No Assurance from Rajapakse – Hindu April 25,2010
Posted on April 26th, 2012

Ira de Silva London, Canada

The Editor
The Hindu
New Delhi, India

Dear Sir:

Reference this news item, could you clarify what right India has, as represented by the Indian delegation, to attempt to decide what Sri Lanka can do or not do regarding it’s internal laws and policies? India seems to believe, as does Mr. Radhakrishan, that Sri Lanka is a part of India  and based on that  presumption continues to harass Sri Lanka to do what India wants.

As for the constant harping on the 13th Amendment that was forced on Sri Lanka based on the Indo-Lanka Accord, the question is, if India did not abide by it’s part of the Agreement, what right has it to expect Sri Lanka to implement it? The best solution for Sri Lanka, in the face of this constant Indian interference, is to abrogate the 13th Amendment and replace it with a solution satisfactory to the people of Sri Lanka and tell India to advise the politicians of Tamil Nadu that if they want Tamil Eelam they should create it in India, not Sri Lanka. It is time that the President of Sri Lanka gave that assurance to the people of Sri Lanka to whom he is responsible. There should be no assurances to India because it is not India’s problem and no Sri Lankan will forget that they sponsored LTTE terrorism for thirty years. If India is concerned it should be to make reparations and pay compensation to the people of Sri Lanka.

The article states that the Indian delegation  was in Sri Lanka “to study the ground situation, and was the outcome of a heated debate during the last winter session, on the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka”. Ms. Swaraj is reported to have said that she was satisfied with the progress in the north of Sri Lanka and the pace of resettlement. It is important to note that this progress is in spite of India and not because of India. For example, although India promised 50,000 houses only about 600 have been built. India voted against Sri Lanka at the last sessions of the Human Rights Council because it was not satisfied with the pace of re-settlement and reconciliation.  Sri Lanka could say to India too that they are not satisfied with the pace at which they are building houses and helping re-settlement which they promised, and they are not satisfied that the Indian Government does not ask the politicians of Tamil Nadu, who are a part of the government, to stop threatening Sri Lanka with invasion and the dream of creating Eelam in Sri Lanka. Instead of having “heated debate” on the plight of the Tamils of Sri Lanka, why does the Indian Government and the politicians of Tamil Nadu not concentrate on the plight of the Tamils in Tamil Nadu? History records that when the Indian “peace keeping forces” came to Sri Lanka they were surprised at how much better off the Sri Lankans were in the northern and eastern areas and that they  looted and robbed items to take back to India. India’s responsibility is to look after it’s own citizens, not those of other countries.

Please remind your readers that it was the Indian Government that created, supported and imposed LTTE terrorism on Sri Lanka ably assisted by successive governments in Tamil Nadu. If, as Ms. Swaraj says, the Tamil leaders of Sri Lanka do not want Eelam, that they are “loyal” citizens of Sri Lanka, when will India mind it’s own business and allow the “loyal” citizens to work out their own solutions as Sri Lankan citizens. It is time that India recognizes that the Tamils of Sri Lanka are not Indian citizens, they may have originated in Tamil Nadu but chose to leave Tamil Nadu. If they want Eelam and a return to their homeland it would be advantageous to both countries if India re-settles them in India and gives them whatever India seems to think they lack in Sri Lanka. There would then be no need to send delegations to study the ground situation in Sri Lanka and demand assurances. It could be done in India which would be a win-win situation for both countries.

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva

London, Canada

2 Responses to “No Assurance from Rajapakse – Hindu April 25,2010”

  1. S de Silva Says:

    Thank You Ira – well said!! – No doubt we would eventually see the response to you, if any, from the Hindu. As I myself have said, in my parlance, we have to change gear and have a forthright and robust policy on India.

    Well, we just avoided formally saying Elaam should be in India publicly till now for the sake of diplomatic niceties for fear of offending India. BUT NOT ANYMORE after being stabbed in the back by India at the UNHRC – Well, there is always a price for backstabbing! – S de Silva – London

  2. ageofempires.av Says:

    some Srilankans based out of foreign soil are busy digging graves for their country. Hate messages will be received with reciprocal hate.

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