada Maligawa and you can build the mosque there. Stupid racists.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Watch it, Lankans. It was initially the caste/poverty issues of the Northern Tamils that started the unrest there, ending up in ongoing attempts to destabilise the country and ending up in war. It’s the small incidents that grow. GoSL must call up the Muslim leaders concerned (priests & politicos) and sort out these problems before it gets out of hand.

    We think that it is stupid to burn and destroy government property or innocent peoples’ homes just because some negative incident happened to a group of Sri Lankans.

    Strong laws ought to be brought out to stop the senseless growth of places of worship. Sri Lanka has religion coming out of its ears, yet not practiced sufficiently, which fact shows up in senseless violence. There are unsavory elements in society who try to create mayhem over any incident – for what purpose, we might ask. ?

  12. Dham Says:

    I have noticed Muslim extremism rising in SL. Governement has done nothing.
    I have never seen a single gonibillah until 1990. These moslem women went to middle east and came back with radicality.
    One women I know is making a lot of money doing sewing. I went there with my family and she had said their ancesstors are from Saudi Arabia (very highly respected) and they are very strict. I happened to be with them and she ran back to room saying I must leave. The next time I went there her husband was there happily talking to my wife and daughters.
    Whta king of hipocratic stupid religion is this ? he can see my women by I cannot see his women. Nonsense !
    We mustdimpose “no Burqua” law in Sri Lanka , following France.

  13. lingamAndy Says:

    Ref:If you have a probelm with that go back to Saudi or Pakistan (better).
    Brother Lorenzo, Please can you tell me are you Christine(name sounds similar cathelic Lorenzo, Pearce, Solaman etc.. ) or Bhuddist ???

  14. lingamAndy Says:

    We must remember what goes around comes back-Agreed !
    Lord Bhuddha borned in Hindhu Royal Family in Nebal 2,500 years ago! & visied Lanka three time to convert people to Bhudhism ! (King done it so peoples followed)

    Ref:teh Buddhism is protected in Sri lanka by the constitution- Wrong All four reliegns protected by our constitution ! Sri lanka is not Bhuddist country like We are not pathetic religs country like Pakistan (is first Muslim country in the world) !
    We are Well civiliesd Majority Sinhala Bhuddist people country !

  15. Dham Says:

    There was no “Hinduism” in India in Buddha’s time. The word “Hiduism” did not appear in any Buddhist texts. Brahmis were not vegitarians those days. There were vedic Brhaminism which was one of the most stupid religions. Brahmin’s killed thousand of animals to sacrifice to gods.
    There was Sramana’s and other venerble and wondering acetics those days. There was jainsim but no Hinduism. Go and spread stupid statements to Indian forums. India is the country of liars.

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