Why the Sudan Fate Awaits Sri Lanka Unless Swift Action is Taken Now
Posted on April 25th, 2012

– Kumar Moses

We have pointed out previously why Sri Lanka faces the same fate of Sudan. Our proposed solution sent shockwaves down the spine of Tamil Elamists.


That alone proves its effectiveness.

Now the threat is even worse. Transnational Government of Tamil Elam was invited to South Sudan independence and they have drawn inspiration from it. Now they demand a similar referendum (as held only in the southern part of Sudan) in the northern and eastern part of Sri Lanka. UNHRC, India, Norway and USA have already imposed various devolution models that achieve just that in the long run. What will happen is, this referendum or other means of the “Sudan solution” will be imposed on Lanka by this group while Sri Lankans will blame the diplomats, politicians past and present and each other for it. This is what happens always in Sri Lanka instead of taking hard decisions. Effective action must be taken now to avoid it.

2012 is an election year in USA and 2013 is an election year in India. Both incidents boost manipulation power of Tamils.

Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has renewed the call for India to create Tamil Elam in Sri Lanka. This time he has compared South Sudan, East Timor and Montenegro to “Tamil Elam”. India may resist for a while but eventually it will give in to Tamil Nadu demands as it did in Geneva. Relying on India to save Sri Lanka from Tamil Elam is downright foolish. Time is fast running out.

Arguments why the Sudanese fate will not befall Sri Lanka are weak

The main argument why a Sudan will not happen in Sri Lanka is that the religious division in Sudan is not present in Lanka. Obviously the Christian-Islam division is not there in Sri Lanka. Africa is divided between Christian south and Islamic north. Sudan, Africa’s largest nation before the division, had this line of demarcation running right through it. The argument goes, Christian West helped South Sudan which is a Christian majority area, achieve independence from Islamic majority North Sudan.

The Christian argument is partly valid in Sri Lanka. Bishops Rayappu Joseph and Thomas Sundaralingam openly support the Western agenda of splitting the North-East Sri Lanka from the rest. Rest of the church administration (not the Christian population) subtly supports it. Their cover is “implementation of LLRC recommendations”. If LLRC can make such far reaching decisions, why do we need elections?

Nevertheless this argument doesn’t help explain why the West helped Islamic Bosnia separate from Christian Serbia or why Islamic Kosovo was helped by the West to divide Christian Serbia.

There is more to it than faith.

In Africa, geopolitical interests run along religious lines to some extent. However, there are more important currents at work. Oil, political allegiances of “rebels” is one major factor. That is why the West helps Islamic fundamentalists including Al Qaeda and Islamic Brotherhood in the Middle East and North Africa topple their governments. The geopolitical division that cut across Sudan cuts through Sri Lanka as well!

As it is now, Tamil politicians from northern and Eastern Sri Lanka are geopolitically aligned with USA through Hilary Clinton and Robert Blake. This is exactly how it happened in South Sudan. China was supportive of North Sudan area and the North Sudan majority government of Sudan as in Sri Lanka. While China builds ports in the south of Sri Lanka, India builds ports in the north! Selective development of the north by India and USA is obvious. This is a classic geopolitical split running through the island.

Even if oil is taken into account this geopolitical split becomes visible. South Sudan has oil as North-East Sri Lanka (Mannar). South Sudan has many other valuable mineral resources as North-East Sri Lanka (Pulmodai to Eppawala in the East). Western nations got a pro-western dependent vassal state created in South Sudan and using them to plunder the oil resources there. India and USA follow not a similar but the same strategy in North-East Sri Lanka.

If India can get an Indian vassal state created in North-East Sri Lanka, it need not share Mannar oil blocks with China. India can have everything to it. If a Tamil Nadu vassal state is created in the North-East Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu illegal fishermen will not be “attacked” as alleged. If India can get an Indian vassal state created in North-East Sri Lanka, there won’t be any opposition to or concern over its nuclear power plants in South India. Similarly with a US-Indian slave-state in North-East Sri Lanka, the safety of Sethusamudram Channel will be guaranteed from spying eyes. Militarily sensitive cargo can be deployed or transported through it with no protest from neighbors. That is why Egypt, Panama and Singapore are always US vassal states.

Aren’t the stars perfectly aligned for another “Sudanese solution”?

Human rights distraction   

Before Sudan was split, there was a big hue and cry about the Darfur region in Sudan. War crimes allegations were brought against Sudanese leaders driving them to a state of panic. It was a red herring to drive attention away from the real plan. Once the Sudanese government was pressurized over war crimes and human rights issues in Darfur, it was forced to agree to the South Sudan referendum. But Darfur was immediately forgotten! Today economically “useless” (to the West) Darfur remains part of North Sudan (alleged human rights abusers) while South Sudan has been granted Independence!

What a marvelous magician’s trick!

This is the same distraction trick the West and Tamil politicians together play in Sri Lanka. They distract attention with the now dead LTTE and extort their geopolitical needs through threats.

Knowing very well that most, if not all, private media institutions and NGOs are owned and run by pro-Western groups and political parties, UNHRC-US-EU wants “media freedom” to these entities to soften the “south” so that the north can be easily separated.

And the war stopped in Sudan according to the West after South Sudan gained Independence! Now it is an international dispute which will be looked after with relative ease by the UN. South Sudan has attacked and grabbed an oil field in a disputed area. It has also shot down a North Sudanese jet. That is very fast for South Sudan to have a strong military in just months after its independence! With US$ 300 million of annual “defence budget”, “Tamil Elam”, in addition to all the other benefits, is a lucrative weapons market too. In this context UNHRC, USA and India want Sri Lanka to demilitarize the north. Doesn’t it all add up?  

Shutting one’s eyes, ears and senses to these obvious ominous signs is the worst we can do. A similar approach was followed by a very influential and educated section of the people towards the CFA. They argued USA, India and NATO will not allow LTTE to harm Sri Lanka! They also argued that in the post 9/11 era it is suicidal for the LTTE to restart war. Little that they knew the geopolitical games played by all these actors in which LTTE was a vital part. By the time they came to realize it, things have gone out of control.

These facts must be accepted so that potent solutions can be found.

Why Tamils are not united with Sri Lanka against disintegration attempts?

At the heart of this is the division that is there in Sri Lanka. Tamils in the North-East have always supported separatism and racism. Only a very few multi ethic political parties ever won a few seats in Jaffna. ACTC, ITAK, TULF and TNA have done nothing good to Tamils but they always vote for these parties following the lead from their cousins in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is the only Indian state where racist parties (Dravida parties much like Tamil parties in North-East) win elections instead of multiethnic parties.

As such, racist politics is an inherent feature of Tamil majority areas in both Sri Lanka and India.

Putting forward conditions for unity is unacceptable.

Not having the faculty to understand this basic fact has put the nation in jeopardy. From 1948 to 1956 the UNP government did enormous work for the benefit of Tamils in the north and east but it was highly racist ITAK that won all the Tamil majority electorates in 1956. Similarly after plenty of good work from 1965 to 1970, UNP was neglected and ITAK and ACTC were voted by Tamils. The 1970-77 SLFP government immensely benefitted Tamil majority areas economically and politically but that resulted in a massive victory to hardline TULF. Once again the 1994-2000 SLFP government reinstated civilized existence to Jaffna after decades of IPKF-LTTE plunder only to be rejected by a hardcore TNA/TULF in 2001. UNP government of 2001-03 once again brought unprecedented prosperity to Tamils but TNA recorded the best ever victory. TNA victory was sharpest not in LTTE controlled Vanni but in government controlled Jaffna! In a way the 2004 election result came close to the 1977 Vadukodai manifesto led TULF election victory.  

Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is a symptom of insanity.

Since Tamil majority areas always inherently vote for Tamil/Dravida racist parties, what is the solution? Convert Tamil majority areas into Tamil minority areas. It is a long term strategy but it can be done. It was successfully done in the East. Today there is an excellent opportunity to do so in the north as more than half of the population in the north have either left the country or moved to Colombo.

We have written many times in these columns the need to change the ethnic composition of the north. New non-Tamil settlements by way of colonization schemes must be established in the north. Resettlement of displaced non-Tamils must happen at least now. In addition, many more new non-Tamil settlements must be created. The North Sudan-South Sudan distinction must be erased from the island. If it can be done, devolution can proceed without any problem.  

For the record, Nigeria is now drifting towards the “Sudanese solution”. Northern Nigeria has a Muslim majority with few oil fields whereas Southern Nigeria is Christian majority and almost the entirety of the Nigerian oil is here. Northern Nigeria follows Sharia Law whereas Southern Nigeria doesn’t. It is not just about faith and oil, associated geopolitics matter most. Sudan could have integrated its ethnic groups and survived as one nation. Nigeria can do it, at least on paper, and avoid eternal bloodshed that comes with separation. Sri Lankans should learn this lesson from a safe distance and take preventive action before it is too late.

10 Responses to “Why the Sudan Fate Awaits Sri Lanka Unless Swift Action is Taken Now”

  1. Voice123 Says:

    “It is not just about faith and oil”

    Well said! All those fools coming on this website and blindly spouting anti-Christian slogans are actually harming the interests of a united Sri Lankan nation. The West ditched Christianity a long time ago in favour of consumerist-hedonism (go look it up if you dont understand what this is) and actually persecute genuine Christians nopposed to rampant consumerist-hedonism. Consumerist hedonists will attempt to revise Christianity to suit their agenda, eg they have now succeeded in legalising homosexual marriage by misinterpreting the Bible. It is STRONGLY condemned in the Bible. Western powers interested in expansionism will use ANY tactic available to them and often use the Christian card particularly against Muslim majority countries because they know it is highly emotional and it works to divide. They will then turn around and use the Islam card to divide Christian Serbia from Albania, Kosovo, Montonegro, Russian interests in Central Asia etc. Remember the West also set up and provided funds for the supposedly “militant Islamic” Al Qaeda, which few genuine Muslims are keen on. Neither does it mean that Christians in Sri Lanka approve of separatism! Far from it. Christians in Sri Lanka (except for some hardcore Tamils – eg one of the Christian Bishops in Jaffna said “I AM A TAMIL FIRST AND A CHRISTIAN SECOND”) are aware that Christians in India (as are Buddhists) are heavily outnumbered and systematically persecuted by the Hindu government and other militants there. Most right thinking Christians in Sri Lanka do not want the northeast to fall into the hands of a Indian puppet state as it will harm their own interests.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    This time I agree with Voice.

    Blindly making anti-Christian, anti-Buddhist and anti-Muslim statements JUST for the sake of it does no good.

    We had a LTTE commentator by the name Mu-Dalit. He used to do the same.

    Making those statements WITH PROOF (NOT BECAUSE OF PERSONAL GRUDGES) is a different thing.

    Strangely the BOILING Hindu fundamentalism of RSS, Shiv Sena, BJP, etc. in India is ignored. That is equally bad. Imagine what Tamil groups can do with their help? Their help is CLOSER than anything else. Last time Jayalalitha joined BJP govt. This time BJP is MUCH more Hindu hardline.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    BTW Mr Moses has nothing else to say than the same thing over and over again.

    Nothing happens!

    Govt sleeps with TNA. If the TNA leader was a woman, there would be spicy rumours.

  4. Dham Says:

    “BTW Mr Moses has nothing else to say than the same thing over and over again.”
    Why do you think so ? Moses has a good argument here. It is very true that Tiger Country dream is rejuvanated because of Sudan division. It is also true that
    “War crimes allegations were brought against Sudanese leaders driving them to a state of panic. It was a red herring to drive attention away from the real plan. Once the Sudanese government was pressurized over war crimes and human rights issues in Darfur, it was forced to agree to the South Sudan referendum.”
    I think sense is a real danger here.
    Remember stupid idoiot Ranil together with JL Pieris almost did it.
    Will MR + JL complete it ?

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    I fully agree with the writer but who is listening?

    Foolish govt doesn’t seem to bother about the nation. They have other “important” things to do. So is the opposition. They are worse. 3 years to the next election. Shameless jokers will approach people in 3 years for votes claiming they protect the nation and the opposition doesn’t.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Perera Patriots – Stanley, Charles and Janaka have realized this first hand.

    We need an INDEPENDENT DEFENCE AGENCY to study defence matters are instruct the govt to JUST DO IT.

    We don’t even have an independent central bank!

  7. AnuD Says:

    The West ditched Christianity a long time ago in favour of consumerist-hedonism

    Voice123: Above is just BS. The degradation of Christianity or people laughing at Allmighty and the moving into consumerism are not because of govts abandoning one and grasping the other. You need to check how that happened in Europe and how they have used Large cathedrals like places for tourist hotels and apartment complexes etc.

    Regarding the article, USA is using part of Cuba for a military camp even though USA hates Cuba. Sudan was divided because it had Oil and China was dominent in Africa and unlike the west, China handles Africa very differently. The west goave foreign Aids to those countries and leaders hid all those in western banks and countries stayed poor and did not increase the buying power of people and the buying power, if increased, would have helped again the west. Anyway, China is building roads and buildings.

    Sri Lanka can not be divded because India is an important country for the West and India won’t allow it. Therefore, west may use Tamils to harass Sri Lanka. That is how Tamils may become Jews in South Asia.

  8. AnuD Says:

    Only question is If US needs a harbour in that area how would they get it ?

  9. fromsouth Says:

    Agree with the argument and best counter move to neutralize the perceived threat is to lease out some of the oil tanks in Trinco to chinese

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Everyone should read this RACIST RANT by Marrena Refai published in Sri Lanka Guardian.

    Also not her insulting references to Singalese.


    I wish Lankaweb does not publish her racist rantings anymore.

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