Indian fact finding Mission has gone back after telling us how to run our country.
Posted on April 23rd, 2012

By Charles.S.Perera

The fact finding Mission of  Indian Lokh Sabha led by the leader of the Opposition Sushima Swaraj has gone back. They have gone having instructed us as to what we should do to separate our Communities, giving more privileges to one  Community not speaking of the other Communities whose interests with which  they were apparently not concerned . What they were seeking was the situation of  the  Tamil Community; rightly so as they were being observed by the Tamil Nadu political stalwarts.

But In Sri Lanka one cannot speak only of the Tamil Community without speaking of the other Communities as they are all interrelated and the interest of one Community affects the interest of the other Communities. Hence  it was  a strange fact finding Mission.

They have told us  how we should implement the 13th Amendment, and  resettle the IDPs.  Their instructions, advice and demands are directed towards the Government of Sri Lanka, without forcing the TNA ,which is the party that adulates India, while mumbling the “pride of being Sri Lankans”, to be flexible and  make reasonable demands.

But they were  more respectful towards the recalcitrant TNA, and have not demanded of them to respect the constitution of Sri Lanka, not to go round the world accusing the Government of Sri Lanka, talking through their hats about the aspirations of the Tamil people and demand more powers for the provinces in the North and East which  the other provinces do not demand. 

They did not ask the TNA being Members of the Parliament of Sri Lanka should while respecting the relevant sections of the Constitution,  without transgressing any of the Articles  of the Constitution in their speech and action, should also participate in Parliamentary Committees as loyal citizens and responsible politicians.

Our media apparently had no questions to put to the fact finding Mission, though they always vociferous and jump to criticise the Government of Sri Lanka.

The leader of the Indian delegation had said that they had come to see the  progress Sri Lanka has made since the end of the armed conflict in May, 2009″¦.. and  to  get a sense of the situation  with regard to the way forward to achieving a lasting and broad based peace in Sri Lanka.  But unfortunately India despite its support for the development of some of the infrastructure activities, had not been a help to force the very un-Sri Lankan TNA MPs to stop their disruptive activities .

The delegation could have explained to the TNA MPS that they are standing in the way of the government which is making the maximum effort to reconcile the Communities and develop the country having  removed  terrorism  and brought peace into the country.

It is easy to ask the government to persuade the TNA to join the PSC, but it is TNA  working hand in hand with Rudrakumaran and his anti Sri L       anka groups like Prabhakaran the terrorist leader,  which does not want to participate in any Government project that would damage their interest to form a Tamil Ealam State in the North and East with police and land power, nominally being within a United Sri Lanka but having their own provincial government where the Government will not be able to intervene in case they run the Provincial Council independent of government authority.

That would not be in the interest of Sri Lanka and doing so would be helping the TNA even to recommence terrorist activities in the provinces under their “jurisdiction”, not forgetting that the initial group of terrorists was trained in India.

Sushma Swaraj says, ”     We have noted the improved situation regarding the resettlement of IDPs. However, a significant number of them continue to be in transit situations or with host families.  Our task will not be complete until they return to their original homes.  Similarly, while there has been substantial progress in the area of rehabilitation and reconstruction, a lot remains to be done.  We are prepared to assist in whatever way possible, in a spirit of partnership and cooperation.”

Sri Lanka has  already  managed with nearly 300 000 IDPs and the majority of them have been settled to their satisfaction, what remains is only a fraction of what we had dealt with single handedly without the assistance and the  support of  India. The few thousands that remain would also be settled down when demining is completed without the assistance of India whose bona fides is now being questioned.

Ms.Swaraj , had as every one else, spoken about the LLRC and the importance of implementing the recommendations  urgently.  Don’t we the Sri Lankans know the urgency of implementation of the recommendations of the LLRC which had been appointed by our President ?

It is not the Americans or the Indians that have to tell us when and how we should implement  the recommendation of the LLRC.  It is not really their d..n business.  No body told us how to  eliminate terrorism, we did it our  way even though the terrorist friendly Robert O Blake told us ad nauseam that there is no military solution to terrorism but a political solution.

Then  the Indian delegation  spoke of matters that do not concern them such as the “”¦”¦. reduction of high security zones, return of private lands by the military and demilitarization, including phasing out of the involvement of the security forces in civilian activities and restoration of civilian administration in the Northern Province. We have noted the assurance given by the Government of Sri Lanka in Parliament that it will ensure the withdrawal of security forces from community life and confine their role to security matters.” 

It has to be reiterated, again and again, that our armed forces are  special, different from the Armed Forces of India , or any Western country.  It is our soldiers that fought against terrorism, some of them  giving their lives and limbs to bring peace to Sri Lanka.   They are of our people and by their brave intervention in a “war ” against the terrorist have become a vital part of our country.  They are not the type of soldiers that could be confined to Military Camps.  They have to be deployed every where whether one likes it or not  for the security of the people and the protection of  their motherland.

They-the soldiers should be seen by every one, every day and appreciated for the role they played to bring peace to Sri Lanka.  They are now in a no-war situation and apart from the necessity to  keep vigilance over some parties like that of the TNA, which  may re introduce terrorist elements, the soldiers should also be employed in other civil activities beneficial to themselves, to the people and the country.  In America after their wars in Vietnam etc. their soldiers became a danger to American society, some of them being psychologically affected by the gruesome wars.  We cannot see that happening to our Soldiers who are our heroes

Therefore entrusting our soldiers with security or civil activity  is no business of India or any other country.  They need not tell us how to deploy the persons of our Armed Forces.

The Leader of the delegation had said that the Tamil people complained that the Army interfered into their daily life.  Unfortunately the Sri Lanka Army is there to stay and the  Tamil people have to get used to the presence of Soldiers, which is both in their interest  and in the interest of the country.

For thirty years they had got used to  living in fear of the terrorists who unlike the Sri Lankan Soldiers came to take away their children and make demands of their support at gun point.  Therefore complaining  about the presence of Soldiers is not in absurd.  

Is it not better to live with Soldiers who are protective without being  aggressive, or is it better to live in fear again with another spate of terrorism which is likely, if there is no proper security ?

It is better miss the “arthadhama pooja” at midnight and do it at a clean place at home, rather than risk their lives to a terrorist rump who may perpetrate an act of terror.

Meaningful devolution of power taking into account Tamil peoples’ equality, dignity, justice and self-respect , could easily be served by Tamil people integrating in to the main stream of Sri Lankan Nation hood, without being a special Communal group of Tamils trying to  remain outside the main Nation Body of Sri Lanka. 

That is some thing the Indian Delegation should have emphasised to Sampanthan of TNA.  But obviously the Indian Delegation was trying to fortify the Tamils in Sri Lanka as a separate entity to woo the Tamil Nadu politicians.

The 13th Amendment is obsolete and it is now a hindrance  for Sri Lanka to go forward. It is being utilised by India who authored it, and Sampanthan and the TNA as an obstacle of reconciliation.  It should be withdrawn from the constitution and caste aside to clear the way forward.  It is wrong for the Indian Delegation to have harped on that as it is a purely Indian innovation which does not fit into Sri Lankan way of thinking.

The Unity of the Communities should be built on understanding, mutual respect and confidence in each other rather on a piece of legislation that had been imposed on us.  Therefore , we should speak neither of 13A or 13A plus in speaking of post-terrorist Sri Lanka.

It all depends on the Tamil people of Sri Lanka, whether they want to be an integral part of the larger Sri Lankan Nation or remain outside as a separate entity.  If it is the latter then they cannot fall back on a 13A if it has been removed.  Then the necessity would make the Tamils perhaps give up their Communal difference to be one with the rest of the Communities.

Then  Sushima Swaraj goes on to say, “”¦…  These projects gave us some satisfaction that India’s assistance, especially in the areas of humanitarian assistance, temporary shelter, housing, de-mining, education and vocational training, public health, connectivity, and revival of agriculture and other livelihood activities, has been able to make a difference to the lives of the people”¦.” 

India should get rid of its ” TamilNadu fear” and come forward to help Sri Lanka as a nation  and not as  Sri Lanka a patch work of Communities. 

It is true the brunt of the suffering from terrorism had been the lot of the Tamil people in the North  and East, but since after elimination of Sri Lanka we are building a nation it has to be taken into account that even  those of the South lived in constant fear of death and massacre and  could not organise their lives properly.  Therefore India should not keep on harping on the Tamil Communal ticket but get involved in the process of reconciliation and building peace and harmony every where in Sri Lanka.

Lastly Ms.Swaraj Says, “”¦..  India and Sri Lanka are bound by ties of history, geography and culture. Our partnership must therefore progress in the spirit of being the closest of neighbours and friends whose destinies are intertwined”¦”¦.”  

But that does not mean that India should “some time” revert to back stabbing, in order to satisfy the Tamil Nadu politicians who are driven politically through sentiments, hatred and desire for revenge rather than through wisdom and intellectual maturity.

The Tamil Nadu politicians should be more diplomatic in their relation with Sri Lanka , developing astute political relations which could, if they desire so help the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, without trying to separate them from their legitimate right of being a part of the Sri Lankan Nation to which they have a better claim than to be  the “pets” of the TamilNadu because of their Tamilness.

If the Tamils of Sri Lanka were to be in Tamil Nadu , they will suffer social degradation through Caste system, where as in Sri Lanka they are equal citizens among the Sinhala and Muslim compatriots without any discrimination caste or racial.

12 Responses to “Indian fact finding Mission has gone back after telling us how to run our country.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “India should get rid of its “ TamilNadu fear” and come forward to help Sri Lanka as a nation and not as Sri Lanka a patch work of Communities.”

    The dirt called India will never change. They will do anything to keep TN racists happy. Otherwise they lose political power.

    As it is now, India has nothing to lose in SL by dong anything. SL always accepts India. This is the problem.

    Who allowed these jokers to come to SL and tell us what to do?

    The government!

    If you allow outsiders to dictate terms to you, THEY WILL!!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    SL has already lost Geneva friends!

    News item.


    China, Pakistan and Bangladesh will hate SL for this.

    Never ending Indian servitude. Don’t know when the govt will learn.

    Biggest pirates in the region are bloody Indian illegal immigrants and illegal fishermen. Without resolving that they do some total BS.

  3. jay-ran Says:

    Charles y r correct!
    India’s opposition leaders advices are like ” A GRANDSON TRYING TO TEACH GRAND MA -HOW TO HAVE SEX-!!!
    This woman’s asking SL Govt to pursuade TNA to join PSC is very HIGH HANDED as its not the SL Govt who R obstructing these ILLETERATE & SWALLEN HEADED SRI LANKAN TAMILS IN TNA NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN PSC BUT THE TNA BANDITS THEMSELVES!

  4. AnuD Says:

    Why no one was courageous enough to ask those people to compare living standards of Sri Lankan and Indian Tamils. Amidst 100 years of sabotage by Sri Lankan Tamils, almost that long looking down on Sinhalas by Sri Lankan Tamils and finally 30 years of violance and destruction, how good Sri Lankan Tamils are doing in comparison to Indian Tamils ?

    I think Sushma Swaraj understood that. Even then, as Indians are more powerful, as Tamils are at least politically important to thecentral govt, they managed to order Sri Lanka.

    Why out of one billion or more people only 65 million has this much of power in the central govt ?

    Can not we change that ?

  5. Voice123 Says:

    Well said Charles. All we need is for our politicians to explain this firmly to India. If our politicians continue to allow India to dictate terms, what incentive does the TNA have to genuinely negotiate? They will keep running to their mother India to pressure Sri Lanka on their behalf!

  6. nandimitra Says:

    We have a weak leadership that allowes every foreign country to interfere in the governance of the country be it India or America. They bend over backwards to please them. A citizen is not given that priviledge.

  7. stanley perera Says:

    What did Indian lecturer to GoSL Krishna tell TNA? Go to the PSC. What did the Indian lecturer to GoSL tell TNA? Go to the PSC. This lecturing process will never end until we find a go vernment with the backbone. MR says the forces are in our own soil. TGhen again MR says forces in the North will gradually face out. What a BS talk is this? As long as the spineless GoSL lays the red carpet these filthy Indian lecturers will keep coming. That monkey nuclear scientist telling the GoSL to share our sea resources with Nadoos. This bloody Indians must be told out of those 300,000 IDPSS more than harlf is the illegals from Tamil Nadoo imported by TNA and exported by Karunanidhi, Viko and company.

  8. dhane Says:

    I am repeating again and again requesting President MR to use 2/3 majority in Parliament and introduce into the constitution that “so separation could be talk or act”. Then automatically 13 or 13+ is gone. If MR could not do this there will be nobody in future. Please same mother Lanka.
    Meantime Charles make a open letter to Sushima Swaraj and Cc to all those who participate in this mission. Thanks.
    We are awaiting for your class Action!

  9. dhane Says:

    I am repeating again and again requesting President MR to use 2/3 majority in Parliament and introduce into the constitution that “so separation could be talk or act”. Then automatically 13 or 13+ is gone. If MR could not do this there will be nobody in future. Please SAVE mother Lanka.
    Meantime Charles make a open letter to Sushima Swaraj and Cc to all those who participate in this mission. Thanks.
    We are awaiting for your class Action!

  10. Dham Says:

    Accoring to Susuma, MR promised 13 + again. Is Susuma more beatiful than our Kususma ?
    What is wrong with MR or is he a MKR , if you know the term ?
    Sri lankan Airlines stopped few flights to Europe. Ranjith the Malcom went to see MkR. And guess what MKR ordered Sri lankan to start flights again.
    What kind of a country is this ? what kind of MKR leaders are these ? How can a —- command a country ?

  11. AnuD Says:

    Sri Lankan post war experience is a mess. Nothing happened for the betterment of the country. All foreign trips many ministers and annual pilgrimages by the president, millions spent on advertizing firms, lobbying firmes are all may be wasted.

  12. Kit Athul Says:

    Today (04-25-12) Karunanidhi wrote in his party news paper, another letter to Indian Parminister to ask the UNHCR to create the TAMIL EELAM inside Sri Lanka. This will go on until the 13A is nulllified!

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