KAPRUKA Delivers Rotten Food on Mother’s Day
Posted on May 14th, 2012

Jay Pathbey “”…” Missouri, USA

Below is a letter from a customer (named Asoka)of Kapruka  (A leading food, groceries and gifts  purchasing and delivering company in Sri Lanka that has owners/partners in USA, UK and in Sri Lanka) who has been very badly let down by Kapruka.

Quote ” I am writing to you as a very disgusted and an angry customer who had done business for nearly 5 years with you.

 I sent few items to my 82 year old mother one of which was 5 packs of lumprice for $25.00. Your SL folks have called and asked my mother if Frozen Lumprice is Okay and my mother was shocked. What kind of a question was that? Of course she said NO.

 On Saturday they delivered the 5 packs of rice, My mother says they were old rice and stale. As soon as she took her first mouth she dropped it out and felt so bitter that your company had the audacity to send customers stale food. She knows the difference, because your company had delivered good quality  lumprice before and they loved it and this being the very reason for my sending same this time too.

 None of my family ate them as they were not fit for human consumption.

 I am going to tell all my family and friends this story and tell them never ever to do business with your company. This is so shameful on your part to do this to a very old mother on “mothers day” of all days.

 Additionally I sent you an email and a voicemail message yesterday but you guys didn’t have the simple decency to at least acknowledge the message to me. After all I spent my hard earned money to send some token of  my appreciation to my old mother on Mother’s Day this year as millions all over the world do.

 A copy of this letter will be sent to US Better Business Bureau, SL Ministry of Commerce and where ever I can find an opportunity to make your company’s  bad business practices be known.

 Shame  on  you all to make money in this sordid manner. “- Unquote

Asoka’s eldest brother who also lives in the US, on hearing the news and receiving a copy of Asoka’s letter above decided to send  the following email to Kapruka as well as to some of his own relatives and friends who live overseas (including copies to Kapruka “”…” USA, Kapruka “”…” UK and of course Kapruka “”…” SL).

Quote “I received this email from my younger brother Asoka who lives with his family in the east. I spoke to my mother this morning to wish her on Mother’s Day and she was very sad that on Mother’s Day stale food was sent to her. Of course when a parcel of gifts are sent to anyone they tend to open it with high hopes.

 In fact our mother opened the Kapruka parcel in front of my sister and my brother in law who live next door and also because my mother was so excited to receive a gift parcel from her youngest son in the USA on Mother’s Day.

 It is indeed shameful that you do not seem to care about what you deliver. I will not be using KAPRUKA for my future gift parcels to Sri Lanka and I will send this email to all members of expatriate community in the USA, UK and in Australia that are my friends and relatives and to whoever else I know through emails and Facebook. “Unquote.

 I received  both the eldest brothers email and a copy of Asoka’s email and decided to forward same to Lankaweb.

Sri Lankans are fed up with some of the bad business practices of traders in Sri Lanka. Whether it is food, groceries or any other daily requirements with the meager living they make they have been pushed to the end of the line. Then some of those who get an opportunity to travel overseas, settle down abroad and start doing the same from overseas “”…” to make a fast buck. In laymen terms trying to screw the Sri Lankans. Is Kapruka doing what is right? Will Kapruka get away if they do this to an American in the USA. Hell NO!  They’ll get sued for everything they own and then some. Is it correct to make money in this manner? I leave it to those who read this article.

In fact Sri Lankans get screwed by their politicians and by the likes of Kapruka every blessed day of the year. 

Upon enquiring I found that the mother in question lost her husband in 1983 and two of her elder sons in 1973 and in 1982. She had an attack of cancer in 1988. She is a diabetic, has high blood pressure and has cholesterol. She is helped by her only daughter who lives in Sri Lanka and the son in law who is also an invalid.

The mother in question who is 82 is kept going with the help of her children who regularly support her by sending money for medical treatment and for medicines from overseas and make regular phone calls. This could be any one of you who live overseas. And of course if she ate the stale food that was sent to her by Kapruka and she got poisoned and the worse was to happen Kapruka would put the blame on natural causes, doctors or just ignore the matter.

I am a journalist and I travel between Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the US while I too live in the USA.

I would like to publish this sad episode in Lankaweb to publicize this matter to make others make aware of the lousy service of Kapruka.

8 Responses to “KAPRUKA Delivers Rotten Food on Mother’s Day”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    All the Exporters of Food, ready for consumption, exports low grade food, which is bad for consumption. Just THREE items to highlight:-

    POL SAMBOL– (Coconut Sambol) The Coconut used to manufacture the Sambol, is first squeezed for its milk, to make additional curries for export. Hence the Pol Sambol is made out of POL KUDU– (Coconut Refuse), and is tempered with coconut oil and curry leaves (Karapincha) to give it a pleasant aroma. This is done by all the Manufacturers who manufacture Pol Sambol for Export. Some Cans contain jagged pieces of Coconut Shell too.

    KITUL TREACLE– Kitul Pani). All exporters of Kitul Pani, displays on the Label as PURE KITUL TREACLE, but it is mixed with atleast 40% Sugar. I know for certain that Suppliers cannot give PURE KITUL PANI, for the prices offered by the Exporter. Hence the Supplier is forced to adulterate the pure product, for Export.
    Many people who are Diabetic, consume Kitul Pani with the expectation, that they will not be affected Healthwise, as it is from the Kitul Palm. SRI LANKAN EXPORTERS DELIBERATELY AND KNOWINGLY, PUT DIABETIC CUSTOMERS AT SEVERE RISK, DUE TO THEIR GREED FOR PROFIT.
    It is the bounden duty of the the Government to stop exposing unsuspecting people to severe health risks.

    KITUL JAGGERY– (Kitul Hakuru). This is the same as Kitul Treacle.

    I wonder whether the Government has an Administrative Arm to check Food that is exported for consumption ?

    Kapruka should come under special scrutiny for selling Stale Food for consumption. Disgraceful.

  2. LankaLover Says:

    About Kithul Treacle and Kithul Juggery. What Susantha mentioned was exactly true. I do not have much knowledge about how they do Pol Sambol.

    It is extremely hard to find genuine Kithul Treacle or Juggery. Almost all the products exported or marketed in Sri Lanka is adulterated. But the label says “Genuine or Pure Kithul Treacle”. Unfortunately, even the MD products are the same. By taste, you can exactly tell whether they are adulterated or not.

    When it comes to juggery, genuine pure Kithul Juggery should melt on body temperature i.e. if you keep a small piece between two fingers, that should melt. An adulterated juggery with sugar does not melt like that or very slow to melt.

    There is no control whatsoever about these products. Nobody cares in the government. The scam going on for years and years. Poor consumers and the image of the country are the victims.

    Maple Syrup is a national product of Canada and US. If anyone adulterated Maple Syrup and sold, that person would get severe punishment i.e. $10,000 fines and prison terms. Both the FDA and Government of Canada regularly monitor quality of Maple Syrup, and prosecute anyone violate the law.

    Those laws are there for a reason. That’s to protect National Identities and Products to maintain world trust.

    It is a joke some times when you take a claim to be Kithu Treacle bottle from Sri Lanka, it contains the “SLS” mark. Obviously the taste of content tell you a lot about sugar syrup in there than Kithul Treacle.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    The ‘SLS’ mark is given over the counter, by the Officers, when they get ‘hand outs’ from the Company concerned. Bribery and Corruption are rampant in these fields.

    Pure Kitul Treacle is slightly blackish in colour, with a yellowish foam, and it ferments when shaken. It gives a lovely aroma. Pure Kitul Treacle has to be canned, and not bottled. Bottling is easy when it is adulterated with Sugar. My point is that the Exporters are putting the Diabetic Patients at Health Risk, exacerbating their condition.

    The Jaggery we receive here in USA is as hard as rock. Hence it is adulterated with Sugar. The true Kitul Jaggery is soft and gives the Kitul Aroma.

    It does not matter if the price is high for the Pure Product. Government is encouraging the Kitul Industry. Hence they should start Exporting the Pure Kitul Treacle and Pure Kitul Jaggery.

    About the Pol Sambol, a Factory Manager confirmed to me that they take the ‘first milk’ out, and then make the Pol Sambol, with the Pol Kudu, for local consumption and Export.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    It is very, very important to keep to high standards both in Food and Drug manufacturing, in the ingredients and its manufacture & packaging. A Nation can make or break itself on good or bad food. The Public of Lanka should set up a F&D Watchdog and report to newspapers & other media of poor quality F&D, in manufacture as well as packaging.
    It is also important to watch out HOW food is grown, on what type of soil, and water & fertilizer that is used and report malpractices to media.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    I have bought MD-brand Pol Sambol in the past, which was of excellent quality.

    It was rich orange-yellow in color as a “tempered” pol sambol should look, had a milky texture as it should be if made with virgin pol and not pol kudu, and had pieces of karapincha and red chilies in addition to powdered chile.

    Recently, the pol sambol, marked MD and other brands, sold in Indian stores in on the West Coast of the USA have depreciated in quality and is generally NOT EDIBLE. The pol sambol does not look fresh, the texture is not milky, the color is a dirty brown, and a rich orange/yellow. When I find this to be the case, I throw them away.

    What is happening? Are these South Indian knock-offs of the real article made in Sri Lanka, or are Sri Lankan manufacturers exploiting the export market with cheap products? I suspect they are being made in South India for consumption by Sri Lankan expats. Certain other products like Katta Sambol are also dropping in quality. These cans are not inexpensive; they are about $5 each!

    It is boiling down to making every Sri Lankan food I like from SCRATCH!

  6. ranesh Says:

    I too ordered Lampries from Kapruka…. It went nicely to my family in Kandy & perceived they enjoyed it. They were told it were frozen Lampries prior to the delivery and humidity was kept while delivering. My family used to steam before consuming it as for the given instruction…. 

    Here is a small editorial on Lampries ;

    Original recipe


    History has shown that Sardine canapes can never replace Russian Caviar made
    from the finest selection of Sturgeon roe, nor can any Sparkling wine be an
    acceptable substitute for Dom Perignon Champagne, nor will the discerning indvidual
    wear a mother-of–pearl brooch at a Royal Investiture when she owns one adorned
    with pearls from Mannar (off the NW coast of Ceylon.) Similarly connoisseurs of fine
    dining, gourmets and others who crave for exquisite cuisine of the highest quality,
    will always want the best and never settle for anything less; they will opt for the
    authentic Dutch Lomprijst (‘LAMPRAIS), with its unique flavour when baked in
    plantain (banana) leaves, and which when correctly prepared according to the recipe
    , is a rich, wholesome meal for any occasion.

    The Lamprais, is one of the two cornerstones of Dutch Burgher cuisine, the other
    being the Breudher. However, over past decades, either for reasons of convenience,
    or non availability of ingredients or to cater to a vegetarian or non- beef/pork eating
    clientele, essential characteristics of the lamprais were removed or modified, and the
    ‘hybrid’ product continued to be advertised as lamprais, (or incorrectly , ‘lumprais’,
    ‘lampreys’, ‘lumprice’ etc). In short, there is no such thing as ‘chicken or mutton or
    fish lamprais’. Some ‘bastardized’ recipes include “brinjal pahi’, ‘cucumber sambol”
    and even ‘pappadam” !!! Even the highly overated recipe published on the web by
    Dame Deloraine Brohier has to be taken with a pinch of burgherised salt !

    No 1 quality “samba” rice is the best choice among the different types of parboiled
    rice in the market .

    A lamprais will ALWAYS consist ONLY the following dishes:

    1. Lamprais Curry
    2. Frikkadels “cutlets”
    3. Brinjal (Egg fruit)) paella
    4. Chilli & Onion sambol
    5. Pawn blachang
    6. Ash Plantain fries
    7. The Rice

    Lampara Curry / choice of meat fish or vegetarian / Ash plantain / Eggplant / Boiled Egg / Fried Onion Badun ( Seeni Sambola) / Cutlet / wrapped in a Banana Leaf

    MMMMMM I love it….

  7. thilan.abegunasekera Says:

    something would have gone wrong, i was dealing with kapruka for last 7 years so far they impressed with the concern they showing to maintain the product quality.

  8. susan Abeywickrama Says:

    Kapruka Online Liquor Shop Raided



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