American Bitterness
Posted on June 11th, 2012

L. Jayasooriya

The greatest weakness of the Sinhala Buddhist has been to accept the word of the other person as a word spoken in sincerity and believe in its sincerity. Even while evidence mounts against such belief we are generally prepared to ignore it as a misunderstanding on our part.

That is what happened to us in our belief of the sincerity of the friendliness of America and the West towards us. It took many years for us to realize that something was wrong somewhere and we began doubting but were still not sure. That is how the phrase “double standards” was born and later came to be accepted as a reality among the educated national minded patriots of this country who have absolutely no access to the government to express their views.

Our politicians have been so criminally stupid that they did not realize we needed an intelligence service and at least some kind of defence against India because with that combination we could ward off India which is much easier for us than for India to invade and annex. Because we did not have any kind of defence India got the idea of annexing our country the easy way.

Accordingly India trained and equipped Prabhakaran to destabilize our country to enable her to invade and annex. All what happened till the last days of the war against the LTTE is now history and it is during the last few days that we discovered America and her allies have all along been secretly supporting the LTTE when two emissaries one from Britain and the other from France were sent to MR to permit Prabhakaran and his key men to leave to a third country. When this was refused there was a talk of landing the marines to save these terrorists but that idea was soon dropped for practical reasons.

In the end Prabhakaran and all his key men were killed in battle and the LTTE was annihilated. It was then that America and her allies accused Sri Lankan armed forces of human rights violations during the last days of the LTTE war. America accused Sri Lanka of firing at surrendering LTTE troops who were approaching the army with white flags. Why this story is not credible, the writer will soon advance his arguments.

After the annihilation of the LTTE, India realising that stability has returned to Sri Lanka and realising that we have a sophisticated defence system including unique guerrilla tactics that will forever prevent India from even dreaming of invading Sri Lanka, Manmohan Singh telephoned MR in the dead of the night and told him that SF was about to take over the country in a coup. That was revealed by the senior correspondent Ashraff Javed of the Pakistani newspaper “The Nation”. SF was immediately promoted but without any control of the army. That upset SF who challenged MR at the presidential elections. The rest is history but what India succeeded in doing was to permanently destroy the intimate relationships that MR, Gota and SF had in order to prevent the further strengthening of our defences but we have reasons to feel relieved because both MR and Gota are going to further strengthen our defence capabilities and have permanent military establishments in strategic areas. Which nation on this earth that has refused to help us to defeat the LTTE has the cheek to tell us that since the war is over we should not increase our defence budget and that we should withdraw our troops from the North and East but that was what America did.

Terrorists by definition do not surrender. They fight to the last man. It is only a conventional army that would surrender when it becomes clear that they have no escape. Even if the LTTE wanted to surrender they had enough time to do so but they chose to fight with a human shield of innocent Tamil civilians to the very end and all key men were killed in the process. Such a scenario is more credible than the LTTE coming out with while flags as invented by America. In view of what had taken place there is no credibility to the story of the white flag. So the LTTE would have continued firing at our troops and the outnumbered return fire killed all the LTTE cadres that were fighting on the front line while the remaining LTTE cadre when they realized that everything was over moved to the army side as civilians in civilian dress.

After having done 30 years of carnage of innocent civilians even if the LTTE at the every last moment decided to surrender who is America that has carpet bombed Vietnam, used agent orange and has been using drones to kill 20 to 30 innocent people men women and children at a time in the hope that their target is killed to preach to us? America has committed more crimes against humanity all over the non European world than all the nations in the world put together. Who are they to tell our soldiers who suffered so much in dead and disabled to restrain their fighting and hold their fire in the frenzied last moments of the war?

Why then is America raising this fabrication of white flags? The only reason I can think of is the humiliation America had to go through when MR singlehandedly told “NO” to America when she requested MR to let the hard core of the LTTE together with their leader leave to a third country. America is not used to this kind of treatment from anybody especially from a tiny small nation like Sri Lanka. That probably is the reason why Hillary Clinton violated our sovereignty and told GL Peiris that Sri Lanka should withdraw troops from the North and East. That brought an immediate response from MR that the troops will not be withdrawn. Now this Michele Sison the new US nominee as Ambassador has said that her priority will be to get Sri Lanka to comply with what America wants with regard to the North and East especially the withdrawal of troops. She speaks more like a colonial governor general of the past. They do not exist anymore. Such statements as made by the new ambassador designate can come only in fairy tales where any nation can order a sovereign nation where to locate her troops. With such statements she has insulted the sovereignty of our land.

These events have been followed by China and it was on Saturday the 9th June 2012 that the army commander of China has told the visiting army commander of Sri Lanka that China will provide whatever military assistance is required to protect Sri Lanka. That statement is of enormous significance not only for us but for the whole of South Asia as well especially in view of the American decision to violate Philippine sovereignty and build a base there. The two military commanders also have come to an agreement. Sri Lanka will train China about the sophisticated “long ranger” guerrilla tactics that we had developed that could have terminated the war against the LTTE many years earlier had the names of those in that group were not released to the LTTE by one man. All those whose names were released were subsequently killed by the LTTE may be nearly a 100 of them. Sri Lanka would also train the Chinese army about other methods we have developed. The Chinese army would in turn teach our troops about the Chinese tactics.

So far China has only been helping us with economic development and the supply of arms to fight the war that India and America refused but this is the first time that China is coming out openly with participating military aid. Sri Lanka should forever have the eternal gratitude to Pakistan for sending us the very urgently required equipment to the beleaguered 50,000 odd troops we had in Jaffna.

Finally in closing this article and in view of the insulting behaviour of Michele Sison it is very unlikely that MR will accept her as an ambassador to Sri Lanka. That might lead to our ambassador in Washington being sacked by America. If this leads to the severance of diplomatic relations so be it. The sovereignty of a nation and the first duty of every citizen to the country override everything else. If the first duty of any citizen is to a foreign organization then that citizen is by definition a traitor.


17 Responses to “American Bitterness”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “The greatest weakness of the Sinhala Buddhist has been to accept the word of the other person as a word spoken in sincerity and believe in its sincerity.”


    A good lesson to the foolish govt.

    Govt trusted USA and,

    1. Released Gonseka
    2. Released LTTE terrorists and Pissa-nai-gon terrorist
    3. Demilitarised the north bringing troop numbers down to 15,000 ENDANGERING security
    4. Started talking to TNA TERRORISTS.
    5. Accelerated demining
    6. etc.

    Now they are STUFFED! Govt slept with US dogs and now woken up with fleas in the a***.

    You bet on the wrong horse and you LOSE.

    Sison is WORSE than Blake and Butenis. She has started anti-SL work EVEN BEFORE starting work!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    “These events have been followed by China and it was on Saturday the 9th June 2012 that the army commander of China has told the visiting army commander of Sri Lanka that China will provide whatever military assistance is required to protect Sri Lanka.”

    There is another PROBLEM here.

    When the Army Commander was visiting the Chinese DEFENCE MINISTER, higher ranking,

    1. President was visiting the stupid queen!!
    2. SL defence minister was visiting the England colonial queen!!
    3. Defence Secretary was visiting a US defence delegation and the Indian defence minister in Singapore!!

    How damn stupid our idiotic leaders are!!

    Where are our priorities?

    We send the president and the defence secretary to a***lick the enemies and send only the army commander to meet the Chinese DEFENCE MINISTER!

    And we expect the Chinese to be damn foolish to help DOUBLE SPEAKING TRAITORS like us!!

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Dear moderators, please don’t delete these comments because,

    1. They are factual
    2. Natural outcomes of the JOKE that is happening in SL
    3. Patriots cannot put up with this BULL**** anymore.
    4. We are losing friends and gaining enemies.

    And we MUST speak out against this stupidity.

    There are NO other websites to EVEN highlight this.

    Thank you.

  4. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Well said Jayasooriya and Lorenzo
    Our idiots are a loss cause. Our man wants to hold a CHOGM and will bow down to the Mad Cow! What a shame he will bring to our ancestors and to Sri Lankans except some Sri Lankan Catholics and Christians. They play a double game as Lorenzo points out – to play the game of non-alignment. American Vulturism – we need to create words like this – will be music in the ears of low bred Tamil separatists amply demonstrated in London video. Traitors!
    Api methana koththara bera gahawath vadak na – ape moda thakatheeruwo karanne unnta ona dai –
    Another topic Corruption is at it’s hilt in SL and is encouraged from top to bottom – they can’t fight it as they are all in it. Fonseka is demanding more security now – he is more secure in jail.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Our govt slept with American dogs and now woken up with fleas crawling up their a***.

    Now our leaders (when things go wrong) want to sleep with the Russians and Chinese. Are they that stupid to sleep with flea infected GOSL and wake up with fleas up their a***?

    I don’t think so.

    This is the SAME THING that will happen AFTER the govt waste BILLIONS on the Tamil only north. These ungrateful people will vote for TNA anyway. That is CONNECTED to this. Our enemies are together. And we are with them.

    Thank God Anagarika Dharmapala is not around today. If he was, he would die either of heart atatck or nervous breakdown OR shot by the PSD!!

  6. Dilrook Says:

    I have to disagree with most commentators here though what they say is popular.

    China may be our biggest donor but USA is our biggest trading partner. Trading is better than donations/loans.
    With USA we enjoy the largest trading surplus and USA accounts for 25% of our exports. We cannot ignore USA at least in the short run.

    We have to play by the games USA plays. Defence secretary and Foreign minister met top US defence authorities recently. USA wants us to play a bigger role in navy operations which will essentially put us against Islamic groups and to a lesser extent against China. USA wants to handover their defeat in Afghanistan by 2014 (just 2 years to go) to someone and leave. India is the obvious choice. But India cannot shoulder it alone so we are forced to accept a part. We cannot run away from this dirty assignment. China is not yet ready to project military power beyond its boundaries. It has never done so except for a very limited operation off the coast of Somalia with US support.

    Both USA and India need to create Tamil Elam for their geopolitical needs. It will be a canon fodder to fight their dirty games. If we don’t agree to play their games, they will certainly create Tamil Elam and get things done through them. The only way is to agree to do their dirty work ourselves so they have less reason to create Tamil Elam. However, it is a temporary move.

    National sovereignty starts with the economy. We have to change our US dependent economy first. Sinhalese (the most patriotic of all ethnic groups and 98% of security forces) should be economically empowered. Only after that can we go against them. We also have to have Chinese military presence in the island before saying no to USA and India. Before anything we have to face human rights jokes led by USA and India in October at UPR of UNHRC and next April at UNHRC. We saw last time that our friends don’t have the numbers to defend us.

    The good news is if we perform UNHRC demands to a reasonable extent, the majority at UNHRC will not pursue it thereafter. Even if they do, that gives us enough time to readjust our geopolitical advantages and reap economic benefits of 3 – 5 years of continuous development which means flexibility. It does not mean we are giving into US demands but managing them with other interests. Despite denying, we have to do a local independent investigation into specific allegations of war time excesses. There is only a very few allegations even with doctored “evidence”.
    But we have to formally expel these allegations and doubts.

    Government already toned down R2P, ICC investigations, independent UNHRC investigations and Darusman report to a more manageable LLRC report. That is four big victories. This is the way to go. We have to do/offer something.

    What is needed now is to stay collective, see the big picture, play for time and accept the ugly truths. 2014 is approaching fast. USA and India have no choice than to patch up with us and everyone else (including Singapore and Burma with worse human rights records) they could patch up with by then. Ultimately only interests, not friendships will remain.

  7. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    If GOSL danced to the tune of Americans LTTE will be still there fighting led by Prabah. Do we ned to continue this subjugated, subservient mentality to US and UK or be independent and play the safe game? True, economics play a role and diplomacy too. But we need to show strength too.

  8. gdesilva Says:

    IF (note it is a BIG IF) the leaders are playing a game to outsmart the foxes that is the type of leadership which will take this country out of trouble. As a small nation it would be impossible to survive this onslaught by the West if Sri Lanka were to stand up to them every time they hit her and sometimes Sri Lanka will need to duck and hide. Remember, even much more powerful Libya crumbled with hardly any resistance despite Gaddafi’s hardline strategy. I sincerely hope this is what our leaders are doing and IF so, such apparent illogical political moves are a good thing (note again, IF in uppercase!).

  9. Kit Athul Says:

    Mr. L Jayasooriya, some one is using youe e-mail address to solicit money stating that you are in Spain and have lost all the money.

  10. Dham Says:

    “The greatest weakness of the Sinhala Buddhist …. ” seems to be the moto of L.Jayasooriya, HE Lorenzo, Sunil.
    L jayasuriya starts with worng words. Government’s behavious has nothing to do with being “Sinhala Buddhist”.
    Don’t blame the Buddhism for greed of stupid idiots !

    However, I too agree with Dilrook that rather than behaving emotionally and shouting rational analysis is needed.

  11. AnuD Says:

    I think Dilrook’s analysis is very correct.

  12. AnuD Says:

    Any where in the world, Chinese did not attach to a particular govt or to a particular group of politicians. That is why China is talking to Ranil I think. I think, China also understands the situation that the govt is in and China is preparing if UNP comes to power. On the other hand, govt is letting happen anything and everything, does not change anything. So corrupt people continue their thefts. Disgruntled people are watching.

    Govt has to analyze everything carefully and eventually need to prepare for elections to beat Ranil.

    If Ranil wins, it is not because Ranil or any other one is good, it is simply this govt is working in such a way that people decides “that is it and no more”. govt should not come to that situation. In other words, it will be a protest vote against this govt if they continue this way. Probably, Ranil knows the past behaviour of the voters and he is waiting that thing to happen again.

    What the govt did by jailing SF was simply stupid. It takes years to understand that. Govt should consider the bigger picture for the benefit of the country.

    Don’t expect that China to come and save us militarily if we are in trouble. On the other hand, we have to be very careful about released LTTEers playing havoc again.

    As Lorenzo says, past demining was stupid.

  13. May182009 Says:

    Why Americans and others are trying to divide the country? Because it is divisible.

    If Tamils were a minority in the north, there is no chance of division and Americans, British and others will not waste time trying to break this up.

    We have to put our house in order. Make Tamils a minority in the north. Then Indians and Americans will be unable to bypass the rulers of this country and go there direct.

    Until then we have to suffer this nonsense. There are no shortcuts.

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    So you think this is all a grand govt plan!

    I don’t think so. Govt does NOT have ANY plan for ANYTHING. They just get carried away like an empty can carried by the waves.

    Suppose this is govt’s plan. What do you think is the better option – to be murdered by the west or commit suicide to satisfy the west?

    Do you honestly think the west will EVER leave us alone no matter what we do?

    They got rid of Mubarak their obedient servant. Got rid of Gadafi AFTER he patched up with the west.

    At the end of this ‘grand plan’ the west will desert us and the REST will also desert us!!

    It is better to have enemies than friends like USA!!

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    GoSLs past and present (and future) have to do a Balancing Act with other nations, east or west. We ought to be friends with all and enemy to none. Take can give help wherever possible. That would be wisdom.

    I do heartily agree that we have to first put our own homeland in good order. Aim for Self Sufficiency wherever possible. Aim for good basics such as clean air, water & food, shelter and clothing and Education. Aim to remove all poverty and have full employment.

    Some Tamil people & others will play games with the west and this will go on till Tamil Nadu Caste/poverty issues are finished. The day Tamil people outside are welcome back in Tamil Nadu, will be the day we can relax. Till then Lanka will have to maintain a crack intelligence network, and every citizen who loves the people and the land will have to be vigilante against illegal migrants and negative work done against the country and report it to the media or authorities concerned. Disloyalty to the Nation should receive Zero Tolerance from the public of Lanka. An Oath of Allegiance a must.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    For peace dividends to work, GoSL must insist on a MULTI ETHNIC N and E. There is no other way to a lasting peace for us all.

    To hold elections etc. in the north without the return of Sinhala and Muslim people who lived there earlier, and newcomers who want to live there would amount to giving into another ‘Divide & Rule’ era for the enemies of Lanka, plus the jackboot of the Vellala Caste bound rule for the Tamil people of the north especially. We can all expect another cycle of Caste violence from Jaffna if the north remains mono-ethnic Tamil only.

  17. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Prabakaran’s defeat may have exposed the hand of the West. However, USA was supportive in the defeat of LTTE as they were the first to ban it as a terrorist group and it was also the US that provided vital information about LTTE’s floating arms warehouses, which enabled the SriLankan Navy to sink them. I believe, USA only wants SriLanka to be one of their puppet states, but this wont happen under Rajapaksa and therefore, the option USA has is to get the support of India to replace Rajapakse with a puppet regime or else try to create a puppet Tamil Christian Elam state. However, USA may worry India annexing such a Tamil Elam state, as it would give India control of much of the Indian Ocean resources and the Trincomallee harbour, which goes against US interests. These conflicting interests of the USA should help Srilanka to survive as a unitary state without having to battle to retain it. Nevertheless, SriLanka needs to maintain a very close relationship with China and Pakistan and avoid antogonising USA and India, but not give in to them.

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