Sri Lankan Canadian Company (CEO Rohan Perera) Wins Top International Award For Most Innovative Food Product of 2012.
Posted on June 1st, 2012

P. Perera

I came across a news letter (please find pages extracted and attached above) from the SL High Commissionto Canada  and something very interesting caught my eye, Mr. Rohan Perera who is the President and CEO of his company has won a prestigious international award for Canada and Sri Lanka, this is a millstone achievement by any standards.

One of his Basiluar Tea Products as see on was chosen as one of the top 10 innovative food products of 2012 by SIAL Canada for packaging and recipe.  Mr. Rohan Perera has a very impressive vast portfolio and sits on many committees and hold numerous board of director positions in both the Sri Lankan and Canadian community.

On behalf of Maris Stella College OBA Canada Branch we want to send our warmest wishes and congratulations on his company’s milestone accomplishment as he also happens to be the President of our MSC OBA Canada Branch.  Congratulations once again for making both Canada and Sri Lanka proud.

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