Can we really save money on gas? The short and sweet answer is, “Yes”.
Posted on May 17th, 2012

Dr Hector Perera       London

 I asked ten people, “What was the price of bread, butter, eggs, bus and train fares, weekly bus and train passes, petrol, diesel, gas and electricity prices, about 5 years ago, three years ago or just last year”, how many people would have remembered  fairly accurately?  We all know that five, three or two years ago, these things were less expensive than today but cannot remember the exact prices. Last year alone, gas prices in England went up by about 35% or something like that but even if we could remember by how much, would it help now to bring the prices down?  There were plenty of excuses from the gas suppliers explaining why the prices shot up. I may be wrong; the gas and electricity prices are bound to go up again and again, so watch out!

 Similarly the supermarkets say the price of fuel duty has gone up then transport, storage and more things have gone up so their prices have gone up. Then they do the same tricks as to calm down a crying baby. To satisfy the worrying customers, they do little physiological tricks; give some items for less or three for the price of two and making the customer confusing on temporary arrangements. Some supermarkets give coupons and points, put huge labels with catching words and say the prices are down on certain things, then say if they buy over a certain limit or over, give a price reduction or enter their name into a competition or a luxury holiday raffle. Then they get all customer details including, date of birth, email address, where they live, own or rented property, married or not, how many children and even asking whether you own any vehicles. Once they get all these personal details, send endless emails and junk letters with too many offers, insurance policies and much more.  I must say, some supermarkets give coupons with a cash value to buy anything or their points added and show how much they are in cash value, that’s really encouraging to shop more with them. With all these the customers virtually forget the price increases in consumer goods, the price increase of gas and electricity and on many more things.  Then say, the price control was beyond their reach, such as the things were up to the world market, share prices gone up or down, economy, recession and many more explanations. Now the latest one is Euro Zone, what’s that? I wonder they blame the up coming London Olympic Games as well. They leave the customers in a maze of confusion, virtually they are lost eventually they blame someone may be the government and the politicians.

 No bread, so eat cakes

We all cannot do without gas for many 
 things such as heating, eating and washing and for a number of other essential things. Whether we like it or not, 
 as I pointed out, we have to have gas for many everyday things. The people who live in cold weather countries use gas more often than in other countries; it’s a thing that is absolutely essential. Yes one might say why not use electricity? When the peasants in France complained that, “No bread” then the Aristocrats in the palace asked, “if there is no bread, why not eat cakes”? The question is similar to that statement. Now may be as a symbol of gratitude of French revolution, bread is plenty in Paris in many shapes and forms.

Yes gas and electricity are both expensive, one no better than the other. When people made so many protests then the suppliers find some petty excuses and say they would reduce the price by 1, 2 or 3% from a certain date and many more ways to keep the customers happy but on certain conditions such as, must be with that particular gas supplier for 18 months, must pay by direct debit and much more. I must say the customers have no choice, either change the supplier or stay with the same supplier. In Sri Lanka they have a saying that, “Changing the pillow for headache”, will it help?


My immense thanks to, too many people who responded to my previous articles and requested to have this work on DVD. I have already demonstrated this energy saving scientific cooking in front of the TV for millions of viewers, that was more than two years ago. I displayed my email as well but no complaints received by me or the TV station. The former Director of Science and Technology, Mr Joseph kindly collected the DVD of my work from the ITN for further investigation. Then The Sustainable Energy Authority at BMICH, The Director of NERD and a few others has seen the DVD with a Science Lecturer from Moratuwa University. The Director from BMICH admitted that they fully satisfied with my method, it saves energy, no doubt about it and now they are using my technique to educate the public in their ENERGY AWARNESS PROGRAMMES. I met The Director in person quite recently in his office. Even at that time my challenge was there and still open if anyone is still cared to disprove my work. I had a lengthy discussion with The Director General Dr Thusitha over the phone while I was in Sri Lanka. I am absolutely grateful to all who contributed in many ways to approve my scientific energy saving cooking. Now it’s up to the nation to get the benefit of my many years of hard work.

 Even a secondary school child can be taught to cook

I am prepared to demonstrate again how to cook 
 scientifically then of course show the viewers how to save gas or even electricity.  No point of just putting into words or writing only, it must be demonstrated and I am 
 prepared to do so again. I am very grateful again that a whole group of energy concerned authorities have seen the demonstration with a University Lecturer and they fully agreed and admitted that the method saves energy.  I have a feeling; my method could save about 60% gas, never calculated quantitatively but only qualitatively.  I was wondering if my method was good enough to millions of TV viewers and to Sri Lanka energy authorities, sure it should be good enough to UK energy concerned authorities and for TV viewers as well.

I think more than an year ago, first two officials from the energy authority from BMICH have witnessed this demonstration at a place in Colombo. They patiently watched every step of my cooking; I didn’t add any canned or packed ingredients unlike some TV chefs in England, I used just day to day ingredients individually. They were standing very close to this two ring gas cooker while I was cooking rice and lentil curry. I didn’t have any star quality kitchen but just ordinary conditions. Then they wanted their higher officials and the committee as well to witness the technique before they officially recognised my technique. I quite understood why they said that they wanted the top officials and the committee as well to witness the technique.

  Teach even to secondary school children

Now I would like to give finer details of the method so that even a secondary school child would understand. This method could be used to cook and save energy on a number of things, just not rice, pasta and spaghetti. As an extension of my work, I am prepared to show how to cut down or stop altogether, this so called Asian Cologne or Curry Cologne depositing on the people who cook chicken, beef, lamb, fish or even vegetable curries. I do not mind eating spiced food but do not like to walk about like a mobile kitchen with these food smells. What about anybody else, would like to wear these Asian Curry Colognes?  

Second nature

Have you witnessed how some Sri Lankan ladies cook these curries? Try and count how many times they open these boiling curries to check, salt, chillies and many more things. Why do they open boiling curries several times, is it second nature? No wonder these volatile chemicals deposit on their hands, face, on clothes and also on the hair. It doesn’t stop there, it deposits on many items in the kitchen then some find their way to the living and bedrooms. The odour cannot be stopped spreading in the air, it deposits on certain conditions only. It is possible these invisible volatile chemicals can ruin certain valuable things. Do you wish these things to happen?

The previous versions may be not long enough to be understood by the general public for their opinion.  However I am grateful to ITN TV in Sri Lanka for giving the initial start. My energy saving scientific cooking was also shown in a very popular ITN programme called, “Wenesa” apart from some live interviews with them. Then again quite recently TNL, The Young Asia Television also gave me a long interview.  I think the work should be shown uninterrupted and should be shown in detail so that even the general public could be the witness. Then the general public would understand, whether gas can be saved through my method of cooking and this is not a fake or something like. As I always said, my aim is to help the people save some wasting gas, use gas efficiently than wasting. At the same time, hopefully, it helps save some air pollution .

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  1. LankaLover Says:

    Can you please explain in plain English what your method of cooking or how you propose to save energy, which is missing from this article?

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