The Truth!-Tamils, Sinhalese, British and Yankees
Posted on June 11th, 2012

A Sri Lankan

Tamils “”…”

How many Tamils are employed in southern Sri Lankan companies? (See the number of high caliber Tamils in Sri Lankan banking sector, see hotel trade, see film trade, see other industries)

Do they experience any hardship professionally due to ethnicity in Southern Sri Lanka? If so, how come they hold such high positions?

See how many Tamil kids are getting educated in International schools in Southern Sri Lanka? They have outnumbered other ethnicities.

Royal college (best School in Sri Lanka) has Tamil medium, DS has Tamil medium. So many Sinhala major government schools have Tamil medium and they share equal opportunities. How many Tamil major schools in the North and South have Sinhala medium? NONE.

Private schools like St. Thomas “ƒ”¹…”, Trinity etc have quite a large number of Tamil students.

Travel Wellawatte, Dematagoda, Dehiwala, Kotahena in Southern Sri Lanka etc and see the number of Tamils sharing the comforts.

Go to Pettah market and Fort. Walk along the streets and see how many Tamils are doing business there. Are they experiencing any hardships?

Start from Kotahena and travel passing Dehiwala. Sinhala shops are outnumbered by Tamil traders. I don’t see any hardship put on them.

Get into a bus and listen how many speak in Tamil.

Try to find a single Sinhala name board in Wellawatte. All are Tamil and English.

Go to a government campus. Let’s say Colombo campus. See the number of Tamil students. See the number of Tamil lecturers. They share equal opportunities. I never saw them being humiliated except they themselves had divisions saying Batticaloa Tamil, Jaffna Tamil and Upcountry Tamil. They have a separate Tamil Union, their cultural events, their religious events.

How many kovils are there in Colombo ?

See the number of Sinhalese visiting kovils and Tamil shops. Doesn’t it display the harmony?

How many Tamil representatives are in the parliament?

See the number of Tamil youth musicians in Colombo .

Please consider these statistics. If somebody can come up with numbers and percentages, it would reveal the truth. This is what we should call rational. Our generation should not waste time on arguing what’s unknown to us and what’s not experienced by us. Live today, not yesterday. Visit Sri Lanka and see to yourself. Don’t be fooled by these bogus statements. UNHRC, UN, AI, survives today due to bogus conflicts they created themselves. If not they do not exist in an environment which can be called peaceful.

Jaffna and Trincomalee in the North have ports, heavy industries, bus stations, railway stations, radio and TV broadcasting stations, universities and so many other facilities.

Now Sinhalese

How many Sinhalese are in Northern and Eastern part of Sri Lanka ? (North none, East, 25%)

How many Sinhala medium schools are there in Northern Sri Lanka ? (None)

How many Sinhala employees are in Northern Sri Lankan offices and industries? (None)

How many temples are there in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka ? (One, at Nagadeepa)

Can a Sinhalese travel unharmed in Northern Sri Lanka ? (only now, after the defeat of the LTTE)

How many Sinhalese are in Northern and Eastern universities? (None)

Now, answer me. Where is ethnic cleansing? Now, for the US Congress and the British Parliament:

It is up to you to analyze and understand the real facts ,rather than just believing propaganda like “ GENOCIDE “ that is just “invented propaganda” to mislead your tiny minds .

Americans didn’t know they were under attack by Osama Bin Laden, until it happened! The British forces started shooting innocent people, mistaking them for terrorists (they couldn’t notice the difference!). ( try convincing the loving mother of Charles Menezes!) So, as a matter of fact, how on earth could they understand what’s happening thousands of miles away, in Sri Lanka?!

First of all ,stop what you originally started ,by “clearing off “ from Iraq and Afghanistan! Even with all the power and money you posses, you have proved beyond doubt ,that you are still unable to solve your own problems! Sri Lanka can do without dumb, swollen headed Yankees and heartless brutal killers of Britain ,who had slain millions of innocent Sri Lankans of former “ Imperial Ceylon” they pillaged and plundered!

If you cannot understand basic facts and wish to display a total lack common sense, we suggest you MIND YOUR OWN BLOODY BUSINESS.

You are still working on the “theories” of Terrorism, whilst hundreds of innocent folk are being killed by ruthless,fanatical son’s of bitches.


Here we are in relatively poor country, with no oil and other commodities, that all of you worship, but went on to prove that


7 Responses to “The Truth!-Tamils, Sinhalese, British and Yankees”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    Someone has the backbone to say so.

    But this is the problem.

    Sinhalese are ethnically cleansed in BOTH Jaffna and Colombo!

    We have to fix BOTH. Otherwise the Tamil nationalist CANCER will spread in Colombo too.

    If Sinhalse are not living in Jaffna, Tamils should not live in Colombo.

  2. AnuD Says:

    Are there any Sinhala medium Schools in Yapapatuna ?

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    “Are there any Sinhala medium Schools in Yapapatuna ?”


    And there will be NONE in future.

    Even Tamil schools in the south don’t have a Sinhala medium. How can you expect Jaffna to have any?

  4. nandimitra Says:

    As long as the Sinhalese are willing to take this crap propaganda by the Tamils and the west the propaganda will continue. It is time the Sinhalese accept the challenge and fight this propaganda. The politicians do not represent the Sinhales no one can depend on them.


    When foreign officials come to monitor progress of stellment of Tamils, they must be educated of these true statistics and must be taken and shown the true picture. Otherwise, they will not believe us and we might gradually lose to bloody Tamil properganda.

  6. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    In Jaffna, Tamil speaking Muslims were chased out. The worst racists in our country are living in the Jaffna Peninsula for the last 100 years.

  7. Nimal Says:

    Nalliah Thayabharan
    Thank you for your brave comments.People like you that will build Sri Lanka the finest place to live.Sometimes we sinhalese too suffer the same fate as you due to rampant corruption and other evils in our country.They all stemmed from the various uprisings that created emergencies where draconian laws were passed that gave limitless powers to the politicians and authorities.Now it has become the norm for politicians to arm themselves with high security escorts ets.This leads to other problems like thuggery,criminal activity and murder.Lawlessness is rampant and everyone seems to be at risk.We must be united and tackle this together and have honest leaders with the correct vision then we can live happily ever after.Tamils I know is doing extremely well and living a very comfortable life in the island and some of them are my friends but I detest communal minded people of any sector.

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