Tamil Nadu Politician talks sense – for a change
Posted on April 23rd, 2012

Asada M Erpini

It is heartening to note that Thol Tirumavalavan, Leader of Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK) has come out with few words of wisdom, obviously unintentionally. In his statement on the visit of the Indian Parliamentary delegation to Sri Lanka that has been just concluded, he has said, “The team had no powers to decide on matters relating to external affairs”, as reported by NDTV on 23 April”. Although the MP may not have intended to voice it, what the message clearly shows is that India is poking its fingers in matters that do not concern it.

Sri Lanka is not a colony of India as was the case when the British ruled it for nearly 150 years. During that period, there were many, in the form of viceroys, governors, advisors who used to land in Sri Lanka to make sure that the wishes of the rulers were implemented as they desired. Sri Lanka, or the then Ceylon, was never under the suzerainty of India, although various invading armies of the empire builders from the Chola and Pandyan gangs landed in the island and pushed the rulers and the capitals southwards at various times. Their descendents in Tamil Nadu and a few of their cousins living in Sri Lanka today, among the fewer than 3.9% Tamil population in the country, hold on to the mistaken belief that they have the moral right to dictate terms to the rulers of Sri Lanka on how the country should be managed.

Sri Lanka is a sovereign, independent nation. Merely because it has limited resources at its disposal and the population is just 20 million living in a land area of 65,000 square kilometres in comparison to the over 1 billion mass of humanity occupying a vast expanse of land of its Northern neighbour, the island nation has to turn the other cheek when all the powerful and influential countries as well as India keep on bashing it at every possible occasion.

Sri Lanka should ignore all the missiles thrown at and carry on with its plans for rebuilding and development: after all, the President of Sri Lanka had the strength and the determination to take the war against the LTTE to a finish in spite of the obstacles placed by many of the Western countries.

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  1. AnuD Says:

    [Sri Lanka should ignore all the missiles thrown at and carry on with its plans for rebuilding and development: ]

    What a mess Sri Lanka is in.

    Most of these Tamils are Makkal padai and Maveerar families and they killed us and destroyed us for 30 years. Those in the Camps are Kallathonis who immigrated illegally during the LTTE time.

    Now, all those suffered in the South are neglected and they are abandoned to look after they themselves.

    Focus and everything is on these destroyers. Even their supporters – overseas living LTTE fundraisers, Church and the human right business people are the kingpins.

    Govt just bend to every one. But, it is the 70% Sinhala vote that brings the govt power and never by this 11% Tamil vote. Why people are this blind ?

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