TNA’s Latest Demands Are Inapplicable Based On Many Realities !
Posted on May 24th, 2012

Insight By Sunil Kumar

May 23rd 2012

It needs to be emphasized that categorically and definitively the TNA are a political non- entity in Sri Lanka at the present time based on the following realities which disentitle them to any claims they continue to persist in making in their multi faceted attempts to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka.

It may also suprise many that they have not been accepted as a politically registered or nominated political party rowards their continuity in Sri Lanka according to reliable reports and are in danger of being made redundant and blown away from Sri Lanka’s political scene. Secondly despite the apparently confused or perhaps even blinkered view of many western powers who percieve them as the true representatives of Sri lankan Tamils, they have been found supportive of the deposed and dismantled terrorist entity whom they championed throughout the near nation destructive terrorist campaign by way of internal armed insurrection which lasted almost three decades. Based on these realities and much more the TNA are in no position to make demands to the Government of Sri Lanka and have no jurisdiction nor entitlements to the privilege! which are somewhat high handed.

They not only continue to do so with all their manoeuverings relative to their rhetoric and body language but also have the audacity to call themselves the representatives of all Sri Lankan Tamils which appears to be more of a fallacy and are becoming more of a joke in Sri Lanka today as they are none but a bunch of rabble rousers representing the disgruntled Tamil Diaspora where by some stroke of luck they secured a few seats in Parliament  and contine to vow they will acheive their spurned idealogies in Sri Lanka while in all probabilities the entourage of messers Karuna, Pillayan and Devananda watch on in veiled amusement!.
Many of the statements in the following item will attest to this if scrutinised carefully and objectively and they have no real bargaining tools whatsoever to make the audacious demands and indulge in the rhetoric with which they attempt to hoodwink not only certain gullibles within Sri lanka but also many of similar ilk around the world today while also attempting to intimidate the GOSL which is further cause for amusement where in the overall picture it is no laughing matter.

In all probabilities they need to be advised about their shortcomings as they continue to be a consternation to the progress of post insurgent Sri Lanka and asked to take their harranguing perhaps to Tamil Nadu where the likes of messers Vaiko, Jayalalitha et al in a long list of supportives will certainly provide a happy hunting grounds for their bifurcated idealogies mostly in favour of disrupting the smooth progress of Sri Lanka and seem intolerable although the Sri Lankan hierarchy has been lenient towards them, all things considered.

Therefore it seems somewhat incongruous that when the Tamil National Alliance  has demanded in Parliament  that the Government releases all Tamil political prisoners, currently engaged in a fast unto death campaign in the Colombo, Vavuniya and Kalutara prisons as reported in the media as being addresed byTNA leader, Trincomalee District MP, R. Sampanthan it makes little sense relative to the legalities under which they were imprisoned in the first place. Their death fast is of no consequence beyond their own responsibility where in all likelihood they could be eating and drinking on the sly and on the cover of darkness as is common in such cases where an unusual show of robust strength seems to be showing in a group of prisoners said to be dying without food and drink!.

In making what was termed ‘a special statement’ in Parliament saying “We call upon the Government to take immediate steps to release all the Tamil political prisoners since three years have lapsed after the armed conflict ended. We also request that proper responsible assurances be given to the fasting prisoners in this regard forthwith so that they may decide to suspend their hunger-strike.” it seems to be nothing but opportunistic rhetoric.There seems to be nothing special in his statement which not only appears laced in bias but also appears to be a attempt to take advantage of the recent release from custody of Fmr. Maj. Gen. Sarath Fonseka which in reality bears little or no relevance to the Sampanthan demands and perhaps a fortuitous one for Sri Lanka. Sampanthan seems to have forgotten the overall concept of these prisoners posing a threat to society and their need to be rehabilitated prior to release which was never the case with Fmr Army Chief who was mainly responsible for their imprisonement but fell out of grace sadly through his own bad jugements  which need to be deemed needless had he been more supportive of the Government where hopefully atonements will be made in the best interests of Sri Lanka now that he is a free man whose sense of patriotism and love of Motherland can neither be denied nor overlooked  and needs just rewards despite certain fallibilities for which he has paid a price whether justifiably or not.

Sampan to the contrary has conitinued his hallmark tirade of levelling his usual accusations at the GOSL in typical TNA fashion fogetting what the TNA are guilty of towards their supportive role of the LTTE and the link between the LTTE and the prisoners who are fasting where he would be better off attempting to dissuade his fasting compatriots from continuing their worthless actions if true while reminding them why they are behind bars in the first place! It is not as though the GOSL is treating them inhumanely or not tending to their immediate needs but appears to be a mere tool on the part of the TNA towards further agitating the Government. A TNA action which is probably backed by the Tamil Diaspora and serves then well towards their worthless objectives.

Mr.Sampanthan has further  accused the military intelligence of assaulting the Jaffna University Students’ Union president Paramalingam Dharshanath, on May 8 in Jaffna.  where he says “This attack, like the previous one on the Chairman of the Students’ Union will only serve to alienate the Tamils further” quite forgetting that these could be deliberately orchestrated scenarios which are  provocations by those attempting to discredit the Government. To those making the accusations in collaboration with Sampanthan  they need to be made aware that  the agitations in the seats of higher learning in the North and East of Sri Lanka inasmuch as those in other parts of the country are commonplace and  known  to be instigated by the enemies of the State and a build up towards a darker objective which needs to be quelled post haste!
The heavy military presence in Jaffna therefore is of great importance towards this given the capacity of past insurgent activities which were due mainly to Governmental indifference at the inception  and grew to be a monster of near nation destructive proportions which was mercifully destroyed. Hence the tolerance of the TNA in this respect could post a threat to national security as it could open the door to a resurgence of what was the scourge of the LTTE or something comparable in a worst case scenario!

In suggesting that ” This attack is suspected to be the work of the military intelligence as the assailants” in this instance, Sampanthan has no privilege to the conjecture beyond his own misguided rationales  as well as those of his allies who merely rabbble rouse and foment disunity between the Tamils and other ethnicities predominantly the Sinhalese and needs to be cautioned about making such accusations in the face of the favourable changes in the related regions where a handful of fasting prisoners will surely make no difference. They would be well advised to respond to the Government while desisting their theatrics orchestrated by the likes of the TNA and Tamil Diaspora which not only compound their existences and well being but also those of all the citizens of Sri Lanka !

In the wake of the diabolical sounding accusations the TNA has levelled at the Government on related issues they need to be confronted and taken to task as there seems to be no justification for them beyond being another wasted effort to discredit the Government. It however needs to be emphasized  that very negative fallout as well as related harmfull effects could surface in how certain powers that be, ever in pursuit of incarcerating Sri Lanka towards their own agendas could interpret them wrongfully and throw further irons in the wheels of progress that Sri Lanka is surely enjoying today.

9 Responses to “TNA’s Latest Demands Are Inapplicable Based On Many Realities !”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Who took these animals prisoner? Why do we always avoid the easy effective ways?

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Lorenzo, I’m with you in your angered sentiments.They are now termed political prisoners when they were a bunch of LTTE terrorists who should have been dealth with in military terms where even now a tribunal seems in order.The TNA should be part of the indicted!

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    “The TNA should be part of the indicted.”

    Now you are falling into the SAME trap. :)

    ANYONE who is likely to be termed a POLITICAL PRISONER AND who poses a threat to national security and/or unitary status of SL must be transferred to a higher authority (God).


  4. lingamAndy Says:

    Lorenzo/ Sunil Mahattaya
    cooollll …. in Lorenzo wording go to meditation !!!
    these are left over from white flag incident !!

  5. lingamAndy Says:

    Sunil Kumar
    FYI,TNA elected parliment leders !!! not selected ! We are living in Repuplic of Social democratic of Sri Lanka !

  6. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    A Chinaman was once asked “how often do you have elections ?” ( Meaning in China?)
    In typical Chinese pronounciation of English where the letter R becomes an L due to a prononciative aberration amongst many Chinese, the man answered “evely morning” and the context of the issue was dramatically transformed as the man wasn’t thinking of elections in the proper context at all but a personal physical condition!!
    Perhaps this is applicable to the TNA too as Andy lingam seems to suggests where there is an uncanny coincidence relative to his last name which would be more prone to the election the Chinaman was thinking of! And when in this state selection becomes the next most likely option and perhaps applicable to the TNA as well!!

  7. lingamAndy Says:

    Sunil Mahattaya
    a saying in Tamil , ‘Ungada Amma Amma , Engada Amma Summa’ !
    that mean Your Mother is Mother Our mother is nothink !!!!

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    No need to complicate matters. Just give them the PROVEN effective military solution.

    Not only the terrorist problem but also the bogus ethnic problem has a military solution. I don’t mean violence but surgical elimination of Tamil cancer cells. Otherwise entire organs have to be removed.

    If Tamils or anyone can’t live in UNITARY SL, get out or get ousted!

  9. lingamAndy Says:

    Ref:PROVEN effective military solution
    Lor, this is what our Thesiya Thalaivar VP thought last 33years , is not it?

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