Fonny dances to Western tunes again
Posted on May 26th, 2012

The Sunday Observer

Sarath Fonseka has again attempted to undermine the supreme sacrifices made by soldiers of the same Army he once commanded. Exploiting the special Presidential pardon that enabled him to leave prison with more than three years of his full five-and-a-half-year jail term left, Fonseka is now attempting to play the role of a traitor, political analysts said yesterday.

It is no secret how the retired Army Commander undermined the great feats of his soldiers in his lust for power and made sweeping statements during his unsuccessful Presidential Election campaign in 2010.

He continues to play double games for which he is notorious and betrays the country by dancing to the tune of the West. While saying something different to the Sinhala media, he sang a different melody to win the hearts of extremist Tamils by declaring that the military camps in the North should be moved out. He made this disgraceful statement in a recent interview with a widely-read Tamil newspaper in Jaffna.

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  1. Vijendra Says:

    Mr. Fonseka could have lived like a king if he had any intelligence. Obviously he lost any intelligence he had and is either mentally retarded or is just a puppet monkey in the hands of some foreign or local powers. No Tamil or Sinhalese will beleive him because of his inconsistencies. He is a fake with the sole objective of wanting to take the revenge from the Rajapaksas. Majority of Sri Lankans are intelligent enough to understand it well. The best thing he could do to himself is quit politics and lie low.


    If we all ignore him he will slowly go quiet.

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