President tells Lankans in Britain:‘I will stand firm by country’
Posted on June 7th, 2012

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President Mahinda Rajapaksa said he will never allow any power or force to snatch away the country which has been liberated from terrorism.

The President said he is prepared to make any sacrifice on behalf of the future generations to transform Sri Lanka into a super country to be reckoned with in the international world.

He said this when he met a large group of Sri Lankans domiciled in Britain who staged a demonstration at Park Lane in London to support him and greet him during his visit to London. President Rajapaksa is visiting London to attend the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth 11 on the Queen’s invitation.

A press release issued by the President’s Media Division said members of the LTTE and their sympathisers in London made a vain attempt to portray President Rajapaksa’s tour of London as an unsuccessful one as they did during his previous London visit.

This time too, LTTE members carrying placards depicting false propaganda against Sri Lanka staged a picketing campaign opposite the hotel where the President has booked in.

A large group of Sri Lankans domiciled in England staged a demonstration on the other side expressing support, solidarity and greetings to the President.

President Rajapaksa said on behalf of all Sri Lankans he wished to thank the patriotic Sri Lankans, in Britain who had braved the extreme cold London weather to come out to express solidarity with their motherland.

The President who said their expression of solidarity gave him added courage and strength, added he would not allow any force to snatch away the motherland which has been liberated from brutal terrorism.

Members of the Sri Lankan group who expressed their surprise at President Rajapaksa’s bold move to come out of the hotel and greet them, said his action added strength to the campaign launched by them in support of their motherland.

The LTTE sympathisers who became helpless in the face of the massive turnout of Sri Lankans in support of the President, were seen meekly dispersing.

5 Responses to “President tells Lankans in Britain:‘I will stand firm by country’”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Another Tamil grievance is created! :))

    Chingalam president serves himself in the dining room of the queen while Thamilam Thalaivar is serving the queen in the loo.

    LTTE terrorists are totally humiliated. Shameless, stateless refugees.

  2. Nadesan Says:

    Lorenzo Uncle,

    Your frustration is very visible. This toilet talk is very popular among out sinhala brothers and can you explain why? They just can’t complete a comment without dragging toilet and why it is so attractive?

    By the way are you involved in Waste Management?

  3. Dham Says:

    machang Nadegura,

    Please do not insult my king HE Lorenzo. How can he be Uncle of yours.

    I am sure you were aware of the innocent Tamil brothers from India and sisters cleaned all public toilets in Ceylon.
    Because Thamilam Thalaivar used this lot to fight Chngalam, he is raising the toilet issue.

    Actually he is wrong, although I should not say this.
    Thamilam Thalaivar has just got a toilet cleaning job in Roruwa Hell but he is trying to create a seperate hell for LTTE lot who migrated to hell. You should commit suiside and make an application ASAP.

  4. aravinda Says:

    This is a time Sri Lankans in UK can show their solidarity with fatherland and show gratitude to one of the finest leaders in 2500 years. Regardless of our social and political backgrounds, we should all realize, without the foresight of President Rajapaksa, we will still be battling invincible LTTE. Thank you Sir, we salute you.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    At last SL and China OPENLY declare closer military ties.

    China, Sri Lanka pledge closer military cooperation

    But why did we send Jagath Jayasooria to meet the Chinese defence minister? Our defence minister should have met him.

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