Karunanidhi the Eelam Dreamer-OPEN LETTER TO Dr. Kalaignar Karunanidhi
Posted on April 22nd, 2012

Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr)  Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

21 April 2012


Dr. Kalaignar Karunanidhi
Head, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK)
8, IV Street, Gopalapuram,
Chennai-600 086, Tamil Nadu, India

cc: Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of  India

     J. Jayalalith, AIADM President and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

Dear “ƒ”¹…”Maravan’:

I have read the news item in the HINDU by a special correspondent where it was head-lined as KARUNANIDHI FOR EELAM, ALA KOSOVO, SOUTH SUDAN.

You are obviously a dreamer talking of your “unfulfilled dream of an Eelam” in Sri Lanka.  I am one of the few who would call you a “ƒ”¹…”Tamil political moron”.  Maravan, if you want a Tamil Eelam, why don’t you try having it in Tamil Nadu where 67 million of your people live, and perhaps separate yourselves from the rest of India?

You said, “The song of freedom is ringing in the ears of Tamils across the world.  The blood and tears shed by Sri Lankan Tamils will not go in vain.  If not tomorrow, it will come into existence one day.”  Dream on, Maravan!

You know what, Maravan?  You got all that wrong.  It should be “The song of freedom is ringing in the ears of the Sinhalese across the world after the Tamil Tigers were whipped to oblivion on 19 May 2009.  The Sinhalese blood that was shed by the Tamil Tigers and the tears shed by the chest thumping wailing mothers and fathers for their killed children by the Tamil Tigers will not go in vain, as one day they will win this war against the separatist Tamil Tiger rump abroad too.”  Maravan you better believe it.

You may not have tuned to Radio Patriotic Lanka which plays every morning at 6:00 o’clock their adopted anthem.  Maravan, you are a poet and a screen writer and have written lyrics to music and I am sure you will appreciate this anthem.  The tune of the anthem is that of the Beatles “Hey Jude”.  You know it, Maravan, don’t you ?  These are the lyrics and sing along”¦..

“Hey Knidhi, don’t let us down/ take your separatist Tamils back home and make us feel better/ if you don’t then why don’t you fuck-off/ then you will make us feel/ better, better, better, better, better, better”¦na, na, na, naa, na, na, na naa”¦na, na”¦ Hey Knidhi”   There are three more verses to this freedom song.

Maravan, you and I know that separating a country is an awful blood sport.  You experienced when the Indian Raj split into India and Pakistan that killed thousands  among thousands of your people.  You mentioned Sudan in your news item, but Hey Maravan, yesteday’s The Ottawa Citizen (20 April 2012) titled a news item, “Sudanese President threatens war against South. Bashir vows to teach “ƒ”¹…”final lesson’ by force“.  What is Ban ki-Moon of the UN going to do about it.  It is his baby?

Surely, Maravan, you don’t wish that for us Sinhalese, do you now?   With that stupidity of yours, I can only conjure images of the Sinhalese Dutugamunu- Tamil Elara war.  And you know the outcome of it, don’t you?

For Lord Ganesh’s sake, stop being a moron and get out of that dream of yours.  The world has much more to offer you than your stupid dream.  Go out and smell the roses”¦.smell the temple flowers”¦. Smell the sandalwood incense wafting from your nearest Kovil.  Hug Jayalalitha and give her chubby cheeks a kiss if you want to.

And what amazes me is that you are apparently fighting for the Sri Lankan Tamils, who spat at their Mother India not wanting to make it their home and bypassed her and landed themselves in foreign greener pastures saying that they are refugees.   And let me tell you one thing Maravan.  I hope this fact will sink into your thick skull. Sri Lanka doesn’t owe a damn, not even a lousy paisa to any of the separatist Tamils living abroad wanting their Eelam, and Sri Lanka owes everything to the Tamils who stayed back in Sri Lanka who want to get on with their lives peacefully among the Sinhalese, Muslims and Burghers, and who would tell you without batting an eye lid “”…” “Why don’t you piss off Karunandhi and leave our country alone.”

Stop being a dreamer, Maravan.  Why don’t you spend some time writing poetry that we all can enjoy.  You old bugger, at age 88, surely there must be some romance in your life that you could put down on paper some romantic couplets and rhymes.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr) “”…” a damn good patriot Sinhalese

9 Responses to “Karunanidhi the Eelam Dreamer-OPEN LETTER TO Dr. Kalaignar Karunanidhi”

  1. concernedSL Says:

    Tamil separatists (or Sakkilyas) tried their pranks in Malaysia and failed. Consequence was Bhumiputra legislation. In 50s this man Karunanidi agitated in India and consequence was the annexation of Tamil Nadu by Central government. Now the easy way out is Sri Lanka, a relatively weak country thanks to old fools like JRJ and backboneless Sinhala politicians who couldn’t or cannot stand up to India. Gotabaya need to be applauded and become the next President of Sri Lanka, as we need a strong man to lead the country and for making an OFFICIAL statement in the media to Karunanidi back off.
    The three PUSSIES, Hilary, Jayalalitha and Pillai have banded together for a push to crush Sinhalese.
    The current President of Sri Lanka needs to be firm and not give in to external pressure. This man’s juice has long gone with end of war and a new leader must now take the reigns to protect the Sinhalese and Tamils who are not for separation and other communities, Muslims, Malays and Burghers. The blood we spilt to protect our country we built (esp. our ancient cities) and plundered by South Indian Dravidians, Cholas and Pandyans, (kings Maga, Paranthaka and Pandya to name a few) the ancsestors of the present day marauding Tamils, should not be seen as a waste.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    “The three PUSSIES, Hilary, Jayalalitha and Pillai have banded together for a push to crush Sinhalese.”


    Let me add the last 2 pussies are culturally stinky.

  3. Leela Says:

    Though it’s a good thing that Asoka put his view across to old bugger but as for me; I love the old bugger’s outburst for unlike TNA cowards, he hasn’t been hiding his true aim. Moreover, I think, such rants would definitely help Sinhalese to reject anti-national leders and unite under a nationalistic leader.

  4. concernedSL Says:

    Pussies just formed a group – Three Pussie Cat Dolls! Hilary didn’t get much with Bill who was busy turning Oval to Oral Office, has become a Lesbian.

  5. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear mr. Asoka Weerasinghe!
    Delighted to hear from you about the hippocracy of India & Tamil Nadu. If India under late Mr. Jawhal Nehru, stopped any state from leaving Indian Union, why is it in Sri lanka, we always worry over what India or any other pussy country thinks.

    Our Parliament & our President are supreme in carrying out responsibilties to the country, where they were elected to. People have given overhelming majority amounting 2/3 majority to even disregard any opposition stalling tactics & playing to disechanted Colombo Elite that are mainly Tamils.

    YES! we made blunders in foreign relations, not selecting & promoting best brains, intellectuals from lanka & even expats. But we must learn from our mistakes, and QUESTION WHY KASHMERE issue is not settled yet. If the Indian delegation feels Tamil issue is more important & time is running out (who nurtured LTTE, & other tamils to de-stabalize Sri lanka), now come and say we have NOTdone enough.

    We DO NOT want India to give money & otherassistance to live well in Sri lanka, we want them to go back to India. In their homes if they have photos of Indian leaders & NOT sri Lankan leaders, they have strongly indicated their ties to India. India should take them back to TN and make sure Tamil Nadu Govt. doesn’t discriminae becasue they are low caste poor Indians.

    We cannot support Indian population 1.2 Billion or more who doesn’t have toilts to over 50% of its population. THIS PARADIE is fr Sri lankans. After Kshmere Sri lankans will ask WHY is there so much discrimination against SIKHS, Christians or NON – Hindus?…India is a me bomb waiting to explode, but they are more worried about Tamils in Sri lanka. Now who are the hippocrites.

    13th ammendment or 13A plus or minus is out. We do not want to give our people what India wants it is what our people want. Few leaders run to India make public statements, and behave like pro-Indians ONLY for political & financial gains. If India is so good let them go, we can educae our people and manage our destiny without UNDUE INTERFERENCE.

    India should pay back for all the distruction caused by India as a Govt. & later as IPLF which was accused by TAMILS in North & East thay they(IPKF) raped, maimed, killed innocent civilians. WEHRE is the inquiries in UN or UNHRC about those attrocities. Is it because leader in UN HRC is tamil?

    India HAS NO RIGHT dictate terms to lanka, when they are guilty in many fronts. I would like our other writers to focus on INDIA and their shortcmongs from now on.

    Thanks very much Asoka for exposing the biggest hypocrite in the workd…YES,I am just expressing my views..~ Gamunu

  6. AnuD Says:

    As long as Tamils are in Sri Lanka, we have this head ache.

    Again, If tamils fight for a separate country in Tamilnadu, all these bickerings will stop.

    That will stop and the change the direction of the tide in all these peelam fights.

    Think about the possible sceanario if Tamils are fighting in Tamilnadu for a separate country. As long as they don’t fight for that, They keep on exploiting Sri Lanka for these melodrama.

  7. AnuD Says:

    Unlike Sri Lanka, which struggles since 1948 to come out of the colonial influences, India will be a regional power very soon. A rich country.

    Sri Lanka handled India’s problem of LTTE in Sri Lanka.

    What if if we hand over India’s problem back to India.

    India has money and power. Then what will all these Jayalalitha and Karunuanidhi, other Indian Tamils as well as other outside supporters say ?

    I think that changes the equation drastically.

  8. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Muthuvel Dakshinamurthi(aka Karunanidhi) is in morass of corruption. His close ally A.Raja is in jail in case of 2G spectrum scam. Significantly, Jayalalitha is also acquitted of scams like millions of rupees color TV scam, Tansi land scam, and acquiring illicit money. Both DMK and AIADMK are corrupt. Both the parties were misleading voters by promising freebies in their manifestos for the recent State Assembly polls. DMK and AIADMK were not interested in creating jobs for the people of the state but were keen only on luring them with such offers.
    People are fed up with both the Dravidian parties as they have been indulging in corruption alternately. Both DMK & AIADMK were hand in glove as no corruption cases were filed by each other relating to their respective regimes from 2001.

    Karunanidhi is unnecessarily messing up relations between India and Sri Lanka with his statements.DMK and AIADMK is living out of the misery of Tamils in Sri Lanka… as well as in Tamil Nadu, those corrupt politicians won’t do any good to their people…

    Karunanidhi began his wily, scheming, corrupt, lustful, cinematic, persistent, sanguine, never-say-die political career in 1937 at the age of 13. He energetically fought the Congress Party when the rest of the country focused on the little matter of Independence.

    The imposition of Hindi in the then Madras Presidency was the first political issue he fought against. Fighting against untouchability and suppression of women in Hindu (but not other) societies were some of the causes he championed. It is another matter that he abandoned those causes once he rose to prominence and focused exclusively on power and currency.

    By 1947, Muthuvel Dakshinamurthy and his mentor Conjeevaram Natarajan Annadurai(CN Annadurai) had developed political ambitions. The Independence that others had fought for and won had opened up new vistas of opportunity that the duo weren’t going to miss. But there was one problem. The leader of their sub-nationalist movement Dravidar Kazhagam, ‘Periyar’ Erode Venkata Ramasami Naicker had called for August 15 to be observed as a Black Day. Ostensibly on a patriotic note, Anna and his thambi Muthuvel Dakshinamurthy disagreed with Periyar and parted ways.

    In 1949, they started the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK)—at least, the first generation version of the party. It would go on to evolve into its 2G and 3G versions that we all know only too well about.

    An early indication of what kind of a politician Muthuvel Dakshinamurthy (Karunanidhi) will develop into came after a by-election that the DMK won against the ruling Congress in the 1950s. Party leaders who had contributed the most to the victory had assembled at the celebrations hoping Anna would praise their hard work.

    To their horror, however, Anna presented a gold ring to Karunanidhi, who had played only a peripheral role, and lavishly praised him. Stunned, the leaders asked Anna in private to explain. He told them Karunanidhi had paid for the ring himself and had given it to him the previous night, requesting that the ring be presented to him at the ceremony. “You pay for the jewels and I will present them to you too,” Anna added.

    You can read the late poet Kannadasan’s twin-volume autobiography in which Karunanidhi’s younger days are detailed.

    Karunanidhi was not DMK’s first choice to be the successor for Anna. There were other illustrious, honest leaders who coveted the opportunity. But when Anna died in 1969, Karunanidhi pleaded with the party’s rising star and a heartthrob of Tamil film fans, Maruthur Gopalan Ramachandran (MGR), to support his candidature. Riding on MGR’s backing, Karunanidhi defeated the other contenders and became the chief minister in 1969.

    But as soon as he was sworn in, Karunanidhi began sidelining MGR in the party. He was jealous of MGR’s popularity both within the party and across the state. So he denied MGR a Cabinet berth on the grounds that a busy actor would not be able to do justice to his ministerial duties. When MGR became a bitter critic of the chief minister, Karunanidhi suspended him from the party.

    It is another matter that MGR formed his own party and grabbed power, never to lose to Karunanidhi till his death in 1987.

    In 1976, Indira Gandhi dismissed the DMK government on corruption charges though the real reason might have been her Emergency-era paranoia against non-Congress chief ministers. She set up a panel called Sarkaria Commission to inquire into the charges. The panel defined Karunanidhi and his men as being ‘scientifically corrupt.’ It meant their corruption was systematic and left no trail.

    .In 1976, Indira Gandhi dismissed the DMK government on corruption charges though the real reason might have been her Emergency-era paranoia against non-Congress chief ministers. She set up a panel called Sarkaria Commission to inquire into the charges. The panel defined Karunanidhi and his men as being ‘scientifically corrupt.’ It meant their corruption was systematic and left no trail.

    During the election campaign, he would tell the voters they are the only ‘Gods’ he worshipped. But once they fix him, he would call them ‘beggars’, ‘numb creatures’ and ‘ingrates’.

    In 1984, he was going to lose so desperately in the Assembly elections, that he used an old picture showing him in a happy chat with his (now) archenemy MGR to ask for votes. His argument was that MGR was bedridden in a hospital in the US and could not possibly govern the state. Despite that, the voters gave an overwhelming verdict in favour of the semi-conscious patient and routed Karunanidhi’s ilk.

    He became the chief minister only after MGR died and the AIADMK had split. But then, Jayalalithaa was the new rising star and he couldn’t believe his own eyes. For a man who had engaged in political sparring with C Rajagopalachari, K Kamaraj, Bhaktavatsalam and MGR, a former actress 25 years his junior was a climb-down.

    Given the feudal background of the DMK, Karunanidhi resorted to the only trick India’s male politicians have in their arsenal against powerful female rivals. He attacked Jayalalithaa personally and oversaw a clutch of sidekicks saying horrendous things. But she couldn’t be scared into submission. Jayalalithaa went on to become Tamil Nadu’s single-largest politician, and more popular than Karunanidhi even when out of power.

    The one thing to recommend Karunanidhi for is his tenacity and an attitude that never gives up. Tamil voters have rejected his candidature for chief-ministership six times in the past 35 years. Not once did he lose hope. Never did he contemplate retirement. Swan songs written for Karunanidhi could fill a fat volume but he belied all of them.

    Even now, he must already be thinking of the next step in his political journey. His unfinished agenda includes divvying up the wealth among his sons and daughters, firewall the party from a split after his death and make sure the investigation into the 2G scandal fizzles out. A million-war veteran, he is not going to let these minor ripples force him out of the water.

    The man is 86-years old and bound to a wheelchair. His son, MK Stalin virtually ran the show in the state. None of the party leaders look up to Karunanidhi anymore, either for ideological leadership or ‘practical’ decisions. They are busy falling into the Stalin camp or the rival MK Azhagiri camp headed by his other son.

    Karunanidhi has lost control over his family and party a long ago. Even in 2009, when the DMK was negotiating with the Congress for Cabinet berths in the Centre, he was not informed of the details.

    His fighting spirit hasn’t faded a bit, but his illness prevents him from taking action. He also doesn’t seem to understand the modern aspirations of the newest generations. His political plans don’t cater to their needs such as higher education, job creation, infrastructure or economic reforms. His old-style politics—marked by oratorical flourish and an economic policy revolving exclusively around freebies—cannot capture their imagination.

    When the next elections are held in Tamil Nadu, he would be 91. The voters need a younger, more progressive, less divisive leader to take them into the new millennium. The 1937 anti-Hindi campaigner doesn’t fit the description.

  9. concernedSL Says:

    Nalliah Thayabharan – if we have HONOURABLE Tamils like you, the so called percieved Tamil ‘grievances’ can be addressed in a civilised sensible scale. Our teachers were Tamils and we do have friends who are Tamils who believe in a rational, approach to this issue. Dividing Sri Lanka means all Tamils will have to LEAVE THE SOUTH and settle in North and East as they will face no discremination and no more shouting and weeping, and lying to westerners. Imagine 2/3rds of coastline land rights to be handed over to a minority (lesss than 4%), who suffers from a majority menatlity. Which country will endorse that!!! Personally I know how Jaffna boys treat Batticalo boys since I have been there and the discrimination towards Christians in Batticalo. We live in a hypocritical world and an absolute corrupt world run by corrupt politicians and above all bureaucrats, irrespective being a Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim etc. Honest guys are at the wrath of dishonest people. 3 Pussy cat dolls and Tamil Diaspora who support separation (I call them Sakkilyas, who are absolute traitors of mother Lanka) need their brains examined. Killing Prabah triggered all this hallabaloo. If Prbah was alive today the Tamil Diaspora would not be agitating on this scale. It’s a retributory measure rather than anything else.

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