Sri Lanka’s TNA MP refuses to hoist National Flag!
Posted on June 10th, 2012

Asada M Erpini

It is only in Sri Lanka that a Member of Parliament, who receives a salary and all types of allowances and perks and is given security at tax payers’ expense, can refuse to hoist the National Flag of the country and still come out with lame excuses to justify the treasonous act. According to a report in Nation on 10 June the Tamil National Alliance MP Appathurai Vinayagamoorthy refused to hoist the flag at an official function held in Jaffna.

 The justification put forward by the MP is that 25,000 of his people “”…” not Sri Lankans “”…” are still displaced and, “We are not treated as equal citizens in our own country”. The MP has conveniently forgotten that  On 25th October 1990 over 15,000 Muslim families who had lived in Jaffna for generations, engaged in legitimate business, were chased away by the “ƒ”¹…”liberator’ of the Tamils with a mere two hours’ notice. Only a fraction of this population has been able to return to their places of birth while the rest is still languishing in temporary accommodation in other regions of Sri Lanka. At the hands of the LTTE a similar fate befell over 150 Sinhala families who lived in Jaffna for a period extending beyond 50 years.

 Any sane individual will see that the alleged delay in resettling the displaced civilians and hoisting the National Flag at an official function are matters that are worlds apart. What the MP’s action clearly shows is that he and his clan of TNA MPs do not consider them as citizens of the sovereign nation of Sri Lanka. The writer’s interpretation is lucidly supported by the fact that his party leader at the TNA annual convention held on 26 May in Batticaloa indicated succinctly that the TNA is steadfast in pursuing their dream of a separate nation within Sri Lanka for the Tamils. While Pirabaharan opted to go for open military confrontation against Sri Lanka’s armed forces, a policy which is espoused with more vigour than ever before by the LTTE members and their activists domiciled in the affluent countries, the TNA leader used flowery, poetic language to say that Eelam is what the TNA is after. The major difference between what he said and what Pirabaharan did is that the TNA leader’s aspirations will be realised with the blessings of the so-called international community and the US.

 The stance of the TNA is not surprising at all. The MPs of this party ended up in the precincts of Sri Jayawardenepura Assembly Hall reserved for the people’s representatives only because they were propelled there by Pirabaharan. Additionally, ITAK, the party of the TNA leader, stands for Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi, which means Lanka Tamil Kingdom Party. So, it is natural that TNA MPs or ITAK supporters abhor the Lion Flag of Sri Lanka, notwithstanding the yellow strip that had been added to the design of the flag in the belief at the time that that band represented the Tamils, and the flag would signify the unitary sovereign state of the then Ceylon.

9 Responses to “Sri Lanka’s TNA MP refuses to hoist National Flag!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Not surprising at all.

    It is all happening again. Next they will HOIST the LTTE flag.

  2. aravinda Says:

    We need to have mandatory death penalty for traitors. These LTTE leftovers are still harboring thoughts of destroying Sri Lanka. We still have a treat of terrorism from parasites like these. They are docile because they have no arms or organisation today. The LTTE remnants are still dreaming of greater glory of Prabakaran.

    The terror sympathizers are using Europe as a safe heaven. Even there, European Convention on Human Rights allows capital punishment “in time of war or imminent threat of war.” These parasites, who live off Sri Lankan taxpayers,still dream of thousands of deaths and vast destruction on fellow men. We need to treat them accordingly.

  3. Dham Says:

    IF 2/3 majority cannot strip these non-SriLankans their citizenships, hanging aside even eviction from parliament will not happen.
    Now the governement has left legal action to citizens, while engaging in robbing the land getting together with traitors.

  4. AnuD Says:

    Computer gilmarts are needed to get rid of these traitors being elected to the parliament and not the ones they don’t like because of personal reasons.

  5. gamunu6 Says:

    This is outrageous!…Certain group or individual deciding by their own will NOT to hoist the national Flag, which indicates also Tamils & Muslim communities in the Flag’s emblem.

    If they are part of Sri lanka they need to hoist our national flag & take oaths of allegence. This is why any polticial party with wordings objectives to disrupt, devide & seeking autonomy is against Sri lankan law. These parties should be banned & leaders punished.

    As Govt: leaders & other influential people turned a blind eye more serious violations such as hoisting LTTE flag might take place in the future.

    GOVT of Sri Lanka should act swiftly so that so such occurences will ever happen again……Thank you~ Just expressing my views on my motherland ~ United Sri lanka……….~ Gamunu

  6. lingamAndy Says:

    over 15,000 Muslim families & over 150 Sinhala families who had lived in Jaffna still languishing in temporary accommodation !!!
    War finishe 3 years no LTTE in Sri lanka (no boom blasted) why these people are resettled yet ????

    I honestly beleve first thing Sri Lankan should resettle immediatly TodaY !!!!

  7. jay-ran Says:

    This TRAITOR should be stripped of his MPship as he has violated an oath taken when becoming a MP and sent to TN where he can FORM THE TAMIL EALAM.

  8. AnuD Says:

    Good thing is these people make, at least some, Sinhala people notice the threats that they are facing because, Mahavamsa- Mindset forgets everything very fast; start thinking that they are the majority; forget that Sinhalas are a very small minority in the region; and Tamils are a powerful majority who is seeking majority status even in Sri Lanka.

    So, I say let him keep us reminding the real situation that we face.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    USA pressing govt to hold the NPC election. They will have to do it very soon (they gave into ALL other demands).

    TNA will DEFINITELY WIN it. They ALWAYS won.

    The problem is NOT TNA. The problem is Tamil people in NPC who ALWAYS vote for Tamil or Dravida RACIST parties in BOTH SL and TN.

    Until we ACCEPT this reality this problem cannot be resolved. But banning TNA will give a huge boost to other parties in the short run until another Tamil racist party is established.

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