America will soon humiliate us
Posted on April 27th, 2012

L. Jayasooriya

The Daily Mirror headlines of Friday April 27, 2012 says “GL to present Lanka’s action plan to US” and follows it up by saying that the government has sought the views from alliance partners to prepare an action plan to be presented to the United States on the implementation of the recommendations made by the LLRC. This is a sequel to the adoption of the US sponsored resolution demanding the implementation of the recommendations of the LLRC. The report added that GL has decided to go to Washington next month to meet Hillary Clinton to present this action plan.

So where is our sovereignty and who is responsible for this humiliation? Every government in the progressive West has intellectuals who are specialists in every field acting as advisors. They also have channels open to the public to offer voluntary advice. When I was in UK I have written letters to the British Prime Minister expressing my opinion on matters that concern the welfare of the country. Within a week I have always received a comprehensive reply which gave me a clear indication that my letter had been carefully studied. The reply begins with the words “I have spoken to the Prime Minister on this subject and this is what he said…” I have received similar replies from the Canadian Prime Minster. This is how these countries run and they also receive information by well meaning citizens.

Apart from the US and her NATO allies those who voted for the resolution did not vote for what it stated but for what was not stated and that would never have happened if MR had a set of patriotic intellectuals to advise him on every move. The Muslim countries voted against the resolution because of the continuous support that MR has given to the cause of the Palestinians from the very beginning when MR entered parliament.

How many intellectuals are advising this government today and even if there are any how many of them are patriotic to the country that gave them their birth? It was only a few days ago that Ven. Omalpe Sobhita said that it is MR’s own men who are undermining him. Now it appears that MR has realized that he is badly in need of a special advisor and has appointed Milinda Moragoda. I do not know anything about Milinda Moragoda but my perception about him is that he is not a man of our soil and he is very likely to recommend devolution which will be the thin end of the wedge that will tear apart our country.

Another question is will the meeting between Hillary Clinton and GL be on a one to one basis? It will be most unlikely. One way of reducing the humiliation would be for GL to have as many officials accompanying him as Hillary has with her but instead of sending any of the anti-national elements of dubious background and education that now surround the president the best man I can think of is S. L. Gunasekere who will not permit our country to be humiliated by Hillary Clinton or by a man like Robert O Blake who is bound to be there. In fact Robert O Blake will not dare to say the things to SL that he tells our government.

The only question is whether SL will agree to go to undo the mess created by advisors so much inferior to him in every way. This one man to defend GL at the inquisition is worth all the enemies that MR has whom he thinks are his friends.



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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    GL the “Alpadayanna” will genuflect and talk English before Hilary Clinton and say yes to all what he hears unless there is somebody prop him up and keep reminding him of deeper realities of Sri Lankan politics.

    He is the one who addressed Anton Balasingham as “Your Excellency” and demeaned our nation before the terrorist outfit – LTTE and International media. I fully agree that MR has to send a person of the calibre of late Gamini Iriyagolle. For the present SL G will do very well as he understands the Sri Lankan situation.

  2. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    I think SriLanka has no choice but to placate USA by at least showing a plan for reconciliation as demanded by them, or else the USA would feel humiliated thinking that this little SriLanka is showing the thumb at them, having already gone against their demand to save the terrorist leader Prabakaran. Once USA is humiliated, all hell will be let lose as they have no respect for human rights of other nations and have absolutely no inhibitions once they decide to destroy a nation. Yes the present US administration will pay for all their high handed dealings one day, but if they unreasonably throttle the SL economy with illegal sanctions etc, then Sri Lankans would suffer immensely. Is it worth to humiliate the USA? It was the Bush administration that acted against the Tigers and helped SriLanka in the past but the present Obama administration is heavily influenced by “Tamils for Obama” and “Tamils for Clinton groups”.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Unfortunately US has to be placated. This is the reality.

    Our REAL enemies are,

    1. Tamil Elamists
    2. Islamic fundamentalists.

    Not USA although USA is the most dangerous terrorist entity in the world. We should do everything to avoid these 3 terrorists joining together.

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    Yes, I agree we cannot fight all the devils at the same time. We must show US our side of the story and why Eelam means permanent war in Sri Lanka. We have to show that they can depend on us, like they depend on Singapore for regional security needs. We are a 20 million strong nation and there is much potential in Sri Lanka if not for the bungling politicians and the Colombian fifth column forces.

  5. Voice123 Says:

    Agree with Lorenzo about who our real enemies are. We cannot trust the US as it is susceptible to lobbying by terrorists. The US is merely their instrument. We cannot ignore the US (or the West in general) as it is too powerful. The terrorist diaspora has done their homework. We should do likewise. We should use the situation to our advantage and see how we can turn the US into a tool to promote our interests in the region. Unfortunately our politicians are not shrewd enough to grasp these opportunities and the electorate is too suspicious of the politicians to allow them free reign in this regard. We need to educate the masses about these simple ground truths.

  6. AnuD Says:

    We have no options. We have to carefully go through it. As others accept here we have to identify who our real enemies are.

    US is a bully. Everybody knows that. Even Russia and China try to be patient with US.

    It is very clear that MR’s advisers are not giving proper advices. They should have skills. But, MR is not using their skills as the ministers are. He is using them in in areas where they don’t have any learned knowledge.

  7. sena Says:

    We cannot ignore West b’s it is the major market for our labor intensive. low value, subsistence economy products like garments. And if you are looking for real enemies read Dew Gunasekera’s report on utter failure of our economic management mainly due to huge corruption by politicos and officials – one item in circulation today- publicly owned estate management alone pocketed hundreds of millions through ghost payrolls. That is where you find real enemies of SL who are betraying the memory of 26 thousand war heroes who made it possible for these scoundrels to live in peace.
    With the poor public spending for their education for eighty long years, instead of paying back the debt by developing a high value knowledge based economy, these educated have consistently been parasites on the society by demanding jobs, not being productive on the jobs and displaying no creativity and worse of all restoring to corruption by misusing the power of their positions of responsibility.
    Despite our bloated ego, when it come to respect by outsiders, it is the economy and creativity that matters. USA or any other country will not exert undue influence if we have a well functioning economy with adequate self sufficiency and good technology base and integrity in running the affairs of the country.
    Instead what we have is a subsistence economy shouldered by poor blue collar workers like garment workers and house maids. Like water flows through the lowest ebb, naturally everyone take exception to a weakling.
    We had a golden opportunity to ride the patriotic wave after the defeat of violence to establish a foundation for a advance economy and establish order and integrity with minimum corruption. But our politicos and educated officials would have none of that. As shown by Dew Gunasekera’s report while selling the souls of departed war heroes they went back to their original corrupt non productive ways and making merry while the country suffers. When the core is rotting you cannot blame outsiders.

  8. AnuD Says:

    Here, if we send email to a politician they are quick to respond. Sometimes,I have noticed they have worked onthat too.

    For Sr Lanka,we screaming different web sites asking politicians to change the way they work. but, they pretend they don’t here anything and we are just dumb.

    Yesterday, I heard one SL politicians saying that SL – govt institutions don’t know how many vehicles they have. Some vehicles used by the officials have taken home with them when they retire.

    Sri Lanka has laws and the system. Only thing is, it is not working. Sri Lankan politicians also know that they are there only to make policies and the bureaucrats to see those policies are implemented.

    But, it looks, bureaucrats are incapable or incompetent, just sloths and thieves and politicians are the people who implement policies the way they want.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Our REAL enemies are,

    1. Tamil Elamists
    2. Islamic fundamentalists.

    LESSER enemies are:

    1. Indian interference
    2. Corruption
    3. Lawlessness
    4. Lack of morals
    5. Lack of good governance, etc.

    First things first.

    Take down our BIGGEST enemies #1 and #2, we will be in a better position to handle lesser enemies.

    With a little bit of brain power you can easily see the ROOT CAUSES of the LESSER enemies #1 to #5 are REAL enemies #1 to #2.

    e.g. There was a MASSIVE band of losers over 60 went to Geneva wasting 100 million rupees.
    e.g. Entertaining MASSIVE Indian delegations who arrive every year to look into Tamil problems.
    e.g. MOST corrupt politicians are peace bastards – Horagoda, Thonda, Gonason’s brother, Minnal Ranga, Hack-him, etc.
    e.g. Govt WASTES BILLIONS of rupees CORRUPTION to “rehabilitate” terrorists, give various subsidies to 89,000 Tamil tiger widows who are doing the world’s oldest profession, placate Tamils when Indians come to the country, bring illegal immigrants, build 75,000 houses for illegal immigrants, waste money on political solutions, etc, etc.

    What for? Corruption only.

    This is the BIGGEST corruption.

    So the REAL enemies AND ROOT CAUSES of corruption are:

    1. Tamil Elamists
    2. Islamic fundamentalists.

    Eliminate them and corruption will become manageable. If you put the cart before the ass, BOTH problems will remain.

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