Hong Kong fully prepared for two Buddhist events
Posted on April 24th, 2012


HONG KONG, April 24 (Xinhua) — The third World Buddhist Forum and the Grand Blessing Ceremony for worshipping Buddha’s parietal- bone relic will start Wednesday in Hong Kong. The host organizations have fully prepared for these two important Buddhist events.

Jointly organized by the Buddhist Association of China, the Hong Kong Buddhist Association and the China Religious Culture Communication Association, the three-day forum will be the biggest ever international Buddhist conference held in Hong Kong.

For months, the host organizations worked together through a series of working conferences to gather the wisdom of scholars and experts. With active participation and enthusiastic devotion of over 1,000 volunteers as well as close cooperation and strong support of generous donors, people from all walks of life acted in unity and laid the foundation for the smooth preparation of the forum.

Under the theme of “Common Aspirations and Actions towards a Harmonious World”, eminent monks, well-known scholars from more than 50 countries and regions will participate in seven sub-forums and several TV forums, discussing how to propagate Dharma teachings and protect Buddhist scriptures, exchanging ideas on the development of Buddhist education and promoting Buddhist charity.

Apart from the third World Buddhist Forum, the Grand Blessing Ceremony for worshipping Buddha’s parietal-bone relic will also be held in Hong Kong from April 25 to 30.

The Buddha’s parietal-bone relic is being moved out of China’s mainland for a public worship for the first time after it was unearthed in June 2010 in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province in southeast China.

The relic will be enshrined in the Hong Kong Coliseum for public worship on Wednesday. It is the largest and the most spectacular Buddhist ritual ceremony ever held in Hong Kong.

So far, more than 260,000 tickets have been distributed with the help of the Hong Kong Buddhist Association.

According to the organizers, tight security measure will be taken on the 24-hour basis for the safety of the sacred parietal- bone relic.

As a Chinese city, Hong Kong’s dominant religion is, unsurprisingly, Buddhism. It is estimated that out of the seven million population, one million believe in Buddhism.

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