Vesak celebration in Brampton Buddhist Mission centre ,displayed an illuminated Vesak pandal. first time in Canada
Posted on May 24th, 2012

Claude Fernando ,Brampton Canada.

No wonder, It was the happiest  and exhilarated  day for Most Rev, Pannasara  thera ,  chief  Buddhist prelate in Canada and Head  priest of Brampton Buddhist Mission centre, to celebrate Vesak  festival in Brampton  on May 19th ,20th and 21st .with illuminated Vesak  pandal  (about 35 feet in  height )which had been erected first time in Canada.

Rev .Sarada thera  who  is assisting  to Rev Pannasara for religious affairs in Buddhist centre, is the brainchild of this magnificent creation.

The Vesak pandal was put up in front of the Lion’s club hall in Avandale road,Brampton. Story displayed in the pandal was “sama jathakaya(  peace) and  It’s being told  to the viewers from the  loud speakers  fixed at  the sides of the pandals.  Gouthama Lord Buddha’s  holy picture was drawn  top of the pandal. No words to say It was very admirable and spiritual  moment  for devotees.

Vesak flags lines were  shown around the pandal . Absolutely phenomenal seen .

Big crowd gathered  to view pandal not only  the devotees living in  Brampton  but also huge crowd from  surrounding areas such as Toronto,Mississauga,Hamilton,Burlington,Malton ,Caldon etc.
The Members of dayaka sabawa (committee)  Susantha Rajapaksha,Praneeth Rajapaksha,Ajantha Dias,Bandula Marasinghe,Edward Karunathialka  and all others  were  seen busy to  get organized the place to pave  the way for participants  to get  an opportunity to approach the place. As a participant  I noticed Rev.Pannasara thera  was cordially meeting with most devotees  on that great  Vesak commemorating  day..

Last day(May 21st) was dedicated for alms giving, observing sil,blessings  and other main religious events. Famous vocalist Kithsiri Jayasekra who recently migrated to Canada joined the ceremony  and performed a kind of mediation programme called “relaxation” for mental recovery for the gathering.

Religious songs were sung by famous key board player/singer ,Kapila Samarasinghe(“adwan woo denathin galena”-song of Amaradewa).and Gamini Abeysekara(“meth mal pibidewa”- song of Morris Dahanayaka)).
 Sri Lanka consulate  General  Karu Paranawithana  was the chief guest on last day of festival. He made a speech and thanked Rev Panasara  thera ,Rev.Sarada thera and Buddhist devotees to engage in such a spiritual Vesak celebration. On behalf of  dayaka sabhawa ,Secretary ,Bandula Marasinghe thanked  and expressed his gratitude everyone who contributed their kindness for this tremendous task.

It was actually  very significant  and extraordinary day  for Buddhist community as well as Sri lankan Catholic Community living in this area for having celebrated such a religious event.

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  1. log12sara Says:

    I would like to make this note in appreciation of the effort taken by the writer to bring that religious event to everyone’s notice .

    I happened to go through some other articles written by “Claude Fernando” to this site and noted his expertise.

    So, keep up your good work .

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